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Topps Footballers 1975-1976

Topps Footballers 1975-1976

Year: 1976
Total cards: 220

collecting: 6 / completed: 3


1Billy BremnerLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
2Colin WaldronBurnleyS1. Base card010.00
3Jim PearsonEvertonS1. Base card111.00
4Cyril KnowlesTottenham HotspurS1. Base card010.00
5Trevor FrancisBirmingham CityS1. Base card111.00
6Henry NewtonDerby CountyS1. Base card010.00
7Brian KiddArsenal FCS1. Base card111.00
8Stewart HoustonManchester UnitedS1. Base card111.00
9John MahoneyStoke CityS1. Base card010.00
10Malcolm MacDonaldNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
11Bobby MoncurSunderlandS1. Base card111.00
12Dave ClementQueens Park RangersS1. Base card010.00
13Steve HeighwayLiverpoolS1. Base card313.00
14Allan HunterIpswich TownS1. Base card111.00
15Terry YorathLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
16Brian AldersonCoventry CityS1. Base card111.00
17Charlie AitkenAston VillaS1. Base card010.00
18Mike SummerbeeManchester CityS1. Base card010.00
19Len BadgerSheffield UnitedS1. Base card111.00
20Leighton JamesBurnleyS1. Base card010.00
21Iam McFaulNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card111.00
22Jon SammelsLeicester CityS1. Base card010.00
23Charlie CookeChelsea FCS1. Base card111.00
24John HurstEvertonS1. Base card010.00
25Colin ViljoenIpswich TownS1. Base card010.00
26John HicktonMiddlesbroughS1. Base card010.00
27Frank Lampard Sr.West Ham UnitedS1. Base card111.00
28Willie DonachieManchester CityS1. Base card010.00
29Steve PerrymanTottenham HotspurS1. Base card010.00
30Paul MadeleyLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
31Gordon TaylorBirmingham CityS1. Base card010.00
32Checklist-S1. Base card111.00
33John RadfordArsenal FCS1. Base card020.00
34David NishDerby CountyS1. Base card020.00
35Alan HudsonStoke CityS1. Base card111.00
36Martin BuchanManchester UnitedS1. Base card111.00
37Bobby KerrSunderlandS1. Base card010.00
38Frank McLintockQueens Park RangersS1. Base card010.00
39Jim SmithNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card111.00
40Kevin KeeganLiverpoolS1. Base card212.00
41John HollinsChelsea FCS1. Base card010.00
42Kevin BeattieIpswich TownS1. Base card010.00
43Bobby OwenCarlisle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
44Willie CarrWolverhampton WanderersS1. Base card010.00
45Jim HusbandLuton TownS1. Base card010.00
46Eddie ColquhounSheffield UnitedS1. Base card010.00
47Jim CumbesAston VillaS1. Base card010.00
48Steve EarleLeicester CityS1. Base card010.00
49Doug CollinsBurnleyS1. Base card010.00
50Mike ChannonSouthamptonS1. Base card111.00
51Steve JamesManchester UnitedS1. Base card212.00
52Brian HallLiverpoolS1. Base card212.00
53Alan FoggonMiddlesbroughS1. Base card010.00
54Billy BondsWest Ham UnitedS1. Base card010.00
55Roger KenyonEvertonS1. Base card010.00
56Martin ChiversTottenham HotspurS1. Base card010.00
57Johnny GilesLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
58Rodney MarshManchester CityS1. Base card010.00
59Colin ToddDerby CountyS1. Base card111.00
60Peter ShiltonStoke CityS1. Base card010.00
61Howard KendallBirmingham CityS1. Base card010.00
62Don GivensQueens Park RangersS1. Base card010.00
63Eddie KellyArsenal FCS1. Base card111.00
64Ron DaviesManchester UnitedS1. Base card111.00
65Ken WagstaffHull CityS1. Base card111.00
66Kevin HectorDerby CountyS1. Base card010.00
67Francis LeeDerby CountyS1. Base card010.00
68Geoff HurstStoke CityS1. Base card212.00
69Terry HibbittNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
70Tom HutchisonCoventry CityS1. Base card010.00
71Alec LindsayLiverpoolS1. Base card313.00
72Clive WoodsIpswich TownS1. Base card111.00
73Jim MontgomerySunderlandS1. Base card010.00
74Willie MorganManchester UnitedS1. Base card212.00
75Peter NobleBurnleyS1. Base card010.00
76David HayChelsea FCS1. Base card010.00
77Joe RoyleManchester CityS1. Base card010.00
78Dave ClementsEvertonS1. Base card010.00
79John McDowellWest Ham UnitedS1. Base card111.00
80Steve KemberChelsea FCS1. Base card111.00
81Allan ClarkeLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
82Mike PejicStoke CityS1. Base card111.00
83Bruce RiochDerby CountyS1. Base card010.00
84Ted HemsleySheffield UnitedS1. Base card111.00
85Alan CampbellBirmingham CityS1. Base card111.00
86Phil ParkesQueens Park RangersS1. Base card111.00
87Peter StoreyArsenal FCS1. Base card111.00
88Len GloverLeicester CityS1. Base card111.00
89Pat HowardNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
90Colin BellManchester CityS1. Base card111.00
91Billy HughesSunderlandS1. Base card010.00
92Alex ForsythManchester UnitedS1. Base card111.00
93Alex StepneyManchester UnitedS1. Base card010.00
94Tony CurrieSheffield UnitedS1. Base card111.00
95Emlyn HughesLiverpoolS1. Base card414.00
96Mike CoopCoventry CityS1. Base card010.00
97Trevor WhymarkIpswich TownS1. Base card010.00
98Colin SuggettNorwich CityS1. Base card111.00
99Willie MaddrenMiddlesbroughS1. Base card010.00
100Bobby CharltonPreston North EndS1. Base card212.00
101Tommy TaylorWest Ham UnitedS1. Base card010.00
102David HarveyLeeds UnitedS1. Base card010.00
103Martin DobsonEvertonS1. Base card111.00
104Bob HattonBirmingham CityS1. Base card010.00
105Alan BallArsenal FCS1. Base card111.00
106Roy McFarlandDerby CountyS1. Base card010.00
107Lou MacariManchester UnitedS1. Base card010.00
108David CraigNewcastle UnitedS1. Base card111.00
109Jimmy GreenhoffStoke CityS1. Base card010.00
110Ralph CoatesTottenham HotspurS1. Base card111.00
111Dave ThomasQueens Park RangersS1. Base card010.00
112Ian RossAston VillaS1. Base card010.00
113Graham CrossLeicester CityS1. Base card212.00
114John CravenCoventry CityS1. Base card010.00
115Bobby ParkerCarlisle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
116Keith EddySheffield UnitedS1. Base card212.00
117Paul FletcherBurnleyS1. Base card010.00
118Mick MillsIpswich TownS1. Base card010.00
119Alan WestLuton TownS1. Base card010.00
120Ray ClemenceLiverpoolS1. Base card212.00
121Steve KindonWolverhampton WanderersS1. Base card010.00
122Mike BernardEvertonS1. Base card111.00
123Ian HutchinsonChelsea FCS1. Base card010.00
124Steve WhitworthLeicester CityS1. Base card010.00
125Dennis TueartManchester CityS1. Base card010.00
126Bobby MurdochMiddlesbroughS1. Base card010.00
127Malcolm PageBirmingham CityS1. Base card010.00
128Alex CropleyArsenal FCS1. Base card010.00
129John PrattTottenham HotspurS1. Base card010.00
130John MarshStoke CityS1. Base card111.00
131Chris BalderstoneCarlisle UnitedS1. Base card010.00
132David WebbQueens Park RangersS1. Base card010.00
133Derek ParkinWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
134Stuart PearsonManchester UnitedS2. Base card010.00
135Peter CormackLiverpoolS2. Base card313.00
136Bob McNabArsenal FCS2. Base card020.00
137Mick LyonsEvertonS2. Base card010.00
138Ron HarrisChelsea FCS2. Base card111.00
139Alfie ConnTottenham HotspurS2. Base card020.00
140Asa HartfordManchester CityS2. Base card010.00
141Roger HyndBirmingham CityS2. Base card111.00
142Don MassonQueens Park RangersS2. Base card010.00
143Phil ThompsonLiverpoolS2. Base card212.00
144Geoff SalmonsStoke CityS2. Base card010.00
145George BurleyIpswich TownS2. Base card010.00
146Mike BaileyWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
147Duncan ForbesNorwich CityS2. Base card010.00
148George ArmstrongArsenal FCS2. Base card111.00
149Steve SeargeantEvertonS2. Base card010.00
150Sammy McIlroyManchester UnitedS2. Base card212.00
151Micky DroyChelsea FCS2. Base card010.00
152Ray KennedyLiverpoolS2. Base card313.00
153Paul ReaneyLeeds UnitedS2. Base card010.00
154Kevin KeelanNorwich CityS2. Base card010.00
155Joe KinnearTottenham HotspurS2. Base card010.00
156Stan BowlesQueens Park RangersS2. Base card010.00
157Frank MunroWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
158Mick LambertIpswich TownS2. Base card010.00
159Tommy BoothManchester CityS2. Base card010.00
160Alan MulleryFulhamS2. Base card111.00
161Phil BoersmaLiverpoolS2. Base card414.00
162Jim HoltonManchester UnitedS2. Base card212.00
163George TelferEvertonS2. Base card111.00
164Pat RiceArsenal FCS2. Base card020.00
165Chris GarlandLeicester CityS2. Base card010.00
166Terry CooperMiddlesbroughS2. Base card010.00
167Barry PowellWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
168John RobertsBirmingham CityS2. Base card010.00
169John ToshackLiverpoolS2. Base card313.00
170Chris CattlinCoventry CityS2. Base card010.00
171Brian TalbotIpswich TownS2. Base card010.00
172Mick DoyleManchester CityS2. Base card010.00
173Brian GreenhoffManchester UnitedS2. Base card212.00
174Denis SmithStoke CityS2. Base card010.00
175Ken HibbittWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
176Ron WebsterDerby CountyS2. Base card111.00
177Peter SimpsonArsenal FCS2. Base card020.00
178Alan SunderlandWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
179Phil BealTottenham HotspurS2. Base card111.00
180Ian CallaghanLiverpoolS2. Base card414.00
181Ron GuthrieSunderlandS2. Base card111.00
182Mick MartinManchester UnitedS2. Base card313.00
183Colin BarrettManchester CityS2. Base card010.00
184John RichardsWolverhampton WanderersS2. Base card010.00
185David StringerNorwich CityS2. Base card010.00
186John DuncanTottenham HotspurS2. Base card010.00
187Ian GillardQueens Park RangersS2. Base card010.00
188Kenny BurnsBirmingham CityS2. Base card010.00
189Joseph LaidlawCarlisle UnitedS2. Base card010.00
190Mike ChannonEnglandS2. Base card010.00
191Malcolm MacDonaldEnglandS2. Base card010.00
192Leighton JamesWalesS2. Base card010.00
193Colin ToddEnglandS2. Base card010.00
194David NishEnglandS2. Base card010.00
195Emlyn HughesEnglandS2. Base card212.00
196Phil ThompsonEnglandS2. Base card111.00
197Billy BremnerScotlandS2. Base card010.00
198Colin BellEnglandS2. Base card010.00
199Alan HudsonEnglandS2. Base card212.00
200Peter ShiltonEnglandS2. Base card212.00
201Paul MadeleyEnglandS2. Base card010.00
202Bill GreenCarlisle UnitedS2. Base card010.00
203Adrian AlstonLuton TownS2. Base card010.00
204Checklist-S2. Base card212.00
205Alan WoodwardSheffield UnitedS2. Base card111.00
206Tony TowersSunderlandS2. Base card010.00
207Micky BurnsNewcastle UnitedS2. Base card010.00
208Peter MorrisNorwich CityS2. Base card111.00
209Peter TaylorCrystal PalaceS2. Base card010.00
210John MillerNorwich CityS2. Base card010.00
211Ray TrainCarlisle UnitedS2. Base card111.00
212John Aston Jr.Luton TownS2. Base card111.00
213Phil BoyerNorwich CityS2. Base card111.00
214Ted MacDougallNorwich CityS2. Base card010.00
215Geoff NultyNewcastle UnitedS2. Base card010.00
216Dennis MartinCarlisle UnitedS2. Base card212.00
217Norman HunterLeeds UnitedS2. Base card010.00
218Bryan RobsonSunderlandS2. Base card010.00
219Anthony FieldSheffield UnitedS2. Base card111.00
220Les O'NeillCarlisle UnitedS2. Base card111.00
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