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Topps NFL 1958

Topps NFL 1958

Year: 1958
Total cards: 133

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Gene FilipskiNew York GiantsBase card000.00
2Bobby LayneDetroit LionsBase card000.00
3Joe SchmidtDetroit LionsBase card000.00
4Bill BarnesPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
5Milt PlumCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
6Bill HowtonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
7Howard CassadyDetroit LionsBase card000.00
8Jim DooleyChicago BearsBase card000.00
9Cleveland BrownsCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
10Lenny MooreBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
11Pete BrewsterCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
12Alan AmecheBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
13Jim DavidDetroit LionsBase card000.00
14Jim MutschellerBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
15Andy RobustelliNew York GiantsBase card000.00
16Gino MarchettiBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
17Ray RenfroCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
18Yale LaryDetroit LionsBase card000.00
19Gary GlickPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
20Jon ArnettLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
21Bob BoydLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
22John UnitasBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
23Zeke BratkowskiChicago BearsBase card000.00
24Sid YoungelmanPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
25Leo ElterWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
26Ken KonzCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
27Washington RedskinsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
28Carl BrettschneiderChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
29Chicago BearsChicago BearsBase card000.00
30Alex WebsterNew York GiantsBase card000.00
31Al CarmichaelGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
32Bobby DillonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
33Steve MeilingerWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
34Sam BakerWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
35Chuck BednarikPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
36Vic ZuccoChicago BearsBase card000.00
37George TarasovicPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
38Bill WadeLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
39Dick StanfelWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
40Jerry NortonPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
41San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
42Em TunnellNew York GiantsBase card000.00
43Jim DoranDetroit LionsBase card000.00
44Ted MarchibrodaChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
45Chet HanulakCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
46Dale DodrillPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
47John CarsonWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
48Dick DeschaineGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
49Billy WellsPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
50Larry MorrisLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
51Jack McClairenPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
52Lou GrozaCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
53Rick CasaresChicago BearsBase card000.00
54Don ChandlerNew York GiantsBase card000.00
55Duane PutnamLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
56Gary KnafelcGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
57Earl MorrallPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
58Ron KramerGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
59Mike McCormackCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
60Gern NaglerChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
61New York GiantsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
62Jim BrownCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
63Joe MarconiLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
64R.C. OwensSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
65Jimmy CarrChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
66Bart StarrGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
67Tom WilsonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
68Lamar McHanChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
69Chicago CardinalsChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
70Jack ChristiansenDetroit LionsBase card000.00
71Don McIlhennyGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
72Ron WallerLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
73Frank GiffordNew York GiantsBase card000.00
74Bert RechicharBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
75John Henry JohnsonDetroit LionsBase card000.00
76Jack ButlerPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
77Frank VarrichionePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
78Ray MathewsPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
79Marv MatuszakSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
80Harlon HillChicago BearsBase card000.00
81Lou CreekmurDetroit LionsBase card000.00
82Woodley LewisChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
83Don HeinrichNew York GiantsBase card000.00
84Charley ConerlyNew York GiantsBase card000.00
85Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
86Y.A. TittleSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
87Bobby WalstonPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
88Earl PutmanChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
89Leo NomelliniSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
90Sonny JurgensenPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
91Don PaulCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
92Paige CothrenLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
93Joe PerrySan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
94Tobin RoteDetroit LionsBase card000.00
95Billy WilsonSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
96Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
97Torgy TorgesonWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
98Milt DavisBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
99Larry StricklandChicago BearsBase card000.00
100Matt HazeltineSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
101Walt YowarskyNew York GiantsBase card000.00
102Roosevelt BrownNew York GiantsBase card000.00
103Jim RingoGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
104Joe KrupaPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
105Les RichterLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
106Art DonovanBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
107John OlszewskiChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
108Ken KellerPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
109Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
110Baltimore ColtsBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
111Dick BielskiPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
112Eddie LeBaronWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
113Gene BritoWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
114Willie GalimoreChicago BearsBase card000.00
115Detroit LionsDetroit LionsBase card000.00
116Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
117L.G. DupreBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
118Babe ParilliGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
119Bill GeorgeChicago BearsBase card000.00
120Raymond BerryBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
121Jim PodoleyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
122Hugh McElhennySan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
123Ed BrownChicago BearsBase card000.00
124Dick MoegleSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
125Tom ScottPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
126Tommy McDonaldPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
127Ollie MatsonChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
128Preston CarpenterCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
129George BlandaChicago BearsBase card000.00
130Gordon SoltauSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
131Dick NolanChicago CardinalsBase card000.00
132Don BosselerWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
IN1Free Felt Initial Card-Inserts000.00
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