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Topps NFL Sticker Album 1981

Topps NFL Sticker Album 1981

Year: 1981
Total stickers: 262

Topps Football'81 Sticker album.

collecting: 6 / completed: 4


1Brian Sipe (Cleveland Browns)Among the Best in the AFC-303.00
2Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFC-111.00
3John Jefferson (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFC-202.00
4Bruce Harper (New York Jets)Among the Best in the AFC-101.00
5J.T. Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)Among the Best in the AFC-101.00
6Luke Prestridge (Denver Broncos)Among the Best in the AFC-111.00
7Lester Hayes (Oakland Raiders)Among the Best in the AFC-202.00
8Gary Johnson (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFC-111.00
9Bert JonesBaltimore Colts-303.00
10Fred CookBaltimore Colts-101.00
11Roger CarrBaltimore Colts-202.00
12Greg LandryBaltimore Colts-101.00
13Raymond ButlerBaltimore Colts-111.00
14Bruce LairdBaltimore Colts-010.00
15Ed SimoniniBaltimore Colts-101.00
16Curtis DickeyBaltimore Colts-101.00
17Joe CribbsBuffalo Bills-101.00
18Joe FergusonBuffalo Bills-202.00
19Ben WilliamsBuffalo Bills-202.00
20Jerry ButlerBuffalo Bills-101.00
21Roland HooksBuffalo Bills-101.00
22Fred SmerlasBuffalo Bills-202.00
23Frank LewisBuffalo Bills-303.00
24Mark BrammerBuffalo Bills-111.00
25David WoodleyMiami Dolphins-202.00
26Nat MooreMiami Dolphins-303.00
27Uwe Von SchamannMiami Dolphins-202.00
28Vern Den HerderMiami Dolphins-303.00
29Tony NathanMiami Dolphins-303.00
30Duriel HarrisMiami Dolphins-101.00
31Don McNealMiami Dolphins-101.00
32Delvin WilliamsMiami Dolphins-404.00
33Stanley MorganNew England Patriots-404.00
34John HannahNew England Patriots-303.00
35Horace IvoryNew England Patriots-303.00
36Steve NelsonNew England Patriots-202.00
37Steve GroganNew England Patriots-101.00
38Vagas FergusonNew England Patriots-101.00
39John SmithNew England Patriots-202.00
40Mike HaynesNew England Patriots-101.00
41Mark GastineauNew York Jets-101.00
42Wesley WalkerNew York Jets-101.00
43Joe KleckoNew York Jets-020.00
44Chris WardNew York Jets-303.00
45Lam JonesNew York Jets-202.00
46Marvin PowellNew York Jets-202.00
47Richard ToddNew York Jets-101.00
48Greg ButtleNew York Jets-101.00
49Eddie EdwardsCincinnati Bengals-111.00
50Dan RossCincinnati Bengals-101.00
51Ken AndersonCincinnati Bengals-010.00
52Ross BrownerCincinnati Bengals-101.00
53Don BassCincinnati Bengals-101.00
54Jim LeClairCincinnati Bengals-101.00
55Pete JohnsonCincinnati Bengals-101.00
56Anthony MunozCincinnati Bengals-202.00
57Brian SipeCleveland Browns-202.00
58Mike PruittCleveland Browns-101.00
59Greg PruittCleveland Browns-202.00
60Thom DardenCleveland Browns-303.00
61Ozzie NewsomeCleveland Browns-000.00
62Dave LoganCleveland Browns-101.00
63Lyle AlzadoCleveland Browns-202.00
64Reggie RuckerCleveland Browns-202.00
65Robert BrazileHouston Oilers-111.00
66Mike BarberHouston Oilers-202.00
67Carl RoachesHouston Oilers-101.00
68Ken StablerHouston Oilers-111.00
69Gregg BinghamHouston Oilers-202.00
70Mike RenfroHouston Oilers-010.00
71Leon GrayHouston Oilers-010.00
72Rob CarpenterHouston Oilers-111.00
73Franco HarrisPittsburgh Steelers-202.00
74Jack LambertPittsburgh Steelers-010.00
75Jim SmithPittsburgh Steelers-202.00
76Mike WebsterPittsburgh Steelers-303.00
77Sidney ThorntonPittsburgh Steelers-111.00
78Joe GreenePittsburgh Steelers-020.00
79John StallworthPittsburgh Steelers-303.00
80Tyrone McGriffPittsburgh Steelers-020.00
81Randy GradisharDenver Broncos-111.00
82Haven MosesDenver Broncos-111.00
83Riley OdomsDenver Broncos-020.00
84Matt RobinsonDenver Broncos-303.00
85Craig MortonDenver Broncos-202.00
86Rulon JonesDenver Broncos-101.00
87Rick UpchurchDenver Broncos-010.00
88Jim JensenDenver Broncos-111.00
89Art StillKansas City Chiefs-212.00
90J.T. SmithKansas City Chiefs-020.00
91Steve FullerKansas City Chiefs-111.00
92Gary BarbaroKansas City Chiefs-111.00
93Ted McKnightKansas City Chiefs-303.00
94Bob GruppKansas City Chiefs-111.00
95Henry MarshallKansas City Chiefs-303.00
96Mike WilliamsKansas City Chiefs-010.00
97Jim PlunkettOakland Raiders-101.00
98Lester HayesOakland Raiders-020.00
99Cliff BranchOakland Raiders-101.00
100John MatuszakOakland Raiders-010.00
101Matt MillenOakland Raiders-212.00
102Kenny KingOakland Raiders-111.00
103Ray GuyOakland Raiders-111.00
104Ted HendricksOakland Raiders-111.00
105John JeffersonSan Diego Chargers-202.00
106Fred DeanSan Diego Chargers-303.00
107Dan FoutsSan Diego Chargers-202.00
108Charlie JoinerSan Diego Chargers-111.00
109Kellen Winslow Sr.San Diego Chargers-303.00
110Gary JohnsonSan Diego Chargers-101.00
111Mike ThomasSan Diego Chargers-101.00
112Louie KelcherSan Diego Chargers-202.00
113Jim ZornSeattle Seahawks-111.00
114Terry BeesonSeattle Seahawks-101.00
115Jacob GreenSeattle Seahawks-010.00
116Steve LargentSeattle Seahawks-111.00
117Dan DoorninkSeattle Seahawks-111.00
118Manu TuiasosopoSeattle Seahawks-101.00
119John SawyerSeattle Seahawks-010.00
120Jim JodatSeattle Seahawks-101.00
121Walter Payton (Chicago Bears)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil303.00
122Brian Sipe (Cleveland Browns)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil111.00
123Joe Cribbs (Buffalo Bills)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil111.00
124James Lofton (Green Bay Packers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil010.00
125John Jefferson (San Diego Chargers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil111.00
126Leon Gray (Houston Oilers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil020.00
127Joe DeLamielleure (Cleveland Browns)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil101.00
128Mike Webster (Pittsburgh Steelers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil000.00
129John Hannah (New England Patriots)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil010.00
130Mike Kenn (Atlanta Falcons)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil020.00
131Kellen Winslow (San Diego Chargers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil010.00
132Lee Roy Selmon (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil111.00
133Randy White (Dallas Cowboys)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil303.00
134Gary Johnson (San Diego Chargers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil000.00
135Art Still (Kansas City Chiefs)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil020.00
136Robert Brazile (Houston Oilers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil111.00
137Nolan Cromwell (Los Angeles Rams)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil010.00
138Ted Hendricks (Oakland Raiders)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil202.00
139Lester Hayes (Oakland Raiders)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil101.00
140Randy Gradishar (Denver Broncos)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil303.00
141Lemar Parrish (Washington Redskins)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil111.00
142Donnie Shell (Pittsburgh Steelers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil010.00
143Ron Jaworski (Philadelphia Eagles)Among the Best in the NFC-303.00
144Archie Manning (New Orleans Saints)Among the Best in the NFC-404.00
145Walter Payton (Chicago Bears)Among the Best in the NFC-303.00
146Billy Sims (Detroit Lions)Among the Best in the NFC-202.00
147James Lofton (Green Bay Packers)Among the Best in the NFC-010.00
148Dave Jennings (New York Giants)Among the Best in the NFC-101.00
149Nolan Cromwell (Los Angeles Rams)Among the Best in the NFC-010.00
150Al Baker (Detroit Lions)Among the Best in the NFC-111.00
151Tony DorsettDallas Cowboys-404.00
152Harvey MartinDallas Cowboys-111.00
153Danny WhiteDallas Cowboys-020.00
154Pat DonovanDallas Cowboys-111.00
155Drew PearsonDallas Cowboys-202.00
156Robert NewhouseDallas Cowboys-303.00
157Randy WhiteDallas Cowboys-111.00
158Butch JohnsonDallas Cowboys-111.00
159Dave JenningsNew York Giants-202.00
160Brad Van PeltNew York Giants-111.00
161Phil SimmsNew York Giants-000.00
162Mike FriedeNew York Giants-101.00
163Billy TaylorNew York Giants-020.00
164Gary JeterNew York Giants-101.00
165George MartinNew York Giants-101.00
166Earnest GrayNew York Giants-202.00
167Ron JaworskiPhiladelphia Eagles-404.00
168Bill BergeyPhiladelphia Eagles-202.00
169Wilbert MontgomeryPhiladelphia Eagles-111.00
170Charlie Smith WRPhiladelphia Eagles-111.00
171Jerry RobinsonPhiladelphia Eagles-101.00
172Herman EdwardsPhiladelphia Eagles-010.00
173Harold CarmichaelPhiladelphia Eagles-010.00
174Claude HumphreyPhiladelphia Eagles-202.00
175Ottis AndersonSt. Louis Cardinals-010.00
176Jim HartSt. Louis Cardinals-111.00
177Pat TilleySt. Louis Cardinals-101.00
178Rush BrownSt. Louis Cardinals-303.00
179Tom BrahaneySt. Louis Cardinals-101.00
180Dan DierdorfSt. Louis Cardinals-202.00
181Wayne MorrisSt. Louis Cardinals-202.00
182Doug MarshSt. Louis Cardinals-020.00
183Art MonkWashington Redskins-101.00
184Clarence HarmonWashington Redskins-020.00
185Lemar ParrishWashington Redskins-101.00
186Joe TheismannWashington Redskins-101.00
187Joe LavenderWashington Redskins-202.00
188Wilbur JacksonWashington Redskins-303.00
189Dave ButzWashington Redskins-020.00
190Coy BaconWashington Redskins-010.00
191Walter PaytonChicago Bears-202.00
192Alan PageChicago Bears-111.00
193Vince EvansChicago Bears-010.00
194Roland HarperChicago Bears-303.00
195Dan HamptonChicago Bears-010.00
196Gary FencikChicago Bears-202.00
197Mike HartenstineChicago Bears-202.00
198Robin EarlChicago Bears-303.00
199Billy SimsDetroit Lions-020.00
200Leonard ThompsonDetroit Lions-101.00
201Jeff KomloDetroit Lions-010.00
202Al BakerDetroit Lions-202.00
203Eddie MurrayDetroit Lions-202.00
204Dexter BusseyDetroit Lions-303.00
205Tom GinnDetroit Lions-303.00
206Freddie ScottDetroit Lions-020.00
207James LoftonGreen Bay Packers-202.00
208Mike ButlerGreen Bay Packers-101.00
209Lynn DickeyGreen Bay Packers-202.00
210Gerry EllisGreen Bay Packers-202.00
211Eddie Lee IveryGreen Bay Packers-010.00
212Ezra JohnsonGreen Bay Packers-101.00
213Paul CoffmanGreen Bay Packers-010.00
214Aundra ThompsonGreen Bay Packers-202.00
215Ahmad RashadMinnesota Vikings-101.00
216Tommy KramerMinnesota Vikings-202.00
217Matt BlairMinnesota Vikings-111.00
218Sammie WhiteMinnesota Vikings-111.00
219Ted BrownMinnesota Vikings-202.00
220Joe SenserMinnesota Vikings-020.00
221Rickey YoungMinnesota Vikings-010.00
222Randy HollowayMinnesota Vikings-020.00
223Lee Roy SelmonTampa Bay Buccaneers-101.00
224Doug WilliamsTampa Bay Buccaneers-303.00
225Ricky BellTampa Bay Buccaneers-020.00
226David LewisTampa Bay Buccaneers-010.00
227Gordon JonesTampa Bay Buccaneers-010.00
228Dewey SelmonTampa Bay Buccaneers-101.00
229Jimmie GilesTampa Bay Buccaneers-111.00
230Mike WashingtonTampa Bay Buccaneers-020.00
231William AndrewsAtlanta Falcons-111.00
232Jeff Van NoteAtlanta Falcons-111.00
233Steve BartkowskiAtlanta Falcons-303.00
234Junior MillerAtlanta Falcons-111.00
235Lynn CainAtlanta Falcons-010.00
236Joel WilliamsAtlanta Falcons-202.00
237Alfred JenkinsAtlanta Falcons-202.00
238Kenny JohnsonAtlanta Falcons-101.00
239Jack YoungbloodLos Angeles Rams-101.00
240Elvis PeacockLos Angeles Rams-010.00
241Cullen BryantLos Angeles Rams-111.00
242Dennis HarrahLos Angeles Rams-111.00
243Billy WaddyLos Angeles Rams-212.00
244Nolan CromwellLos Angeles Rams-120.50
245Doug FranceLos Angeles Rams-202.00
246Johnnie JohnsonLos Angeles Rams-111.00
247Archie ManningNew Orleans Saints-111.00
248Tony GalbreathNew Orleans Saints-111.00
249Wes ChandlerNew Orleans Saints-010.00
250Stan BrockNew Orleans Saints-000.00
251Ike HarrisNew Orleans Saints-010.00
252Russell ErxlebenNew Orleans Saints-101.00
253Jimmy RogersNew Orleans Saints-202.00
254Tom MyersNew Orleans Saints-010.00
255Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ers-101.00
256Earl CooperSan Francisco 49ers-111.00
257Steve DeBergSan Francisco 49ers-020.00
258Randy CrossSan Francisco 49ers-101.00
259Freddie SolomonSan Francisco 49ers-202.00
260Jim Miller PSan Francisco 49ers-010.00
261Charle YoungSan Francisco 49ers-202.00
262Bobby LeopoldSan Francisco 49ers-010.00
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