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SL Italy Eurocups Stars Parade 1994-1995

SL Italy Eurocups Stars Parade 1994-1995

Year: 1995
Total stickers: 216

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 20 / completed: 11


1Alain Sutter (puzzle 1)Bayern München, Champions League-531.67
2Alain Sutter (puzzle 2)Bayern München, Champions League-414.00
3Alain Sutter (puzzle 3)Bayern München, Champions League-515.00
4Alain Sutter (puzzle 4)Bayern München, Champions League-531.67
5Lothar Matthäus (puzzle 1)Bayern München, Champions League-606.00
6Lothar Matthäus (puzzle 2)Bayern München, Champions League-632.00
7Christian NerlingerBayern München, Champions League-623.00
8Mehmet SchollBayern München, Champions League-832.67
9Christian ZiegeBayern München, Champions League-732.33
10Jean-Pierre PapinBayern München, Champions League-522.50
11Thomas Helmer (puzzle 1)Bayern München, Champions League-560.83
12Thomas Helmer (puzzle 2)Bayern München, Champions League-221.00
13Jari Litmanen (puzzle 1)Ajax, Champions League-490.44
14Jari Litmanen (puzzle 2)Ajax, Champions League-390.33
15Patrick KluivertAjax, Champions League-470.57
16Edgar DavidsAjax, Champions League-3100.30
17Marc Overmars (puzzle 1)Ajax, Champions League-370.43
18Marc Overmars (puzzle 2)Ajax, Champions League-2130.15
19Frank Rijkaard (puzzle 1)Ajax, Champions League-290.22
20Frank Rijkaard (puzzle 2)Ajax, Champions League-260.33
21Frank Rijkaard (puzzle 3)Ajax, Champions League-350.60
22Frank Rijkaard (puzzle 4)Ajax, Champions League-390.33
23Finidi GeorgeAjax, Champions League-390.33
24Paolo Maldini (puzzle 1)Milan, Champions League-422.00
25Paolo Maldini (puzzle 2)Milan, Champions League-431.33
26Paolo Maldini (puzzle 3)Milan, Champions League-450.80
27Paolo Maldini (puzzle 4)Milan, Champions League-824.00
28Franco Baresi (puzzle 1)Milan, Champions League-551.00
29Franco Baresi (puzzle 2)Milan, Champions League-340.75
30Roberto DonadoniMilan, Champions League-732.33
31Demetrio AlbertiniMilan, Champions League-641.50
32Dejan Savicevic (puzzle 1)Milan, Champions League-541.25
33Dejan Savicevic (puzzle 2)Milan, Champions League-531.67
34Daniele MassaroMilan, Champions League-623.00
35Marcel DesaillyMilan, Champions League-723.50
36Abel L. da Silva C. Xavier (puzzle 1)Benfica, Champions League-290.22
37Abel L. da Silva C. Xavier (puzzle 2)Benfica, Champions League-2100.20
38José Carlos N. MozerBenfica, Champions League-360.50
39Asaías Marques SoaresBenfica, Champions League-390.33
40João Manuel Vieira PintoBenfica, Champions League-3110.27
41Michel Preud'homme (puzzle 1)Benfica, Champions League-2120.17
42Michel Preud'homme (puzzle 2)Benfica, Champions League-270.29
43Claudio Paul Caniggia (puzzle 1)Benfica, Champions League-380.38
44Claudio Paul Caniggia (puzzle 2)Benfica, Champions League-490.44
45Claudio Paul Caniggia (puzzle 3)Benfica, Champions League-390.33
46Claudio Paul Caniggia (puzzle 4)Benfica, Champions League-380.38
47Albert FerrerBarcelona, Champions League-732.33
48Gheorghe HagiBarcelona, Champions League-541.25
49José Maria Bakero Escudero (puzzle 1)Barcelona, Champions League-422.00
50José Maria Bakero Escudero (puzzle 2)Barcelona, Champions League-541.25
51Josep Guardiola Sala (puzzle 1)Barcelona, Champions League-441.00
52Josep Guardiola Sala (puzzle 2)Barcelona, Champions League-441.00
53Hristo Stoichkov (puzzle 1)Barcelona, Champions League-431.33
54Hristo Stoichkov (puzzle 2)Barcelona, Champions League-531.67
55Hristo Stoichkov (puzzle 3)Barcelona, Champions League-824.00
56Hristo Stoichkov (puzzle 4)Barcelona, Champions League-505.00
57Ronald Koeman (puzzle 1)Barcelona, Champions League-541.25
58Ronald Koeman (puzzle 2)Barcelona, Champions League-450.80
59George Weah (puzzle 1)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-623.00
60George Weah (puzzle 2)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-623.00
61George Weah (puzzle 3)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-616.00
62George Weah (puzzle 4)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-606.00
63Bernard Lama (puzzle 1)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-531.67
64Bernard Lama (puzzle 2)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-616.00
65V. de Oliveira Rai SousaParis Saint-Germain, Champions League-522.50
66Paul Le GuenParis Saint-Germain, Champions League-732.33
67Vincent GuerinParis Saint-Germain, Champions League-541.25
68David Ginola (puzzle 1)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-522.50
69David Ginola (puzzle 2)Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League-824.00
70Goran VucevicHajduk, Champions League-690.67
71Igor ŠtimacHajduk, Champions League-832.67
72Aljosha AsanovicHajduk, Champions League-5110.45
73Stefan RehnIFK Göteborg, Champions League-441.00
74Thomas RavelliIFK Göteborg, Champions League-380.38
75Jesper Blomqvist (puzzle 1)IFK Göteborg, Champions League-422.00
76Jesper Blomqvist (puzzle 2)IFK Göteborg, Champions League-623.00
77Lee DixonArsenal, Cup Winners' Cup-470.57
78Tony AdamsArsenal, Cup Winners' Cup-590.56
79Ian WrightArsenal, Cup Winners' Cup-590.56
80Vítor Manuel M. Baía (puzzle 1)Porto, Cup Winners' Cup-321.50
81Vítor Manuel M. Baía (puzzle 2)Porto, Cup Winners' Cup-515.00
82Rui Gil Soares de BarrosPorto, Cup Winners' Cup-541.25
83Sergej JuranPorto, Cup Winners' Cup-616.00
84João de Silva PintoPorto, Cup Winners' Cup-531.67
85Carlos Alberto O. SecretárioPorto, Cup Winners' Cup-431.33
86Domingos J.P. Oliveira (puzzle 1)Porto, Cup Winners' Cup-522.50
87Domingos J.P. Oliveira (puzzle 2)Porto, Cup Winners' Cup-321.50
88Walter Zenga (puzzle 1)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-522.50
89Walter Zenga (puzzle 2)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-531.67
90Pietro WierchowodSampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-616.00
91Riccardo FerriSampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-560.83
92Sinisa MihajlovicSampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-522.50
93David PlattSampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-623.00
94Attilio Lombardi (puzzle 1)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-531.67
95Attilio Lombardi (puzzle 2)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-441.00
96Attilio Lombardi (puzzle 3)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-531.67
97Attilio Lombardi (puzzle 4)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-522.50
98Roberto Mancini (puzzle 1)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-431.33
99Roberto Mancini (puzzle 2)Sampdoria, Cup Winners' Cup-541.25
100Ed de GoeyFeyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-350.60
101Arnold ScholtenFeyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-3110.27
102Ulrich Van GobbelFeyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-4100.40
103Gaston Taument (puzzle 1)Feyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-290.22
104Gaston Taument (puzzle 2)Feyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-370.43
105Jozsef KiprichFeyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-470.57
106Regi BlinkerFeyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-490.44
107Henryk Larsson (puzzle 1)Feyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-380.38
108Henryk Larsson (puzzle 2)Feyenoord, Cup Winners' Cup-3100.30
109Marcos E. de Moraes Cafu (puzzle 1)Real Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-3120.25
110Marcos E. de Moraes Cafu (puzzle 2)Real Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-3100.30
111Alberto Belsue AriasReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-3110.27
112Francisco Higuera FernándesReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-4110.36
113Fernando Gabriel CaceresReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-470.57
114Jesús Angel Solana BermejoReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-3120.25
115Miguel Pardeza PichardoReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-4100.40
116Gustavo Poyet Domínguez (puzzle 1)Real Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-270.29
117Gustavo Poyet Domínguez (puzzle 2)Real Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-390.33
118Juan Eduardo EsnaiderReal Zaragoza, Cup Winners' Cup-570.71
119Frank Verlaat (puzzle 1)Auxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-380.38
120Frank Verlaat (puzzle 2)Auxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-2110.18
121Corentin Martins (puzzle 1)Auxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-3110.27
122Corentin Martins (puzzle 2)Auxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-2120.17
123Lilian LaslandesAuxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-390.33
124Sabri LamouchiAuxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-3130.23
125Lionel CharbonnierAuxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-3110.27
126Pascal VahiruaAuxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-480.50
127Moussa SaïbAuxerre, Cup Winners' Cup-3140.21
128René EykelkampClub Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-360.50
129Franky Van Der ElstClub Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-380.38
130Gert VerheyenClub Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-360.50
131Dirk Medved (puzzle 1)Club Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-2100.20
132Dirk Medved (puzzle 2)Club Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-270.29
133Lorenzo Staelens (puzzle 1)Club Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-270.29
134Lorenzo Staelens (puzzle 2)Club Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-270.29
135Vital BorkelmansClub Brugge, Cup Winners' Cup-350.60
136Paul FurlongChelsea, Cup Winners' Cup-3100.30
137Gavin PeacockChelsea, Cup Winners' Cup-450.80
138Mark SteinChelsea, Cup Winners' Cup-3110.27
139Andreas KöpkeEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-741.75
140Ralf WeberEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-441.00
141Thomas Doll (puzzle 1)Eintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-331.00
142Thomas Doll (puzzle 2)Eintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-522.50
143Ralf FalkenmayerEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-460.67
144Thorsten LegatEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-431.33
145Manfred BinzEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-717.00
146Jan FurtokEintracht Frankfurt, UEFA Cup-632.00
147Paolo Manuel C. Sousa (puzzle 1)Juventus, UEFA Cup-414.00
148Paolo Manuel C. Sousa (puzzle 2)Juventus, UEFA Cup-623.00
149Alessandro Del PieroJuventus, UEFA Cup-723.50
150Jürgen KohlerJuventus, UEFA Cup-924.50
151Ciro FerraraJuventus, UEFA Cup-522.50
152Fabrizio RavanelliJuventus, UEFA Cup-732.33
153Gianluca Vialli (puzzle 1)Juventus, UEFA Cup-414.00
154Gianluca Vialli (puzzle 2)Juventus, UEFA Cup-431.33
155Roberto Baggio (puzzle 1)Juventus, UEFA Cup-717.00
156Roberto Baggio (puzzle 2)Juventus, UEFA Cup-717.00
157Matthias Sammer (puzzle 1)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-321.50
158Matthias Sammer (puzzle 2)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-450.80
159Andreas Möller (puzzle 1)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-522.50
160Andreas Möller (puzzle 2)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-250.40
161Andreas Möller (puzzle 3)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-321.50
162Andreas Möller (puzzle 4)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-340.75
163Karlheinz Riedle (puzzle 1)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-422.00
164Karlheinz Riedle (puzzle 2)Borusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-431.33
165Stefan ReuterBorusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-414.00
166Stephane ChapuisatBorusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-707.00
167Michael ZorcBorusia Dortmund, UEFA Cup-422.00
168Roberto RambaudiLazio, UEFA Cup-331.00
169Roberto CraveroLazio, UEFA Cup-321.50
170Aron Mohamed Winter (puzzle 1)Lazio, UEFA Cup-321.50
171Aron Mohamed Winter (puzzle 2)Lazio, UEFA Cup-321.50
172Alen Boksic (puzzle 1)Lazio, UEFA Cup-321.50
173Alen Boksic (puzzle 2)Lazio, UEFA Cup-522.50
174Giuseppe Signori (puzzle 1)Lazio, UEFA Cup-230.67
175Giuseppe Signori (puzzle 2)Lazio, UEFA Cup-441.00
176Giuseppe Signori (puzzle 3)Lazio, UEFA Cup-541.25
177Giuseppe Signori (puzzle 4)Lazio, UEFA Cup-240.50
178Diego FuserLazio, UEFA Cup-522.50
179Pier Luigi CasiraghiLazio, UEFA Cup-723.50
180Ioan LupescuBayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-431.33
181Hans-Peter LehnhoffBayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-632.00
182Rudolf Völler (puzzle 1)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-313.00
183Rudolf Völler (puzzle 2)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-422.00
184Rudolf Völler (puzzle 3)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-212.00
185Rudolf Völler (puzzle 4)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-531.67
186Bernd Schuster (puzzle 1)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-551.00
187Bernd Schuster (puzzle 2)Bayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-441.00
188Ulf KirstenBayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-551.00
189Andreas ThomBayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-531.67
190Paulo Sergio SilvestreBayer Leverkusen, UEFA Cup-431.33
191Reynald Pedros (puzzle 1)Nantes, UEFA Cup-331.00
192Reynald Pedros (puzzle 2)Nantes, UEFA Cup-441.00
193Claude MakeleleNantes, UEFA Cup-431.33
194Jean-Michel FerriNantes, UEFA Cup-531.67
195Japhet NdoramNantes, UEFA Cup-505.00
196Nicolas Ouedec (puzzle 1)Nantes, UEFA Cup-321.50
197Nicolas Ouedec (puzzle 2)Nantes, UEFA Cup-515.00
198Nicolas Ouedec (puzzle 3)Nantes, UEFA Cup-431.33
199Nicolas Ouedec (puzzle 4)Nantes, UEFA Cup-313.00
200Patrice Loko (puzzle 1)Nantes, UEFA Cup-422.00
201Patrice Loko (puzzle 2)Nantes, UEFA Cup-441.00
202Gianfranco Zola (puzzle 1)Parma, UEFA Cup-616.00
203Gianfranco Zola (puzzle 2)Parma, UEFA Cup-230.67
204Gianfranco Zola (puzzle 3)Parma, UEFA Cup-422.00
205Gianfranco Zola (puzzle 4)Parma, UEFA Cup-422.00
206Faustino AsprillaParma, UEFA Cup-480.50
207Massimo CrippaParma, UEFA Cup-390.33
208Fernando M. Couto (puzzle 1)Parma, UEFA Cup-515.00
209Fernando M. Couto (puzzle 2)Parma, UEFA Cup-230.67
210Alberto Di ChiaraParma, UEFA Cup-370.43
211Lorenzo MinottiParma, UEFA Cup-422.00
212Dino Baggio (puzzle 1)Parma, UEFA Cup-431.33
213Dino Baggio (puzzle 2)Parma, UEFA Cup-313.00
214Lars HøghOB Odense, UEFA Cup-4110.36
215Alphonse TchamiOB Odense, UEFA Cup-360.50
216Michael SchjönbergOB Odense, UEFA Cup-360.50