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Topps The Lord of the Rings. Trilogy

Topps The Lord of the Rings. Trilogy

Year: 2004
Total cards: 100

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 5 / completed: 5


1The Rings BestowedThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
2Sauron's Key to PowerThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
3The Fall of IsildurThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
4Into a Hobbit's HandsThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
5Magic in the ShireThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
6The Epic Journey BeginsThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
7Passing of the ElvesThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
8Practitioners of PowerThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
9A New AllyThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
10The Dark RidersThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
11Mountaintop TerrorThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
12Stabbed by a SpectreThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
13Uruk-Hai MasterThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
14Arwen's EscapeThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
15Awakening in RivendellThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
16Wizards in ConflictThe Fellowship of the Ring-515.00
17Once and Future KingsThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
18Challenge for FrodoThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
19The Fellowship is FormedThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
20AvalancheThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
21The WatcherThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
22"They Call it a Mine!"The Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
23Terror of the Cave TrollThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
24Vanquished!The Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
25Shadow and FlameThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
26Friends, Foes and FiendsThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
27Dark VisionThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
28Evil QueenThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
29Gifts from the ElvesThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
30Troubled CompanionsThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
31Attacked by Uruk-HaiThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
32The Fate of BoromirThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
33Friends to the EndThe Fellowship of the Ring-414.00
34Plunge Into an AbyssThe Two Towers-515.00
35Elven RopeThe Two Towers-515.00
36The Taming of GollumThe Two Towers-414.00
37March to IsengardThe Two Towers-414.00
38Poisoning RohanThe Two Towers-414.00
39The Three HuntersThe Two Towers-515.00
40Way Through the MarshesThe Two Towers-404.00
41Spectral TerrorsThe Two Towers-414.00
42TreeherderThe Two Towers-515.00
43The White WizardThe Two Towers-404.00
44The Black GateThe Two Towers-515.00
45Dark Time in RohanThe Two Towers-515.00
46The King's ReleaseThe Two Towers-414.00
47Make for Helm's DeepThe Two Towers-414.00
48Culinary DelightsThe Two Towers-414.00
49Torn from WithinThe Two Towers-515.00
50Warg AmbushThe Two Towers-414.00
51Clash on the PlainsThe Two Towers-414.00
52Isengard UnleashedThe Two Towers-515.00
53Brothers of GondorThe Two Towers-505.00
54"Master Betrayed Us!"The Two Towers-414.00
55The Eve of BattleThe Two Towers-515.00
56Elves Join the FightThe Two Towers-404.00
57Helm's Deep Under SiegeThe Two Towers-414.00
58"War Affects Us All"The Two Towers-414.00
59Breaching the Deeping WallThe Two Towers-414.00
60Furious Fight to SurviveThe Two Towers-414.00
61Gandalf Turns the TideThe Two Towers-414.00
62Isengard FloodedThe Two Towers-414.00
63Saved from the NazgulThe Two Towers-414.00
64The Final TallyThe Two Towers-515.00
65The Spoils of WarThe Two Towers-414.00
66Choosing the Dark PathThe Two Towers-414.00
67Smeagol and DeagolThe Return of the King-414.00
68Seeing Stone of PowerThe Return of the King-414.00
69Saruman's WrathThe Return of the King-414.00
70Gollum's DeceptionThe Return of the King-414.00
71Journey to the Grey HavensThe Return of the King-414.00
72"Deep Breath"The Return of the King-404.00
73Minas MorgulThe Return of the King-414.00
74A Beacon of HopeThe Return of the King-515.00
75Pledge to TheodenThe Return of the King-414.00
76Flight of the FellbeastsThe Return of the King-515.00
77Saved by the White WizardThe Return of the King-515.00
78"Go Home Sam"The Return of the King-515.00
79"Retake Osgiliath"The Return of the King-414.00
80"Join Us!"The Return of the King-414.00
81Isildur's HeirThe Return of the King-414.00
82Corsair BosonThe Return of the King-414.00
83Orc HordesThe Return of the King-414.00
84Nazgul TerrorThe Return of the King-414.00
85Morgul LordThe Return of the King-515.00
86Caught in a WebThe Return of the King-515.00
87"Let Him Go!"The Return of the King-414.00
88Funeral PyreThe Return of the King-414.00
89Legion of MumakilThe Return of the King-414.00
90"I am No Man!"The Return of the King-515.00
91Oath FulfilledThe Return of the King-414.00
92The Mouth of SauronThe Return of the King-404.00
93"Destroy It!"The Return of the King-414.00
94Precious!The Return of the King-414.00
95Quest FulfilledThe Return of the King-414.00
96Coronations of the KingThe Return of the King-414.00
97Heroes of the ShireThe Return of the King-414.00
98End of the JourneyThe Return of the King-414.00
99Into the WestThe Return of the King-515.00
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