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Topps Baseball Sticker Yearbook 1988

Topps Baseball Sticker Yearbook 1988

Year: 1988
Total stickers: 198

collecting: 1 / completed: 0


1-263Mark McGwire / Willie Wilson-Double Stickers000.00
2-304Benny Santiago / Al Pedrigue-Double Stickers000.00
3-187Don Mattingly / Ernie Whitt-Double Stickers000.00
4-223Vince Coleman / Gary Matthews-Double Stickers000.00
5-272Bob Boone / Jim Morrison-Double Stickers000.00
6-278Steve Bedrosian / Tim Laudner-Double Stickers000.00
7-276Nolan Ryan / Bert Blyleven-Double Stickers000.00
8-306Darrell Evans / Kevin Seitzer-Double Stickers000.00
9-255Mike Schmidt / Frank White-Double Stickers000.00
10-256Don Baylor / Dan Quisenberry-Double Stickers000.00
11-145Eddie Murray / Dennis Rasmussen-Double Stickers000.00
12-237Juan Beniquez / Oddibe McDowell-Double Stickers000.00
13John TudorCardinals-000.00
14Jeff ReardonTwins-000.00
15Tom BrunanskyTwins-101.00
16Jeffrey LeonardGiants-101.00
17Gary GaettiTwins-000.00
19Dan GladdenTwins-000.00
20Bert BlylevenTwins-101.00
21John TudorCardinals-101.00
22Tom LawlessCardinals-101.00
23Curt FordCardinals-000.00
24Kent HrbekTwins-000.00
25Frank ViolaTwins-000.00
26-216Dave Smith / Ed Nunez-Double Stickers000.00
27-240Jim Deshaies / Pete O'Brien-Double Stickers000.00
28-171Billy Hatcher / Mike Davis-Double Stickers000.00
29-196Kevin Bass / Teddy Higuera-Double Stickers000.00
30Mike ScottAstros-000.00
31-224Denny Walling / Eric Bell-Double Stickers000.00
32-185Alan Ashby / Willie Upshaw-Double Stickers000.00
33-292Ken Caminiti / Greg Walker-Double Stickers000.00
34-245Bill Doran / Dwight Evans-Double Stickers000.00
35Glenn DavisAstros-000.00
36Ozzie VirgilBraves-000.00
37-260Ken Oberkfell / Charlie Leibrandt-Double Stickers000.00
38-183Ken Griffy / Devon White-Double Stickers000.00
39-287Albert Hall / Ken Williams-Double Stickers000.00
40-310Zane Smith / Ellis Burks-Double Stickers000.00
41-207Andres Thomas / Julio Franco-Double Stickers000.00
42-178Dion James / Gary Pettis-Double Stickers000.00
43-249Jim Acker / Mike Greenwell-Double Stickers000.00
44-226Tom Glavine / Dave Schmidt-Double Stickers000.00
45Dale MurphyBraves-000.00
46Jack ClarkCardinals-000.00
47-269Vince Coleman / Matt Nokes-Double Stickers000.00
48-221Ricky Horton / Harold Reynolds-Double Stickers000.00
49-303Terry Pendleton / Gary Ward-Double Stickers000.00
50-271Tom Herr / Eric King-Double Stickers000.00
51-265Joe Magrane / Darrell Evans-Double Stickers000.00
52-211Tony Pena / Brook Jacoby-Double Stickers000.00
53-298Ozzie Smith / Rick Rhoden-Double Stickers000.00
54-169Todd Worrell / Alfredo Griffin-Double Stickers000.00
55Willie McGeeCardinals-101.00
56Andre DawsonCubs-000.00
57-225Ryne Sandberg / Terry Kennedy-Double Stickers000.00
58-291Keith Moreland / Richard Dotson-Double Stickers000.00
59-198Greg Maddux / Rob Deer-Double Stickers000.00
60-290Jody Davis / Carlton Fisk-Double Stickers000.00
61Rick SutcliffeCubs-000.00
62-295Jamie Moyer / Mike Pagliarulo-Double Stickers000.00
63-172Leon Durham / Luis Polonia-Double Stickers000.00
64-313Lee Smith / Devon White-Double Stickers000.00
65-250Shawon Dunston / Ellis Burks-Double Stickers000.00
66-257Franklin Stubbs / Danny Tartabull-Double Stickers000.00
67-235Mike Scioscia / Steve Buechele-Double Stickers000.00
68-177Orel Hershiser / Dick Schofield-Double Stickers000.00
69-289Mike Marshall / Bob James-Double Stickers000.00
70Fernando ValenzuelaDodgers-000.00
71-281Mickey Hatcher / Dan Gladden-Double Stickers000.00
72-166Matt Young / Jay Howell-Double Stickers000.00
73-236Bob Welch / Charlie Hough-Double Stickers000.00
74-170Steve Sax / Dennis Eckersley-Double Stickers000.00
75Pedro GuerreroDodgers-000.00
76Tim RainsExpos-000.00
77-252Casey Candaele / Rich Gedman-Double Stickers000.00
78-248Mike Fitzgerald / Marty Barrett-Double Stickers000.00
79-301Andres Galarraga / Claud Washington-Double Stickers000.00
80-212Neal Heaton / Brett Butler-Double Stickers000.00
81-296Hubie Brooks / Ron Guidry-Double Stickers000.00
82-258Floyd Youmans / Bo Jeckson-Double Stickers000.00
83-201Herm Winningham / Robin Yount-Double Stickers000.00
84-307Dennis Martinez / Mike Dunne-Double Stickers000.00
85Tim WallachExpos-101.00
86Jeffrey LeonardGiants-000.00
87-251Will Clark / Roger Clemens-Double Stickers000.00
88-288Kevin Mitchell / Jim Winn-Double Stickers000.00
89-267Mike Aldrete / Kirk Gibson-Double Stickers000.00
90-191Scott Garrelts / Dave Stieb-Double Stickers000.00
91-231Jose Uribe / Mike Boddicker-Double Stickers000.00
92-246Bob Brenly / Sam Horn-Double Stickers000.00
93-189Robby Thompson / Lloyd Moseby-Double Stickers000.00
94-217Don Robinson / Jim Presley-Double Stickers000.00
95Candy MaldonadoGiants-000.00
96Darryl StrawberryMets-000.00
97-192Keith Hernandez / Jesse Barfield-Double Stickers000.00
98-220Ron Darling / Dave Valle-Double Stickers000.00
99-218Howard Johnson / Phil Bradley-Double Stickers000.00
100-190Roger McDowell / Jimmy Key-Double Stickers000.00
101Dwight GoodenMets-000.00
102-165Kevin McReynolds / Tony Philips-Double Stickers000.00
103-275Sid Fernandez / Tom Brunansky-Double Stickers000.00
104-241Dave Magadan / Scott Fletcher-Double Stickers000.00
105-167Gary Carter / Carney Lansford-Double Stickers000.00
106-302Carmelo Martin / Dave Winfield-Double Stickers000.00
107-205Eddie Whitson / Mel Hall-Double Stickers000.00
108-180Tim Flannery / DeWayne Buice-Double Stickers000.00
109-266Stan Jefferson / Bill Madlock-Double Stickers000.00
110John KrukPadres-101.00
111-168Chris Brown / Dave Stewart-Double Stickers000.00
112-215Benny Santiago / Rey Quinones-Double Stickers000.00
113-270Garry Templeton / Lou Whitaker-Double Stickers000.00
114-186Lance McCullers / Tom Henke-Double Stickers000.00
115Tony GwynnPadres-000.00
116Steve BedrosianPhillies-000.00
117-247Von Hayes / Jim Rice-Double Stickers000.00
118-279Kevin Gross / Gene Larkin-Double Stickers000.00
119-238Bruce Ruffin / Mike Stanley-Double Stickers000.00
120-184Juan Samuel / Jim Clancy-Double Stickers000.00
121-182Shane Rawley / Bob Boone-Double Stickers000.00
122-222Chris James / Scott Bradley-Double Stickers000.00
123-199Lance Parrish / Dave Sveum-Double Stickers000.00
124-181Glenn Wilson / Brian Downing-Double Stickers000.00
125Mike SchmidtPhillies-000.00
126Andy Van SlykePirates-000.00
127-297Jose Lind / Rickey Henderson-Double Stickers000.00
128-176Al Pedrique / Greg Minton-Double Stickers000.00
129-277Bobby Bonilla / Gary Gaetti-Double Stickers000.00
130-175Sid Bream / Jack Howell-Double Stickers000.00
131-230Mike LaValliere / Larry Sheets-Double Stickers000.00
132-197Mike Dunne / Glenn Braggs-Double Stickers000.00
133-232Jeff Robinson / Tom Niedenfuer-Double Stickers000.00
134-195Doug Drabek / Jim Gantner-Double Stickers000.00
135Barry BondsPirates-000.00
136Dave ParkerReds-000.00
137-208Nick Esasky / Cory Snyder-Double Stickers000.00
138-280Buddy Bell / Jeff Reardon-Double Stickers000.00
139-239Kal Daniels / Pete Incaviglia-Double Stickers000.00
140-285Barry Larkin / Ivan Calderon-Double Stickers000.00
141Eric DavisReds-000.00
142-227John Franco / Billy Ripken-Double Stickers000.00
143-229Bo Diaz / Ray Knight-Double Stickers000.00
144-261Ron Oester / Kevin Seitzer-Double Stickers000.00
146Eric DavisReds-101.00
147Ryan SandbergCubs-101.00
148Andre DawsonCubs-101.00
149Mike SchmidtPhillies-101.00
150Jack ClarkCardinals-101.00
151Darryl StrawberryMets-101.00
152Gary CarterMets-101.00
153Ozzie SmithCardinals-101.00
154Mike ScottAstros-101.00
155Ricky HendersonYankees-101.00
156Don MattinglyYankees-101.00
157Wade BoggsRed Sox-101.00
158George BellBlue Jays-101.00
159Dave WinfieldYankees-101.00
160Cal RipkenOrioles-101.00
161Terry KennedyOrioles-101.00
162Willie RandolphYankees-101.00
163Bret SaberhagenRoyals-101.00
164Mark McGwireAthletics-000.00
173Jose CansecoAthletics-000.00
174Mike WittAngels-000.00
179Wally JoynerAngels-000.00
188George BellBlue Jays-000.00
193Tony FernandezBlue Jays-000.00
194Paul MolitorBrewers-000.00
200-308Bill Wegman / Jeff Musselman-Double Stickers000.00
202-309B.J. Surhoff / Mark McGwire-Double Stickers000.00
203Dan PlesacBrewers-000.00
204Pat TablerIndians-101.00
206-305Scott Bailes / Casey Candaele-Double Stickers000.00
209-312Chris Bando / Mike Greenwell-Double Stickers000.00
210-311Greg Swindell / Matt Nokes-Double Stickers000.00
213Joe CarterIndians-000.00
214Mark LangstonMariners-000.00
219Alvin DavisMariners-101.00
228Cal RipkenOrioles-000.00
233Eddie MurrayOrioles-000.00
234Ruben SierraRangers-000.00
242-300Dale Mohorcic / Dave Righetti-Double Stickers000.00
243Larry ParrishRangers-000.00
244Wade BoggsRed Sox-000.00
253Bruce HurstRed Sox-000.00
254Bret SaberhagenRoyals-101.00
259George BrettRoyals-000.00
262-282Mark Gubicza / Frank Viola-Double Stickers000.00
264-286Frank Tanana / Donnie Hill-Double Stickers000.00
268Jack MorrisTigers-101.00
273Alan TrammellTigers-000.00
274Kent HrbekTwins-000.00
283Kirby PuckettTwins-000.00
284Ozzie GuillenWhite Sox-101.00
293Harold BainesWhite Sox-101.00
294Willie RandolphYankees-000.00
299Don MattinglyYankees-101.00