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Topps Marvel Legends

Topps Marvel Legends

Year: 2001
Total cards: 190

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Spider-Man-Base Card000.00
2Mr. Fantastic-Base Card000.00
3The Invisible Woman-Base Card000.00
4The Human Torch-Base Card000.00
5The Thing-Base Card000.00
6Sub-Mariner-Base Card000.00
7Captain America-Base Card000.00
8Hulk-Base Card000.00
9She-Hulk-Base Card000.00
10Thor-Base Card000.00
11Iron Man-Base Card000.00
12Black Panther-Base Card000.00
13Black Widow-Base Card000.00
14Ant-Man-Base Card000.00
15The Wasp-Base Card000.00
16Giant Man-Base Card000.00
17Hawkeye-Base Card000.00
18Quicksilver-Base Card000.00
19The Vision-Base Card000.00
20Scarlet Witch-Base Card000.00
21Cyclops-Base Card000.00
22Jean Grey-Base Card000.00
23Angel-Base Card000.00
24Beast-Base Card000.00
25Iceman-Base Card000.00
26Cable-Base Card000.00
27Storm-Base Card000.00
28Wolverine-Base Card000.00
29Rogue-Base Card000.00
30Gambit-Base Card000.00
31Professor X-Base Card000.00
32Colossus-Base Card000.00
33The Silver Surfer-Base Card000.00
34The Watcher-Base Card000.00
35Ghost Rider-Base Card000.00
36Daredevil-Base Card000.00
37Elektra-Base Card000.00
38The Punisher-Base Card000.00
39Black Bolt-Base Card000.00
40Nick Fury-Base Card000.00
41Doctor Strange-Base Card000.00
42Deadpool-Base Card000.00
43Apocalypse-Base Card000.00
44Mr. Sinister-Base Card000.00
45The Lizard-Base Card000.00
46Dr. Octopus-Base Card000.00
47The Green Goblin-Base Card000.00
48The Rhino-Base Card000.00
49Bullseye-Base Card000.00
50Venom-Base Card000.00
51The Vulture-Base Card000.00
52Mysterio-Base Card000.00
53The Sandman-Base Card000.00
54Kraven-Base Card000.00
55The Mole Man-Base Card000.00
56Super-Skrull-Base Card000.00
57Dr. Doom-Base Card000.00
58The Red Skull-Base Card000.00
59The Leader-Base Card000.00
60Loki-Base Card000.00
61Mandarin-Base Card000.00
62Ultron-Base Card000.00
63Kang-Base Card000.00
64Magneto-Base Card000.00
65Sabretooth-Base Card000.00
66Juggernaut-Base Card000.00
67Galactus-Base Card000.00
68Thanos-Base Card000.00
69The Kingpin-Base Card000.00
70Mephisto-Base Card000.00
71Toad-Base Card000.00
72Checklist-Base Card000.00
SC1Kara Andrews - Iron ManLevel FChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC2Sean Chen - X-MenLevel CChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC3John Czop - ThorLevel FChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC4Steve Dillon - PunisherLevel AChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC5Roberto Flores - DaredevilLevel FChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC6Dick Giordano - Captain AmericaLevel BChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC7Jamal Igle - X-MenLevel EChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC8Bob Layton - Iron ManLevel BChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC9Rick Leonardi - Spider-ManLevel DChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC10Pop Mhan - PunisherRetailChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC11Mara Mychaels - Silver SurferRetailChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC12Don Perlin - Captain AmericaLevel EChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC13Humberto Ramos - X-MenLevel CChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC14John Romita Sr. - Spider-ManLevel BChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC15Claude St. Aubin - Fantastic FourLevel FChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
SC16Gus Vazquez - The HulkLevel EChase Card / Sketch Cards000.00
CC1Spider-ManLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC2NomadLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC3Iron ManLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC4CyclopsLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC5Marvel GirlLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC6StormLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC7WolverineLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC8DaredevilLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC9HulkLevel AChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC10Spider-ManLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC11Captain AmericaLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC12Iron ManLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC13CyclopsLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC14PhoenixLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC15StormLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC16Ultimate WolverineLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC17DaredevilLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
CC18Mr. FixitLevel BChase Card / Costume Change000.00
SI-1Wolverine, LoganSecret IdentityChase Card000.00
SI-2Hulk, Dr. Bruce BannerSecret IdentityChase Card000.00
SI-3Spider-Man, Peter ParkerSecret IdentityChase Card000.00
SI-4Captain America, Steve RogersSecret IdentityChase Card000.00
SI-5Iron Man, Tony StarkSecret IdentityChase Card000.00
UF1Spider-ManSpider-Man Ultimate FoilChase Card000.00
UF2Spider-ManSpider-Man Ultimate FoilChase Card000.00
UF3Spider-ManSpider-Man Ultimate FoilChase Card000.00
UF4Spider-ManSpider-Man Ultimate FoilChase Card000.00
P1Spider-Man-Promo Card000.00
P2Human Torch-Promo Card000.00
P3Daredevil-Promo Card000.00
1fSpider-Man-Base Card / Foil000.00
2fMr. Fantastic-Base Card / Foil000.00
3fThe Invisible Woman-Base Card / Foil000.00
4fThe Human Torch-Base Card / Foil000.00
5fThe Thing-Base Card / Foil000.00
6fSub-Mariner-Base Card / Foil000.00
7fCaptain America-Base Card / Foil000.00
8fHulk-Base Card / Foil000.00
9fShe-Hulk-Base Card / Foil000.00
10fThor-Base Card / Foil000.00
11fIron Man-Base Card / Foil000.00
12fBlack Panther-Base Card / Foil000.00
13fBlack Widow-Base Card / Foil000.00
14fAnt-Man-Base Card / Foil000.00
15fThe Wasp-Base Card / Foil000.00
16fGiant Man-Base Card / Foil000.00
17fHawkeye-Base Card / Foil000.00
18fQuicksilver-Base Card / Foil000.00
19fThe Vision-Base Card / Foil000.00
20fScarlet Witch-Base Card / Foil000.00
21fCyclops-Base Card / Foil000.00
22fJean Grey-Base Card / Foil000.00
23fAngel-Base Card / Foil000.00
24fBeast-Base Card / Foil000.00
25fIceman-Base Card / Foil000.00
26fCable-Base Card / Foil000.00
27fStorm-Base Card / Foil000.00
28fWolverine-Base Card / Foil000.00
29fRogue-Base Card / Foil000.00
30fGambit-Base Card / Foil000.00
31fProfessor X-Base Card / Foil000.00
32fColossus-Base Card / Foil000.00
33fThe Silver Surfer-Base Card / Foil000.00
34fThe Watcher-Base Card / Foil000.00
35fGhost Rider-Base Card / Foil000.00
36fDaredevil-Base Card / Foil000.00
37fElektra-Base Card / Foil000.00
38fThe Punisher-Base Card / Foil000.00
39fBlack Bolt-Base Card / Foil000.00
40fNick Fury-Base Card / Foil000.00
41fDoctor Strange-Base Card / Foil000.00
42fDeadpool-Base Card / Foil000.00
43fApocalypse-Base Card / Foil000.00
44fMr. Sinister-Base Card / Foil000.00
45fThe Lizard-Base Card / Foil000.00
46fDr. Octopus-Base Card / Foil000.00
47fThe Green Goblin-Base Card / Foil000.00
48fThe Rhino-Base Card / Foil000.00
49fBullseye-Base Card / Foil000.00
50fVenom-Base Card / Foil000.00
51fThe Vulture-Base Card / Foil000.00
52fMysterio-Base Card / Foil000.00
53fThe Sandman-Base Card / Foil000.00
54fKraven-Base Card / Foil000.00
55fThe Mole Man-Base Card / Foil000.00
56fSuper-Skrull-Base Card / Foil000.00
57fDr. Doom-Base Card / Foil000.00
58fThe Red Skull-Base Card / Foil000.00
59fThe Leader-Base Card / Foil000.00
60fLoki-Base Card / Foil000.00
61fMandarin-Base Card / Foil000.00
62fUltron-Base Card / Foil000.00
63fKang-Base Card / Foil000.00
64fMagneto-Base Card / Foil000.00
65fSabretooth-Base Card / Foil000.00
66fJuggernaut-Base Card / Foil000.00
67fGalactus-Base Card / Foil000.00
68fThanos-Base Card / Foil000.00
69fThe Kingpin-Base Card / Foil000.00
70fMephisto-Base Card / Foil000.00
71fToad-Base Card / Foil000.00
72fChecklist-Base Card / Foil000.00
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