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Topps Major League Baseball 1952

Topps Major League Baseball 1952

Year: 1952
Total cards: 491

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Andy PafkoDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
1bAndy PafkoDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
2James E RunnelsSenatorsBase card / Red back101.00
2bJames E RunnelsSenatorsBase card / Black back101.00
3Hank ThompsonGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
3bHank ThompsonGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
4Don LenhardtBravesBase card / Red back101.00
4bDon LenhardtBravesBase card / Black back101.00
5Larry JansenGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
5bLarry JansenGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
6Grady HattonRedsBase card / Red back101.00
6bGrady HattonRedsBase card / Black back101.00
7Wayne TerwilligerDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
7bWayne TerwilligerDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
8Fred MarshBrownsBase card / Red back101.00
8bFred MarshBrownsBase card / Black back101.00
9Bobby HogueYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
9bBobby HogueYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
10Al RosenIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
10bAl RosenIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
11Phil RizzutoYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
11bPhil RizzutoYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
12Monty BasgallPiratesBase card / Red back101.00
12bMonty BasgallPiratesBase card / Black back101.00
13Johnny WyrostekRedsBase card / Red back101.00
13bJohnny WyrostekRedsBase card / Black back101.00
14Bob ElliottBravesBase card / Red back101.00
14bBob ElliottBravesBase card / Black back101.00
15Johnny PeskyBravesBase card / Red back101.00
15bJohnny PeskyBravesBase card / Black back101.00
16Gene HermanskiCubsBase card / Red back101.00
16bGene HermanskiCubsBase card / Black back101.00
17Jim HeganIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
17bJim HeganIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
18Merrill CombsIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
18bMerrill CombsIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
19Johnny BuchaCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
19bJohnny BuchaCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
20Billy LoesDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
20bBilly LoesDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
21Ferris FainAthleticsBase card / Red back101.00
21bFerris FainAthleticsBase card / Black back101.00
22Dom DiMaggioRed SoxBase card / Red back101.00
22bDom DiMaggioRed SoxBase card / Black back101.00
23Billy GoodmanRed SoxBase card / Red back101.00
23bBilly GoodmanRed SoxBase card / Black back101.00
24Luke EasterIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
24bLuke EasterIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
25Johnny GrothTigersBase card / Red back101.00
25bJohnny GrothTigersBase card / Black back101.00
26Monty IrvinGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
26bMonty IrvinGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
27Sam JethroeBravesBase card / Red back101.00
27bSam JethroeBravesBase card / Black back101.00
28Jerry PriddyTigersBase card / Red back101.00
28bJerry PriddyTigersBase card / Black back101.00
29Ted KluszewskiRedsBase card / Red back101.00
29bTed KluszewskiRedsBase card / Black back101.00
30Mel ParnellRed SoxBase card / Red back101.00
30bMel ParnellRed SoxBase card / Black back101.00
31Gus ZernialAthleticsBase card / Red back101.00
31bGus ZernialAthleticsBase card / Black back101.00
32Eddie RobinsonWhite SoxBase card / Red back101.00
32bEddie RobinsonWhite SoxBase card / Black back101.00
33Warren SpahnBravesBase card / Red back101.00
33bWarren SpahnBravesBase card / Black back101.00
34Elmer ValoAthleticsBase card / Red back101.00
34bElmer ValoAthleticsBase card / Black back101.00
35Hank SauerCubsBase card / Red back101.00
35bHank SauerCubsBase card / Black back101.00
36Gil HodgesDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
36bGil HodgesDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
37Duke SniderDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
37bDuke SniderDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
38Wally WestlakeCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
38bWally WestlakeCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
39Dizzy TroutTigersBase card / Red back101.00
39bDizzy TroutTigersBase card / Black back101.00
40Irv NorenSenatorsBase card / Red back101.00
40bIrv NorenSenatorsBase card / Black back101.00
41Bob WellmanAthleticsBase card / Red back101.00
41bBob WellmanAthleticsBase card / Black back101.00
42Lou KretlowWhite SoxBase card / Red back101.00
42bLou KretlowWhite SoxBase card / Black back101.00
43Ray ScarboroughBravesBase card / Red back101.00
43bRay ScarboroughBravesBase card / Black back101.00
44Con DempseyPhilliesBase card / Red back101.00
44bCon DempseyPhilliesBase card / Black back101.00
45Eddie JoostAthleticsBase card / Red back101.00
45bEddie JoostAthleticsBase card / Black back101.00
46Gordon GoldsberryBrownsBase card / Red back101.00
46bGordon GoldsberryBrownsBase card / Black back101.00
47Willie JonesPhilliesBase card / Red back101.00
47bWillie JonesPhilliesBase card / Black back101.00
48Joe PageYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
48bJoe PageYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
48сJoe PageYankeesBase card / Black back000.00
49Johnny SainYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
49bJohnny SainYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
49сJohnny SainYankeesBase card / Black back000.00
50Marv RickertWhite SoxBase card / Red back101.00
50bMarv RickertWhite SoxBase card / Black back101.00
51Jim RussellDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
51bJim RussellDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
52Don MuellerGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
52bDon MuellerGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
53Chris Van CuykDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
53bChris Van CuykDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
54Leo KielyBravesBase card / Red back101.00
54bLeo KielyBravesBase card / Black back101.00
55Ray BooneIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
55bRay BooneIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
56Tommy GlavianoCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
56bTommy GlavianoCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
57Ed LopatYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
57bEd LopatYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
58Bob MahoneyBrownsBase card / Red back101.00
58bBob MahoneyBrownsBase card / Black back101.00
59Robin RobertsPhilliesBase card / Red back101.00
59bRobin RobertsPhilliesBase card / Black back101.00
60Sid HudsonSenatorsBase card / Red back101.00
60bSid HudsonSenatorsBase card / Black back101.00
61Tookie GilbertGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
61bTookie GilbertGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
62Chuck StobbsWhite SoxBase card / Red back101.00
62bChuck StobbsWhite SoxBase card / Black back101.00
63Howie PolletPiratesBase card / Red back101.00
63bHowie PolletPiratesBase card / Black back101.00
64Roy SieversBrownsBase card / Red back101.00
64bRoy SieversBrownsBase card / Black back101.00
65Enos SlaughterCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
65bEnos SlaughterCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
66Preacher RoeDodgersBase card / Red back101.00
66bPreacher RoeDodgersBase card / Black back101.00
67Allie ReynoldsYankeesBase card / Red back101.00
67bAllie ReynoldsYankeesBase card / Black back101.00
68Cliff ChambersCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
68bCliff ChambersCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
69Virgil StallcupRedsBase card / Red back101.00
69bVirgil StallcupRedsBase card / Black back101.00
70Al ZarillaWhite SoxBase card / Red back101.00
70bAl ZarillaWhite SoxBase card / Black back101.00
71Tom UptonSenatorsBase card / Red back101.00
71bTom UptonSenatorsBase card / Black back101.00
72Karl OlsonBravesBase card / Red back101.00
72bKarl OlsonBravesBase card / Black back101.00
73William WerlePiratesBase card / Red back101.00
73bWilliam WerlePiratesBase card / Black back101.00
74Andy HansenPhilliesBase card / Red back101.00
74bAndy HansenPhilliesBase card / Black back101.00
75Wes WestrumGiantsBase card / Red back101.00
75bWes WestrumGiantsBase card / Black back101.00
76Eddie StankyCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
76bEddie StankyCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
77Bob KennedyIndiansBase card / Red back101.00
77bBob KennedyIndiansBase card / Black back101.00
78Ellis KinderBravesBase card / Red back101.00
78bEllis KinderBravesBase card / Black back101.00
79Gerald StaleyCardinalsBase card / Red back101.00
79bGerald StaleyCardinalsBase card / Black back101.00
80Herman WehmeierRedsBase card / Red back101.00
80bHerman WehmeierRedsBase card / Black back101.00
81Vernon LawPiratesBase card101.00
82Duane PilletteBrownsBase card101.00
83Billy JohnsonCardinalsBase card101.00
84Vern StephensBravesBase card101.00
85Bob KuzavaYankeesBase card101.00
86Ted GrayTigersBase card101.00
87Dale CooganPiratesBase card101.00
88Bob FellerIndiansBase card101.00
89Johnny LiponTigersBase card101.00
90Mickey GrassoSenatorsBase card101.00
91Al SchoendienstCardinalsBase card101.00
92Dale MitchellIndiansBase card101.00
93Al SimaSenatorsBase card101.00
94Sam MeleSenatorsBase card101.00
95Ken HolcombeWhite SoxBase card101.00
96Willard MarshallBravesBase card101.00
97Earl TorgesonBravesBase card101.00
98Bill PierceWhite SoxBase card101.00
99Gene WoodlingYankeesBase card101.00
100Del RiceCardinalsBase card101.00
101Max LanierGiantsBase card101.00
102Bill KennedyWhite SoxBase card101.00
103Cliff MapesTigersBase card101.00
104Don KollowayTigersBase card101.00
105John PramesaCubsBase card101.00
106Mickey VernonSenatorsBase card101.00
107Connie RyanPhilliesBase card101.00
108Jim KonstantyPhilliesBase card101.00
109Ted WilksPiratesBase card101.00
110Dutch LeonardCubsBase card101.00
111Harry 'Peanuts' LowreyCardinalsBase card101.00
112Henry MajeskiAthleticsBase card101.00
113Dick SisterRedsBase card101.00
114Willard RamsdellCubsBase card101.00
115George MungerCardinalsBase card101.00
116Carl ScheibAthleticsBase card101.00
117Sherman LollarWhite SoxBase card101.00
118Ken RaffensbergerRedsBase card101.00
119Maurice McDermottRed SoxBase card101.00
120Bob ChakalesIndiansBase card101.00
121Gus NiarhosBravesBase card101.00
122Jack JensenYankeesBase card101.00
123Eddie YostSenatorsBase card101.00
124Monte KennedyGiantsBase card101.00
125Bill RigneyGiantsBase card101.00
126Fred HutchinsonTigersBase card101.00
127Paul MinnerCubsBase card101.00
128Don BollwegYankeesBase card101.00
129Johnny MizeYankeesBase card101.00
130Sheldon JonesGiantsBase card101.00
131Morrie MartinAthleticsBase card101.00
132Clyde KluttzSenatorsBase card101.00
133Al WidmarWhite SoxBase card101.00
134Joe TiptonAthleticsBase card101.00
135Dixie HowellRedsBase card101.00
136Johnny SchmitzDodgersBase card101.00
137Roy McMillanRedsBase card101.00
138Bill MacDonaldPiratesBase card101.00
139Ken WoodBravesBase card101.00
140John AntonelliBravesBase card101.00
141Clint HartungGiantsBase card101.00
142Harry PerkowskiRedsBase card101.00
143Les MossBrownsBase card101.00
144Ed BlakeRedsBase card101.00
145Joe HaynesSenatorsBase card101.00
146Frank HouseTigersBase card101.00
146bFrank HouseTigersBase card101.00
147Bob YoungBrownsBase card101.00
148Johnny KlippsteinCubsBase card101.00
149Dick KryhoskiBrownsBase card101.00
150Ted BeardPiratesBase card101.00
151Wally PostRedsBase card101.00
152Al EvansBravesBase card101.00
153Bob RushCubsBase card101.00
154Joe MuirPiratesBase card101.00
155Frank OvermireYankeesBase card101.00
156Frank HillerRedsBase card101.00
157Bob UsherCubsBase card101.00
158Eddie WaitkusPhilliesBase card101.00
159Saul RogovinWhite SoxBase card101.00
160Owen FriendBrownsBase card101.00
161Bud ByerlyRedsBase card101.00
162Del CrandallBravesBase card101.00
163Stan RojekBrownsBase card101.00
164Walt DubielCubsBase card101.00
165Eddie KazakCardinalsBase card101.00
166Paul LaPalmePiratesBase card101.00
167Bill HowertonPiratesBase card101.00
168Charlie SilveraYankeesBase card101.00
169Howie JudsonWhite SoxBase card101.00
170Gus BellPiratesBase card101.00
171Ed ErauttRedsBase card101.00
172Eddie MiksisCubsBase card101.00
173Roy SmalleyCubsBase card101.00
174Clarence MarshallBrownsBase card101.00
175Billy MartinYankeesBase card101.00
176Hank EdwardsRedsBase card101.00
177Bill WightBravesBase card101.00
178Cass MichaelsSenatorsBase card101.00
179Frank SmithRedsBase card101.00
180Charley MaxwellBravesBase card101.00
181Bob SwiftTigersBase card101.00
182Billy HitchcockAthleticsBase card101.00
183Erv DusakPiratesBase card101.00
184Bob RamazzottiCubsBase card101.00
185Bill NicholsonPhilliesBase card101.00
186Walt MastersonBravesBase card101.00
187Bob MillerPhilliesBase card101.00
188Clarence PodbielanDodgersBase card101.00
189Pete ReiserIndiansBase card101.00
190Don JohnsonSenatorsBase card101.00
191Yogi BerraYankeesBase card101.00
192Myron GinsbergTigersBase card101.00
193Harry SimpsonIndiansBase card101.00
194Joe HattenCubsBase card101.00
195Orestes MinosoWhite SoxBase card101.00
196Solly HemusCardinalsBase card101.00
197George StricklandPiratesBase card101.00
198Phil HaugstadDodgersBase card101.00
199George ZuverinkIndiansBase card101.00
200Ralph HoukYankeesBase card101.00
201Alex KellnerAthleticsBase card101.00
202Joe CollinsYankeesBase card101.00
203Curt SimmonsPhilliesBase card101.00
204Ron NortheyCubsBase card101.00
205Clyde KingDodgersBase card101.00
206Joe OstrowskiYankeesBase card101.00
207Mickey HarrisIndiansBase card101.00
208Marlin StuartTigersBase card101.00
209Howie FoxPhilliesBase card101.00
210Dick FowlerAthleticsBase card101.00
211Ray ColemanWhite SoxBase card101.00
212Ned GarverBrownsBase card101.00
213Nippy JonesPhilliesBase card101.00
214Johnny HoppYankeesBase card101.00
215Hank BauerYankeesBase card101.00
216Richie AshburnPhilliesBase card101.00
217George StirnweissIndiansBase card101.00
218Clyde McCulloughPiratesBase card101.00
219Bobby ShantzAthleticsBase card101.00
220Joe PreskoCardinalsBase card101.00
221Granny HamnerPhilliesBase card101.00
222Hoot EversTigersBase card101.00
223Del EnnisPhilliesBase card101.00
224Bruce EdwardsCubsBase card101.00
225Frank BaumholtzCubsBase card101.00
226Dave PhilleyAthleticsBase card101.00
227Joe GaragiolaPiratesBase card101.00
228Al BrazleCardinalsBase card101.00
229Gene BeardenBrownsBase card101.00
230Matt BattsTigersBase card101.00
231Sam ZoldakAthleticsBase card101.00
232Billy CoxDodgersBase card101.00
233Bob FriendPiratesBase card101.00
234Steve SouchockTigersBase card101.00
235Walt DropoBravesBase card101.00
236Ed FitzGeraldPiratesBase card101.00
237Jerry ColemanYankeesBase card101.00
238Art HouttemanTigersBase card101.00
239Rocky BridgesDodgersBase card101.00
240Jack PhillipsPiratesBase card101.00
241Tommy ByrneBrownsBase card101.00
242Tom PoholskyCardinalsBase card101.00
243Larry DobyIndiansBase card101.00
244Vic WertzTigersBase card101.00
245Sherry RobertsonSenatorsBase card101.00
246George KellTigersBase card101.00
247Randy GumpertBravesBase card101.00
248Frank SheaSenatorsBase card101.00
249Bobby AdamsRedsBase card101.00
250Carl ErskineDodgersBase card101.00
251Chico CarrasquelWhite SoxBase card101.00
252Vern BickfordBravesBase card101.00
253Johnny BerardinoIndiansBase card101.00
254Joe DobsonWhite SoxBase card101.00
255Clyde VollmerBravesBase card101.00
256Pete SuderAthleticsBase card101.00
257Bobby AvilaIndiansBase card101.00
258Steve GromekIndiansBase card101.00
259Bob AddisCubsBase card101.00
260Pete CastiglionePiratesBase card101.00
261Willie MaysGiantsBase card101.00
262Virgil TrucksTigersBase card101.00
263Harry BrecheenCardinalsBase card101.00
264Roy HartsfieldBravesBase card101.00
265Chuck DieringGiantsBase card101.00
266Murry DicksonPiratesBase card101.00
267Sid GordonBravesBase card101.00
268Bob LemonIndiansBase card101.00
269Willard NixonBravesBase card101.00
270Lou BrissieIndiansBase card101.00
271Jim DelsingBrownsBase card101.00
272Mike GarciaIndiansBase card101.00
273Erv PalicaDodgersBase card101.00
274Ralph BrancaDodgersBase card101.00
275Pat MullinTigersBase card101.00
276Jim WilsonBravesBase card101.00
277Early WynnIndiansBase card101.00
278Al ClarkAthleticsBase card101.00
279Ed StewartWhite SoxBase card101.00
280Cloyd BoyerCardinalsBase card101.00
281Tommy BrownPhilliesBase card101.00
282Birdie TebbettsBravesBase card101.00
283Phil MasiWhite SoxBase card101.00
284Hank ArftBrownsBase card101.00
285Cliff FanninBrownsBase card101.00
286Joe DeMaestriBrownsBase card101.00
287Steve BilkoCardinalsBase card101.00
288Chet NicholsBravesBase card101.00
289Tommy HolmesBravesBase card101.00
290Joe AstrothAthleticsBase card101.00
291Gil CoanSenatorsBase card101.00
292Floyd BakerSenatorsBase card101.00
293Sibby SistiBravesBase card101.00
294Walker CooperBravesBase card101.00
295Phil CavarrettaCubsBase card101.00
296Red RolfeTigersBase card101.00
297Andy SeminickRedsBase card101.00
298Bob RossSenatorsBase card101.00
299Ray MurrayAthleticsBase card101.00
300Barney McCoskyIndiansBase card101.00
301Bob PorterfieldSenatorsBase card101.00
302Max SurkontBravesBase card101.00
303Harry DorishWhite SoxBase card101.00
304Sam DenteWhite SoxBase card101.00
305Paul Richards (Manager)White SoxBase card101.00
306Lou SleaterSenatorsBase card101.00
307Frank CamposSenatorsBase card101.00
308Luis AlomaWhite SoxBase card101.00
309Jim BusbySenatorsBase card101.00
310George MetkovichPiratesBase card101.00
311Mickey MantleYankeesBase card101.00
311bMickey MantleYankeesBase card101.00
312Jackie RobinsonDodgersBase card101.00
313Bobby ThomsonGiantsBase card101.00
314Roy CampanellaDodgersBase card101.00
315Leo Durocher (Manager)GiantsBase card101.00
316Davey WilliamsGiantsBase card101.00
317Connie MarreroSenatorsBase card101.00
318Hal GreggGiantsBase card101.00
319Al WalkerDodgersBase card101.00
320John RutherfordDodgersBase card101.00
321Joe BlackDodgersBase card101.00
322Randy JacksonCubsBase card101.00
323Bubba ChurchRedsBase card101.00
324Warren HackerCubsBase card101.00
325Bill SerenaCubsBase card101.00
326George ShubaDodgersBase card101.00
327Archie WilsonBravesBase card101.00
328Bob BorkowskiRedsBase card101.00
329Ivan DelockBravesBase card101.00
330Turk LownCubsBase card101.00
331Tom MorganYankeesBase card101.00
332Tony BartiromePiratesBase card101.00
333Pee Wee ReeseDodgersBase card101.00
334Wilmer MizellCardinalsBase card101.00
335Ted LepcioBravesBase card101.00
336Dave KosloGiantsBase card101.00
337Jim HearnGiantsBase card101.00
338Sal YvarsGiantsBase card101.00
339Russ MeyerPhilliesBase card101.00
340Bob HooperAthleticsBase card101.00
341Hal JeffcoatCubsBase card101.00
342Clem LabineDodgersBase card101.00
343Dick GernertBravesBase card101.00
344Ewell BlackwellRedsBase card101.00
345Sam WhiteBravesBase card101.00
346George SpencerGiantsBase card101.00
347Joe AdcockRedsBase card101.00
348Bob KellyCubsBase card101.00
349Bob CainBrownsBase card101.00
350Cal AbramsRedsBase card101.00
351Al DarkGiantsBase card101.00
352Karl DrewsPhilliesBase card101.00
353Bob Del GrecoPiratesBase card101.00
354Fred HatfieldTigersBase card101.00
355Bobby MorganDodgersBase card101.00
356Toby AtwellCubsBase card101.00
357Smoky BurgessPhilliesBase card101.00
358John KucabAthleticsBase card101.00
359Dee FondyCubsBase card101.00
360George CroweBravesBase card101.00
361Bill Posedel (Coach)PiratesBase card101.00
362Ken HeintzelmanPhilliesBase card101.00
363Dick RozekIndiansBase card101.00
364Clyde Sukeforth (Coach)PiratesBase card101.00
365Cookie Lavagetto (Coach)DodgersBase card101.00
366Dave MadisonBrownsBase card101.00
367Bob ThorpeBravesBase card101.00
368Ed WrightAthleticsBase card101.00
369Dick GroatPiratesBase card101.00
370Billy HoeftTigersBase card101.00
371Bob HofmanGiantsBase card101.00
372Gil McDougaldYankeesBase card101.00
373Jim Turner (Coach)YankeesBase card101.00
374Al BentonBravesBase card101.00
375Jack MersonPiratesBase card101.00
376Faye ThroneberryRed SoxBase card101.00
377Chuck Dressen (Manager)DodgersBase card101.00
378Les FusselmanCardinalsBase card101.00
379Joe RossiRedsBase card101.00
380Clem KoshorekPiratesBase card101.00
381Milton Stock (Coach)PiratesBase card101.00
382Sam JonesIndiansBase card101.00
383Del WilberBravesBase card101.00
384Frank Crosetti (Coach)YankeesBase card101.00
385Herman Franks (Coach)GiantsBase card101.00
386Eddie YuhasCardinalsBase card101.00
387Billy Meyer (Manager)PiratesBase card101.00
388Bob ChipmanBravesBase card101.00
389Ben WadeDodgersBase card101.00
390Glenn NelsonDodgersBase card101.00
391Ben ChapmanRedsBase card101.00
392Hoyt WilhelmGiantsBase card101.00
393Ebba St ClaireBravesBase card101.00
394Billy Herman (Coach)DodgersBase card101.00
395Jake Pitler (Coach)DodgersBase card101.00
396Dick WilliamsDodgersBase card101.00
397Forrest MainPiratesBase card101.00
398Hal RiceCardinalsBase card101.00
399Jim FridleyIndiansBase card101.00
400Bill Dickey (Coach)YankeesBase card101.00
401Bob SchultzCubsBase card101.00
402Earl HarristBrownsBase card101.00
403Bill MillerYankeesBase card101.00
404Dick BrodowskiBravesBase card101.00
405Eddie PellagriniRedsBase card101.00
406Joe NuxhallRedsBase card101.00
407Ed MathewsBravesBase card101.00
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