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Topps England 2002

Topps England 2002

Year: 2002
Total cards: 72

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 10 / completed: 5


1Sven-Goran ErikssonThe TeamBase card441.00
2Nigel MartynThe TeamBase card441.00
3Ashley ColeThe TeamBase card441.00
4Gary NevilleThe TeamBase card340.75
5Rio FerdinandThe TeamBase card441.00
6Jamie CarragherThe TeamBase card441.00
7Steven GerrardThe TeamBase card441.00
8David BeckhamThe TeamBase card441.00
9Paul ScholesThe TeamBase card431.33
10Steve McManamanThe TeamBase card441.00
11Emile HeskeyThe TeamBase card441.00
12Teddy SheringhamThe TeamBase card441.00
13Michael OwenThe TeamBase card340.75
14David SeamanThe TeamBase card441.00
15David JamesThe TeamBase card340.75
16Sol CampbellThe TeamBase card441.00
17Martin KeownThe TeamBase card441.00
18Gareth SouthgateThe TeamBase card431.33
19Darren AndertonThe TeamBase card441.00
20Nick BarmbyThe TeamBase card331.00
21Nicky ButtThe TeamBase card441.00
22Michael CarrickThe TeamBase card441.00
23Joe ColeThe TeamBase card441.00
24Kieron DyerThe TeamBase card441.00
25Danny MurphyThe TeamBase card431.33
26Andrew ColeThe TeamBase card431.33
27Robbie FowlerThe TeamBase card431.33
28Kevin PhillipsThe TeamBase card441.00
29Wayne BridgeThe TeamBase card340.75
30Frank LampardThe TeamBase card422.00
31Darius VassellThe TeamBase card450.80
32Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
33Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
34Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
35Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card531.67
36Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
37Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card531.67
38Germany v. EnglandMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
39England v. GreeceMemorable MomentsBase card441.00
40England v. GreeceMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
41England v. GreeceMemorable MomentsBase card230.67
42England v. GreeceMemorable MomentsBase card541.25
43On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card531.67
44On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card541.25
45On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card531.67
46On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card431.33
47On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card441.00
48On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card541.25
49On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card551.00
50On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card541.25
51On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card541.25
52On The Training GroundOn The Training GroundBase card522.50
53England 0-1 GermanyWC Qualifying CampaignBase card450.80
54Finland 0-0 EnglandWC Qualifying CampaignBase card541.25
55England 2-1 FinlandWC Qualifying CampaignBase card541.25
56Albania 1-3 EnglandWC Qualifying CampaignBase card541.25
57Greece 0-2 EnglandWC Qualifying CampaignBase card441.00
58Germany 1-5 EnglandWC Qualifying CampaignBase card441.00
59England 2-0 AlbaniaWC Qualifying CampaignBase card340.75
60England 2-2 GreeceWC Qualifying CampaignBase card441.00
E1Ashley ColeINSERTSBlue Foil531.67
E2Gary NevilleINSERTSBlue Foil331.00
E3Rio FerdinandINSERTSBlue Foil541.25
E4Steven GerrardINSERTSBlue Foil541.25
E5David BeckhamINSERTSBlue Foil450.80
E6Paul ScholesINSERTSBlue Foil441.00
E7Emile HeskeyINSERTSBlue Foil551.00
E8Michael OwenINSERTSBlue Foil651.20
E9David SeamanINSERTSBlue Foil441.00
E10Sol CampbellINSERTSBlue Foil422.00
Au1Ashley ColeAutographed CardsAutographed Cards606.00
Au2Michael OwenAutographed CardsAutographed Cards606.00
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