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Topps Cars 3

Topps Cars 3

Year: 2017
Total cards: 151

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 62 / completed: 22


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1Lightning McQueenCharacter Line-UpBase card3220.14
2SallyCharacter Line-UpBase card3220.14
3MackCharacter Line-UpBase card1220.05
4MaterCharacter Line-UpBase card2200.10
5RedCharacter Line-UpBase card0250.00
6LuigiCharacter Line-UpBase card0230.00
7GuidoCharacter Line-UpBase card1290.03
8FloCharacter Line-UpBase card1270.04
9SheriffCharacter Line-UpBase card1210.05
10Miss FritterCharacter Line-UpBase card0260.00
11Dusty Rust-ezeCharacter Line-UpBase card2240.08
12Jackson StormCharacter Line-UpBase card1210.05
13Cruz RamirezCharacter Line-UpBase card1210.05
14Rusty Rust-ezeCharacter Line-UpBase card2220.09
15SterlingCharacter Line-UpBase card1300.03
16RamoneCharacter Line-UpBase card0270.00
17Chick HicksCharacter Line-UpBase card2270.07
18SargeCharacter Line-UpBase card0250.00
19Shannon SpokesCharacter Line-UpBase card1260.04
20LizzieCharacter Line-UpBase card0220.00
21Cal WeathersCharacter Line-UpBase card2260.08
22Bobby SwiftCharacter Line-UpBase card2270.07
23Brick YardleyCharacter Line-UpBase card1250.04
24Louise NashCharacter Line-UpBase card3260.12
25River ScottCharacter Line-UpBase card1280.04
26Natalie CertainCharacter Line-UpBase card1240.04
27SmokeyCharacter Line-UpBase card3230.13
28Darrell CartripCharacter Line-UpBase card2270.07
29Junior MoonCharacter Line-UpBase card1200.05
30FillmoreCharacter Line-UpBase card0210.00
31Tex DinocoCharacter Line-UpBase card0320.00
32TractorCharacter Line-UpBase card0220.00
33Ryan "Inside" LaneyCharacter Line-UpBase card1280.04
34Chase RacelottCharacter Line-UpBase card2270.07
35Bubba WheelhouseCharacter Line-UpBase card1260.04
36Danny SwervezCharacter Line-UpBase card1270.04
37Buck BearinglyCharacter Line-UpBase card2240.08
38Floyd MulvihillCharacter Line-UpBase card3190.16
39Ed TruncanCharacter Line-UpBase card1290.03
40Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card2270.07
41Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1290.03
42Cruz RamirezSpeedstersBase card3210.14
43Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card1260.04
44Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card1250.04
45Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1310.03
46Cruz RamirezSpeedstersBase card2250.08
47Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1260.04
48Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1270.04
49Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card3250.12
50Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card0220.00
51Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card2230.09
52Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card1210.05
53Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card2240.08
54Lightning McQueenSpeedstersBase card2290.07
55Cruz RamirezSpeedstersBase card1270.04
56Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card0220.00
57Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1270.04
58Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card2240.08
59Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card2260.08
60Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card2220.09
61Lightning McQueen vs. Cruz Ramirez vs. Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card1230.04
62Jackson StormSpeedstersBase card4260.15
63Cruz RamirezSpeedstersBase card1260.04
64Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card2240.08
65Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card0240.00
66Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card0290.00
67Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card0250.00
68Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card1290.03
69Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card1300.03
70Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card2240.08
71Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card1330.03
72Cars 3
Movie PosterBase card2210.10
73Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card3210.14
74Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card2200.10
75Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card3260.12
76Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card1250.04
77Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card2270.07
78Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card1270.04
79Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card1290.03
80Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card1260.04
81Lightning McQueen
In ActionBase card1300.03
82Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card2270.07
83Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card0260.00
84Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card1240.04
85Cruz Ramirez
PuzzleBase card2250.08
86Cruz Ramirez
PuzzleBase card2240.08
87Cruz Ramirez
PuzzleBase card1260.04
88Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card0230.00
89Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card1310.03
90Jackson Storm
PuzzleBase card2260.08
91Lightning McQueen
PuzzleBase card0210.00
92Lightning McQueen
PuzzleBase card2170.12
93Lightning McQueen
PuzzleBase card0220.00
94Demolition Derby RacersTop CombosBase card1270.04
95Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson StormTop CombosBase card2180.11
96Lightning McQueen vs. Cruz RamirezTop CombosBase card0270.00
97Lightning McQueenAcceleratorsBase card951.80
98Jackson StormAcceleratorsBase card851.60
99Cruz RamirezAcceleratorsBase card942.25
100Lightning McQueen & FillmoreLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card751.40
101Lightning McQueen & FloLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card1133.67
102Lightning McQueen & LuigiLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card961.50
103Lightning McQueen & MackLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card1052.00
104Lightning McQueen & RamoneLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card771.00
105Lightning McQueen & SallyLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card1142.75
106Lightning McQueen & RedLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card580.63
107Lightning McQueen & SheriffLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card670.86
108Lightning McQueen & MaterLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card1152.20
109Lightning McQueen & Cruz RamirezLightning McQueen & FriendsBase card942.25
110Lightning McQueenTurbo BoostBase card761.17
111Jackson StormTurbo BoostBase card1226.00
112Cruz RamirezTurbo BoostBase card1226.00
113SallyTurbo BoostBase card1243.00
114FloTurbo BoostBase card961.50
115Miss FritterTurbo BoostBase card1381.63
116SterlingTurbo BoostBase card1161.83
117Cal WeathersTurbo BoostBase card981.13
118Bobby SwiftTurbo BoostBase card10110.91
119LuigiTurbo BoostBase card1071.43
120GuidoTurbo BoostBase card842.00
121Natalie CertainTurbo BoostBase card942.25
122Chick HicksTurbo BoostBase card1171.57
123Shannon SpokesTurbo BoostBase card871.14
124TexTurbo BoostBase card981.13
125Lightning McQueen LogoRace IconsBase card1234.00
126Jackson Storm LogoRace IconsBase card942.25
127Piston Cup Racing SeriesRace IconsBase card761.17
128Rust-eze Bumper OintmentRace IconsBase card1334.33
129Lightning McQueenPiston Cup RacersBase card1252.40
130Cruz RamirezPiston Cup RacersBase card1133.67
131Buck BearinglyPiston Cup RacersBase card1252.40
132Floyd MulvihillPiston Cup RacersBase card832.67
133Ed TruncanPiston Cup RacersBase card1243.00
134Jackson StormPiston Cup RacersBase card1061.67
135Ryan "Inside" LaneyPiston Cup RacersBase card1181.38
136Chase RacelottPiston Cup RacersBase card1252.40
137Bubba WheelhousePiston Cup RacersBase card881.00
138Danny SwervezPiston Cup RacersBase card1025.00
139Doc HudsonPiston Cup LegendsBase card1142.75
140Lightning McQueenPiston Cup LegendsBase card1025.00
141Louise NashPiston Cup LegendsBase card1252.40
142River ScottPiston Cup LegendsBase card942.25
143Junior MoonPiston Cup LegendsBase card832.67
144SmokeyPiston Cup LegendsBase card981.13
LEBPLightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm-Limited Edition card340.75
LEMALightning McQueen-Limited Edition card22122.00
LEMBJackson Storm-Limited Edition card19119.00
LESALightning McQueen & Cruz Ramirez-Limited Edition card751.40
LETALightning McQueen-Limited Edition card1628.00
LETBJackson Storm-Limited Edition card13013.00
LETCCruz Ramirez-Limited Edition card18018.00
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