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Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Series 2

Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Series 2

Year: 2004
Total cards: 159

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Season 3Season 3Base Card101.00
2Revenge is Best Served ColdSeason 3 Ep 302Base Card101.00
3The Accused is EntitledSeason 3 Ep 301Base Card101.00
4Let the Seller BewareSeason 3 Ep 303Base Card101.00
5A Little MurderSeason 3 Ep 304Base Card101.00
6Abra CadaverSeason 3 Ep 306Base Card101.00
7The Execution of Catherine WillowsSeason 3 Ep 305Base Card101.00
8Fight NightSeason 3 Ep 307Base Card101.00
9SnuffSeason 3 Ep 308Base Card101.00
10Blood LustSeason 3 Ep 309Base Card101.00
11High and LowSeason 3 Ep 310Base Card101.00
12Recipe For MurderSeason 3 Ep 311Base Card101.00
13Got Murder?Season 3 Ep 312Base Card101.00
14Random Acts of ViolenceSeason 3 Ep 313Base Card101.00
15One Hit WonderSeason 3 Ep 314Base Card101.00
16Lady Heather's BoxSeason 3 Ep 315Base Card101.00
17Lucky StrikeSeason 3 Ep 316Base Card101.00
18Crash and BurnSeason 3 Ep 317Base Card101.00
19Precious MetalSeason 3 Ep 318Base Card101.00
20A Night at the MoviesSeason 3 Ep 319Base Card101.00
21Last LaughSeason 3 Ep 320Base Card101.00
22ForeverSeason 3 Ep 321Base Card101.00
23Play With FireSeason 3 Ep 322Base Card101.00
24Inside The BoxSeason 3 Ep 323Base Card101.00
25Season 4Season 4Base Card101.00
26Assume NothingSeason 4 Ep 402Base Card101.00
27All For Our CountrySeason 4 Ep 403Base Card101.00
28HomebodiesSeason 4 Ep 401Base Card101.00
29Invisible EvidenceSeason 4 Ep 404Base Card101.00
30Feeling the HeatSeason 4 Ep 405Base Card101.00
31Fur and LoathingSeason 4 Ep 406Base Card101.00
32JackpotSeason 4 Ep 407Base Card101.00
33After the SnowSeason 4 Ep 408Base Card101.00
34Grissom vs the VolcanoSeason 4 Ep 409Base Card101.00
35Coming of RageSeason 4 Ep 410Base Card101.00
36Eleven Angry JurorsSeason 4 Ep 411Base Card101.00
37ButterfliedSeason 4 Ep 412Base Card101.00
38SuckersSeason 4 Ep 414Base Card101.00
39Paper or PlasticSeason 4 Ep 413Base Card101.00
40Early RolloutSeason 4 Ep 415Base Card101.00
41Getting OffSeason 4 Ep 416Base Card101.00
42XXSeason 4 Ep 417Base Card101.00
43Bad to the BoneSeason 4 Ep 418Base Card101.00
44Bad WordsSeason 4 Ep 419Base Card101.00
45Dead RingerSeason 4 Ep 420Base Card101.00
46Turn of the ScrewsSeason 4 Ep 421Base Card101.00
47No More BetsSeason 4 Ep 422Base Card101.00
48BloodlinesSeason 4 Ep 423Base Card101.00
49Las Vegas Facts 1Season 4Base Card101.00
50Las Vegas Facts 2Season 4Base Card101.00
51Las Vegas Facts 3Season 4Base Card101.00
52Las Vegas Facts 4Season 4Base Card101.00
53Las Vegas Facts 5Season 4Base Card101.00
54Las Vegas Facts 6Season 4Base Card101.00
55Inside Facts 1Season 4Base Card101.00
56Inside Facts 2Season 4Base Card101.00
57William PetersenSpotlight onBase Card101.00
58Marg HelgenbergerSpotlight onBase Card101.00
59Gary DourdanSpotlight onBase Card101.00
60Eric SzmandaSpotlight onBase Card101.00
61Jorja FoxSpotlight onBase Card101.00
62George EadsSpotlight onBase Card101.00
63Paul GuilfoyleSpotlight onBase Card101.00
64Robert David HallSpotlight onBase Card101.00
65Romy RosemontSpotlight onBase Card101.00
66Eric StonestreetSpotlight onBase Card101.00
67Gerald McCullouchSpotlight onBase Card101.00
68Skip O'BrienSpotlight onBase Card101.00
69David BermanSpotlight onBase Card101.00
70Joseph Patrick KellySpotlight onBase Card101.00
71Wallace LanghamSpotlight onBase Card101.00
72Xander BerkeleySpotlight onBase Card101.00
73Melinda ClarkeSpotlight onBase Card101.00
74Ken FinkSpotlight onBase Card101.00
75Richard J. LewisSpotlight onBase Card101.00
76CSI InternationalSpotlight onBase Card101.00
77FootprintsCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
78EvidenceCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
79Tyre TreadsCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
80Photographic EvidenceCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
81GlassCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
82Evidence BagCSI Classic ShotsBase Card101.00
83Grissom Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
84Willows Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
85Brown Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
86Stokes Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
87Sidle Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
88Capt. Brass Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
89Sanders Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
90Dr. Robbins Season to SeasonSeason 3 to Season 4Base Card101.00
91Sneak Peak 1Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
92Sneak Peak 2Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
93Sneak Peak 3Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
94Sneak Peak 4Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
95Sneak Peak 5Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
96Sneak Peak 6Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
97Sneak Peak 7Behind the ScenesBase Card101.00
98CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CompanionBehind the ScenesBase Card101.00
99Checklist 1ChecklistBase Card101.00
100Checklist 2ChecklistBase Card101.00
B1Gil Grissom - SupervisorGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
B2Catherine Willows - Crime Scene AnalystGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
B3Warrick Brown - Crime Scene AnalystGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
B4Nick Stokes - Crime Scene AnalystGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
B5Sara Sidle - Crime Scene AnalystGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
B6James Brass - CaptainGold Foil ID Badge SetChase Card202.00
CC2Casino Chip CardCasino Chip CardChase Card202.00
CI2Cards Inc.-Promo Cards202.00
CSI-A22Catherine Willows - played by Marg Helgenberger
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A23Nick Stokes - played by George Eads
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-A24Capt. Jim Brass - played by Paul Guilfoyle
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B1Gil Grissom - played by William Petersen
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B2Dr. Albert D. Robbins - played by Robert David Hall
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B3Jacqui Franco - played by Romy Rosemont
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B4Ronnie Litra - played by Eric Stonestreet
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B5Bobby Dawson - played by Gerald McCullouch
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B6Det O'Riley - played by Skip O'Brien
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B7David Phillips - played by David Berman
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B8Officer Metcalf - played by Joseph Patrick Kelly
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B9David Hodges - played by Wallace Langham
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B10Sheriff Rory Atwater - played by Xander Berkeley
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B11Anthony E. Zuiker - Creator/Exec. Producer
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B12Ken Fink - Director/Producer
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B13Larry Detwiler - Visual FX Supervisor
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B14Richard Berg - Production Designer
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B15Richard Lewis - Director/Producer
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B16Josh Berman
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-B17Melinda Clarke
Autograph CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-C2Shirt worn by Greg Sanders played by Eric SzmandaCostume CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-C3Bloody Scarf as seen in the episode "Inside the Bar"Costume CardsChase Card202.00
CSI-PR3Coming Soon ...-Promo Cards202.00
CSI-PR4Card CSI-PR4-Promo Cards202.00
CSI-WEB2strictlyink.com exclusive-Promo Cards202.00
CSI2-F1Gil Grissom - Grissom's Leadership StyleGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
CSI2-F2Catherine Willows - Catherine's SavvyGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
CSI2-F3Warrick Brown - Warrick in ActionGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
CSI2-F4Nick Stokes - Nick on the VergeGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
CSI2-F5Sara Sidle - Sara's Personal ChallengesGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
CSI2-F6Greg Sanders - Greg's Career MoveGold Foil Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
Case-Topper Cast SetChase Card202.00
P1The CSI Crew
-Preview Set202.00
P2Grissom and Willows
-Preview Set202.00
P3Grissom Contemplates
-Preview Set202.00
P4Nick Stokes
-Preview Set202.00
P5Warrick Brown
-Preview Set202.00
P6Sandra Sidle
-Preview Set202.00
P7Grissom Investigates
-Preview Set202.00
P8On The Case
-Preview Set202.00
P9Sanders In The Lab
-Preview Set202.00
P10Searching For Clues
-Preview Set202.00
U1Marg Helgenberger and William Petersen
Ultra 1 Double-Sized Bonus CardChase Card202.00
U4Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows
Ultra 4 Double-Sized Bonus CardChase Card202.00
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