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Topps Baseball Sticker Album 1982

Topps Baseball Sticker Album 1982

Year: 1982
Total stickers: 260

collecting: 2 / completed: 6


1Bill Madlock (Pittsburgh Pirates)NL & AL Batting Leaders-130.33
2Carney Lansford (Boston Red Sox)NL & AL Batting Leaders-120.50
3Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies)NL & AL Batting Leaders-221.00
4Tony Armas / Bobby Grich / Dwight Evans / Eddie MurrayNL & AL Batting Leaders-230.67
5Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies)NL & AL Batting Leaders-120.50
6Eddie Murray (Baltimore Orioles)NL & AL Batting Leaders-140.25
7Tim Raines (Montreal Expos)NL & AL Batting Leaders-120.50
8Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics)NL & AL Batting Leaders-120.50
9Tom Seaver (Cincinnati Reds)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-130.33
10Denny Martinez / Steve McCatty / Jack Morris / Pete VuckovichNL & AL Pitching Leaders-130.33
11Fernando Valenzuela (Los Angeles Dodgers)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-120.50
12Len Barker (Cleveland Indians)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-130.33
13Nolan Ryan (Houston Astros)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-120.50
14Steve McCatty (Oakland Athletics)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-120.50
15Bruce Sutter (St. Louis Cardinals)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-120.50
16Rollie Fingers (Milwaukee Brewers)NL & AL Pitching Leaders-221.00
17Chris ChamblissAtlanta Braves-130.33
18Bob HornerAtlanta Braves-120.50
19Dale MurphyAtlanta Braves-120.50
20Phil NiekroAtlanta Braves-120.50
21Bruce BenedictAtlanta Braves-120.50
22Claudell WashingtonAtlanta Braves-120.50
23Glenn HubbardAtlanta Braves-120.50
24Rick CampAtlanta Braves-101.00
25Leon DurhamChicago Cubs-120.50
26Ken ReitzChicago Cubs-130.33
27Dick TidrowChicago Cubs-120.50
28Tim BlackwellChicago Cubs-120.50
29Bill BucknerChicago Cubs-120.50
30Steve HendersonChicago Cubs-120.50
31Mike KrukowChicago Cubs-230.67
32Ivan DeJesusChicago Cubs-120.50
33Dave CollinsCincinnati Reds-130.33
34Ron OesterCincinnati Reds-120.50
35Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds-111.00
36Tom SeaverCincinnati Reds-120.50
37Dave ConcepcionCincinnati Reds-120.50
38Tom HumeCincinnati Reds-130.33
39Ray KnightCincinnati Reds-130.33
40George FosterCincinnati Reds-120.50
41Nolan RyanHouston Astros-120.50
42Terry PuhlHouston Astros-130.33
43Art HoweHouston Astros-130.33
44Jose CruzHouston Astros-120.50
45Bob KnepperHouston Astros-120.50
46Craig ReynoldsHouston Astros-120.50
47Cesar CedenoHouston Astros-120.50
48Alan AshbyHouston Astros-120.50
49Ken LandreauxLos Angeles Dodgers-140.25
50Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles Dodgers-230.67
51Ron CeyLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
52Dusty BakerLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
53Burt HootonLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
54Steve GarveyLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
55Pedro GuerreroLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
56Jerry ReussLos Angeles Dodgers-120.50
57Andre DawsonMontreal Expos-130.33
58Chris SpeierMontreal Expos-120.50
59Steve RogersMontreal Expos-120.50
60Warren CromartieMontreal Expos-120.50
61Gary CarterMontreal Expos-120.50
62Tim RainesMontreal Expos-221.00
63Scott SandersonMontreal Expos-230.67
64Larry ParrishMontreal Expos-120.50
65Joel YoungbloodNew York Mets-120.50
66Neil AllenNew York Mets-120.50
67Lee MazzilliNew York Mets-120.50
68Hubie BrooksNew York Mets-130.33
69Ellis ValentineNew York Mets-130.33
70Doug FlynnNew York Mets-130.33
71Pat ZachryNew York Mets-140.25
72Dave KingmanNew York Mets-120.50
73Garry MaddoxPhiladelphia Phillies-130.33
74Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
75Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
76Manny TrilloPhiladelphia Phillies-111.00
77Bob BoonePhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
78Pete RosePhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
79Gary MatthewsPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
80Larry BowaPhiladelphia Phillies-120.50
81Omar MorenoPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
82Rick RhodenPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
83Bill MadlockPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
84Mike EaslerPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
85Willie StargellPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
86Jim BibbyPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
87Dave ParkerPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
88Tim FoliPittsburgh Pirates-120.50
89Ken OberkfellSt. Louis Cardinals-140.25
90Bob ForschSt. Louis Cardinals-130.33
91George HendrickSt. Louis Cardinals-130.33
92Keith HernandezSt. Louis Cardinals-230.67
93Darrell PorterSt. Louis Cardinals-120.50
94Bruce SutterSt. Louis Cardinals-140.25
95Sixto LezcanoSt. Louis Cardinals-120.50
96Garry TempletonSt. Louis Cardinals-230.67
97Juan EichelbergerSan Diego Padres-120.50
98Broderick PerkinsSan Diego Padres-120.50
99Ruppert JonesSan Diego Padres-120.50
100Terry KennedySan Diego Padres-030.00
101Luis SalazarSan Diego Padres-221.00
102Gary LucasSan Diego Padres-140.25
103Gene RichardsSan Diego Padres-020.00
104Ozzie SmithSan Diego Padres-120.50
105Enos CabellSan Francisco Giants-130.33
106Jack ClarkSan Francisco Giants-130.33
107Greg MintonSan Francisco Giants-120.50
108Johnnie LeMasterSan Francisco Giants-120.50
109Larry HerndonSan Francisco Giants-120.50
110Milt MaySan Francisco Giants-120.50
111Vida BlueSan Francisco Giants-130.33
112Darrell EvansSan Francisco Giants-120.50
113Len Barker (Cleveland Indians)1981 Highlights-130.33
114Julio Cruz (Seattle Mariners)1981 Highlights-120.50
115Billy Martin MGR, (Oakland Athletics)1981 Highlights-120.50
116Tim Raines (Montreal Expos)1981 Highlights-120.50
117Pete Rose (Philadelphia Phillies)1981 Highlights-120.50
118Bill Stein (Texas Rangers)1981 Highlights-120.50
119Fernando Valenzuela (Los Angeles Dodgers)1981 Highlights-111.00
120Carl Yastrzemski (Boston Red Sox)1981 Highlights-120.50
121Pete Rose (Philadelphia Phillies)National League All Stars-120.50
122Manny Trillo (Philadelphia Phillies)National League All Stars-120.50
123Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies)National League All Stars-120.50
124Dave Concepcion (Cincinnati Reds)National League All Stars-130.33
125Andre Dawson (Montreal Expos)National League All Stars-221.00
126George Foster (Cincinnati Reds)National League All Stars-120.50
127Dave Parker (Pittsburgh Pirates)National League All Stars-120.50
128Gary Carter (Montreal Expos)National League All Stars-120.50
129Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies)National League All Stars-120.50
130Bruce Sutter (St. Louis Cardinals)National League All Stars-120.50
131Rod Carew (California Angels)American League All Stars-120.50
132Jerry Remy (Boston Red Sox)American League All Stars-130.33
133George Brett (Kansas City Royals)American League All Stars-120.50
134Rick Burleson (California Angels)American League All Stars-140.25
135Dwight Evans (Boston Red Sox)American League All Stars-120.50
136Ken Singleton (Baltimore Orioles)American League All Stars-130.33
137Dave Winfield (New York Yankees)American League All Stars-120.50
138Carlton Fisk (Chicago White Sox)American League All Stars-230.67
139Jack Morris (Detroit Tigers)American League All Stars-120.50
140Rich Gossage (New York Yankees)American League All Stars-120.50
141Al BumbryBaltimore Orioles-120.50
142Doug DeCincesBaltimore Orioles-120.50
143Scott McGregorBaltimore Orioles-240.50
144Ken SingletonBaltimore Orioles-120.50
145Eddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles-221.00
146Jim PalmerBaltimore Orioles-230.67
147Rich DauerBaltimore Orioles-120.50
148Mike FlanaganBaltimore Orioles-140.25
149Jerry RemyBoston Red Sox-120.50
150Jim RiceBoston Red Sox-130.33
151Mike TorrezBoston Red Sox-130.33
152Tony PerezBoston Red Sox-140.25
153Dwight EvansBoston Red Sox-130.33
154Mark ClearBoston Red Sox-120.50
155Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Sox-140.25
156Carney LansfordBoston Red Sox-140.25
157Rick BurlesonCalifornia Angels-120.50
158Don BaylorCalifornia Angels-140.25
159Ken ForschCalifornia Angels-130.33
160Rod CarewCalifornia Angels-130.33
161Fred LynnCalifornia Angels-120.50
162Bobby GrichCalifornia Angels-130.33
163Dan FordCalifornia Angels-120.50
164Butch HobsonCalifornia Angels-120.50
165Greg LuzinskiChicago White Sox-140.25
166Richard DotsonChicago White Sox-120.50
167Bill AlmonChicago White Sox-130.33
168Chet LemonChicago White Sox-120.50
169Steve TroutChicago White Sox-120.50
170Carlton FiskChicago White Sox-120.50
171Tony BernazardChicago White Sox-120.50
172Ron LeFloreChicago White Sox-120.50
173Bert BlylevenCleveland Indians-120.50
174Andre ThorntonCleveland Indians-130.33
175Jorge OrtaCleveland Indians-130.33
176Bo DiazCleveland Indians-130.33
177Toby HarrahCleveland Indians-120.50
178Len BarkerCleveland Indians-120.50
179Rick ManningCleveland Indians-120.50
180Mike HargroveCleveland Indians-130.33
181Alan TrammellDetroit Tigers-120.50
182Al CowensDetroit Tigers-111.00
183Jack MorrisDetroit Tigers-120.50
184Kirk GibsonDetroit Tigers-120.50
185Steve KempDetroit Tigers-130.33
186Milt WilcoxDetroit Tigers-120.50
187Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers-111.00
188Lance ParrishDetroit Tigers-130.33
189Willie WilsonKansas City Royals-120.50
190George BrettKansas City Royals-120.50
191Dennis LeonardKansas City Royals-130.33
192John WathanKansas City Royals-120.50
193Frank WhiteKansas City Royals-120.50
194Amos OtisKansas City Royals-120.50
195Larry GuraKansas City Royals-120.50
196Willie AikensKansas City Royals-221.00
197Ben OglivieMilwaukee Brewers-230.67
198Rollie FingersMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
199Cecil CooperMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
200Paul MolitorMilwaukee Brewers-230.67
201Ted SimmonsMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
202Pete VuckovichMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
203Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers-221.00
204Gorman ThomasMilwaukee Brewers-120.50
205Rob WilfongMinnesota Twins-120.50
206Hosken PowellMinnesota Twins-120.50
207Roy SmalleyMinnesota Twins-130.33
208Butch WynegarMinnesota Twins-130.33
209John CastinoMinnesota Twins-130.33
210Doug CorbettMinnesota Twins-120.50
211Roger EricksonMinnesota Twins-120.50
212Mickey HatcherMinnesota Twins-120.50
213Dave WinfieldNew York Yankees-130.33
214Tommy JohnNew York Yankees-120.50
215Graig NettlesNew York Yankees-120.50
216Reggie JacksonNew York Yankees-140.25
217Rich GossageNew York Yankees-240.50
218Rick CeroneNew York Yankees-120.50
219Willie RandolphNew York Yankees-130.33
220Jerry MumphreyNew York Yankees-130.33
221Rickey HendersonOakland Athletics-140.25
222Mike NorrisOakland Athletics-120.50
223Jim SpencerOakland Athletics-120.50
224Tony ArmasOakland Athletics-120.50
225Matt KeoughOakland Athletics-120.50
226Cliff JohnsonOakland Athletics-120.50
227Dwayne MurphyOakland Athletics-130.33
228Steve McCattyOakland Athletics-130.33
229Richie ZiskSeattle Mariners-130.33
230Len RandleSeattle Mariners-140.25
231Jeff BurroughsSeattle Mariners-230.67
232Bruce BochteSeattle Mariners-120.50
233Gary GraySeattle Mariners-120.50
234Floyd BannisterSeattle Mariners-130.33
235Julio CruzSeattle Mariners-120.50
236Tom PaciorekSeattle Mariners-130.33
237Danny DarwinTexas Rangers-130.33
238Buddy BellTexas Rangers-120.50
239Al OliverTexas Rangers-120.50
240Jim SundbergTexas Rangers-120.50
241Pat PutnamTexas Rangers-120.50
242Steve ComerTexas Rangers-120.50
243Mickey RiversTexas Rangers-120.50
244Bump WillsTexas Rangers-130.33
245Damaso GarciaToronto Blue Jays-221.00
246Lloyd MosebyToronto Blue Jays-120.50
247Ernie WhittToronto Blue Jays-120.50
248John MayberryToronto Blue Jays-120.50
249Otto VelezToronto Blue Jays-120.50
250Dave StiebToronto Blue Jays-130.33
251Barry BonnellToronto Blue Jays-140.25
252Alfredo GriffinToronto Blue Jays-130.33
2531981 NL Championship (Montreal Expos vs. Los Angeles Dodgers)1981 Championship Series-120.50
2541981 AL Championship (Oakland Athletics vs. New York Yankees)1981 Championship Series-120.50
255Los Angeles Dodgers Team (puzzle 1)1981 World Series-120.50
256Los Angeles Dodgers Team (puzzle 2)1981 World Series-120.50
2571981 World Series Game 31981 World Series-120.50
2581981 World Series Game 41981 World Series-120.50
2591981 World Series Game 51981 World Series-120.50
2601981 World Series Game 61981 World Series-120.50
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