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Topps Hook

Topps Hook

Year: 1992
Total cards: 110

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1Return to Neverland-Base card010.00
2Peter Pan: The Play-Base card000.00
3High-Flying Youngsters-Base card010.00
4Pan vs. Hook, Kid-Style!-Base card010.00
5Peter - Afraid to Fly?!-Base card000.00
6Granny Wendy-Base card010.00
7Business or Family Man?-Base card010.00
8The Banquet-Base card010.00
9Tootles' Secret-Base card000.00
10The Past Beckons-Base card000.00
11The Abduction-Base card010.00
12Hooky's Back!-Base card000.00
13The Truth Revealed-Base card010.00
14The Once and Future Pan-Base card000.00
15Tinkerbell's Mission-Base card010.00
16Good Morning Neverland!-Base card010.00
17Peter the Pirate-Base card010.00
18Hook's Floating Fortress-Base card000.00
19Jack and Maggie -- Prisoners!-Base card000.00
20The Captain in Command-Base card000.00
21Pan in a Jam in a Clam-Base card000.00
22The Home of Miss Tink-Base card010.00
23The Nevertree-Base card000.00
24Meet the Lost Boys-Base card010.00
25Disoriented Dad-Base card000.00
26Boy in a Barrel-Base card000.00
27Thud Butt Rebuts-Base card010.00
28Leader of the Pack-Base card010.00
29Enter ... Rufio!-Base card010.00
30The Rivals Meet-Base card010.00
31Is He Really Peter Pan?-Base card000.00
32Kill the Lawyer!-Base card000.00
33No Escape from Destiny-Base card010.00
34Arrow Attack!-Base card000.00
35The Scorekeepers-Base card010.00
36Peter's Not Panning Out!-Base card010.00
37Seeing the Child Within-Base card000.00
38The Nefarious Captain and Smee-Base card000.00
39A Hook for All Occasions-Base card000.00
40Getting Down to Business-Base card000.00
41The Captain -- Signing Off?-Base card010.00
42A Scheme Most Foul-Base card010.00
43Ponderful Rufio-Base card000.00
44The Ultimate Substitute Teacher-Base card000.00
45In a Class by Themselves-Base card010.00
46Jack -- A Pupil with Promise-Base card010.00
47Getting into Shape!-Base card010.00
48Happy Landings, Peter!-Base card020.00
49Sling Shot Hotshot-Base card020.00
50Up, Up and Away!-Base card000.00
51Enslaved Aboard the Jolly Roger-Base card010.00
52The "King of Fun" Strikes-Base card010.00
53A Chip off the Old Hook...?!-Base card010.00
54Eats and Treats-Base card010.00
55Double Your Appetite-Base card000.00
56Dishing It Out-Base card000.00
57Food Fighter!-Base card010.00
58A Slice of (Former) Life-Base card000.00
59The Revealing Reflex-Base card020.00
60Bedtime in Neverland-Base card010.00
61Small Hope for the Hopeless-Base card010.00
62Maggie's Lullaby-Base card000.00
63Even Hook is Touched-Base card000.00
64To Crow or Not to Crow!-Base card020.00
65Field of Far-Out Dreams-Base card010.00
66The Unstoppable Pirates-Base card000.00
67Naturals of Neverland-Base card000.00
68Young Jack's Up at Bat-Base card010.00
69Hook!Hook!Hook!-Base card010.00
70How Pan Began ..-Base card010.00
71Little Boy Lost-Base card000.00
72Peter Soars Once More!-Base card020.00
73Rufio's Pledge-Base card010.00
74Let's Turn Things Around!-Base card010.00
75Lost Boys on the Warpath-Base card010.00
76Tragic Transformation-Base card010.00
77The Return of Peter Pan-Base card000.00
78Swooping Down to Danger-Base card010.00
79This Pan's No Pansy!-Base card010.00
80Slashing and Bashing-Base card000.00
81Carry On, Peter Pan!-Base card000.00
82Never Say Surrender!-Base card010.00
83Fighting Back-to-Back-Base card010.00
84Convenient Contraption-Base card010.00
85Assault of the Flying Tomatoes-Base card010.00
86Four Ways to Dye-Base card010.00
87His Final Stand-Base card000.00
88Father and Son Reunited-Base card010.00
89The Lost Boys Triumphant-Base card000.00
90Aftermath-Base card010.00
91The Duel of Duels-Base card010.00
92Thrust and Parry!-Base card000.00
93Clashing Steel!-Base card000.00
94At Each Other's Throats-Base card010.00
95Croc's Revenge-Base card010.00
96Homecoming-Base card010.00
97Back and Better Than Ever!-Base card010.00
98The Family That Flies Together ...-Base card010.00
99A Farewell to Tootles-Base card010.00
S-1Hook (puzzle 1)PuzzleStickers020.00
S-2Hook (puzzle 2)PuzzleStickers010.00
S-3Hook (puzzle 3)PuzzleStickers010.00
S-4Hook (puzzle 4)PuzzleStickers111.00
S-5Hook (puzzle 5)PuzzleStickers020.00
S-6Hook (Completed red border puzzle)PuzzleStickers000.00
S-7Hook (puzzle 6)PuzzleStickers000.00
S-8Hook (puzzle 7)PuzzleStickers000.00
S-9Hook (puzzle 8)PuzzleStickers010.00
S-10Hook (puzzle 9)PuzzleStickers020.00
S-11Hook (puzzle 10)PuzzleStickers010.00
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