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Topps NFL Sticker Album 1982

Topps NFL Sticker Album 1982

Year: 1982
Total stickers: 288

Topps Football'82 Sticker album.

collecting: 11 / completed: 4


1San Francisco 49ers
Super Bowl XVIfoil221.00
2San Francisco 49ers
Super Bowl XVIfoil414.00
3Super Bowl XVI Theme Art
Super Bowl XVIfoil221.00
4Super Bowl XVI Theme Art
Super Bowl XVIfoil240.50
5Joe Montana (MVP Super Bowl XVI)Super Bowl XVIfoil515.00
61981 NFC ChampionsSuper Bowl XVIfoil150.20
71981 AFC ChampionsSuper Bowl XVIfoil313.00
8Super Bowl XVI (Ken Anderson)Super Bowl XVIfoil313.00
9Super Bowl XVI (Joe Montana)Super Bowl XVIfoil313.00
10San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati BengalsSuper Bowl XVIfoil313.00
11Steve BartkowskiAtlanta Falcons-240.50
12William AndrewsAtlanta Falcons-250.40
13Lynn CainAtlanta Falcons-240.50
14Wallace FrancisAtlanta Falcons-250.40
15Alfred JacksonAtlanta Falcons-130.33
16Alfred JenkinsAtlanta Falcons-230.67
17Mike KennAtlanta Falcons-260.33
18Junior MillerAtlanta Falcons-240.50
19Vince EvansChicago Bears-150.20
20Walter PaytonChicago Bears-130.33
21Dave WilliamsChicago Bears-150.20
22Brian BaschnagelChicago Bears-160.17
23Rickey WattsChicago Bears-140.25
24Ken MargerumChicago Bears-240.50
25Revie SoreyChicago Bears-140.25
26Gary FencikChicago Bears-250.40
27Matt SuheyChicago Bears-250.40
28Danny WhiteDallas Cowboys-230.67
29Tony DorsettDallas Cowboys-230.67
30Drew PearsonDallas Cowboys-230.67
31Rafael SeptienDallas Cowboys-240.50
32Pat DonovanDallas Cowboys-140.25
33Herb ScottDallas Cowboys-250.40
34Ed Too Tall JonesDallas Cowboys-240.50
35Randy WhiteDallas Cowboys-240.50
36Tony HillDallas Cowboys-240.50
37Eric HippleDetroit Lions-160.17
38Billy SimsDetroit Lions-140.25
39Dexter BusseyDetroit Lions-160.17
40Freddie ScottDetroit Lions-250.40
41David HillDetroit Lions-250.40
42Eddie MurrayDetroit Lions-240.50
43Tom SkladanyDetroit Lions-240.50
44Doug EnglishDetroit Lions-260.33
45Al BakerDetroit Lions-230.67
46Lynn DickeyGreen Bay Packers-240.50
47Gerry EllisGreen Bay Packers-240.50
48Harlan HucklebyGreen Bay Packers-140.25
49James LoftonGreen Bay Packers-240.50
50John JeffersonGreen Bay Packers-250.40
51Paul CoffmanGreen Bay Packers-150.20
52Jan StenerudGreen Bay Packers-230.67
53Rich WingoGreen Bay Packers-260.33
54Wendell TylerLos Angeles Rams-260.33
55Preston DennardLos Angeles Rams-250.40
56Billy WaddyLos Angeles Rams-250.40
57Frank CorralLos Angeles Rams-250.40
58Jack YoungbloodLos Angeles Rams-130.33
59Pat ThomasLos Angeles Rams-250.40
60Rod PerryLos Angeles Rams-150.20
61Nolan CromwellLos Angeles Rams-240.50
62Tommy KramerMinnesota Vikings-250.40
63Rickey YoungMinnesota Vikings-250.40
64Ted BrownMinnesota Vikings-250.40
65Ahmad RashadMinnesota Vikings-240.50
66Sammie WhiteMinnesota Vikings-160.17
67Joe SenserMinnesota Vikings-160.17
68Ron YaryMinnesota Vikings-140.25
69Matt BlairMinnesota Vikings-260.33
70Joe Montana (San Francisco 49ers)Among the Best in the NFC-230.67
71Tommy Kramer (Minnesota Vikings)Among the Best in the NFC-250.40
72Alfred Jenkins (Atlanta Falcons)Among the Best in the NFC-505.00
73George Rogers (New Orleans Saints)Among the Best in the NFC-250.40
74Wendell Tyler (Los Angeles Rams)Among the Best in the NFC-212.00
75Tom Skladany (Detroit Lions)Among the Best in the NFC-250.40
76Everson Walls (Dallas Cowboys)Among the Best in the NFC-221.00
77Curtis Greer (St. Louis Cardinals)Among the Best in the NFC-404.00
78Archie ManningNew Orleans Saints-150.20
79Dave WaymerNew Orleans Saints-250.40
80George RogersNew Orleans Saints-240.50
81Jack HolmesNew Orleans Saints-240.50
82Toussaint TylerNew Orleans Saints-240.50
83Wayne WilsonNew Orleans Saints-260.33
84Russell ErxlebenNew Orleans Saints-250.40
85Elois GroomsNew Orleans Saints-250.40
86Phil SimmsNew York Giants-240.50
87Scott BrunnerNew York Giants-250.40
88Rob CarpenterNew York Giants-140.25
89Johnny PerkinsNew York Giants-230.67
90Dave JenningsNew York Giants-130.33
91Harry CarsonNew York Giants-240.50
92Lawrence TaylorNew York Giants-221.00
93Beasley ReeceNew York Giants-140.25
94Mark HaynesNew York Giants-130.33
95Ron JaworskiPhiladelphia Eagles-221.00
96Wilbert MontgomeryPhiladelphia Eagles-130.33
97Hubie OliverPhiladelphia Eagles-240.50
98Harold CarmichaelPhiladelphia Eagles-313.00
99Jerry RobinsonPhiladelphia Eagles-240.50
100Stan WaltersPhiladelphia Eagles-230.67
101Charlie JohnsonPhiladelphia Eagles-230.67
102Roynell YoungPhiladelphia Eagles-221.00
103Tony FranklinPhiladelphia Eagles-120.50
104Neil LomaxSt. Louis Cardinals-240.50
105Jim HartSt. Louis Cardinals-240.50
106Ottis AndersonSt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
107Stump MitchellSt. Louis Cardinals-111.00
108Pat TilleySt. Louis Cardinals-230.67
109Rush BrownSt. Louis Cardinals-140.25
110E.J. JuniorSt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
111Ken GreeneSt. Louis Cardinals-240.50
112Mel GraySt. Louis Cardinals-221.00
113Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ers-321.50
114Ricky PattonSan Francisco 49ers-313.00
115Earl CooperSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
116Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ers-221.00
117Freddie SolomonSan Francisco 49ers-221.00
118Randy CrossSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
119Fred DeanSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
120Ronnie LottSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
121Dwight HicksSan Francisco 49ers-230.67
122Doug WilliamsTampa Bay Buccaneers-230.67
123Jerry EckwoodTampa Bay Buccaneers-221.00
124James OwensTampa Bay Buccaneers-230.67
125Kevin HouseTampa Bay Buccaneers-120.50
126Jimmie GilesTampa Bay Buccaneers-221.00
127Charley HannahTampa Bay Buccaneers-240.50
128Lee Roy SelmonTampa Bay Buccaneers-221.00
129Hugh GreenTampa Bay Buccaneers-140.25
130Joe TheismannWashington Redskins-140.25
131Joe WashingtonWashington Redskins-212.00
132John RigginsWashington Redskins-240.50
133Art MonkWashington Redskins-230.67
134Ricky ThompsonWashington Redskins-130.33
135Don WarrenWashington Redskins-221.00
136Perry BrooksWashington Redskins-221.00
137Mike NelmsWashington Redskins-230.67
138Mark MoseleyWashington Redskins-212.00
139Nolan Cromwell (Los Angeles Rams)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil250.40
140Dwight Hicks AP (San Francisco 49ers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil303.00
141Ronnie Lott (San Francisco 49ers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil606.00
142Harry Carson (New York Giants)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil130.33
143Jack Lambert (Pittsburgh Steelers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil340.75
144Lawrence Taylor (New York Giants)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil404.00
145Mel Blount (Pittsburgh Steelers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil212.00
146Joe Klecko (New York Jets)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil101.00
147Randy White (Dallas Cowboys)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil212.00
148Doug English (Detroit Lions)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil212.00
149Fred Dean (San Francisco 49ers)NFL All-Pro Offensefoil313.00
150Billy Sims (Detroit Lions)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil350.60
151Tony Dorsett (Dallas Cowboys)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil404.00
152James Lofton (Green Bay Packers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil303.00
153Alfred Jenkins (Atlanta Falcons)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil111.00
154Ken Anderson (Cincinnati Bengals)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil250.40
155Kellen Winslow (San Diego Chargers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil303.00
156Marvin Powell (New York Jets)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil240.50
157Randy Cross (San Francisco 49ers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil212.00
158Mike Webster (Pittsburgh Steelers)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil221.00
159John Hannah (New England Patriots)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil250.40
160Anthony Munoz (Cincinnati Bengals)NFL All-Pro Defensefoil150.20
161Curtis DickeyBaltimore Colts-230.67
162Randy McMillanBaltimore Colts-111.00
163Roger CarrBaltimore Colts-240.50
164Raymond ButlerBaltimore Colts-130.33
165Reese McCallBaltimore Colts-140.25
166Ed SimoniniBaltimore Colts-212.00
167Herb OrvisBaltimore Colts-120.50
168Nesby GlasgowBaltimore Colts-230.67
169Joe FergusonBuffalo Bills-240.50
170Joe CribbsBuffalo Bills-230.67
171Jerry ButlerBuffalo Bills-212.00
172Frank LewisBuffalo Bills-230.67
173Mark BrammerBuffalo Bills-221.00
174Fred SmerlasBuffalo Bills-130.33
175Jim HaslettBuffalo Bills-230.67
176Charles RomesBuffalo Bills-240.50
177Bill SimpsonBuffalo Bills-230.67
178Ken AndersonCincinnati Bengals-140.25
179Charles AlexanderCincinnati Bengals-221.00
180Pete JohnsonCincinnati Bengals-140.25
181Isaac CurtisCincinnati Bengals-240.50
182Cris CollinsworthCincinnati Bengals-250.40
183Pat McInallyCincinnati Bengals-240.50
184Anthony MunozCincinnati Bengals-240.50
185Louis BreedenCincinnati Bengals-260.33
186Jim BreechCincinnati Bengals-250.40
187Brian SipeCleveland Browns-250.40
188Charles WhiteCleveland Browns-240.50
189Mike PruittCleveland Browns-150.20
190Reggie RuckerCleveland Browns-140.25
191Dave LoganCleveland Browns-240.50
192Ozzie NewsomeCleveland Browns-250.40
193Dick AmbroseCleveland Browns-250.40
194Joe DeLamielleureCleveland Browns-250.40
195Ricky FeacherCleveland Browns-150.20
196Craig MortonDenver Broncos-250.40
197Dave PrestonDenver Broncos-313.00
198Rick ParrosDenver Broncos-240.50
199Rick UpchurchDenver Broncos-250.40
200Steve WatsonDenver Broncos-130.33
201Riley OdomsDenver Broncos-250.40
202Randy GradisharDenver Broncos-140.25
203Steve FoleyDenver Broncos-160.17
204Ken StablerHouston Oilers-230.67
205Gifford NielsenHouston Oilers-250.40
206Tim WilsonHouston Oilers-240.50
207Ken BurroughHouston Oilers-150.20
208Mike RenfroHouston Oilers-140.25
209Greg StemrickHouston Oilers-250.40
210Robert BrazileHouston Oilers-240.50
211Gregg BinghamHouston Oilers-250.40
212Steve FullerKansas City Chiefs-240.50
213Bill KenneyKansas City Chiefs-140.25
214Joe DelaneyKansas City Chiefs-130.33
215Henry MarshallKansas City Chiefs-240.50
216Nick LoweryKansas City Chiefs-150.20
217Art StillKansas City Chiefs-150.20
218Gary GreenKansas City Chiefs-260.33
219Gary BarbaroKansas City Chiefs-240.50
220Ken Anderson (Cincinnati Bengals)Among the Best in the AFCfoil150.20
221Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFCfoil140.25
222Frank Lewis (Buffalo Bills)Among the Best in the AFCfoil240.50
223James Brooks (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFCfoil303.00
224Chuck Muncie (San Diego Chargers)Among the Best in the AFCfoil212.00
225Pat McInally (St. Louis Cardinals)Among the Best in the AFCfoil313.00
226John Harris (Seattle Seahawks)Among the Best in the AFCfoil313.00
227Joe Klecko (New York Jets)Among the Best in the AFCfoil313.00
228David WoodleyMiami Dolphins-250.40
229Tony NathanMiami Dolphins-240.50
230Andra FranklinMiami Dolphins-260.33
231Nat MooreMiami Dolphins-150.20
232Duriel HarrisMiami Dolphins-260.33
233Uwe Von SchamannMiami Dolphins-240.50
234Bob BaumhowerMiami Dolphins-250.40
235Glenn BlackwoodMiami Dolphins-150.20
236Tommy VigoritoMiami Dolphins-221.00
237Steve GroganNew England Patriots-250.40
238Matt CavanaughNew England Patriots-160.17
239Tony CollinsNew England Patriots-250.40
240Vagas FergusonNew England Patriots-260.33
241John SmithNew England Patriots-140.25
242Stanley MorganNew England Patriots-250.40
243John HannahNew England Patriots-240.50
244Steve NelsonNew England Patriots-250.40
245Don HasselbeckNew England Patriots-150.20
246Richard ToddNew York Jets-140.25
247Bruce HarperNew York Jets-240.50
248Wesley WalkerNew York Jets-120.50
249Jerome BarkumNew York Jets-221.00
250Marvin PowellNew York Jets-240.50
251Mark GastineauNew York Jets-150.20
252Joe KleckoNew York Jets-250.40
253Darrol RayNew York Jets-240.50
254Marty LyonsNew York Jets-250.40
255Marc WilsonOakland Raiders-240.50
256Kenny KingOakland Raiders-240.50
257Mark Van EeghenOakland Raiders-240.50
258Cliff BranchOakland Raiders-250.40
259Bob ChandlerOakland Raiders-260.33
260Ray GuyOakland Raiders-230.67
261Ted HendricksOakland Raiders-130.33
262Lester HayesOakland Raiders-221.00
263Terry BradshawPittsburgh Steelers-221.00
264Franco HarrisPittsburgh Steelers-240.50
265John StallworthPittsburgh Steelers-140.25
266Jim SmithPittsburgh Steelers-250.40
267Mike WebsterPittsburgh Steelers-240.50
268Jack LambertPittsburgh Steelers-250.40
269Mel BlountPittsburgh Steelers-250.40
270Donnie ShellPittsburgh Steelers-150.20
271Bennie CunninghamPittsburgh Steelers-130.33
272Dan FoutsSan Diego Chargers-240.50
273Chuck MuncieSan Diego Chargers-250.40
274James BrooksSan Diego Chargers-250.40
275Charlie JoinerSan Diego Chargers-150.20
276Wes ChandlerSan Diego Chargers-150.20
277Kellen WinslowSan Diego Chargers-240.50
278Doug WilkersonSan Diego Chargers-140.25
279Gary JohnsonSan Diego Chargers-250.40
280Rolf BenirschkeSan Diego Chargers-250.40
281Jim ZornSeattle Seahawks-140.25
282Theotis BrownSeattle Seahawks-250.40
283Dan DoorninkSeattle Seahawks-250.40
284Steve LargentSeattle Seahawks-111.00
285Sam McCullumSeattle Seahawks-140.25
286Efren HerreraSeattle Seahawks-140.25
287Manu TuiasosopoSeattle Seahawks-260.33
288John HarrisSeattle Seahawks-250.40
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