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Topps NFL 1984

Topps NFL 1984

Year: 1984
Total cards: 464

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
2Ali Haji-SheikhNew York GiantsBase card000.00
3Franco HarrisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
4Mark MoseleyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
5John RigginsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
6Jan StenerudGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
71983 AFC ChampionshipLos Angeles Raiders / Seattle SeahawksBase card000.00
81983 NFC ChampionshipWashington Redskins / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
9Super Bowl XVIIILos Angeles Raiders / Washington RedskinsBase card000.00
10Colts Team Leaders - Curtis DickeyBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
11Raul AllegreBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
12Curtis DickeyBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
13Ray DonaldsonBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
14Nesby GlasgowBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
15Chris HintonBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
16Vernon MaxwellBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
17Randy McMillanBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
18Mike PagelBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
19Rohn StarkBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
20Leo WisniewskiBaltimore ColtsBase card000.00
21Bills Team Leaders - Joe CribbsBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
22Jerry ButlerBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
23Joe DaneloBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
24Joe FergusonBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
25Steve FreemanBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
26Roosevelt LeaksBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
27Frank LewisBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
28Eugene MarveBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
29Booker MooreBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
30Fred SmerlasBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
31Ben WilliamsBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
32Bengals Team Leaders - Cris CollinsworthCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
33Charles AlexanderCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
34Ken AndersonCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
35Ken AndersonCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
36Jim BreechCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
37Cris CollinsworthCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
38Cris CollinsworthCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
39Isaac CurtisCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
40Eddie EdwardsCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
41Ray HortonCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
42Pete JohnsonCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
43Steve KreiderCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
44Max MontoyaCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
45Anthony MunozCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
46Reggie WilliamsCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
47Browns Team Leaders - Mike PruittCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
48Matt BahrCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
49Chip BanksCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
50Tom CousineauCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
51Joe DeLamielleureCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
52Doug DiekenCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
53Bob GolicCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
54Bobby JonesCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
55Dave LoganCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
56Clay MatthewsCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
57Paul McDonaldCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
58Ozzie NewsomeCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
59Ozzie NewsomeCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
60Mike PruittCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
61Broncos Team Leaders - Steve WatsonDenver BroncosBase card000.00
62Barney ChavousDenver BroncosBase card000.00
63John ElwayDenver BroncosBase card000.00
64Steve FoleyDenver BroncosBase card000.00
65Tom JacksonDenver BroncosBase card000.00
66Rich KarlisDenver BroncosBase card000.00
67Luke PrestridgeDenver BroncosBase card000.00
68Zack ThomasDenver BroncosBase card000.00
69Rick UpchurchDenver BroncosBase card000.00
70Steve WatsonDenver BroncosBase card000.00
71Sammy WinderDenver BroncosBase card000.00
72Louis WrightDenver BroncosBase card000.00
73Oilers Team Leaders - Tim SmithHouston OilersBase card000.00
74Jesse BakerHouston OilersBase card000.00
75Gregg BinghamHouston OilersBase card000.00
76Robert BrazileHouston OilersBase card000.00
77Steve BrownHouston OilersBase card000.00
78Chris DresselHouston OilersBase card000.00
79Doug FranceHouston OilersBase card000.00
80Florian KempfHouston OilersBase card000.00
81Carl RoachesHouston OilersBase card000.00
82Tim SmithHouston OilersBase card000.00
83Willie TullisHouston OilersBase card000.00
841983 Team Leaders Chiefs / Carlos CarsonKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
85Mike BellKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
86Theotis BrownKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
87Carlos CarsonKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
88Carlos CarsonKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
89Deron CherryKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
90Gary GreenKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
91Billy JacksonKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
92Bill KenneyKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
93Bill KenneyKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
94Nick LoweryKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
95Henry MarshallKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
96Art StillKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
97Raiders Team Leaders - Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
98Marcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
99Marcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
100Lyle AlzadoLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
101Lyle AlzadoLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
102Chris BahrLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
103Malcolm BarnwellLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
104Cliff BranchLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
105Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
106Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
107Ray GuyLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
108Frank HawkinsLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
109Lester HayesLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
110Ted HendricksLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
111Howie LongLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
112Rod MartinLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
113Vann McElroyLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
114Jim PlunkettLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
115Greg PruittLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
116Dolphins Team Leaders - Mark DuperMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
117Bob BaumhowerMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
118Doug BettersMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
119A.J. DuheMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
120Mark DuperMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
121Andra FranklinMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
122William JudsonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
123Dan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
124Dan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
125Nat MooreMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
126Ed NewmanMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
127Reggie RobyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
128Gerald SmallMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
129Dwight StephensonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
130Uwe Von SchamannMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
131Patriots Team Leaders - Tony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
132Rich CamarilloNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
133Tony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
134Tony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
135Bob CryderNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
136Steve GroganNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
137John HannahNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
138Brian HollowayNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
139Roland JamesNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
140Stanley MorganNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
141Rick SanfordNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
142Mosi TatupuNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
143Andre TippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
144Jets Team Leaders - Wesley WalkerNew York JetsBase card000.00
145Jerome BarkumNew York JetsBase card000.00
146Mark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
147Mark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
148Bruce HarperNew York JetsBase card000.00
149Lam JonesNew York JetsBase card000.00
150Joe KleckoNew York JetsBase card000.00
151Pat LeahyNew York JetsBase card000.00
152Freeman McNeilNew York JetsBase card000.00
153Lance MehlNew York JetsBase card000.00
154Marvin PowellNew York JetsBase card000.00
155Darrol RayNew York JetsBase card000.00
156Pat RyanNew York JetsBase card000.00
157Kirk SpringsNew York JetsBase card000.00
158Wesley WalkerNew York JetsBase card000.00
159Steelers Team Leaders - Franco HarrisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
160Walter AbercrombiePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
161Gary AndersonPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
162Terry BradshawPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
163Craig ColquittPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
164Bennie CunninghamPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
165Franco HarrisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
166Franco HarrisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
167Jack LambertPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
168Jack LambertPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
169Frank PollardPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
170Donnie ShellPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
171Mike WebsterPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
172Keith WillisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
173Rick WoodsPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
174Chargers Team Leaders - Kellen WinslowSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
175Rolf BenirschkeSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
176James BrooksSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
177Maury BufordSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
178Wes ChandlerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
179Dan FoutsSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
180Dan FoutsSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
181Charlie JoinerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
182Linden KingSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
183Chuck MuncieSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
184Billy Ray SmithSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
185Danny WaltersSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
186Kellen WinslowSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
187Kellen WinslowSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
188Seahawks Team Leaders - Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
189Steve AugustSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
190Dave BrownSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
191Zachary DixonSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
192Kenny EasleySeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
193Jacob GreenSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
194Norm JohnsonSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
195Dave KriegSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
196Steve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
197Steve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
198Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
199Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
200Jeff WestSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
201Charle YoungSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
2021983 Passing Leaders - Dan Marino / Steve BartkowskiMiami Dolphins / Atlanta FalconsBase card000.00
2031983 Receiving Leaders - Todd Christensen / Charlie Brown / Earnest Gray / Roy GreenLos Angeles Raiders / Washington Redskins / New York Giants / St. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
2041983 Rushing Leaders - Curt Warner / Eric DickersonSeattle Seahawks / Los Angeles RamsBase card000.00
2051983 Scoring Leaders - Gary Anderson / Mark MoseleyPittsburgh Steelers / Washington RedskinsBase card000.00
2061983 Interception Leaders - Vann McElroy / Ken Riley / Mark MurphyLos Angeles Raiders / Cincinnati Bengals / Washington RedskinsBase card000.00
2071983 Punting Leaders - Rich Camarillo / Greg ColemanNew England Patriots / Minnesota VikingsBase card000.00
208Falcons Team Leaders - William AndrewsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
209William AndrewsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
210William AndrewsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
211Stacey BaileyAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
212Steve BartkowskiAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
213Steve BartkowskiAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
214Ralph GiacomarroAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
215Billy JohnsonAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
216Mike KennAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
217Mick LuckhurstAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
218Gerald RiggsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
219R.C. ThielemannAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
220Jeff Van NoteAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
221Bears Team Leaders - Walter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
222Jim CovertChicago BearsBase card000.00
223Leslie FrazierChicago BearsBase card000.00
224Willie GaultChicago BearsBase card000.00
225Mike HartenstineChicago BearsBase card000.00
226Noah JacksonChicago BearsBase card000.00
227Jim McMahonChicago BearsBase card000.00
228Walter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
229Walter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
230Mike RichardsonChicago BearsBase card000.00
231Terry SchmidtChicago BearsBase card000.00
232Mike SingletaryChicago BearsBase card000.00
233Matt SuheyChicago BearsBase card000.00
234Bob ThomasChicago BearsBase card000.00
235Cowboys Team Leaders - Tony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
236Bob BreunigDallas CowboysBase card000.00
237Doug CosbieDallas CowboysBase card000.00
238Tony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
239Tony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
240John DuttonDallas CowboysBase card000.00
241Tony HillDallas CowboysBase card000.00
242Ed Too Tall JonesDallas CowboysBase card000.00
243Drew PearsonDallas CowboysBase card000.00
244Rafael SeptienDallas CowboysBase card000.00
245Ron SpringsDallas CowboysBase card000.00
246Dennis ThurmanDallas CowboysBase card000.00
247Everson WallsDallas CowboysBase card000.00
248Danny WhiteDallas CowboysBase card000.00
249Randy WhiteDallas CowboysBase card000.00
250Lions Team Leaders - Billy SimsDetroit LionsBase card000.00
251Jeff ChadwickDetroit LionsBase card000.00
252Garry CobbDetroit LionsBase card000.00
253Doug EnglishDetroit LionsBase card000.00
254William GayDetroit LionsBase card000.00
255Eric HippleDetroit LionsBase card000.00
256James JonesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
257Bruce McNortonDetroit LionsBase card000.00
258Eddie MurrayDetroit LionsBase card000.00
259Ulysses NorrisDetroit LionsBase card000.00
260Billy SimsDetroit LionsBase card000.00
261Billy SimsDetroit LionsBase card000.00
262Leonard ThompsonDetroit LionsBase card000.00
263Packers Team Leaders - James LoftonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
264John AndersonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
265Paul CoffmanGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
266Lynn DickeyGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
267Gerry EllisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
268John JeffersonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
269John JeffersonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
270Ezra JohnsonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
271Tim LewisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
272James LoftonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
273James LoftonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
274Larry McCarrenGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
275Jan StenerudGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
276Rams Team Leaders - Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
277Mike BarberLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
278Jim CollinsLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
279Nolan CromwellLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
280Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
281Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
282George FarmerLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
283Vince FerragamoLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
284Kent HillLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
285John MiskoLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
286Jackie SlaterLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
287Jack YoungbloodLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
288Vikings Team Leaders - Darrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
289Ted BrownMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
290Greg ColemanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
291Steve DilsMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
292Tony GalbreathMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
293Tommy KramerMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
294Doug MartinMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
295Darrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
296Benny RicardoMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
297John SwainMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
298John TurnerMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
299Saints Team Leaders - George RogersNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
300Morten AndersenNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
301Russell ErxlebenNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
302Jeff GrothNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
303Rickey JacksonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
304Johnnie PoeNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
305George RogersNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
306Richard ToddNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
307Jim WilksNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
308Dave WilsonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
309Wayne WilsonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
310Giants Team Leaders - Earnest GrayNew York GiantsBase card000.00
311Leon BrightNew York GiantsBase card000.00
312Scott BrunnerNew York GiantsBase card000.00
313Rob CarpenterNew York GiantsBase card000.00
314Harry CarsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
315Earnest GrayNew York GiantsBase card000.00
316Ali Haji-SheikhNew York GiantsBase card000.00
317Mark HaynesNew York GiantsBase card000.00
318Dave JenningsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
319Brian KelleyNew York GiantsBase card000.00
320Phil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
321Lawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBase card000.00
322Lawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBase card000.00
323Brad Van PeltNew York GiantsBase card000.00
324Butch WoolfolkNew York GiantsBase card000.00
325Eagles Team Leaders - Mike QuickPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
326Harold CarmichaelPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
327Herman EdwardsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
328Michael HaddixPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
329Dennis HarrisonPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
330Ron JaworskiPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
331Wilbert MontgomeryPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
332Hubie OliverPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
333Mike QuickPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
334Jerry RobinsonPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
335Max RunagerPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
336Michael WilliamsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
337Cardinals Team Leaders - Ottis AndersonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
338Ottis AndersonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
339Al BakerSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
340Carl BirdsongSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
341David GallowaySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
342Roy GreenSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
343Roy GreenSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
344Curtis GreerSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
345Neil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
346Doug MarshSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
347Stump MitchellSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
348Lionel WashingtonSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
34949ers Team Leaders - Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
350Dwaine BoardSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
351Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
352Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
353Roger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
354Fred DeanSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
355Fred DeanSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
356Dwight HicksSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
357Ronnie LottSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
358Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
359Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
360Freddie SolomonSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
361Wendell TylerSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
362Ray WerschingSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
363Eric WrightSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
364Buccaneers Team Leaders - Kevin HouseTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
365Gerald CarterTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
366Hugh GreenTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
367Kevin HouseTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
368Michael MortonTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
369James OwensTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
370Booker ReeseTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
371Lee Roy SelmonTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
372Jack ThompsonTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
373James WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
374Steve WilsonTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
375Redskins Team Leaders - John RigginsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
376Jeff BosticWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
377Charlie BrownWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
378Charlie BrownWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
379Dave ButzWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
380Darrell GreenWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
381Russ GrimmWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
382Joe JacobyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
383Dexter ManleyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
384Art MonkWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
385Mark MoseleyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
386Mark MurphyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
387Mike NelmsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
388John RigginsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
389John RigginsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
390Joe TheismannWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
391Joe TheismannWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
392Don WarrenWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
393Joe WashingtonWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
394Checklist 1-132-Base card000.00
395Checklist 133-264-Base card000.00
396Checklist 265-396-Base card000.00
GI1Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksGlossy Inserts000.00
GI2Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI3Dan MarinoMiami DolphinsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI4Steve BartkowskiAtlanta FalconsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI5Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersGlossy Inserts000.00
GI6Roy GreenSt. Louis CardinalsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI7Charlie BrownWashington RedskinsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI8Earnest GrayNew York GiantsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI9Mark GastineauNew York JetsGlossy Inserts000.00
GI10Fred DeanSan Francisco 49ersGlossy Inserts000.00
GI11Lawrence TaylorNew York GiantsGlossy Inserts000.00
GS1Marcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS2John RigginsWashington RedskinsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS3Walter PaytonChicago BearsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS4Tony DorsettDallas CowboysGlossy Send-In000.00
GS5Franco HarrisPittsburgh SteelersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS6Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksGlossy Send-In000.00
GS7Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS8Mike PruittCleveland BrownsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS9Ken AndersonCincinnati BengalsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS10Dan FoutsSan Diego ChargersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS11Terry BradshawPittsburgh SteelersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS12Joe TheismannWashington RedskinsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS13Joe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS14Danny WhiteDallas CowboysGlossy Send-In000.00
GS15Kellen WinslowSan Diego ChargersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS16Wesley WalkerNew York JetsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS17Drew PearsonDallas CowboysGlossy Send-In000.00
GS18James LoftonGreen Bay PackersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS19Cris CollinsworthCincinnati BengalsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS20Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS21Mark GastineauNew York JetsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS22Lawrence TaylorNew York GiantsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS23Randy WhiteDallas CowboysGlossy Send-In000.00
GS24Ed Too Tall JonesDallas CowboysGlossy Send-In000.00
GS25Jack LambertPittsburgh SteelersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS26Fred DeanSan Francisco 49ersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS27Jan StenerudGreen Bay PackersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS28Bruce HarperNew York JetsGlossy Send-In000.00
GS29Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersGlossy Send-In000.00
GS30Greg PruittLos Angeles RaidersGlossy Send-In000.00
SP1Houston OilersHouston OilersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP2Houston OilersHouston OilersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP3Cleveland BrownsCleveland BrownsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP4Cleveland BrownsCleveland BrownsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP5Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati BengalsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP6Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh SteelersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP7New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans SaintsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP8New York GiantsNew York GiantsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP9Washington RedskinsWashington RedskinsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP10Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP11Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP12Detroit LionsDetroit LionsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP13New England PatriotsNew England PatriotsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP14New York JetsNew York JetsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP15Buffalo BillsBuffalo BillsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP16Kansas City ChiefsKansas City ChiefsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP17Miami DolphinsMiami DolphinsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP18San Diego ChargersSan Diego ChargersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP19Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP20Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP21Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP22St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis CardinalsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP23Chicago BearsChicago BearsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP24San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ersSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP25Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP26Minnesota VikingsMinnesota VikingsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
SP27Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsSuper Play Game Cards000.00
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