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Topps Alf Series 2

Topps Alf Series 2

Year: 1988
Total cards: 77

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


48Title Card/ChecklistSeries 2Base Card101.00
49It’s Tough Being a Living Legend!Series 2Base Card101.00
50You Know, Mummies Were the First Ones to Sing “Wrap” Music!Series 2Base Card101.00
51Whatsa Matter/ Cat Got Your Tongue? Har Har!Series 2Base Card101.00
52You Know What They Say: “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!”Series 2Base Card101.00
53I Think I Left the Cat in the Dryer!Series 2Base Card101.00
54As the Karate Experts Say: “Ouuuuuuch!!!”Series 2Base Card101.00
55I Knew I Had Fans…But Not These Kinds of Fans!Series 2Base Card101.00
56It’s Important to Eat All Your Food…Otherwise I Will!Series 2Base Card101.00
57He’s Not Sick. He Just Needs to Chase the Cat for Awhile!Series 2Base Card101.00
58Brother, Can You Spare a Cat?Series 2Base Card101.00
59I Ate the Phone? Well, That Explains This Ringing Sensation in My Head!Series 2Base Card101.00
60I Was Too Small to Play Quarterback, So They Made Me a One-Eighth Back! Har Har!Series 2Base Card101.00
61No More Coffee for Me! I Had Too Much Yesterday…And I Thought We Were Having an Earthquake!Series 2Base Card101.00
62Wait! Dinner Isn’t Over! I Think I Smell Cat!Series 2Base Card101.00
63If We’re Gonna Play Hide-and-Seek, You Have to Cover Your Eyes!Series 2Base Card101.00
64“Karate Is All Mind Over Matter.” “Sure. If You Don’t Mind the Pain, It Won’t Matter!”Series 2Base Card101.00
65Let’s Play Cards! Everything’s Wild for Guys from Melmac!Series 2Base Card101.00
66We’ll Throw Alf a Surprise Party! Better Yet, Let’s Just Throw Alf!Series 2Base Card101.00
67I Never Met a Cat I Didn’t Like…for Dinner!Series 2Base Card101.00
68Did You Get Shorter or Is Your Son Growing Very, Very Fast?Series 2Base Card101.00
69Did You Know I Wear a Size 44 Suit, Extra Squat?Series 2Base Card101.00
70Say, Don’t I Know You from Another Planet?Series 2Base Card101.00
71What Bowling Ball? I’m Not Letting My Cat Out of the Bag!Series 2Base Card101.00
72Trust Me! I’ll Be More Than Happy to Babysit for Your Cat!Series 2Base Card101.00
73I’ve Got a Pair of Aces and This Replica of My Birth Certificate!Series 2Base Card101.00
74I Only Dress Like This So I Can Carry a Briefcase. It’s Perfect for Big Lunches!Series 2Base Card101.00
75Are You Sure I Can’t Order a Fudge Ripple Sundae Here?Series 2Base Card101.00
76If You Can’t Eat It Forget ItSeries 2Base Card101.00
77“Who Would Eat All the Canned Food Without Opening the Can?” “Gee, Ya Got Me?!”Series 2Base Card101.00
78Hey, I Told You to Be Careful with Those Velcro Eyebrows!Series 2Base Card101.00
79What Can I Tell You? The Girl Who Sold Me This Shirt Was Very Cute!Series 2Base Card101.00
80The Winner! You Actually Finished Your Meal Before Alf Could Finish It for You!Series 2Base Card101.00
81Is This a Bowtie or Am I Being Choked by a Snake in Formal Wear?Series 2Base Card101.00
82Vote for Me! I’m for a Cat in Every Pot and Two Aliens in Every Garage!Series 2Base Card101.00
83Who Says You’re Not Supposed to Eat the Bag After You Dunk It?Series 2Base Card101.00
84Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Cool?Series 2Base Card101.00
85There’s No Worse Feeling Than When the Meal Is Over!Series 2Base Card101.00
86Watch Out, Spuds! The Real Party Animal Has Arrived!Series 2Base Card101.00
87If I Get Any Better Looking, We May Have to Sell Tickets!Series 2Base Card101.00
88What Happened? No More Ring Around the Collar?Series 2Base Card101.00
89I Was So Hungry, I Ate the First Chapters of This Book!Series 2Base Card101.00
90When You’re Like Me, Finding Hair in Your Food Is an Occupational Hazzard!Series 2Base Card101.00
91A Hair Dryer? I Thought It Was a Bagpipe That Went Berserk!Series 2Base Card101.00
23BDirk “That Swell Guy” TwinkBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
24BBiff “Lucky” DeIrishBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
25BAbner “The Big Hucker” KnarpBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
26BArtie “The Sponge” FernBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
27BNina “Dropsies” ZynkBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
28BFafner “That Goofy Guy” PeltBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
29BWilky “The Salad Bar” WartlapBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
30BSid “The Mad Bunny” TennyBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
31BHeather “Leather” LabatBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
32BBenny “The Ball” BaldelliBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
33BHomer “The Gooch” TwangBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
34BTimmy “The Fist” ShrapknuckleBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
35BChuck “The Chucker” StangBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
36BEarl “Rat Lips” FlickBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
37BSondra “The Wank” ProudfootBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
38BMarty “Dandy” TorpedosBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
39BSeymore “The Stick” FazBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
40BSpilvey “The Rock” GlikBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
41BChester “Spunky” ThreadBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
42BBart “The Swollen Egg” LobbBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
43BBarbie “The Lobster Bib” CoalsBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
44BSean “The Munchkin” SplatBouillabaseballChase Card / Series 2101.00
S-19Alf ProfileSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-20Alf PrayingSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-21Alf in Football GearSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-22Alf with Bowling GearSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-23Alf in Hawaiian ShirtSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-24Alf with Hand OutSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-25Party Animal AlfSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-26Alf with BriefcaseSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-27Alf in Suit PointingSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-28Alf StandingSeries 2Stickers101.00
S-29Alf LogoSeries 2Stickers101.00
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