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Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Series 3

Strictly Ink CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Series 3

Year: 2006
Total cards: 123

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1CSI: Crime Scene Investigation-Base card000.00
2Greg Sanders takes his field proficiency testViva Las VegasBase card000.00
3ImageViva Las VegasBase card000.00
4When a flash flood hits Las VegasDown the DrainBase card000.00
5ImageDown the DrainBase card000.00
6The CSI team is called in to investigateHarvestBase card000.00
7ImageHarvestBase card000.00
8Catherine and Nick investigate the deathCrow's FeetBase card000.00
9ImageCrow's FeetBase card000.00
10The CSI team investigates a suburban murderSwap MeetBase card000.00
11ImageSwap MeetBase card000.00
12While investigating a murder on a Las VegasWhat's Eating Gilbert Grissom?Base card000.00
13ImageWhat's Eating Gilbert Grissom?Base card000.00
14Grisson joins forces with dayshift CSI SofiaFormalitiesBase card000.00
15ImageFormalitiesBase card000.00
16A brutally murdered woman is found alongsideCh-Ch-ChangesBase card000.00
17ImageCh-Ch-ChangesBase card000.00
18When a technicality brings Grissom backMea CulpaBase card000.00
19ImageMea CulpaBase card000.00
20Grissom and his team investigate the shootingNo Human's InvolvedBase card000.00
21ImageNo Human's InvolvedBase card000.00
22Greg is in the hot seat for his final proficieWho Shot Sherlock?Base card000.00
23ImageWho Shot Sherlock?Base card000.00
24When a decapitated female head is discoveredSnakesBase card000.00
25ImageSnakesBase card000.00
26When two female corpses buried togetherNesting DollsBase card000.00
27ImageNesting DollsBase card000.00
28The CSI's suspect third party involvementUnbearableBase card000.00
29ImageUnbearableBase card000.00
30The two teams work together to investigateKing BabyBase card000.00
31ImageKing BabyBase card000.00
32When a healthy male victim is found dead in aBig MiddleBase card000.00
33ImageBig MiddleBase card000.00
34When a flight attendant is found rapedCompulsionBase card000.00
35ImageCompulsionBase card000.00
36Two CSI cases intertwine when a woman's fierySpark of LifeBase card000.00
37ImageSpark of LifeBase card000.00
38A wild day in Las Vegas has the CSI's simultan4 x 4Base card000.00
39Image4 x 4Base card000.00
40Grissom and Sara look into the brutal murderCommittedBase card000.00
41ImageCommittedBase card000.00
42Captain Jim Brass travels to Los AngelesHollywood BrassBase card000.00
43ImageHollywood BrassBase card000.00
44After a tough day on the job, Catherine headsWeeping WillowsBase card000.00
45ImageWeeping WillowsBase card000.00
46Sara and Greg run into one dead end afterIcedBase card000.00
47ImageIcedBase card000.00
48In this special two-hour season finaleGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
49ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
50ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
51ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
52ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
53ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
54ImageGrave Danger - Volume 1 & 2Base card000.00
55Gil Grissom - William PetersonCharactersBase card000.00
56Gil Grissom - William Peterson ImageCharactersBase card000.00
57Catherine Willows - Marg HelgenbergerCharactersBase card000.00
58Warrick Brown - Gary DourdanCharactersBase card000.00
59Nick Stokes - George EadsCharactersBase card000.00
60Sara Sidle - Jorja FoxCharactersBase card000.00
61Captain Jim Brass - Paul GuilfoyleCharactersBase card000.00
62Greg Sanders - Eric SzmandaCharactersBase card000.00
63Dr. Albert Robbins - Robert David HallCharactersBase card000.00
64Jerry Bruckheimer, a veteran film producer whoSeries OverviewBase card000.00
65Gil Grissom (William Peterson) is the 25-yearSeries OverviewBase card000.00
66The CSI team works closely with Captain Jim BrSeries OverviewBase card000.00
67Anthony E. Zuiker - Executive Producer/CreatorSeries OverviewBase card000.00
68Behind the ScenesSeries OverviewBase card000.00
69The TeamSeries OverviewBase card000.00
70Grissom and Willows / Checklist [1-31]Series OverviewBase card000.00
71Checklist [32-72]Series OverviewBase card000.00
72Checklist [chase cards]Series OverviewBase card000.00
Bonus CardChase Card000.00
CC1$25 (Nick Stokes)
Casino ChipsChase Card000.00
CC2$25 (Sara Sidle)
Casino ChipsChase Card000.00
CC3$25 (Warrick Brown)
Casino ChipsChase Card000.00
CC4$100 (Catherine Willows)
Casino ChipsChase Card000.00
CC5$500 (Gil Grissom)
Casino ChipsChase Card000.00
CC6$25 (Greg Sanders)Casino Chips (Strictly Ink Year Box 2006)Chase Card000.00
CSIC3-C1Shirt worn by Greg Saunders played by Eric SzmandaCostume CardsChase Card000.00
CSIC3-C2Armani tie worn by Detective Brass played by Paul GuilfoyleCostume CardsChase Card000.00
CSIC3-C3Shirt worn by Nick Stokes played by George Eads.Costume CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A1William Petersen - Gil Grissom
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A2Marg Helgenberger - Catherine Willows
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A3Gary Dourdan - Warrick Brown
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A4George Eads - Nick Stokes
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A5Jorja Fox - Sara Sidle
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A6Eric Szmanda - Greg Sanders
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A7Louise Lombard - Sofia Curtis
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A8Archie Kao - Archie Johnson
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A9Wallace Langham - David Hodges
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A10Marc Vann - Conrad Eckle
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
CSIV3-A11Anthony E. Zuiker - Creator/Executive Producer
Autograph CardsChase Card000.00
F1CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F2Gil Grisson - William PetersenFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F3Catherine Willows - Marg HelgenbergerFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F4Warrick Brown - Gary DourdanFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F5Nick Stokes - George EadsFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F6Sara Sidle - Jorja FoxFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F7Capt. Jim Brass - Paul GuilfoyleFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F8Dr. Al Robbins - Robert David HallFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
F9Greg Sanders - Eric SzmandaFoil Bonus CardsChase Card000.00
P1Coming Soon-Promo Card000.00
P2Gil & Catherine
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P3Warrick Brown
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P4Nick Stokes
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P5Sara Sidle
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P6Greg Sanders
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P7Dr. Al Robbins
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P8Detective Brass
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
P9Gil Grissom
Preview SetPreview Set000.00
PR1Coming Soon (Willows and Grissom)-Promo Card000.00
PR2Coming Soon (Grissom)-Promo Card000.00
SC1Cynthis CummensSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC2Evan R. Driscoll (a.k.a. Studio-Hades)Sketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC3Kevin GrahamSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC4Cynthia KendrickSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC5Warren MartineckSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC6Rich MolinelliSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC7Amy PronovostSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC8Cat StaggsSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC9Sarah WilkinsonSketch CardsChase Card000.00
SC10CongratulationsSketch CardsChase Card000.00
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