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Topps Disney Frozen Activity Cards

Topps Disney Frozen Activity Cards

Year: 2014
Total cards: 173

Collection preview (98% scanned images)

collecting: 40 / completed: 21


1AnnaBase Card-360.50
2AnnaBase Card-5100.50
3AnnaBase Card-460.67
4PabbieBase Card-570.71
5ElsaBase Card-460.67
6ElsaBase Card-3100.30
7ElsaBase Card-690.67
8Anna, ElsaBase Card-460.67
9Anna, ElsaBase Card-450.80
10SvenBase Card-450.80
11DukeBase Card-560.83
12KristoffBase Card-570.71
13AnnaBase Card-641.50
14OlafBase Card-670.86
15OlafBase Card-370.43
16Sven, OlafBase Card-4110.36
17OlafBase Card-470.57
18Marshmallow, OlafBase Card-460.67
19AnnaBase Card-460.67
20ElsaBase Card-441.00
21Anna, ElsaBase Card-460.67
22Anna, ElsaBase Card-450.80
23Young Kristoff, Young SvenBase Card-431.33
24Young AnnaBase Card-441.00
25Young Anna, Young ElsaBase Card-570.71
26Young Anna, Young Elsa, OlafBase Card-350.60
27TrollsBase Card-570.71
28Young Kristoff, Pabbie, Young SvenBase Card-460.67
29Young Anna, Young Elsa, Pabbie, King, QueenBase Card-732.33
30Young Anna, Young ElsaBase Card-480.50
31Young ElsaBase Card-450.80
32Young AnnaBase Card-3110.27
33Kristoff, SvenBase Card-560.83
34AnnaBase Card-450.80
35HansBase Card-450.80
36Anna, HansBase Card-460.67
37HansBase Card-541.25
38ElsaBase Card-431.33
39Anna, ElsaBase Card-560.83
40Anna, DukeBase Card-560.83
41Anna, HansBase Card-441.00
42Anna, HansBase Card-350.60
43Anna, Elsa, DukeBase Card-490.44
44Duke, ThugsBase Card-340.75
45ElsaBase Card-541.25
46ElsaBase Card-350.60
47ElsaBase Card-350.60
48ElsaBase Card-380.38
49AnnaBase Card-480.50
50OakenBase Card-541.25
51Anna, KristoffBase Card-732.33
52Kristoff, SvenBase Card-560.83
53Kristoff, SvenBase Card-651.20
54Anna, KristoffBase Card-741.75
55KristoffBase Card-670.86
56Anna, SvenBase Card-661.00
57Anna, Kristoff, SvenBase Card-832.67
58Kristoff, OlafBase Card-360.50
59OlafBase Card-641.50
60Anna, Kristoff, OlafBase Card-680.75
61OlafBase Card-6120.50
62OlafBase Card-541.25
63OlafBase Card-541.25
64OlafBase Card-460.67
65SvenBase Card-522.50
66Anna, ElsaBase Card-661.00
67Anna, ElsaBase Card-651.20
68Anna, ElsaBase Card-460.67
69Anna, ElsaBase Card-431.33
70MarshmallowBase Card-551.00
71Marshmallow, OlafBase Card-623.00
72Kristoff, TrollsBase Card-360.50
73ElsaBase Card-470.57
74ElsaBase Card-551.00
75ElsaBase Card-541.25
76Anna, KristoffBase Card-470.57
77DukeBase Card-632.00
78OlafBase Card-570.71
79Anna, OlafBase Card-824.00
80Anna, OlafBase Card-560.83
81Kristoff, SvenBase Card-551.00
82Elsa, HansBase Card-541.25
83AnnaBase Card-450.80
84Anna, ElsaBase Card-470.57
85KingdomBase Card-4100.40
86Anna, ElsaBase Card-670.86
87Anna, KristoffBase Card-551.00
88Anna, ElsaBase Card-450.80
89Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf (puzzle 1)Base Card-551.00
90Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf (puzzle 2)Base Card-570.71
91Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf (puzzle 3)Base Card-370.43
92Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf (puzzle 4)Base Card-441.00
93Elsa, Hans, Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff (puzzle 1)Base Card-331.00
94Elsa, Hans, Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff (puzzle 2)Base Card-580.63
95Elsa, Hans, Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff (puzzle 3)Base Card-350.60
96Elsa, Hans, Anna, Sven, Olaf, Kristoff (puzzle 4)Base Card-632.00
97KristoffBase CardGlitter Cards422.00
98ElsaBase CardGlitter Cards470.57
99OlafBase CardGlitter Cards641.50
100Anna, ElsaBase CardGlitter Cards541.25
101ElsaBase CardGlitter Cards441.00
102OlafBase CardGlitter Cards551.00
103AnnaBase CardGlitter Cards480.50
104Anna, ElsaBase CardGlitter Cards390.33
105Anna, ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil350.60
106AnnaBase CardHolographic Foil450.80
107ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil340.75
108ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil450.80
109Anna, ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil470.57
110Anna, KristoffBase CardHolographic Foil551.00
111ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil632.00
112HansBase CardHolographic Foil632.00
113Anna, ElsaBase CardHolographic Foil470.57
114SvenBase CardHolographic Foil450.80
115OlafBase CardHolographic Foil431.33
116OlafBase CardHolographic Foil431.33
117KristoffBase CardHolographic Foil331.00
118Kristoff, SvenBase CardHolographic Foil551.00
119OlafBase CardHolographic Foil551.00
120AnnaBase CardHolographic Foil632.00
121AnnaBase CardIce Effect531.67
122OlafBase CardIce Effect515.00
123AnnaBase CardIce Effect717.00
124SvenBase CardIce Effect522.50
125ElsaBase CardIce Effect460.67
126Anna, ElsaBase CardIce Effect723.50
127ElsaBase CardIce Effect422.00
128KristoffBase CardIce Effect441.00
129AnnaBase CardColor-Me Cards522.50
130AnnaBase CardColor-Me Cards541.25
131AnnaBase CardColor-Me Cards450.80
132Anna, ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards832.67
133ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards632.00
134ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards431.33
135ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards531.67
136ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards431.33
137Anna, ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards551.00
138Anna, ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards441.00
139OlafBase CardColor-Me Cards360.50
140OlafBase CardColor-Me Cards551.00
141Anna, ElsaBase CardColor-Me Cards5100.50
142Sven, OlafBase CardColor-Me Cards570.71
143KristoffBase CardColor-Me Cards370.43
144KristoffBase CardColor-Me Cards632.00
145ElsaBase CardDot-to-Dot450.80
146ElsaBase CardDot-to-Dot531.67
147AnnaBase CardDot-to-Dot580.63
148AnnaBase CardDot-to-Dot560.83
149SvenBase CardDot-to-Dot641.50
150KristoffBase CardDot-to-Dot480.50
151OlafBase CardDot-to-Dot531.67
152OlafBase CardDot-to-Dot441.00
153Best FriendBase CardNote Cards431.33
154Favourite ActivityBase CardNote Cards480.50
155Favourite CharacterBase CardNote Cards441.00
156SnowflakeBase CardNote Cards541.25
157Time of YearBase CardNote Cards771.00
158Build Out of SnowBase CardNote Cards431.33
159Favourite VegBase CardNote Cards623.00
160I LoveBase CardNote Cards560.83
161AnnaBase CardPop-Up Cards717.00
162AnnaBase CardPop-Up Cards632.00
163AnnaBase CardPop-Up Cards717.00
164ElsaBase CardPop-Up Cards616.00
165ElsaBase CardPop-Up Cards824.00
166ElsaBase CardPop-Up Cards723.50
167OlafBase CardPop-Up Cards12112.00
168OlafBase CardPop-Up Cards933.00
169KristoffBase CardPop-Up Cards818.00
170SvenBase CardPop-Up Cards832.67
LEaAnnaLimited EditionHolographic Foil623.00
LEeElsaLimited EditionHolographic Foil1125.50
LEoOlafLimited EditionHolographic Foil14114.00