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Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Year: 2003
Total cards: 165

Collection preview (8% scanned images)

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Gil Grissom welcomes rookie Holly GribbsSeason 1Base card000.00
2Grissom is promoted to head of CSISeason 1Base card000.00
3Time is ticking away when Laura GarrisSeason 1Base card000.00
4A woman's dismembered leg is found in a lakeSeason 1Base card000.00
5Eric Berkley goes to a rave partySeason 1Base card000.00
6Home improvements unearth a woman's skeletonSeason 1Base card000.00
7Four members of the Collins family are brutallSeason 1Base card000.00
8Grissom realises that he is on the trailSeason 1Base card000.00
9Contradicting stories and bizarre evidenceSeason 1Base card000.00
10When a woman's battered and maggot-infestedSeason 1Base card000.00
11The discovery of a previously frozen bodySeason 1Base card000.00
12Frank Damon is awaiting trial for arsonSeason 1Base card000.00
13A bomb kills a man at a Las Vegas businessSeason 1Base card000.00
14When the family dog brings backSeason 1Base card000.00
15Showgirl Lacey Duvall is found in a mansion'sSeason 1Base card000.00
16Grissom, Sara and NickSeason 1Base card000.00
17A thief is found dead at the scene of a robberSeason 1Base card000.00
18When the elderly women dieSeason 1Base card000.00
19A parent's ultimate nightmareSeason 1Base card000.00
20A deaf student is struck and killed by a carSeason 1Base card000.00
21A jogger is found dead.Season 1Base card000.00
22The decapitated head of a freelance artistSeason 1Base card000.00
23A fastidious serial killer stranglesSeason 1Base card000.00
24One of the classic CSI episodesSeason 2Base card000.00
25Paige Rycoff calls for a cab to pick her upSeason 2Base card000.00
26Grissom is pressed to quickly solve the caseSeason 2Base card000.00
27Brad Schickel, the school bullySeason 2Base card000.00
28A woman is missing, and her boyfriend skipsSeason 2Base card000.00
29When a man is found burying a bullet-riddenSeason 2Base card000.00
30The death of a book restorer in a locked cageSeason 2Base card000.00
31The CSI find themselves at a fetish clubSeason 2Base card000.00
32Are two disparate crimes in different townsSeason 2Base card000.00
33A convicted con artist, Victory AverySeason 2Base card000.00
34A real estate mogul is found dead in a hotelSeason 2Base card000.00
35Did Donna Mars' e-mail communicationSeason 2Base card000.00
36Serial killer Paul MillanderSeason 2Base card000.00
37Wealthy real estate developer roy LoganSeason 2Base card000.00
38The local body farm suddenly has a newSeason 2Base card000.00
39During an on-ice fight at a hockey gameSeason 2Base card000.00
40Four Buddhist monks are gunned down executionSeason 2Base card000.00
41A tour bus on its way to Las Vegas crashesSeason 2Base card000.00
42A young woman is found murdered in her apartmentSeason 2Base card000.00
43An elderly woman is found dead in her homeSeason 2Base card000.00
44A young boy playing in a park burns himselfSeason 2Base card000.00
45Murder hits close to home when the ex-chiefSeason 2Base card000.00
46An unkempt woman is found dead under a freewaySeason 2Base card000.00
47William Petersen - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
48Gil Grissom - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
49William Petersen at the MoviesProfile & InformationBase card000.00
50William Petersen - BiographyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
51Gil Grissom - William Petersen on LocationProfile & InformationBase card000.00
52Catherine Willows - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
53Marg Helgenberger - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
54Marg Helgenberger on Crime StoriesProfile & InformationBase card000.00
55Marg Helgenberger on Catherine WillowsProfile & InformationBase card000.00
56Warrick Brown - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
57Gary Dourdan on Warrick Brown.Profile & InformationBase card000.00
58Gary Dourdan - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
59Gary Dourdan - BiographyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
60Sara Sidle - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
61Joja Fox - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
62Jorja Fox - BiographyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
63Jorja Fox on Sara SidleProfile & InformationBase card000.00
64Nick Stokes - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
65Nick Stokes - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
66George Eads on Nick StokesProfile & InformationBase card000.00
67George Eads - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
68Paul Guilfoyle - BiographyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
69Paul Guilfoyle - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
70Captain Jim Brass - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
71Paul Guilfoyle on Captain Jim BrassProfile & InformationBase card000.00
72Eric Szmanda - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
73Eric Szmanda - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
74Greg Sanders - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
75Robert David Hall - Dr. RobbinsProfile & InformationBase card000.00
76Robert David Hall - BiographyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
77Dr. Robbins - ProfileProfile & InformationBase card000.00
78Anthony E. Zuiker - Creator of CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationProfile & InformationBase card000.00
79Marc Vann - Conrad EcklieProfile & InformationBase card000.00
80Jeffrey D. Sams - Detective Cyrus LockwoodProfile & InformationBase card000.00
81David Berman - David Philips Asst CoronerProfile & InformationBase card000.00
82Archie Kao - Archie JohnsonProfile & InformationBase card000.00
83Gerald McCullough - Bobby DawsonProfile & InformationBase card000.00
84Skip O'Brien - Det O'RileyProfile & InformationBase card000.00
85Geoffrey Rivas - Detective Sam VegaProfile & InformationBase card000.00
86Danny Cannon - Exec Producer, Writer & Director.Profile & InformationBase card000.00
87Richard Berg - Production DesignerProfile & InformationBase card000.00
88John GoodwinProfile & InformationBase card000.00
89Larry Detwiler - Visual FX SupervisorProfile & InformationBase card000.00
90Jackie Tichenor - Special FX Make Up DesignerProfile & InformationBase card000.00
91Series 2 Sneak Peek 1Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
92Series 2 Sneak Peek 2Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
93Series 2 Sneak Peek 3Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
94Series 2 Sneak Peek 4Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
95Series 2 Sneak Peek 5Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
96Series 2 Sneak Peek 6Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
97Series 2 Sneak Peek 7Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
98Series 2 Sneak Peek 8Series 2 Sneak PeekBase card000.00
99Checklist 1ChecklistBase card000.00
100Checklist 2ChecklistBase card000.00
A1The Team
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A2Gil & Catherine
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A4Catherine Willows
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A5Warrick Brown
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A6Nick Stokes
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A7Sara Sidle
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A8Capt. Jim Brass
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A9Greg Sanders
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
A10Dr. Robbins
Preview Set APreview Set101.00
B1The Team
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
B3Inch by inch
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
B4Warrick & Nick
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
B9Found It
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
B10In the Desert
Preview Set BPreview Set101.00
CC-1Casino chip
Case ToppersChase Card202.00
CI1Coming Soon ... (Cards Inc.)Promo CardChase Card101.00
CSI-A1Gil Grissom - played by William Petersen
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A2Warrick Brown - played by Gary Dourden
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A3Sara Sidle - played by Jorja Fox
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A4Greg Sanders - played by Eric Szmanda
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A5Doctor Robbins - played by Robert David Hall
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A6Anthony Zuiker - Creator/Exec. Producer of CSI
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A7David Phillips - played by David Berman
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A8Archie Johnson - played by Archie Kao
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A9Det. O'Riley - played by Skip O'Brien
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A10Det. Vega - played by Geoffrey Rivas
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A11Bobby Dawson - played by Gerald McCullouch
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A12Det. Lockwood - played by Jeffrey D Sams
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A13Eileen Cox Baker - Costume Designer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A14Richard Berg - Production Designer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A15John Goodwin - Special FX Make-Up Designer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A16Carol Mendelsohn - Exec. Producer/Writer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A17Ann Donahue - Exec. Producer/Writer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A18Larry Detwiler - Visual FX Supervisor
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A19Jackie Tichenor - Special FX Make-Up Designer
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A20Danny Cannon - Exec. Producer/Writer/Director (case exclusive)
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-A21Conrad Ecklie - played by Marc Vann (binder exclusive)
Autograph CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-C1Lab Coat worn by Gil Grissom played by William PetersenCostume CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-C4Shirt worn by Greg Sanders played by Eric SzmandaCostume CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-C5Lab Coat worn by Greg Sanders played by Eric SzmandaCostume CardsChase Card101.00
CSI-CI2Coming Soon ... (Cards Inc.)Promo CardChase Card101.00
CSI-PR1Coming Soon ... (dealers)Promo CardChase Card101.00
CSI-PR2Coming Soon ... (dealers)Promo CardChase Card111.00
DNA1Fingerprint Analysis-Chase Card101.00
DNA2DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)-Chase Card101.00
DNA3Ballistics Analysis-Chase Card101.00
DNA4Forensic Anthropology-Chase Card101.00
DNA5Voice Identification-Chase Card101.00
DNA6Toxicology-Chase Card101.00
F1Gil Grissom - William Petersen-Chase Card101.00
F2Catherine Willows - Marg Helgenberger-Chase Card101.00
F3Warrick Brown - Gary Dourdan-Chase Card101.00
F4Nick Stokes - George Eads-Chase Card101.00
F5Sara Sidle - Jorja Fox-Chase Card101.00
F6Captain Jim Brass - Paul Guilfoyle-Chase Card101.00
F7Greg Sanders - Eric Szmanda-Chase Card101.00
F8Dr Robbins - Robert David Hall-Chase Card101.00
PR1Coming Soon ... (dealers; error card, recalled: Old CSI logo)Promo CardChase Card101.00
SS1Win a Signed ScriptContest OfferChase Card101.00
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