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Topps Baseball Sticker Album 1983

Topps Baseball Sticker Album 1983

Year: 1983
Total stickers: 330

collecting: 3 / completed: 9


1Hank Aaron (Atlanta Braves)Home Run Kingsfoil010.00
2Babe Ruth (New York Yankees)Home Run Kingsfoil040.00
3Willie Mays (San Francisco Giants)Home Run Kingsfoil000.00
4Frank Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)Home Run Kingsfoil120.50
5Reggie Jackson (California Angels)Home Run Kingsfigured130.33
6Carl Yastrzemski (Boston Red Sox)Home Run Kingsfigured040.00
7Johnny Bench (Cincinnati Reds)Home Run Kingsfigured040.00
8Tony Perez (Boston Red Sox)Home Run Kingsfigured030.00
9Lee May (Kansas City Royals)Home Run Kingsfigured020.00
10Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies)Home Run Kingsfigured040.00
11Dave Kingman (New York Mets)Home Run Kingsfigured040.00
12Reggie Smith (San Francisco Giants)Home Run Kingsfigured040.00
13Graig Nettles (New York Yankees)Home Run Kingsfigured050.00
14Rusty Staub (New York Mets)Home Run Kingsfigured030.00
15Willie Wilson (Kansas City Royals)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-050.00
16LaMarr Hoyt (Chicago White Sox)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-030.00
17Reggie Jackson / Gorman ThomasPitching & Batting Leaders AL-150.20
18Floyd Bannister (Seattle Mariners)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-030.00
19Hal McRae (Kansas City Royals)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-040.00
20Rick Sutcliffe (Cleveland Indians)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-030.00
21Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-020.00
22Dan Quisenberry (Kansas City Royals)Pitching & Batting Leaders AL-050.00
23Jim PalmerBaltimore Oriolesfoil101.00
24John LowensteinBaltimore Orioles-040.00
25Mike FlanaganBaltimore Orioles-010.00
26Cal Ripken Jr.Baltimore Orioles-020.00
27Rich DauerBaltimore Orioles-050.00
28Ken SingletonBaltimore Orioles-040.00
29Eddie MurrayBaltimore Orioles-040.00
30Rick DempseyBaltimore Orioles-130.33
31Carl YastrzemskiBoston Red Soxfoil000.00
32Carney LansfordBoston Red Sox-030.00
33Jerry RemyBoston Red Sox-040.00
34Dennis EckersleyBoston Red Sox-120.50
35Dave StapletonBoston Red Sox-150.20
36Mark ClearBoston Red Sox-030.00
37Jim RiceBoston Red Sox-050.00
38Dwight EvansBoston Red Sox-030.00
39Rod CarewCalifornia Angels-020.00
40Don BaylorCalifornia Angels-050.00
41Reggie JacksonCalifornia Angelsfoil000.00
42Geoff ZahnCalifornia Angels-120.50
43Bobby GrichCalifornia Angels-030.00
44Fred LynnCalifornia Angels-130.33
45Bob BooneCalifornia Angels-020.00
46Doug DeCincesCalifornia Angels-040.00
47Tom PaciorekChicago White Sox-130.33
48Britt BurnsChicago White Sox-120.50
49Tony BernazardChicago White Sox-040.00
50Steve KempChicago White Sox-020.00
51Greg LuzinskiChicago White Soxfoil111.00
52Harold BainesChicago White Sox-050.00
53LaMarr HoytChicago White Sox-040.00
54Carlton FiskChicago White Sox-040.00
55Andre ThorntonCleveland Indiansfoil010.00
56Mike HargroveCleveland Indians-040.00
57Len BarkerCleveland Indians-130.33
58Toby HarrahCleveland Indians-030.00
59Dan SpillnerCleveland Indians-030.00
60Rick ManningCleveland Indians-040.00
61Rick SutcliffeCleveland Indians-030.00
62Ron HasseyCleveland Indians-050.00
63Lance ParrishDetroit Tigersfoil101.00
64John WockenfussDetroit Tigers-040.00
65Lou WhitakerDetroit Tigers-120.50
66Alan TrammellDetroit Tigers-030.00
67Kirk GibsonDetroit Tigers-040.00
68Larry HerndonDetroit Tigers-030.00
69Jack MorrisDetroit Tigers-030.00
70Dan PetryDetroit Tigers-060.00
71Frank WhiteKansas City Royals-050.00
72Amos OtisKansas City Royals-050.00
73Willie WilsonKansas City Royalsfoil030.00
74Dan QuisenberryKansas City Royals-050.00
75Hal McRaeKansas City Royals-050.00
76George BrettKansas City Royals-120.50
77Larry GuraKansas City Royals-120.50
78John WathanKansas City Royals-030.00
79Rollie FingersMilwaukee Brewers-050.00
80Cecil CooperMilwaukee Brewers-050.00
81Robin YountMilwaukee Brewersfoil030.00
82Ben OglivieMilwaukee Brewers-050.00
83Paul MolitorMilwaukee Brewers-050.00
84Gorman ThomasMilwaukee Brewers-150.20
85Ted SimmonsMilwaukee Brewers-130.33
86Pete VuckovichMilwaukee Brewers-140.25
87Gary GaettiMinnesota Twins-040.00
88Kent HrbekMinnesota Twinsfoil020.00
89John CastinoMinnesota Twins-130.33
90Tom BrunanskyMinnesota Twins-040.00
91Bobby MitchellMinnesota Twins-030.00
92Gary WardMinnesota Twins-040.00
93Tim LaudnerMinnesota Twins-020.00
94Ron DavisMinnesota Twins-020.00
95Willie RandolphNew York Yankees-140.25
96Roy SmalleyNew York Yankees-040.00
97Jerry MumphreyNew York Yankees-140.25
98Ken Griffey Sr.New York Yankees-040.00
99Dave WinfieldNew York Yankeesfoil040.00
100Rich GossageNew York Yankees-050.00
101Butch WynegarNew York Yankees-030.00
102Ron GuidryNew York Yankees-040.00
103Rickey HendersonOakland Athleticsfoil000.00
104Mike HeathOakland Athletics-030.00
105Davey LopesOakland Athletics-040.00
106Rick LangfordOakland Athletics-040.00
107Dwayne MurphyOakland Athletics-030.00
108Tony ArmasOakland Athletics-150.20
109Matt KeoughOakland Athletics-030.00
110Dan MeyerOakland Athletics-120.50
111Bruce BochteSeattle Mariners-020.00
112Julio CruzSeattle Mariners-030.00
113Floyd BannisterSeattle Mariners-150.20
114Gaylord PerrySeattle Marinersfoil111.00
115Al CowensSeattle Mariners-111.00
116Richie ZiskSeattle Mariners-020.00
117Jim EssianSeattle Mariners-120.50
118Bill CaudillSeattle Mariners-150.20
119Buddy BellTexas Rangersfoil111.00
120Larry ParrishTexas Rangers-050.00
121Danny DarwinTexas Rangers-030.00
122Bucky DentTexas Rangers-020.00
123Johnny GrubbTexas Rangers-040.00
124George WrightTexas Rangers-040.00
125Charlie HoughTexas Rangers-140.25
126Jim SundbergTexas Rangers-020.00
127Dave StiebToronto Blue Jaysfoil111.00
128Willie UpshawToronto Blue Jays-130.33
129Alfredo GriffinToronto Blue Jays-140.25
130Lloyd MosebyToronto Blue Jays-060.00
131Ernie WhittToronto Blue Jays-140.25
132Jim ClancyToronto Blue Jays-020.00
133Barry BonnellToronto Blue Jays-140.25
134Damaso GarciaToronto Blue Jays-040.00
135Jim Kaat (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-050.00
136Jim Kaat (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-030.00
137Greg Minton (San Francisco Giants) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-040.00
138Greg Minton (San Francisco Giants) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-040.00
139Paul Molitor (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-030.00
140Paul Molitor (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-050.00
141Manny Trillo (Philadelphia Phillies) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-120.50
142Manny Trillo (Philadelphia Phillies) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-130.33
143Joel Youngblood (Montreal Expos) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-020.00
144Joel Youngblood (Montreal Expos) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-140.25
145Robin Yount (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-060.00
146Robin Yount (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-030.00
147Willie McGee (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 Championship Seriesfigured050.00
148Darrell Porter (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 1)1982 Championship Seriesfigured030.00
149Darrell Porter (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 2)1982 Championship Seriesfigured040.00
150Robin Yount (Milwaukee Brewers)1982 Championship Seriesfigured150.20
151Bruce Benedict (Atlanta Braves) (puzzle 1)1982 Championship Seriesfigured150.20
152Bruce Benedict (Atlanta Braves) (puzzle 2)1982 Championship Seriesfigured030.00
153George Hendrick (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 Championship Seriesfigured040.00
154Bruce Benedict (Atlanta Braves)1982 Championship Seriesfigured050.00
155Doug DeCinces (California Angels)1982 Championship Seriesfigured050.00
156Paul Molitor (Milwaukee Brewers)1982 Championship Seriesfigured140.25
157Charlie Moore (Milwaukee Brewers)1982 Championship Seriesfigured140.25
158Fred Lynn (California Angels)1982 Championship Seriesfigured040.00
159Rickey Henderson1982 Championship Seriesfigured040.00
160Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves)All Starsfigured030.00
161Willie Wilson (Kansas City Royals)All Starsfigured040.00
162Jack Clark (San Francisco Giants)All Starsfigured030.00
163Reggie Jackson (California Angels)All Starsfigured030.00
164Andre Dawson (Montreal Expos)All Starsfigured040.00
165Dan Quisenberry (Kansas City Royals)All Starsfigured140.25
166Bruce Sutter (St. Louis Cardinals)All Starsfigured050.00
167Robin Yount (Milwaukee Brewers)All Starsfigured030.00
168Ozzie Smith (St. Louis Cardinals)All Starsfigured040.00
169Frank White (Kansas City Royals)All Starsfigured020.00
170Phil Garner (Houston Astros)All Starsfigured140.25
171Doug DeCinces (California Angels)All Starsfigured140.25
172Mike Schmidt (Philadelphia Phillies)All Starsfigured030.00
173Cecil Cooper (Milwaukee Brewers)All Starsfigured040.00
174Al Oliver (Montreal Expos)All Starsfigured050.00
175Jim Palmer (Baltimore Orioles)All Starsfigured040.00
176Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies)All Starsfigured030.00
177Carlton Fisk (Chicago White Sox)All Starsfigured150.20
178Gary Carter (Montreal Expos)All Starsfigured040.00
179Joaquin Andujar (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 World Seriesfigured060.00
180Ozzie Smith (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 World Seriesfigured040.00
181Cecil Cooper (Milwaukee Brewers)1982 World Seriesfigured050.00
182Darrell Porter (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 1)1982 World Seriesfigured140.25
183Darrell Porter (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 2)1982 World Seriesfigured150.20
184Mike Caldwell (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 1)1982 World Seriesfigured030.00
185Mike Caldwell (Milwaukee Brewers) (puzzle 2)1982 World Seriesfigured140.25
186Ozzie Smith (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 World Seriesfigured140.25
187Bruce Sutter (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 World Seriesfigured050.00
188Keith Hernandez (St. Louis Cardinals)1982 World Seriesfigured040.00
189Dane Iorg (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 1)1982 World Seriesfigured040.00
190Dane Iorg (St. Louis Cardinals) (puzzle 2)1982 World Seriesfigured020.00
191Tony Armas (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakersfigured050.00
192Tony Armas (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakersfigured040.00
193Lance Parrish (Detroit Tigers) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakersfigured030.00
194Lance Parrish (Detroit Tigers) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakersfigured040.00
195John Wathan (Kansas City Royals) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakersfigured040.00
196John Wathan (Kansas City Royals) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakersfigured150.20
197Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 1)1982 Record Breakers-160.17
198Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 2)1982 Record Breakers-150.20
199Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 3)1982 Record Breakers-040.00
200Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 4)1982 Record Breakers-140.25
201Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 5)1982 Record Breakers-040.00
202Rickey Henderson (Oakland Athletics) (puzzle 6)1982 Record Breakers-030.00
203Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies) (puzzle 1)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-040.00
204Steve Carlton (Philadelphia Phillies) (puzzle 2)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-030.00
205Al Oliver (Montreal Expos)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-150.20
206Dale Murphy / Al OliverPitching & Batting Leaders NL-030.00
207Dave Kingman (New York Mets)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-040.00
208Steve Rogers (Montreal Expos)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-050.00
209Bruce Sutter (St. Louis Cardinals)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-150.20
210Tim Raines (Montreal Expos)Pitching & Batting Leaders NL-140.25
211Dale MurphyAtlanta Bravesfoil111.00
212Chris ChamblissAtlanta Braves-140.25
213Gene GarberAtlanta Braves-040.00
214Bob HornerAtlanta Braves-140.25
215Glenn HubbardAtlanta Braves-010.00
216Claudell WashingtonAtlanta Braves-030.00
217Bruce BenedictAtlanta Braves-120.50
218Phil NiekroAtlanta Braves-050.00
219Leon DurhamChicago Cubsfoil050.00
220Jay JohnstoneChicago Cubs-040.00
221Larry BowaChicago Cubs-030.00
222Keith MorelandChicago Cubs-020.00
223Bill BucknerChicago Cubs-040.00
224Fergie JenkinsChicago Cubs-030.00
225Dick TidrowChicago Cubs-150.20
226Jody DavisChicago Cubs-140.25
227Dave ConcepcionCincinnati Reds-060.00
228Dan DriessenCincinnati Reds-150.20
229Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds-030.00
230Ron OesterCincinnati Reds-050.00
231Cesar CedenoCincinnati Reds-050.00
232Alex TrevinoCincinnati Reds-040.00
233Tom SeaverCincinnati Reds-150.20
234Mario SotoCincinnati Redsfoil020.00
235Nolan RyanHouston Astrosfoil120.50
236Art HoweHouston Astros-050.00
237Phil GarnerHouston Astros-040.00
238Ray KnightHouston Astros-050.00
239Terry PuhlHouston Astros-140.25
240Joe NiekroHouston Astros-150.20
241Alan AshbyHouston Astros-030.00
242Jose CruzHouston Astros-040.00
243Steve GarveyLos Angeles Dodgers-030.00
244Ron CeyLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
245Dusty BakerLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
246Ken LandreauxLos Angeles Dodgers-040.00
247Jerry ReussLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
248Pedro GuerreroLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
249Bill RussellLos Angeles Dodgers-050.00
250Fernando ValenzuelaLos Angeles Dodgersfoil120.50
251Al OliverMontreal Exposfoil050.00
252Andre DawsonMontreal Expos-030.00
253Tim RainesMontreal Expos-040.00
254Jeff ReardonMontreal Expos-040.00
255Gary CarterMontreal Expos-030.00
256Steve RogersMontreal Expos-150.20
257Tim WallachMontreal Expos-040.00
258Chris SpeierMontreal Expos-140.25
259Dave KingmanNew York Mets-050.00
260Bob BailorNew York Mets-040.00
261Hubie BrooksNew York Mets-040.00
262Craig SwanNew York Mets-050.00
263George FosterNew York Mets-040.00
264John StearnsNew York Mets-050.00
265Neil AllenNew York Mets-040.00
266Mookie WilsonNew York Metsfoil030.00
267Steve CarltonPhiladelphia Philliesfoil000.00
268Manny TrilloPhiladelphia Phillies-050.00
269Gary MatthewsPhiladelphia Phillies-140.25
270Mike SchmidtPhiladelphia Phillies-030.00
271Ivan DeJesusPhiladelphia Phillies-050.00
272Pete RosePhiladelphia Phillies-020.00
273Bo DiazPhiladelphia Phillies-040.00
274Sid MongePhiladelphia Phillies-140.25
275Bill MadlockPittsburgh Piratesfoil020.00
276Jason ThompsonPittsburgh Pirates-140.25
277Don RobinsonPittsburgh Pirates-040.00
278Omar MorenoPittsburgh Pirates-050.00
279Dale BerraPittsburgh Pirates-040.00
280Dave ParkerPittsburgh Pirates-060.00
281Tony PenaPittsburgh Pirates-160.17
282John CandelariaPittsburgh Pirates-150.20
283Lonnie SmithSt. Louis Cardinals-050.00
284Bruce SutterSt. Louis Cardinalsfoil120.50
285George HendrickSt. Louis Cardinals-140.25
286Tom HerrSt. Louis Cardinals-050.00
287Ken OberkfellSt. Louis Cardinals-060.00
288Ozzie SmithSt. Louis Cardinals-040.00
289Bob ForschSt. Louis Cardinals-020.00
290Keith HernandezSt. Louis Cardinals-030.00
291Garry TempletonSan Diego Padres-030.00
292Broderick PerkinsSan Diego Padres-050.00
293Terry KennedySan Diego Padresfoil040.00
294Gene RichardsSan Diego Padres-050.00
295Ruppert JonesSan Diego Padres-040.00
296Tim LollarSan Diego Padres-040.00
297John MontefuscoSan Diego Padres-040.00
298Sixto LezcanoSan Diego Padres-050.00
299Greg MintonSan Francisco Giants-150.20
300Jack ClarkSan Francisco Giantsfoil000.00
301Milt MaySan Francisco Giants-030.00
302Reggie SmithSan Francisco Giants-040.00
303Joe MorganSan Francisco Giants-040.00
304Johnnie LeMasterSan Francisco Giants-140.25
305Darrell EvansSan Francisco Giants-150.20
306Al HollandSan Francisco Giants-030.00
307Jesse Barfield (Toronto Blue Jays)Stars of the Future. American League-040.00
308Wade Boggs (Boston Red Sox)Stars of the Future. American League-040.00
309Tom Brunansky (Minnesota Twins)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
310Storm Davis (Baltimore Orioles)Stars of the Future. American League-040.00
311Von Hayes (Cleveland Indians)Stars of the Future. American League-040.00
312Dave Hostetler (Texas Rangers)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
313Kent Hrbek (Minnesota Twins)Stars of the Future. American League-150.20
314Tim Laudner (Minnesota Twins)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
315Cal Ripken Jr. (Baltimore Orioles)Stars of the Future. American League-030.00
316Andre Robertson (New York Yankees)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
317Ed Vande Berg (Seattle Mariners)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
318Glenn Wilson (Detroit Tigers)Stars of the Future. American League-050.00
319Chili Davis (San Francisco Giants)Stars of the Future. National League-150.20
320Bob Dernier (Philadelphia Phillies)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
321Terry Francona (Montreal Expos)Stars of the Future. National League-060.00
322Brian Giles (New York Mets)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
323David Green (St. Louis Cardinals)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
324Atlee Hammaker (San Francisco Giants)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
325Bill Laskey (San Francisco Giants)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
326Willie McGee (St. Louis Cardinals)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
327Johnny Ray (Pittsburgh Pirates)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
328Ryne Sandberg (Chicago Cubs)Stars of the Future. National League-140.25
329Steve Sax (Los Angeles Dodgers)Stars of the Future. National League-040.00
330Eric Show (San Diego Padres)Stars of the Future. National League-050.00
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