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Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Topps Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Year: 1984
Total cards: 99

Collection preview (88% scanned images)

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-Base card000.00
2Singer Willie Scott-Base card000.00
3Diamond of Death-Base card000.00
4Poisoned!-Base card000.00
5The Diamond Seeker-Base card000.00
6Escape from Club Obi Wan-Base card000.00
7The Car Chase-Base card000.00
8Flight to Doom-Base card000.00
9Airborne!-Base card000.00
10High-Flying Peril!-Base card000.00
11River of Death-Base card000.00
12Shaman of Mayapore-Base card000.00
13A Village Besieged-Base card000.00
14Tales of the Mayapore-Base card000.00
15The Quest Begins-Base card000.00
16To the Palace of Pankot!-Base card000.00
17Whoops!-Base card000.00
18Making Camp-Base card000.00
19The Dreams of Dr. Jones-Base card000.00
20Elephant Ride!-Base card000.00
21Trek to the Palace-Base card000.00
22The Arrival-Base card000.00
23The Palace Banquet-Base card000.00
24The Little Maharajah-Base card000.00
25Dr. Jones, Banquet Guest-Base card000.00
26A Royal Feast?-Base card000.00
27Losing Her Appetite-Base card000.00
28Time Out for Romance-Base card000.00
29Look Out, Behind You!-Base card000.00
30Peril in the Palace!-Base card000.00
31Indy's Warning-Base card000.00
32The Discovery-Base card000.00
33Trapped!!-Base card000.00
34Indy Gets the Point-Base card000.00
35The Spike Chamber-Base card000.00
36Willie in the Bug Tunnel-Base card000.00
37The Temple of Doom-Base card000.00
38The Human Sacrifice-Base card000.00
39The Evil High Priest-Base card000.00
40The Flaming Heart-Base card000.00
41Indy's Discovery-Base card000.00
42Indiana Jones...Captured!-Base card000.00
43The Blood of Kali-Base card000.00
44Tortured!-Base card000.00
45Cage of Death-Base card000.00
46Mindless Slave-Base card000.00
47The Burning-Base card000.00
48Short Round to the Rescue!-Base card000.00
49Attacking the Guards-Base card000.00
50Grabbed by Indy!-Base card000.00
51Indy is Revived!-Base card000.00
52Rescuing Willie Scott!-Base card000.00
53Everything's Okay-Base card000.00
54Indy's Revenge-Base card000.00
55The Battle Rages-Base card000.00
56Fighting Against Evil!-Base card000.00
57Freeing the Children-Base card000.00
58The Escape Continues!-Base card000.00
59The Giant Thuggee-Base card000.00
60Incredible Fight!-Base card000.00
61Indy's Fight for Life!-Base card000.00
62Belt to Oblivion!-Base card000.00
63Short Round's Chance!-Base card000.00
64Voodoo Peril!-Base card000.00
65The Kids Slug it Out!-Base card000.00
66Indy on the Scene!-Base card000.00
67The Mine Adventure-Base card000.00
68Battling Mine Cars!-Base card000.00
69Breaking Free!-Base card000.00
70Indy's Gamble-Base card000.00
71Deadly Torrents-Base card000.00
72Hang on, Short Round!-Base card000.00
73Saved by Willie Scott!-Base card000.00
74The Evil of Mola Ram-Base card000.00
75Don't Mess with Indy!-Base card000.00
76Two against One... & No Gun!-Base card000.00
77Fantastic Struggle-Base card000.00
78Caught in Between--!-Base card000.00
79Indy in Action!-Base card000.00
80Courage of Indiana Jones-Base card000.00
81Surrounded!-Base card000.00
82The Bridge -- Cut!!-Base card000.00
83Plunge to Doom!-Base card000.00
84Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram!-Base card000.00
85A Day of Rejoicing-Base card000.00
86Return of the Stones-Base card000.00
87The Adventure Concludes-Base card000.00
88Checklist-Base card000.00
S1Indiana JonesIndySticker000.00
S2How Much, Lao Che?IndySticker000.00
S3The Goddess Kali reigns!Mola RamSticker000.00
S4There's No Escape--!IndySticker000.00
S5Food? Really?Willie ScottSticker000.00
S6Willie ScottWillie ScottSticker000.00
S7Mola Ram!Mola RamSticker000.00
S8Short RoundShort RoundSticker000.00
S9Willie! Hurry Up!IndySticker000.00
S10You've Had It, Mola Ram!IndySticker000.00
S11Trust MeIndySticker000.00