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Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50th Anniversary Edition

Topps Doctor Who Alien Attax 50th Anniversary Edition

Year: 2013
Total cards: 160

Collection preview (52% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 4


1The Eleventh Doctor-Rainbow Foil404.00
2Clara Oswald-Rainbow Foil404.00
3The Tenth Doctor-Rainbow Foil414.00
4Martha Jones-Rainbow Foil404.00
5Cyberman-Rainbow Foil404.00
6Dalek-Rainbow Foil404.00
7Doctor Simeon-Rainbow Foil404.00
8The Master-Rainbow Foil404.00
9The First Doctor-Foil414.00
10The Second Doctor-Foil303.00
11The Third Doctor-Foil404.00
12The Fourth Doctor-Foil404.00
13The Fifth Doctor-Foil404.00
14The Sixth Doctor-Foil404.00
15The Seventh Doctor-Foil202.00
16The Eighth Doctor-Foil414.00
17The Ninth Doctor-Foil404.00
18The Tenth Doctor-Foil404.00
20Weeping Angels-Foil404.00
21Madame Vastra-Foil404.00
22The Silence-Foil404.00
24Jenny Flint-Foil303.00
25The Ice Warriors-Base card303.00
26Sontaran-Base card313.00
27The Zygons-Base card303.00
28Silurian-Base card313.00
29Lord Kiv-Base card313.00
30Vashta Nerada-Base card313.00
31Clockwork Droid-Base card313.00
32Headless Monks-Base card321.50
33Smiler-Base card414.00
34Dream Lord-Base card313.00
35The Mummy of Akhaten-Base card313.00
36Vampires of Venice-Base card212.00
37Idris-Base card313.00
38Uncle-Base card313.00
39The Shakri-Base card303.00
40Mr. Sweet-Base card313.00
41Cyber-Webley-Base card202.00
42The Gunslinger-Base card313.00
43Original Dalek-Base card414.00
44Dalek Ironside-Base card321.50
45Dalek Sec-Base card303.00
46Supreme Dalek-Base card313.00
47K-9-Base card303.00
48Susan Foreman-Base card414.00
49Polly Wright-Base card313.00
50Jo Grant-Base card313.00
51Harry Sullivan-Base card313.00
52Melanie Bush-Base card313.00
53River Song-Base card313.00
54Rory Williams-Base card303.00
55Amy Pond-Base card313.00
56The Impossible Astro-Base card212.00
57Fat One-Base card202.00
58Thin One-Base card313.00
59Lorna Bucket-Base card321.50
60Colone Manton-Base card221.00
61Mulligan-Base card212.00
62McGrath-Base card321.50
63Florres-Base card221.00
64Dancer-Base card221.00
65The Botswain-Base card212.00
66Young Clara-Base card120.50
67Hila-Base card313.00
68Tricky-Base card221.00
69Ada-Base card221.00
70Mrs. Gillyflower-Base card130.33
71Brains-Base card221.00
72Merry Gejelh-Base card212.00
73Gregor Van Baalen-Base card221.00
74Ha-Ha-Base card221.00
75Professor Alex Palmer-Base card221.00
76Miss Kizlet-Base card221.00
77Emma Grayling-Base card321.50
78Lieutenant Stepashin-Base card212.00
79Porridge-Base card221.00
80Angie-Base card221.00
81Artie-Base card221.00
82Captain-Base card212.00
C1The First Doctor & Barbara WrightCompanions-221.00
C2The Second Doctor & Jamie McCrimmonCompanions-321.50
C3The Third Doctor & Jo GrantCompanions-313.00
C4The Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane SmithCompanions-321.50
C5The Fifth Doctor & Tegan JovankaCompanions-221.00
C6The Sixth Doctor & Peri BrownCompanions-313.00
C7The Seventh Doctor & AceCompanions-221.00
C8The Eighth Doctor & Grace HollowayCompanions-321.50
C9The Ninth Doctor & Rose TylerCompanions-221.00
C10The Tenth Doctor & Martha JonesCompanions-321.50
C11The Eleventh Doctor & Clara OswaldCompanions-230.67
CC1The Ood's Jacket-Costume fabric card303.00
CC2The Cleric's Uniform-Costume fabric card303.00
CC3The Master's Straight Jacket-Costume fabric card303.00
CC4The Eleventh Doctor's Coat-Costume fabric card303.00
CC5The Ganger's Acid Suit-Costume fabric card303.00
CC6UNIT Jacket-Costume fabric card303.00
CC7The Tenth Doctor's Pyjamas-Costume fabric card303.00
LE150th Anniversary TARDIS-Limited Edition202.00
T1Sontaran-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T2The First Doctor-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T3Rose Tyler-Tardis Puzzle Card313.00
T4Clara Oswald-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T5TARDIS-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T6The Eleventh Doctor-Tardis Puzzle Card212.00
T7Cyberman-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T8The Tenth Doctor-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
T9Dalek-Tardis Puzzle Card221.00
TM1The First DoctorTimeless Moments-221.00
TM2The SensoritesTimeless Moments-221.00
TM3DalekTimeless Moments-221.00
TM4The Celestial ToymakerTimeless Moments-221.00
TM5CybermanTimeless Moments-321.50
TM6CybermanTimeless Moments-313.00
TM7Robot YetiTimeless Moments-212.00
TM8Cyberman TombTimeless Moments-230.67
TM9The Third Doctor & Jo GrantTimeless Moments-221.00
TM10DavrosTimeless Moments-221.00
TM11Sarah Jane SmithTimeless Moments-321.50
TM12RomanaTimeless Moments-212.00
TM13The Fourth DoctorTimeless Moments-221.00
TM14CybermanTimeless Moments-221.00
TM15The Fifth DoctorTimeless Moments-321.50
TM16The Second & Sixth DoctorsTimeless Moments-313.00
TM17DalekTimeless Moments-221.00
TM18The Seventh Doctor & The MasterTimeless Moments-120.50
TM19The Ninth Doctor & RoseTimeless Moments-212.00
TM20Charles DickensTimeless Moments-221.00
TM21The DaleksTimeless Moments-111.00
TM22The Ninth DoctorTimeless Moments-230.67
TM23The Sisters of PlentitudeTimeless Moments-321.50
TM24Madame de PompadourTimeless Moments-321.50
TM25Rose TylerTimeless Moments-221.00
TM26Cybermen & DaleksTimeless Moments-321.50
TM27Rose Tyler & The Tenth DoctorTimeless Moments-221.00
TM28Donna NobleTimeless Moments-221.00
TM29Dalek Sec HybridTimeless Moments-212.00
TM30ScarecrowsTimeless Moments-321.50
TM31The MasterTimeless Moments-221.00
TM32The Old DoctorTimeless Moments-313.00
TM33Astrid PethTimeless Moments-221.00
TM34The OodTimeless Moments-221.00
TM35The Tenth Doctor & JennyTimeless Moments-120.50
TM36River SongTimeless Moments-221.00
TM37Donna Noble & The BeetleTimeless Moments-221.00
TM38DavrosTimeless Moments-331.00
TM39RassilonTimeless Moments-221.00
TM40The Tenth DoctorTimeless Moments-120.50
TM41The Eleventh DoctorTimeless Moments-221.00
TM42Winston ChurchillTimeless Moments-221.00
TM43The PandoricaTimeless Moments-414.00
TM44Amy & RoryTimeless Moments-212.00
TM45Amy & Melody PondTimeless Moments-221.00
TM46The Eleventh Doctor & His WifeTimeless Moments-221.00
TM47The DaleksTimeless Moments-221.00
TM48Weeping AngelsTimeless Moments-331.00
TM49CybermanTimeless Moments-414.00
TM50Whisper ManTimeless Moments-221.00
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