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Topps King Kong

Topps King Kong

Year: 1976
Total cards: 66

collecting: 1 / completed: 1


1Kong fights a mighty battle to the death!-Base card101.00
2Kong attacks New York harbor!-Base card101.00
3Kong battles a gigantic serpent!-Base card101.00
4The great wall is smashed by Kong!-Base card101.00
5Kong scales the buildings of New York!-Base card101.00
6Subway trains are demolished by Kong!-Base card101.00
7Speeding toward the fog-shrouded island!-Base card101.00
8The expedition braves dangerous waters!-Base card101.00
9The natives chant "Kong.. Kong.. Kong!"-Base card101.00
10Observing the strange native ritual!-Base card101.00
11Natives wear strange costumes for Kong!-Base card101.00
12Witch doctor dons a terrifying costume!-Base card101.00
13Dwan is kidnapped by the natives!-Base card101.00
14Dwan is dressed in native attire!-Base card101.00
15Dwan, helpless, cannot escape her fate!-Base card101.00
16Beyond the great wall lies... what?-Base card101.00
17Huge doors open and Dwan is carried inside!-Base card101.00
18The lovely Dwan awaits Kong's arrival!-Base card101.00
19The jungle trembles when Kong appears!-Base card101.00
20Dwan watches in horror as Kong approaches!-Base card101.00
21A huge hairy paw lifts Dwan into the air!-Base card101.00
22The mud-covered Dwan is washed clean!-Base card101.00
23Dwan is dazed after being washed by a waterfall!-Base card101.00
24Dwan faints in the great ape's paw!-Base card101.00
25Kong treats his new friend Dwan kindly!-Base card101.00
26Dwan tells Kong she's afraid of heights!-Base card101.00
27A big hand for the little lady!-Base card101.00
28Kong puts the terrified Dwan down!-Base card101.00
29Wilson's men crash to their deaths!-Base card101.00
30Kong is captured when he falls into a pit!-Base card101.00
31Dwan is rescued!-Base card101.00
32Kong is transported to civilization!-Base card101.00
33Dwan is present for Kong's debut!-Base card101.00
34King Kong is displayed to the world!-Base card101.00
35The great ape is angered by man's greed!-Base card101.00
36Panic strikes the city as Kong breaks loose!-Base card101.00
37Thousands scream as Kong escapes captivity!-Base card101.00
38Kong rampages through the city!-Base card101.00
39Kong falls from the World Trade Center towers!-Base card101.00
40Actress Jessica Lang-Base card101.00
41Mightiest Monster That Ever Lived!-Base card101.00
42Natives tie Dwan to the sacrificial altar!-Base card101.00
43Dwan helplessly awaits the monster Kong!-Base card101.00
44Kong, Eighth Wonder of the World!-Base card101.00
45Kong prowls New York in search of Dwan!-Base card101.00
46Witch Doctor prepares Dwan for her ordeal!-Base card101.00
47New York trembles as the great ape attacks!-Base card101.00
48A heartbroken Dwan stands by Kong's body.-Base card101.00
49No bars are strong enough to hold Kong!-Base card101.00
50Beauty and the Beast-Base card101.00
51Dwan and Kong make the New York scene!-Base card101.00
52The Lady and the Monster-Base card101.00
53Kong is held captive in Shea Stadium!-Base card101.00
54Reporters try to take Kong's picture-Base card101.00
55Dwan seems unalarmed as Kong breaks free!-Base card101.00
1AKong fights a mighty battle to the death!-Sticker101.00
2AKong attacks New York harbor!-Sticker101.00
3AThe great wall is smashed by Kong!-Sticker101.00
4AKong battles a gigantic serpent!-Sticker101.00
5AKong scales the buildings of New York!-Sticker101.00
6ASubway trains are demolished by Kong!-Sticker101.00
7AKong is captured when he falls into a pit!-Sticker101.00
8AKong is transported to civilization!-Sticker101.00
9AKong rampages through the city!-Sticker101.00
10ADwan is dazed after being washed by a waterfall!-Sticker101.00
11AKong puts the terrified Dwan down!-Sticker101.00
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