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Topps Ghostbusters II

Topps Ghostbusters II

Year: 1989
Total cards: 99

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Title Card-Base Card101.00
2Bill Murray Is Venkman-Base Card101.00
3Dan Aykroyd Is Stantz-Base Card101.00
4Sigourney Weaver Is Dana-Base Card101.00
5Harold Ramis Is Spengler-Base Card101.00
6Rick Moranis Is Louis-Base Card101.00
7Ernie Hudson Is Winston-Base Card101.00
8Runaway Carriage!-Base Card101.00
9Kiddie Celebrities!-Base Card101.00
10A New Job for Dana-Base Card101.00
11Janosz' Secret-Base Card101.00
12Egon On the Job!-Base Card101.00
13In Ray's Bookstore-Base Card101.00
14Supernatural Check-Up!-Base Card101.00
15Dr. Venkman's House Call-Base Card101.00
16Portrait of a Monster-Base Card101.00
17Possessed by Vigo!-Base Card101.00
18Descent into Danger!-Base Card101.00
19The Van Horne Station-Base Card101.00
20Sinister Caller-Base Card101.00
21Tully For the Defense!-Base Card101.00
22Ghostbusters on Trial-Base Card101.00
23Spectral Assault!-Base Card101.00
24Scoleri's Ghost-Base Card101.00
25A Courtroom in Chaos!-Base Card101.00
26Struck by (Finger) Lightning!-Base Card101.00
27The Judge - Found Guilty!-Base Card101.00
28Ghostly Brothers on a Rampage!-Base Card101.00
29No Order in This Court!-Base Card101.00
30Who Ya Gonna Call, Judge?-Base Card101.00
31Spengler Means Business!-Base Card101.00
32Back in Action!-Base Card101.00
33Boxed In!-Base Card101.00
34"What is it, honey?" - TV Commercial-Base Card101.00
35"He just won't leave us alone!" - TV Commercial-Base Card101.00
36"And we're the...GHOSTBUSTERS!" - TV Commercial-Base Card101.00
37"That's right -- Ghostbusters." - TV Commercial-Base Card101.00
38"Ready to believe you!" - TV Commercial-Base Card101.00
39The Grand Re-Opening!-Base Card101.00
40Emergency Ghost Call!-Base Card101.00
41The Ghost Jogger-Base Card101.00
42Ghost Catcher Supreme!-Base Card101.00
43A Job Well Done!-Base Card101.00
44Merry Christmas, New York!-Base Card101.00
45Spengler Under Glass-Base Card101.00
46At the Museum-Base Card101.00
47What Is This Stuff?-Base Card101.00
48No Sign of Life!-Base Card101.00
49All Squeaky Clean?-Base Card101.00
50Janine's New Scheme-Base Card101.00
51The Return of Slimer-Base Card101.00
52The New Ghostbuster?-Base Card101.00
53Sorry, Guys!-Base Card101.00
54Dana Wows 'Em!-Base Card101.00
55Love, Manhattan-Style!-Base Card101.00
56The Baby-Sitters-Base Card101.00
57Hate, Manhattan-Style!-Base Card101.00
58Engulfed by Mood Slime!-Base Card101.00
59To the New Year...-Base Card101.00
60Restaurant Crashers!-Base Card101.00
61Vigo's Master Plan-Base Card101.00
62Oscar in a Jam!-Base Card101.00
63The Evil of Vigo-Base Card101.00
64Dana's Gamble-Base Card101.00
65The Monstrous Mink!-Base Card101.00
66Heads Up!-Base Card101.00
67The Titanic Has Arrived!-Base Card101.00
68Racing to the Rescue!-Base Card101.00
69Psycho-Reactive Slime Food!-Base Card101.00
70Facing the Unknown-Base Card101.00
71Levitating Oscar-Base Card101.00
72Tully's Big Chance-Base Card101.00
73The Libby Express!-Base Card101.00
74Venkman's Favorite Lady-Base Card101.00
75The Party's Over!-Base Card101.00
76The Confrontation-Base Card101.00
77Eat This, Vigo!-Base Card101.00
78Janosz - What a Drip!-Base Card101.00
79Stantz Survives a Sliming!-Base Card101.00
80Her Hero...Again!-Base Card101.00
81Bizarre Revelation-Base Card101.00
82The Fabulous Four!-Base Card101.00
83Filming Lady Liberty's "Walk"-Base Card101.00
84Filming the Subway Interior-Base Card101.00
85Artwork: Slimer-Base Card101.00
86Artwork: Scoleri Ghost 1-Base Card101.00
87Artwork: Scoleri Ghost 2-Base Card101.00
88Until Next Time...!-Base Card101.00
S-1Slimer Driving Bus-Stickers101.00
S-2Slimer and Ghosts-Stickers101.00
S-3Slimer Surprised-Stickers101.00
S-4Slimer Happy-Stickers101.00
S-5Scoleri Ghost 1-Stickers101.00
S-6Scoleri Ghosts-Stickers101.00
S-7Scoleri Ghost 2-Stickers101.00
S-8Peter, Ray, Egon-Stickers101.00
S-9Ghostbusters Team-Stickers101.00
S-10Ghostbusters Team with Dana-Stickers101.00
S-11Ghostbusters II Logo-Stickers101.00
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