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Topps Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Topps Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Year: 2017
Total cards: 222

Collection preview (97% scanned images)

collecting: 130 / completed: 58


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1Attack on JakkuFirst Order redBase card / Story cards5390.13
2Poe CapturedFirst Order redBase card / Story cards5440.11
3Rey's HomeResistance redBase card / Story cards4410.10
4Rey Meets BB-8Resistance redBase card / Story cards4460.09
5Poe & Finn EscapeResistance redBase card / Story cards5430.12
6Rey & BB-8 Attack FinnResistance redBase card / Story cards7410.17
7Chase in the Millennium FalconResistance redBase card / Story cards4470.09
8Finn's SecretResistance redBase card / Story cards6390.15
9Chewie, We're Home.Resistance blueBase card / Story cards5360.14
10Rathtars ReleasedResistance blueBase card / Story cards5410.12
11Supreme Leader SnokeFirst Order blueBase card / Story cards7370.19
12BB-8's MapResistance blueBase card / Story cards6360.17
13Maz's CastleFirst Order blueBase card / Story cards7370.19
14The Call to the LightFirst Order blueBase card / Story cards6430.14
15Rey's VisionResistance blueBase card / Story cards4390.10
16The Last Day of the RepublicFirst Order greenBase card / Story cards6400.15
17First Order Attack TakooanaFirst Order greenBase card / Story cards5420.12
18Rey Is HuntedFirst Order greenBase card / Story cards3360.08
19The Resistance to the RescueResistance greenBase card / Story cards6390.15
20Han & Leia ReunitedResistance greenBase card / Story cards8390.21
21R2-D2 Powered DownResistance greenBase card / Story cards5330.15
22Rey's InterrogationFirst Order greenBase card / Story cards7390.18
23Rey Escapes CustodyResistance greenBase card / Story cards6380.16
24The Resistance Form a PlanResistance greenBase card / Story cards6370.16
25Han & Finn Infiltrate Starkiller BaseResistance purpleBase card / Story cards5480.10
26Attack on Starkiller BaseResistance purpleBase card / Story cards5380.13
27Finn vs. Kylo RenFirst Order purpleBase card / Story cards6420.14
28Rey vs. Kylo RenResistance purpleBase card / Story cards6360.17
29The Resistance VictoriousResistance purpleBase card / Story cards5440.11
30Journey to Ahch-ToResistance purpleBase card / Story cards4410.10
31ReyResistanceBase card / Outlined Logo6410.15
32Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card / Outlined Logo4360.11
33FinnResistanceBase card / Outlined Logo4370.11
34RoseResistanceBase card / Outlined Logo8340.24
35BB-8ResistanceBase card / Outlined Logo8380.21
36ChewbaccaResistanceBase card / Outlined Logo8340.24
37Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderBase card / Outlined Logo2380.05
38Captain PhasmaFirst OrderBase card / Outlined Logo7410.17
39Praetorian GuardFirst OrderBase card / Outlined Logo3420.07
40ReyResistance HeroBase card / Characters6300.20
41Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card / Characters5350.14
42FinnResistance FighterBase card / Characters5380.13
43Poe DameronResistance FighterBase card / Characters6390.15
44Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderBase card / Characters5400.13
45Praetorian GuardFirst OrderBase card / Characters5380.13
46Rey lightsaber L shoulderResistanceBase card / Orange Logo6370.16
47Luke Skywalker & ReyResistanceBase card / Orange Logo5410.12
48R2-D2ResistanceBase card / Orange Logo3350.09
49Poe Dameron flight suitResistanceBase card / Orange Logo5390.13
50Rey scavengerResistanceBase card / Orange Logo6380.16
51ChewbaccaResistanceBase card / Orange Logo5460.11
52Rey lightsaber R shoulderResistanceBase card / Orange Logo2390.05
53FinnResistanceBase card / Orange Logo11330.33
54Poe Dameron brown jacketResistanceBase card / Orange Logo4360.11
55BB-8ResistanceBase card / Orange Logo4340.12
56RoseResistanceBase card / Orange Logo6330.18
57Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card / Orange Logo8350.23
58Praetorian GuardFirst OrderBase card / Orange Logo7370.19
59Rey strikingResistance greenBase card / Portraits7360.19
60Rey lightsaber raisedResistance greenBase card / Portraits7390.18
61Finn lightsaber raisedResistance blueBase card / Portraits5350.14
62Finn arms at sidesResistance blueBase card / Portraits2420.05
63Poe Dameron flight suitResistance purpleBase card / Portraits4410.10
64Poe Dameron brown jacketResistance purpleBase card / Portraits4400.10
65Kylo Ren hoodFirst Order redBase card / Portraits6370.16
66Kylo Ren helmetFirst Order redBase card / Portraits5400.13
67Luke Skywalker tan robeJedi cyanBase card / Portraits3440.07
68Luke Skywalker brown leatherJedi cyanBase card / Portraits4400.10
69General Leia Organa vestResistance brownBase card / Portraits2450.04
70General Leia Organa coatKylo RenFirst Order redBase card / Portraits4400.10
71ReyLuke SkyJedi cyanBase card / White Logo2410.05
72FinnLuke SkyJedi cyanBase card / White Logo5430.12
73Luke SkywalkerGeneral Resistance brownBase card / White Logo2440.05
74Poe DameronResistanceBase card / White Logo3450.07
75BB-8ResistanceBase card / White Logo4440.09
76RoseResistanceBase card / White Logo4400.10
77ChewbaccaResistanceBase card / White Logo6440.14
78C-3POResistanceBase card / White Logo4410.10
79R2-D2ResistanceBase card / White Logo5330.15
80Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card / White Logo8340.24
81Captain PhasmaFirst OrderBase card / White Logo3420.07
82General HuxFirst OrderBase card / White Logo4400.10
83Praetorian GuardFirst OrderBase card / White Logo5440.11
84Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderBase card / White Logo1490.02
85Breakers-Base card / The Last Jedi3460.07
86Control room-Base card / The Last Jedi4450.09
87Hill trail-Base card / The Last Jedi6410.15
88Snow speeders-Base card / The Last Jedi6460.13
89Finn-Base card / The Last Jedi2360.06
90BB-8 and Poe-Base card / The Last Jedi4390.10
91Kylo throwing flame-Base card / The Last Jedi4410.10
92Burning wasteland-Base card / The Last Jedi6340.18
93Luke leaves cave-Base card / The Last Jedi6380.16
94Fighter ready to crash-Base card / The Last Jedi4380.11
95Fighter after bouncing-Base card / The Last Jedi5420.12
96X-wing Fighters-Base card / The Last Jedi5340.15
97Bombers-Base card / The Last Jedi5370.14
98TIE Fighters-Base card / The Last Jedi3420.07
99Millennium Falcon-Base card / The Last Jedi8430.19
100Millennium FalconYT-1300F Light FreighterBase card / Vehicles6350.17
101TIE FighterTIE/SF Space Superiority FighterBase card / Vehicles5350.14
102X-wing StarfighterT-70 X-wingBase card / Vehicles6410.15
103A-wing InterceptorRZ-1 A-wingBase card / Vehicles4380.11
104TIE Silencer-Base card / Vehicles3410.07
105AT-M6-Base card / Vehicles8400.20
106Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth MaulTatooineBase card / Battles5390.13
107Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth MaulTheedBase card / Battles5400.13
108Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth MaulTheedBase card / Battles10360.28
109Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth MaulTheedBase card / Battles5330.15
110Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Count DookuGeonosisBase card / Battles4450.09
111Anakin Skywalker vs. Count DookuGeonosisBase card / Battles8320.25
112Yoda vs. Count DookuGeonosisBase card / Battles6390.15
113Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenob i vs. COunt DookuThe Invisible HandBase card / Battles8280.29
114Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. General GrievousUtapauBase card / Battles5370.14
115Mace Windu vs. Darth SidiousChancellor Palpatine's OfficeBase card / Battles7350.20
116Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan KenobiMustafarBase card / Battles5340.15
117Yoda vs. Darth SidiousSenate BuildingBase card / Battles10350.29
118Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth VaderDeath StarBase card / Battles5410.12
119Luke Skywalker vs. Darth VaderCloud CityBase card / Battles7410.17
120Luke Skywalker vs. Darth VaderDeath Star IIBase card / Battles3350.09
121Finn vs. Kylo RenStarkiller BaseBase card / Battles6350.17
122Rey vs. Kylo RenStarkiller BaseBase card / Battles6350.17
123ReyResistanceBase card / Gold Title9320.28
124Kylo RenResistanceBase card / Gold Title4410.10
125Poe DameronResistanceBase card / Gold Title7270.26
126R2-D2ResistanceBase card / Gold Title6340.18
127Luke SkywalkerJediBase card / Gold Title5330.15
128ChewbaccaResistanceBase card / Gold Title8410.20
129BB-8ResistanceBase card / Gold Title6390.15
130FinnResistanceBase card / Gold Title6350.17
131RoseResistanceBase card / Gold Title6380.16
132Supreme Leader SnokeFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title6440.14
133Praetorian GuardFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title5370.14
134Captain PhasmaFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title9390.23
135Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title4410.10
136ReyResistanceBase card / Gold Title7360.19
137Luke SkywalkerJediBase card / Gold Title9360.25
138Kylo RenFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title5400.13
139Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderBase card / Gold Title4440.09
140Poe DameronResistanceBase card / Gold Title4380.11
141BB-8ResistanceBase card / Gold Title8340.24
142ChewbaccaResistanceBase card / Gold Title7440.16
143Praetorian Guard, face fwd-Base card / First Order Collage8410.20
144General Hux-Base card / First Order Collage7350.20
145Praetorian Guard, weapon up-Base card / First Order Collage6400.15
146Stormtrooper-Base card / First Order Collage6390.15
147kylo Ren-Base card / First Order Collage5420.12
148Captain Phasma-Base card / First Order Collage6430.14
149Stormtrooper Executioner-Base card / First Order Collage6440.14
150Flametrooper-Base card / First Order Collage6430.14
151TIE Fighter Pilot-Base card / First Order Collage6410.15
152C-3PO-Base card / Resistance Collage7370.19
153Chewbacca-Base card / Resistance Collage6400.15
154Admiral Ackbar-Base card / Resistance Collage6400.15
155Poe Dameron-Base card / Resistance Collage4380.11
156Rey-Base card / Resistance Collage4400.10
157Finn-Base card / Resistance Collage7400.18
158General Leia Organa-Base card / Resistance Collage9380.24
159BB-8-Base card / Resistance Collage4450.09
160Rose-Base card / Resistance Collage3380.08
161The Resistance-Chase card / Gold card8300.27
162The First Order-Chase card / Gold card9320.28
163Millennium Falcon-Chase card / Gold card10360.28
164X-wing Starfighter-Chase card / Gold card6330.18
165BB-8-Chase card / Gold card12280.43
166R2-D2-Chase card / Gold card8290.28
167TIE Fighter-Chase card / Gold card11240.46
168Stormtrooper-Chase card / Gold card8240.33
169Rey [lightsaber ready]ResistanceChase card / Shiny card14230.61
170FinnResistanceChase card / Shiny card10210.48
171Poe Dameron [brown jacket]ResistanceChase card / Shiny card12220.55
172Kylo Ren [1/2-R]First OrderChase card / Shiny card14160.88
173RoseResistanceChase card / Shiny card14220.64
174Luke SkywalkerJediChase card / Shiny card14210.67
175BB-8ResistanceChase card / Shiny card13230.57
176C-3POResistanceChase card / Shiny card12250.48
177R2-D2ResistanceChase card / Shiny card6270.22
178ChewbaccaResistanceChase card / Shiny card15111.36
179General Leia OrganaResistanceChase card / Shiny card16220.73
180C'ai ThrenalliResistanceChase card / Shiny card10230.43
181PaigeResistanceChase card / Shiny card16200.80
182Admiral AckbarResistanceChase card / Shiny card11220.50
183Captain PhasmaFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card11200.55
184General HuxFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card9200.45
185FlametrooperFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card15200.75
186Praetorian Guard [chain down]First OrderChase card / Shiny card12290.41
187Stormtrooper ExecutionerFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card14170.82
188StormtrooperFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card16200.80
189BB-9EFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card12250.48
190TIE Fighter PilotFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card8150.53
191Rey [lightsaber L shoulder]ResistanceChase card / Shiny card15180.83
192Kylo Ren [face fwd]First OrderChase card / Shiny card13280.46
193Poe Dameron [red suit]ResistanceChase card / Shiny card17190.89
194Praetorian Guard [chain up]First OrderChase card / Shiny card12240.50
195C-3PO, R2-D2 & BB-8ResistanceChase card / Shiny card10270.37
196Poe's Boosted X-wing FighterResistanceChase card / Shiny card15220.68
197TIE SilencerFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card14220.64
198Resistance A-wing StarfighterResistanceChase card / Shiny card8210.38
199AT-M6 WalkerFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card14240.58
200First Order WalkerFirst OrderChase card / Shiny card14280.50
201YodaJediChase card / Jedi foil cards15170.88
202Qui-Gon JinnJediChase card / Jedi foil cards16170.94
203Obi-Wan KenobiJediChase card / Jedi foil cards15151.00
204Mace WinduJediChase card / Jedi foil cards17131.31
205Kit FistoJediChase card / Jedi foil cards15190.79
206Luke SkywalkerJediChase card / Jedi foil cards14190.74
207Ki-Adi-MundiJediChase card / Jedi foil cards8140.57
208Luminara UnduliJediChase card / Jedi foil cards17151.13
209Agen KolarJediChase card / Jedi foil cards16151.07
210Aayla SecuraJediChase card / Jedi foil cards12160.75
211Barriss OffeeJediChase card / Jedi foil cards13150.87
212Stass AllieJediChase card / Jedi foil cards15131.15
213Even PiellJediChase card / Jedi foil cards13140.93
214Plo KoonJediChase card / Jedi foil cards15170.88
215Anakin SkywalkerJediChase card / Jedi foil cards18141.29
216Shaak TiJediChase card / Jedi foil cards17210.81
LEMAC-3POResistance yellowLimited Edition card26151.73
LEMBStormtrooper ExecutionerFirst Order purpleLimited Edition card30161.88
LESAReyResistance purpleLimited Edition card3500.06
LETAKylo RenFirst Order purpleLimited Edition card45145.00
LETBPorg-Limited Edition card50316.67
LETCCaptain PhasmaFirst OrderLimited Edition card46315.33
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