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Topps Mars Attacks

Topps Mars Attacks

Year: 1996
Total cards: 81

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1Life on Mars...Grotesque Death for Earth!-Base Card101.00
2Burning Cattle!EpisodeBase Card101.00
3Unearthly Visage!EpisodeBase Card101.00
4First Contact Calamity!EpisodeBase Card101.00
5Blasted by the Aliens!EpisodeBase Card101.00
6A Message from Earth!EpisodeBase Card101.00
7Within the Control Room!EpisodeBase Card101.00
8Discussing the Message!EpisodeBase Card101.00
9A Mag for Men and Martians!EpisodeBase Card101.00
10Message from the President!EpisodeBase Card101.00
11Lure of the Girlie Mag!EpisodeBase Card101.00
12Scoffing at Earth's Plea!EpisodeBase Card101.00
13Beast and the Beauty!EpisodeBase Card101.00
14The Leader's Plan!EpisodeBase Card101.00
15Examining Human Artifacts!EpisodeBase Card101.00
16A Visit to Capitol Hill!EpisodeBase Card101.00
17The Martian Ambassador Speaks!EpisodeBase Card101.00
18The Martian Ambassador Fires!EpisodeBase Card101.00
19Blasted into Oblivion!EpisodeBase Card101.00
20The Martians Kill Congress!EpisodeBase Card101.00
21Victims of the Death Ray!EpisodeBase Card101.00
22Congressional Massacre!EpisodeBase Card101.00
23Jerry Gets the Point!EpisodeBase Card101.00
24Keeping an Eye on Jerry!EpisodeBase Card101.00
25A Martian in Disguise!EpisodeBase Card101.00
26The Assassin Revealed!EpisodeBase Card101.00
27Mission: Fry the First Family!EpisodeBase Card101.00
28Rusty's Last Stand!EpisodeBase Card101.00
29Roasting a Retriever!EpisodeBase Card101.00
30Blown Away by Mitch!EpisodeBase Card101.00
31The Invasion Begins!EpisodeBase Card101.00
32Death of a Tour Guide!EpisodeBase Card101.00
33Martians in the White House!EpisodeBase Card101.00
34No Respect for Our Heritage!EpisodeBase Card101.00
35Invading the Oval Office!EpisodeBase Card101.00
36A Martian Bites the Big One!EpisodeBase Card101.00
37Kids to the Rescue!EpisodeBase Card101.00
38Blasted by Their Own Blaster!EpisodeBase Card101.00
39Target: Las Vegas Casino!EpisodeBase Card101.00
40Getting Into the Act!EpisodeBase Card101.00
41Alien Show Stoppers!EpisodeBase Card101.00
42Observing Earth's Customs!EpisodeBase Card101.00
43Trailer Park Imperiled!EpisodeBase Card101.00
44Death in a Junkyard!EpisodeBase Card101.00
45A Gunslinging Martian!EpisodeBase Card101.00
46Heartland Holocaust!EpisodeBase Card101.00
47There's Martians Everywhere!EpisodeBase Card101.00
48Retirement Home Horror!EpisodeBase Card101.00
49Grandma's Unexpected Visitor!EpisodeBase Card101.00
50The Plan to Waste Grandma!EpisodeBase Card101.00
51Rolling in the Death Ray!EpisodeBase Card101.00
52Targeting a Senior Citizen!EpisodeBase Card101.00
53Oblivious to Impending Doom!EpisodeBase Card101.00
54Grandma Faces the Fiends!EpisodeBase Card101.00
55Slim-Slamming the Enemy!EpisodeBase Card101.00
56Meeting with the Martians!EpisodeBase Card101.00
57The Incredibly Shrunken General!EpisodeBase Card101.00
58Martians on the Runway!EpisodeBase Card101.00
59Byron's Supreme Sacrifice!EpisodeBase Card101.00
60Mankind Clobbers the Martians!EpisodeBase Card101.00
61Full-front view of the Martian figure…Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
62Full side view of the Martian figure...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
63The Martian Anatomy Chart...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
64All quiet on the set...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
65Director Tim Burton enjoys a laugh...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
66A miniature Martian stands...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
67ILM Gaffer Mike Olague adjusts…Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
68Visual Effects Supervisor Jim...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
69Director of Miniature Photography…Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
70Modelmaker Chuck Wiley works…Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
71A mad lab Dr. Frankenstein...Behind-the-ScenesBase Card101.00
72Checklist-Base Card101.00
MA-1Martians ApproachingDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
MA-2Beast and the BeautyDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
MA-3Burning FleshDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
MA-4Crushed to DeathDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
MA-5Prize CaptiveDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
MA-6Destroying a DogDestruct-O-Rama Holo-FoilChase Card101.00
P1Martian FaceGreen LogoPromo Card101.00
P2Martian FaceRed LogoPromo Card101.00
P3Martian Reading-Promo Card101.00
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