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Topps Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Topps Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Year: 1990
Total cards: 99

collecting: 2 / completed: 1


1Gremlins 2: The New Batch-Base card202.00
2Gizmo the Mogwai-Base card202.00
3Daffy the Mogwai-Base card202.00
4George the Mogwai-Base card202.00
5Lenny the Mogwai-Base card202.00
6Mohawk the Mogwai-Base card202.00
7Metamorphosis-Base card101.00
8Lenny and George (Gremlins)-Base card202.00
9Daffy the Gremlin-Base card202.00
10Mohawk the Gremlin-Base card202.00
11Billy Peltzer-Base card202.00
12Kate Beringer-Base card202.00
13Mr. Futterman-Base card202.00
14Mrs. Futterman-Base card202.00
15Daniel Clamp-Base card202.00
16Seductive Marla-Base card202.00
17Executive Snoop Forster-Base card202.00
18Dr. Catheter-Base card202.00
19Microwave Marge-Base card202.00
20Grandpa Fred-Base card202.00
21Mr. Wing's Final Stand-Base card202.00
22A Mogwai in Mourning-Base card202.00
23Welcome to New York!-Base card202.00
24The Clamp Centre-Base card202.00
25Chatting with Grandpa Fred-Base card202.00
26Catheter's Creations-Base card202.00
27Mysterious New Arrival-Base card202.00
28A "Hello" from Gizmo!-Base card202.00
29A Boy and His Mogwai-Base card202.00
30Clamp Discovers Billy-Base card202.00
31Dinner with Marla (& Friend)-Base card202.00
32Birth of New Mogwais-Base card202.00
33Mistaking a Mogwai-Base card202.00
34Unexpected House Guest-Base card202.00
35Mogwais on the Loose!-Base card202.00
36Post-Midnight Snack!!-Base card202.00
37The Gremlins Are Back!-Base card202.00
38Gremlin Stew!-Base card202.00
39Confronting the Little Squirt-Base card202.00
40George Is Riled!-Base card202.00
41Marge - Signing Off!-Base card202.00
42Now You See It...!-Base card202.00
43Clamp's New Secretary-Base card202.00
44Elevator Assault!-Base card202.00
45In the Genetics Lab-Base card202.00
46Animal-Vegetable-Gremlin!-Base card202.00
47Lady Gremlina?!-Base card202.00
48The Bat Gremlin-Base card202.00
49Hit the Road, Bat!-Base card202.00
50A Batty Escape!-Base card202.00
51Familiar, Trite, Uninspired!-Base card202.00
52A Definite "Thumbs Down"!-Base card202.00
53Gremlin's Revenge-Base card202.00
54Sparking Some Trouble!-Base card202.00
55Attacked from on High!-Base card202.00
56Futterman's Triumph-Base card202.00
57Buried Alive!-Base card202.00
58Laboratory Lunacy!-Base card202.00
59Dr. Catheter's Demise-Base card202.00
60Forster's New Girlfriend!-Base card202.00
61Mohawk, the Spider Gremlin!-Base card202.00
62Whooping It Up!-Base card202.00
63Tourist Attractions-Base card202.00
64The Gremlin Shuffle-Base card202.00
65He's Coming for You!-Base card202.00
66Building Under Siege!-Base card202.00
67Marla - Caught in a Web!-Base card202.00
68She's No Dummy!-Base card202.00
69The Interview-Base card202.00
70The "Brain" Gremlin-Base card202.00
71Brainy Reflections-Base card202.00
72Dental Dilemma-Base card202.00
73Daffy's Deadly Drill-Base card202.00
74Futterman to the Rescue!-Base card202.00
75Web Worries-Base card202.00
76Spider Gremlin Rampage!-Base card202.00
77Gizmo... Marla's Hero!-Base card202.00
78We're Not Beaten Yet!-Base card202.00
79Divine, Simply Divine!-Base card212.00
80On Top of the Trouble!-Base card202.00
81The Original Party Animals!-Base card202.00
82Having a Gremlin Ball!-Base card202.00
83Zapped by Billy!-Base card202.00
84Front-Line Futterman!-Base card202.00
85Don't Rain on Our Parade!-Base card202.00
86Clamp In Command!-Base card202.00
87A Soggy, Slushy End-Base card202.00
88Gizmo's Farewell-Base card202.00
S1Daffy the Mogwai-Sticker202.00
S2Mogwai Invasion!-Sticker202.00
S3Evil Mogwai Mohawk-Sticker202.00
S4George the Mogwai-Sticker202.00
S5Lenny the Mogwai-Sticker202.00
S6The Gremlins Have Arrived!-Sticker202.00
S7Daffy the Gremlin-Sticker202.00
S8Lenny & George (Gremlins)-Sticker202.00
S9It's After Midnight!-Sticker202.00
S10On the Town-Sticker202.00
S11The Bat Gremlin-Sticker202.00
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