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Topps King Kong

Topps King Kong

Year: 2005
Total cards: 127

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1King KongTitle CardBase Card101.00
2Ann DarrowCharactersBase Card101.00
3King KongCharactersBase Card101.00
4Carl DenhamCharactersBase Card101.00
5Jack DriscollCharactersBase Card101.00
6PrestonCharactersBase Card101.00
7Captain EnglehornCharactersBase Card101.00
8HayesCharactersBase Card101.00
9JimmyCharactersBase Card101.00
10Bruce BaxterCharactersBase Card101.00
11ChoyCharactersBase Card101.00
12Lumpy the CookCharactersBase Card101.00
13Is Vaudeville Dead?EpisodeBase Card101.00
14The Big PitchEpisodeBase Card101.00
15A Passion for MoviesEpisodeBase Card101.00
16Out of Work, Out of LuckEpisodeBase Card101.00
17Denham's OfferEpisodeBase Card101.00
18On a Tramp SteamerEpisodeBase Card101.00
19A Script Too Short...EpisodeBase Card101.00
20Crew of the VentureEpisodeBase Card101.00
21The Prettiest PassengerEpisodeBase Card101.00
22An Inspired ScreenplayEpisodeBase Card101.00
23Finding the Old MapEpisodeBase Card101.00
24Outside Shipping LanesEpisodeBase Card101.00
25Uncharted WatersEpisodeBase Card101.00
26Approaching Skull IslandEpisodeBase Card101.00
27Love Finds Ann DarrowEpisodeBase Card101.00
28The LandingEpisodeBase Card101.00
29The MoviemakersEpisodeBase Card101.00
30Island of MysteryEpisodeBase Card101.00
31Courageous CaptainEpisodeBase Card101.00
32An Offering for KongEpisodeBase Card101.00
33Mighty Kong Appears!EpisodeBase Card101.00
34Kong's CaptiveEpisodeBase Card101.00
35A Showman's ParadiseEpisodeBase Card101.00
36The Past Comes AliveEpisodeBase Card101.00
37Dinosaur IslandEpisodeBase Card101.00
38Brontosaurus StampedeEpisodeBase Card101.00
39Hero of Thunder LizardsEpisodeBase Card101.00
40Strange KinshipEpisodeBase Card101.00
41The RaftEpisodeBase Card101.00
42Dinosaurs Attack!EpisodeBase Card101.00
43Menaced by MonstersEpisodeBase Card101.00
44Here Comes V-Rex...EpisodeBase Card101.00
45The Earth Trembles...EpisodeBase Card101.00
46Battle of the GiantsEpisodeBase Card101.00
47Three against OneEpisodeBase Card101.00
48Cliffhanger!EpisodeBase Card101.00
49Entangled TerrorsEpisodeBase Card101.00
50Clash of the TitansEpisodeBase Card101.00
51Natures Primal FuryEpisodeBase Card101.00
52The King TriumphantEpisodeBase Card101.00
53Is Ann Alive?EpisodeBase Card101.00
54Skull Island HorrorsEpisodeBase Card101.00
55The Log of DeathEpisodeBase Card101.00
56Lumpy's Fight for Life!EpisodeBase Card101.00
57Against Kong's FuryEpisodeBase Card101.00
58A Long Way DownEpisodeBase Card101.00
59Shock and AweEpisodeBase Card101.00
60Terrors UnendingEpisodeBase Card101.00
61Are Movies Worth It?EpisodeBase Card101.00
62In Kong's LairEpisodeBase Card101.00
63Rescued by a WriterEpisodeBase Card101.00
64The Capture of KongEpisodeBase Card101.00
65Return to New YorkEpisodeBase Card101.00
66The New Ann DarrowEpisodeBase Card101.00
67Denham's Big NightEpisodeBase Card101.00
68A King in New YorkEpisodeBase Card101.00
69Darrow's Desperate PleaEpisodeBase Card101.00
70Atop the Tallest BuildingEpisodeBase Card101.00
71Beauty Killed the BeastEpisodeBase Card101.00
72Making a Love StoryBehind The ScenesBase Card101.00
73Mr. Jackson on LocationBehind The ScenesBase Card101.00
74Filming Jack BlackBehind The ScenesBase Card101.00
75One Director to "Another"Behind The ScenesBase Card101.00
76Of Romance and DiscoveryBehind The ScenesBase Card101.00
77A Filmmaker's ObsessionBehind The ScenesBase Card101.00
78Fight to the Finish-Base Card101.00
79When Behemoths Clash-Base Card101.00
80Checklist-Base Card101.00
AC1Evan Parke
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC2Colin Hanks
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC3Kyle Chandler
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC4Richard Taylor
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC5Jamie Bell
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
B1The King ReturnsBlister Pack BonusChase Card101.00
B2Land of the LostBlister Pack BonusChase Card101.00
B3A 21st Century KongBlister Pack BonusChase Card101.00
EF-1King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-2King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-3King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-4King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-5King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-6King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-7King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-8King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-9King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
EF-10King KongKong Embossed FoilChase Card101.00
KF-1Kong Holding ClubKong FlockedChase Card101.00
KF-2RageKong FlockedChase Card101.00
KF-3KongKong FlockedChase Card101.00
KF-4Fight to SurviveKong FlockedChase Card101.00
KF-5Kong On the TownKong FlockedChase Card101.00
R1Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll - Tweed Jacket
RelicsChase Card101.00
R2Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow - Dressing Gown
RelicsChase Card101.00
R3Jack Black as Carl Denham - Sisal Suit
RelicsChase Card101.00
R4Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow - Dressing Room Dress
RelicsChase Card101.00
R5Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll - Silk Shirt
RelicsChase Card101.00
R6Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow - Film Dress
RelicsChase Card101.00
R7Jack Black as Carl Denham - Waistcoat
RelicsChase Card101.00
S-1Kong fighting V-Rex-Stickers101.00
S-2Fight to Survive-Stickers101.00
S-3Kong dangling V-Rex-Stickers101.00
S-4Kong punching V-Rex-Stickers101.00
S-8Skull Island-Stickers101.00
S-9The Greatest Adventure-Stickers101.00
S-10Kong climbing building-Stickers101.00
C1This creature can attack in two different waysVideo Game CreaturesChase Card101.00
C2This creature attacks with its claws when closVideo Game CreaturesChase Card101.00
C3This creature is very fast and always attacksVideo Game CreaturesChase Card101.00
C4This creature is slow while attacking. It eatsVideo Game CreaturesChase Card101.00
C5This creature looks like a giant millipede andVideo Game CreaturesChase Card101.00
P1King Kong (promo 1)-Promo Card101.00
P2King Kong (promo 2)-Promo Card101.00
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