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Topps England 2005

Topps England 2005

Year: 2005
Total cards: 116

Official Trading Cards England 2005.

Collection preview (79% scanned images)

collecting: 16 / completed: 4


1Team Badge / Cheklist 1-30Team EnglandBase card616.00
2Team EnglandTeam EnglandBase card515.00
3Sven-Goran ErikssonTeam EnglandBase card616.00
4Sven-Goran ErikssonTeam EnglandBase card623.00
5Paul RobinsonTeam EnglandBase card515.00
6Paul RobinsonTeam EnglandBase card515.00
7David JamesTeam EnglandBase card616.00
8David JamesTeam EnglandBase card616.00
9Gary NevilleTeam EnglandBase card522.50
10Gary NevilleTeam EnglandBase card515.00
11Ashley ColeTeam EnglandBase card515.00
12Ashley ColeTeam EnglandBase card515.00
13John TerryTeam EnglandBase card616.00
14John TerryTeam EnglandBase card616.00
15Rio FerdinandTeam EnglandBase card616.00
16Rio FerdinandTeam EnglandBase card515.00
17Sol CampbellTeam EnglandBase card623.00
18Sol CampbellTeam EnglandBase card522.50
19Wes BrownTeam EnglandBase card616.00
20Wes BrownTeam EnglandBase card515.00
21Ledley KingTeam EnglandBase card616.00
22Ledley KingTeam EnglandBase card623.00
23Jamie CarragherTeam EnglandBase card522.50
24Jamie CarragherTeam EnglandBase card522.50
25Wayne BridgeTeam EnglandBase card515.00
26Wayne BridgeTeam EnglandBase card623.00
27David BeckhamTeam EnglandBase card818.00
28David BeckhamTeam EnglandBase card616.00
29Steven GerrardTeam EnglandBase card515.00
30Steven GerrardTeam EnglandBase card515.00
31Team England / Cheklist 31-59Team EnglandBase card522.50
32Frank LampardTeam EnglandBase card616.00
33Frank LampardTeam EnglandBase card616.00
34Joe ColeTeam EnglandBase card616.00
35Joe ColeTeam EnglandBase card515.00
36Shaun Wright-PhillipsTeam EnglandBase card515.00
37Shaun Wright-PhillipsTeam EnglandBase card515.00
38Phil NevilleTeam EnglandBase card515.00
39Phil NevilleTeam EnglandBase card522.50
40Nicky ButtTeam EnglandBase card522.50
41Nicky ButtTeam EnglandBase card515.00
42Owen HargreavesTeam EnglandBase card616.00
43Owen HargreavesTeam EnglandBase card515.00
44Kieron DyerTeam EnglandBase card531.67
45Kieron DyerTeam EnglandBase card616.00
46Jermaine JenasTeam EnglandBase card522.50
47Jermaine JenasTeam EnglandBase card616.00
48Stewart DowningTeam EnglandBase card522.50
49Stewart DowningTeam EnglandBase card522.50
50Michael OwenTeam EnglandBase card515.00
51Michael OwenTeam EnglandBase card616.00
52Wayne RooneyTeam EnglandBase card522.50
53Wayne RooneyTeam EnglandBase card616.00
54Andrew JohnsonTeam EnglandBase card522.50
55Andrew JohnsonTeam EnglandBase card616.00
56Jermain DefoeTeam EnglandBase card616.00
57Jermain DefoeTeam EnglandBase card522.50
58Alan SmithTeam EnglandBase card522.50
59Alan SmithTeam EnglandBase card515.00
60David Beckham (Captain)Team EnglandBase card616.00
61Michael Owen (Topscorer)Team EnglandBase card616.00
62Frank Lampard (Player of the year 2004)Team EnglandBase card515.00
63Team of ' 66 / Cheklist 63-82England LegendsBase card616.00
64Gordon BanksEngland LegendsBase card522.50
65Peter ShiltonEngland LegendsBase card515.00
66David SeamenEngland LegendsBase card515.00
67Bobby MooreEngland LegendsBase card522.50
68Terry ButcherEngland LegendsBase card531.67
69Stuart PearceEngland LegendsBase card515.00
70Tony AdamsEngland LegendsBase card616.00
71Bryan RobsonEngland LegendsBase card616.00
72Chris WaddleEngland LegendsBase card616.00
73John BarnesEngland LegendsBase card515.00
74David PlattEngland LegendsBase card616.00
75Paul GascoigneEngland LegendsBase card616.00
76David BeckhamEngland LegendsBase card623.00
77Sir Bobby CharltonEngland LegendsBase card522.50
78Sir Geoff HurstEngland LegendsBase card616.00
79Peter BeardsleyEngland LegendsBase card717.00
80Gary LinekerEngland LegendsBase card515.00
81Alan ShearerEngland LegendsBase card515.00
82Michael OwenEngland LegendsBase card522.50
83Fans / Cheklist 83-100 + S1-S10Classic MatchesBase card717.00
84v West Germany 1966Classic MatchesBase card623.00
85v Cameroon 1990Classic MatchesBase card522.50
86v Holland 1996Classic MatchesBase card522.50
87v Germany 2001Classic MatchesBase card717.00
88v Argentina 2002Classic MatchesBase card515.00
89v SwedenIn Japan WC 2002Base card515.00
90v ArgentinaIn Japan WC 2002Base card623.00
91v NigeriaIn Japan WC 2002Base card522.50
92v DenmarkIn Japan WC 2002Base card522.50
93v BrazilIn Japan WC 2002Base card522.50
94v JapanFriendly Match 2004Base card616.00
95v Austria (A)2006 WCQBase card522.50
96v Poland (A)2006 WCQBase card717.00
97v Wales (H)2006 WCQBase card616.00
98v Azerbaijan (A)2006 WCQBase card616.00
99v Ireland (H)2006 WCQBase card515.00
100v Azerbaijan (H)2006 WCQBase card522.50
S1Paul RobinsonKey PlayersRed Foil card808.00
S2Gary NevilleKey PlayersRed Foil card808.00
S3Ashley ColeKey PlayersRed Foil card505.00
S4Rio FerdinandKey PlayersRed Foil card909.00
S5David BeckhamKey PlayersRed Foil card808.00
S6Steven GerrardKey PlayersRed Foil card707.00
S7Frank LampardKey PlayersRed Foil card909.00
S8Joe ColeKey PlayersRed Foil card606.00
S9Wayne RooneyKey PlayersRed Foil card10010.00
S10Michael OwenKey PlayersRed Foil card10010.00
A-JTJohn Terry
Autographed CardsAutograph card909.00
A-PGPaul Gascoigne
Autographed CardsAutograph card909.00
A-PSPeter Shilton
Autographed CardsAutograph card707.00
A-WBWayne Bridge
Autographed CardsAutograph card707.00
GWS-MOMichael Owen
Game-Worn ShirtShirt card909.00
GWSB-MOMichael Owen
Game-Worn Shirt & BootShirt & Boot card10010.00
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