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Topps Dick Tracy

Topps Dick Tracy

Year: 1990
Total cards: 99

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1The Movie Event of Summer 1990-Base card101.00
2Dick Tracy-Base card101.00
3Al "Big Boy" Caprice-Base card101.00
4Breathless Mahoney-Base card101.00
5Tess Truehart-Base card101.00
6The Kid-Base card101.00
7Lips Manlis-Base card101.00
8Flattop-Base card101.00
9Jake "Itchy" Rossi-Base card101.00
10Influence-Base card101.00
11Pruneface-Base card101.00
12Littleface-Base card101.00
13The Brow-Base card101.00
14The Rodent-Base card101.00
15Shoulders-Base card101.00
16The Stooge-Base card101.00
17Steve the Tramp-Base card101.00
18The Blank-Base card101.00
19The Games Felons Play-Base card101.00
20Crashing the Poker Party-Base card101.00
21Machine Gun Maniac-Base card101.00
22The Party's Over-Base card101.00
23Calling Dick Tracy!-Base card101.00
24Cop on the Scene-Base card101.00
25Gangland Revenge-Base card101.00
26The Kid and His Captor-Base card101.00
27Dinner at Mike's Diner-Base card101.00
28Arresting Lips Manlis-Base card101.00
29Big Boy in Command-Base card101.00
30Lips in a Fix-Base card101.00
31The Cement Bath-Base card101.00
32A Not-So-Friendly Visit-Base card101.00
33The Interrogation-Base card101.00
34Partners in Crime-Base card101.00
35New Boss of the Ritz-Base card101.00
36Tracy Tracks His Man-Base card101.00
37A Confident Crook-Base card101.00
38Woman of Mystery-Base card101.00
39At City Hall-Base card101.00
40The Cop and the Kid-Base card101.00
41Family Outing-Base card101.00
42Dropping Tess Off-Base card101.00
43Flattop's Revenge-Base card101.00
44Tracy, Watch Out!-Base card101.00
45Unexpected Caller-Base card101.00
46Friend ... Or Gorgeous Foe?-Base card101.00
47The Gang's All Here-Base card101.00
48Roll Call of Evil-Base card101.00
49Lawman on the Ledge-Base card101.00
50Spying on the Bad Guys-Base card101.00
51Blast from Below-Base card101.00
52Terror in the Streets-Base card101.00
53Mysterious Observer-Base card101.00
54Behave Yourself, Kid!-Base card101.00
55A Ride Into Danger-Base card101.00
56Surrounded By His Foes-Base card101.00
57Captive Crimefighter-Base card101.00
58The Bribe-Base card101.00
59A Hot Time for Tracy!-Base card101.00
60The Kid to the Rescue!-Base card101.00
61Narrow Escape-Base card101.00
62Confronting Breathless-Base card101.00
63Sultry and Seductive-Base card101.00
64Tracy Takes Aim Against Crime-Base card101.00
65You're Under Arrest!-Base card101.00
66We Gotta Deal with Tracy!-Base card101.00
67Hard-Driving Detective-Base card101.00
68Bug Bailey-Base card101.00
69Observed from Above-Base card101.00
70Bug's Blunder-Base card101.00
71Another Cement Shower?-Base card101.00
72On the Waterfront-Base card101.00
73Tracy ... Tarnished!-Base card101.00
74Honest Cop in the Slammer-Base card101.00
75His Faith Restored-Base card101.00
76Back in Action!-Base card101.00
77The Party's Over!-Base card101.00
78Tess at Gunpoint-Base card101.00
79A City Besieged-Base card101.00
80Fighting Fire with Fire-Base card101.00
81Flattop's Final Stand-Base card101.00
82Death of a Mobster-Base card101.00
83Abducted by Big Boy!-Base card101.00
84Behind Closed Doors-Base card101.00
85Trussed Tess!-Base card101.00
86Tracy's Gamble-Base card101.00
87A Damsel in Distress-Base card101.00
88One Last Kiss-Base card101.00
S1The Brow: International Espionage-Sticker101.00
S2Jake "Itchy" Rossi: Assault & Battery-Sticker101.00
S3Steve the Tramp: Vagrancy & Assault-Sticker101.00
S4The Blank: Faceless Felon-Sticker101.00
S5Al "Big Boy" Caprice: Notorious Gangster-Sticker101.00
S6Pruneface: Sabotage-Sticker101.00
S7Littleface: Manslaughter-Sticker101.00
S8The Stooge: Considered Armed & Dangerous-Sticker101.00
S9Influence: Blackmail-Sticker101.00
S10Flattop: Murder-Sticker101.00
S11The Rodent: Larceny-Sticker101.00
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