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Topps Independence Day

Topps Independence Day

Year: 1996
Total cards: 80

collecting: 1 / completed: 2


1Independence Day is an epic science-Base card101.00
2United States President Thomas-Base card111.00
3An underachieving computer genius-Base card111.00
4All over the world ordinary people-Base card111.00
5Spurred by an off-the-cuff comment-Base card000.00
6After his friend Jimmy is killed-Base card000.00
7Above the spired skyline of Novosibir-Base card101.00
8Enormous, 15-mile-wide clouds-Base card101.00
9Giant alien spaceships emerge-Base card101.00
10Moscow beneath an awesome City-Base card101.00
11London's Big Ben is dwarfed-Base card000.00
12All around the world, massive-Base card101.00
13Hoping to discover more about-Base card101.00
14Wait a minute it may be clearing-Base card101.00
15The AWAC pilots are face-to-face-Base card101.00
16Flames from the alien-created-Base card101.00
17A giant City Destroyer appears-Base card000.00
18The impossibly huge City Destroyer-Base card101.00
19The famed New York City skyline-Base card101.00
20New Yorkers are accustomed-Base card101.00
21First, the Statue of Liberty is cast-Base card000.00
22As New Yorkers stare up in wonder-Base card101.00
23Some of the most famous building in-Base card101.00
24David Levinson stands-Base card101.00
25In Los Angeles, a schism opens-Base card101.00
26As the light emanating from the-Base card000.00
27The giant City Destroyer hovers-Base card000.00
28The White House is blasted-Base card101.00
29Flames engulf the White House-Base card101.00
30The White House splinters into-Base card101.00
31Just in the nick of time, Air Force-Base card000.00
32One after another, famous icons-Base card000.00
33From the epicenter of the initial-Base card101.00
34The steel-and-concrete office-Base card101.00
35Cars are blown into the air-Base card000.00
36In New York City, grid-locked cars-Base card101.00
37Hundreds of cars are sent-Base card101.00
38Jasmine turns back to see the-Base card101.00
39Inside the tunnel, countless-Base card101.00
40Jasmine spots the door-Base card101.00
41It was only by Jasmine's quick-Base card101.00
42The terrible Wall of Destruction-Base card000.00
43In the Iraqi desert, more than a-Base card101.00
44One of our fighters releases an-Base card101.00
45Alien Attackers arrive at the Area-Base card101.00
46Word reaches El Toro Marine-Base card101.00
47Pilots race for their planes at El-Base card101.00
48Attackers swoop down on El Toro-Base card101.00
49In the Grand Canyon, pilot Captain-Base card101.00
50Fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller-Base card101.00
51Fighter pilot Captain Steven Hiller-Base card101.00
52Now that's what I call a Close-Base card101.00
53In the medical research lab-Base card101.00
54The unconscious alien captured-Base card101.00
55The Compact Cable offices in-Base card000.00
56The three dead aliens or freak-Base card101.00
5715-mile-wide City Destroyers-Base card101.00
58The intimidating, saucer-like alien-Base card101.00
59Jasmine emerges from what was-Base card101.00
60The alien Attacker carrying Captain-Base card101.00
61The captured alien Attacker-Base card101.00
62Tight view of the alien Attacker-Base card101.00
63The President of the United States-Base card000.00
64A dozen alien Attackers swoop-Base card101.00
65Jasmine surveys the devastating-Base card000.00
66Jasmine finds an abandoned truck-Base card000.00
67The alien Attacker which carries-Base card101.00
68Like the classic war machines-Base card101.00
69The soul-shattering devastation-Base card000.00
70What is left of Los Angeles after-Base card000.00
71Twisted steel and broken concrete-Base card111.00
72Daylight guides the way as dazed-Base card101.00
P1July 3 Everywhere-Promo card101.00
T2July 3 Everywhere-Promo card101.00
ID1The Arrival 1Holo-FoilsChase card101.00
ID2The Arrival 2Holo-FoilsChase card101.00
ID3The Arrival 3Holo-FoilsChase card101.00
ID4The City Destroyer Over New YorkHolo-FoilsChase card101.00
ID5David Levinson Views the DestroyerHolo-FoilsChase card101.00
ID6Aerial BattleHolo-FoilsChase card101.00
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