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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king

Year: 2003
Total cards: 130

Collection preview (6% scanned images)

collecting: 9 / completed: 4


1Gandalf - WizardThe CharactersBase card522.50
2Frodo - HobbitThe CharactersBase card515.00
3Sam - HobbitThe CharactersBase card515.00
4Aragorn - Mortal ManThe CharactersBase card515.00
5Legolas - Elven WarriorThe CharactersBase card505.00
6Gimli - DwarfThe CharactersBase card505.00
7Théoden - Man of RohanThe CharactersBase card515.00
8Éowyn - Woman of RohanThe CharactersBase card522.50
9Éomer - Man of RohanThe CharactersBase card522.50
10Denethor - Man of GondorThe CharactersBase card515.00
11Faramir - Man of GondorThe CharactersBase card515.00
12Arwen - Elven MaidenThe CharactersBase card515.00
13Pippin - HobbitThe CharactersBase card515.00
14Merry - HobbitThe CharactersBase card515.00
15The Witch-king - NazgulThe CharactersBase card505.00
16Elrond - Elven ManThe CharactersBase card522.50
17Gollum - HobbitThe CharactersBase card515.00
18Sauron - Dark LordThe CharactersBase card515.00
19Journey To Mount DoomThe StoryBase card515.00
20Friend Against FriendThe StoryBase card606.00
21Gollum's SchemeThe StoryBase card515.00
22Victory CelebrationThe StoryBase card515.00
23Pippin's FollyThe StoryBase card515.00
24Fool Of A Took!The StoryBase card505.00
25A New DangerThe StoryBase card505.00
26In Aragorn's CareThe StoryBase card515.00
27Under A Wizard's WingThe StoryBase card505.00
28A Farewell To FriendsThe StoryBase card515.00
29Escape From OsgiliathThe StoryBase card505.00
30Deadly Fellbeast AttackThe StoryBase card505.00
31Addressing King DenethorThe StoryBase card414.00
32What The Wizard SeesThe StoryBase card505.00
33Gandalf's PlanThe StoryBase card606.00
34Lighting The BeaconThe StoryBase card505.00
35The Signal At LastThe StoryBase card505.00
36Leaving EdorasThe StoryBase card606.00
37The Road To GondorThe StoryBase card515.00
38Return To RivendellThe StoryBase card515.00
39The Sword RebornThe StoryBase card505.00
40Faramir's Suicide MissionThe StoryBase card515.00
41Monarch... Or Madman?The StoryBase card505.00
42Dunharrow EncampmentThe StoryBase card505.00
43A King's CounselThe StoryBase card515.00
44Anduril BestowedThe StoryBase card505.00
45The Trio UnitedThe StoryBase card515.00
46Fortress Of EvilThe StoryBase card515.00
47A Dangerous TrekThe StoryBase card404.00
48The Lord of Minas MorgulThe StoryBase card515.00
49Kingdom Under SiegeThe StoryBase card505.00
50Rallying His WarriorsThe StoryBase card505.00
51Barbarians At The GatesThe StoryBase card505.00
52Paths Of The DeadThe StoryBase card515.00
53What Say You?The StoryBase card505.00
54King Théoden's CrusadeThe StoryBase card515.00
55Battle Of Pelennor FieldsThe StoryBase card505.00
56The Rohan OffensiveThe StoryBase card505.00
57An Army Of MonstersThe StoryBase card515.00
58Victory Or Death!The StoryBase card404.00
59Whither Minas Tirith?The StoryBase card515.00
60A Premature FuneralThe StoryBase card515.00
61Battling The Witch-kingThe StoryBase card515.00
62Rescuing FaramirThe StoryBase card606.00
63Arwen ImperiledThe StoryBase card515.00
64Lured Into Death's DomainThe StoryBase card515.00
65A Gift Against DarknessThe StoryBase card505.00
66The Threat Of ShelobThe StoryBase card606.00
67A Narrow Escape?The StoryBase card505.00
68Captured By OrcsThe StoryBase card505.00
69Gorbag's PreyThe StoryBase card515.00
70The Wounds Of WarThe StoryBase card515.00
71United Against SauronThe StoryBase card515.00
72Their Greatest ChallengeThe StoryBase card515.00
73March On The Black GatesThe StoryBase card515.00
74Orcs Against ThemThe StoryBase card515.00
75Fury Of The White WizardThe StoryBase card404.00
76The King Has ReturnedThe StoryBase card505.00
77Decision At Mount DoomThe StoryBase card515.00
78The Trilogy ConcludesBehind The ScenesBase card515.00
79Movie MasterpieceBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
80The Truth About GollumBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
81Making Up An OrcBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
82Filmmaker In The FieldBehind The ScenesBase card404.00
83A Poet's ApproachBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
84Making The Unreal RealBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
85The Magic Of Blue ScreenBehind The ScenesBase card404.00
86Filming Pippin's PerilsBehind The ScenesBase card515.00
87A Fateful FriendshipBehind The ScenesBase card515.00
88Master Of Middle-earthBehind The ScenesBase card505.00
89Ghoulish DelightsBehind The ScenesBase card515.00
90Checklist-Base card505.00
AC1Sean Astin as Sam
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC2Billy Boyd as Pippin
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC3Bernard Hill as Théoden
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC4Ian Holm as Bilbo
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC5Christopher Lee as Saruman
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC6Bret McKenzie as Figwit
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC7Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC8John Noble as Denethor
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC9Andy Serkis as Gollum
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC10Richard Taylor from Weta
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC11Liv Tyler as Arwen
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC12Karl Urban as Éomer
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
AC13David Wenham as Faramir
Autograph CardsChase card505.00
ACSW1Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
Autograph Cards (Second Wave)Chase card505.00
ACSW2Lawrence Makoare as The Witch-king
Autograph Cards (Second Wave)Chase card505.00
ACSW3Stephen Ure as Gorbag
Autograph Cards (Second Wave)Chase card505.00
BT1With swordAragorn Box-Topper Bonus Foil CardsChase card808.00
BT2RidingAragorn Box-Topper Bonus Foil CardsChase card808.00
P1The Trilogy's Final Chapter! (Aragorn)-Promo card404.00
P2The Trilogy's Final Chapter! (Gandalf)-Promo card404.00
P3The Trilogy's Final Chapter! (Legolas; Wizard)-Promo card404.00
PF1AragornPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF2DenethorPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF3Orc in helmetPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF4GandalfPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF53 evil fighters in helmetsPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF6Legolas and spear carriersPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF7ShagratPrismatic Foil CardsChase card707.00
PF8ThéodenPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF9Orcs in armor with shieldsPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
PF10ÉomerPrismatic Foil CardsChase card808.00
R1LegolasCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R2AragornCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R3GandalfCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R4ArwenCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R5The RingCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R6ÉowynCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R7PippinCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R8FrodoCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00
R9GollumCard Album (UK)Chase card808.00