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Topps NFL 1987

Topps NFL 1987

Year: 1987
Total cards: 704

collecting: 0 / completed: 1


1aSuper Bowl XXINew York Giants / Denver BroncosBase card000.00
1bSuper Bowl XXINew York Giants / Denver BroncosBase card000.00
1cSuper Bowl XXINew York Giants / Denver BroncosBase card000.00
2aTodd ChristensenOakland RaidersBase card000.00
2bTodd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
2cTodd ChristensenOakland RaidersBase card000.00
3aDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
3bDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
3cDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
4aCharlie JoinerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
4bCharlie JoinerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
4cCharlie JoinerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
5aSteve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
5bSteve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
5cSteve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
6aDan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
6bDan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
6cDan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
7aDonnie ShellPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
7bDonnie ShellPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
7cDonnie ShellPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
8aPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
8bPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
8cPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
9aMark BavaroNew York GiantsBase card000.00
9bMark BavaroNew York GiantsBase card000.00
9cMark BavaroNew York GiantsBase card000.00
10aPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
10bPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
10cPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBase card000.00
11aJoe MorrisNew York GiantsBase card000.00
11bJoe MorrisNew York GiantsBase card000.00
11cJoe MorrisNew York GiantsBase card000.00
12aMaurice CarthonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
12bMaurice CarthonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
12cMaurice CarthonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
13aLee RousonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
13bLee RousonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
13cLee RousonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
14Bobby JohnsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
15aLionel ManuelNew York GiantsBase card000.00
15bLionel ManuelNew York GiantsBase card000.00
15cLionel ManuelNew York GiantsBase card000.00
16Phil McConkeyNew York GiantsBase card000.00
17Mark BavaroNew York GiantsBase card000.00
18aZeke MowattNew York GiantsBase card000.00
18bZeke MowattNew York GiantsBase card000.00
18cZeke MowattNew York GiantsBase card000.00
19Raul AllegreNew York GiantsBase card000.00
20Sean LandetaNew York GiantsBase card000.00
21Brad BensonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
22aJim BurtNew York GiantsBase card000.00
22bJim BurtNew York GiantsBase card000.00
22cJim BurtNew York GiantsBase card000.00
23aLeonard MarshallNew York GiantsBase card000.00
23bLeonard MarshallNew York GiantsBase card000.00
23cLeonard MarshallNew York GiantsBase card000.00
24Carl BanksNew York GiantsBase card000.00
25Harry CarsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
26aLawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBase card000.00
26bLawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBase card000.00
26cLawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBase card000.00
27Terry KinardNew York GiantsBase card000.00
28aPepper JohnsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
28bPepper JohnsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
28cPepper JohnsonNew York GiantsBase card000.00
29Erik HowardNew York GiantsBase card000.00
30aGerald WillhiteDenver BroncosBase card000.00
30bGerald WillhiteDenver BroncosBase card000.00
30cGerald WillhiteDenver BroncosBase card000.00
31John ElwayDenver BroncosBase card000.00
32Gerald WillhiteDenver BroncosBase card000.00
33Sammy WinderDenver BroncosBase card000.00
34Ken BellDenver BroncosBase card000.00
35Steve WatsonDenver BroncosBase card000.00
36Rich KarlisDenver BroncosBase card000.00
37Keith BishopDenver BroncosBase card000.00
38Rulon JonesDenver BroncosBase card000.00
39Karl MecklenburgDenver BroncosBase card000.00
40Louis WrightDenver BroncosBase card000.00
41Mike HardenDenver BroncosBase card000.00
42Dennis SmithDenver BroncosBase card000.00
43aWalter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
43bWalter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
43cWalter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
44aJim McMahonChicago BearsBase card000.00
44bJim McMahonChicago BearsBase card000.00
44cJim McMahonChicago BearsBase card000.00
45Doug FlutieChicago BearsBase card000.00
46Walter PaytonChicago BearsBase card000.00
47Matt SuheyChicago BearsBase card000.00
48Willie GaultChicago BearsBase card000.00
49aDennis GentryChicago BearsBase card000.00
49bDennis GentryChicago BearsBase card000.00
49cDennis GentryChicago BearsBase card000.00
50Kevin ButlerChicago BearsBase card000.00
51Jim CovertChicago BearsBase card000.00
52aJay HilgenbergChicago BearsBase card000.00
52bJay HilgenbergChicago BearsBase card000.00
52cJay HilgenbergChicago BearsBase card000.00
53Dan HamptonChicago BearsBase card000.00
54aSteve McMichaelChicago BearsBase card000.00
54bSteve McMichaelChicago BearsBase card000.00
54cSteve McMichaelChicago BearsBase card000.00
55William PerryChicago BearsBase card000.00
56Richard DentChicago BearsBase card000.00
57Otis WilsonChicago BearsBase card000.00
58Mike SingletaryChicago BearsBase card000.00
59Wilber MarshallChicago BearsBase card000.00
60aMike RichardsonChicago BearsBase card000.00
60bMike RichardsonChicago BearsBase card000.00
60cMike RichardsonChicago BearsBase card000.00
61Dave DuersonChicago BearsBase card000.00
62Gary FencikChicago BearsBase card000.00
63aGeorge RogersWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
63bGeorge RogersWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
63cGeorge RogersWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
64aJay SchroederWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
64bJay SchroederWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
64cJay SchroederWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
65George RogersWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
66aKelvin BryantWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
66bKelvin BryantWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
66cKelvin BryantWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
67aKen JenkinsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
67bKen JenkinsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
67cKen JenkinsWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
68Gary ClarkWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
69Art MonkWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
70aClint DidierWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
70bClint DidierWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
70cClint DidierWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
71aSteve CoxWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
71bSteve CoxWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
71cSteve CoxWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
72aJoe JacobyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
72bJoe JacobyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
72cJoe JacobyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
73Russ GrimmWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
74Charles MannWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
75Dave ButzWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
76Dexter ManleyWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
77aDarrell GreenWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
77bDarrell GreenWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
77cDarrell GreenWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
78Curtis JordanWashington RedskinsBase card000.00
79aHarry HoltCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
79bHarry HoltCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
79cHarry HoltCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
80Bernie KosarCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
81Curtis DickeyCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
82aKevin MackCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
82bKevin MackCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
82cKevin MackCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
83Herman FontenotCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
84Brian BrennanCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
85Ozzie NewsomeCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
86Jeff GossettCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
87Cody RisienCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
88Reggie CampCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
89Bob GolicCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
90Carl HairstonCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
91Chip BanksCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
92aFrank MinnifieldCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
92bFrank MinnifieldCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
92cFrank MinnifieldCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
93Hanford DixonCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
94Gerald McNeilCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
95Dave PuzzuoliCleveland BrownsBase card000.00
96aAndre TippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
96bAndre TippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
96cAndre TippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
97aTony EasonNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
97bTony EasonNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
97cTony EasonNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
98Craig JamesNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
99aTony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
99bTony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
99cTony CollinsNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
100aMosi TatupuNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
100bMosi TatupuNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
100cMosi TatupuNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
101Stanley MorganNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
102Irving FryarNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
103Stephen StarringNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
104Tony FranklinNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
105Rich CamarilloNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
106Garin VerisNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
107Andre TippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
108Don BlackmonNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
109aRonnie LippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
109bRonnie LippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
109cRonnie LippettNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
110Raymond ClaybornNew England PatriotsBase card000.00
111aRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
111bRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
111cRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
112aJoe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
112bJoe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
112cJoe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
113aRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
113bRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
113cRoger CraigSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
114aJoe CribbsSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
114bJoe CribbsSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
114cJoe CribbsSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
115Jerry RiceSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
116Dwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
117Ray WerschingSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
118Max RunagerSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
119aJeff StoverSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
119bJeff StoverSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
119cJeff StoverSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
120aDwaine BoardSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
120bDwaine BoardSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
120cDwaine BoardSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
121Tim McKyerSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
122Don GriffinSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
123aRonnie LottSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
123bRonnie LottSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
123cRonnie LottSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
124Tom HolmoeSan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
125Charles HaleySan Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
126aMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
126bMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
126cMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
127Ken O'BrienNew York JetsBase card000.00
128aPat RyanNew York JetsBase card000.00
128bPat RyanNew York JetsBase card000.00
128cPat RyanNew York JetsBase card000.00
129aFreeman McNeilNew York JetsBase card000.00
129bFreeman McNeilNew York JetsBase card000.00
129cFreeman McNeilNew York JetsBase card000.00
130aJohnny HectorNew York JetsBase card000.00
130bJohnny HectorNew York JetsBase card000.00
130cJohnny HectorNew York JetsBase card000.00
131Al ToonNew York JetsBase card000.00
132aWesley WalkerNew York JetsBase card000.00
132bWesley WalkerNew York JetsBase card000.00
132cWesley WalkerNew York JetsBase card000.00
133Mickey ShulerNew York JetsBase card000.00
134Pat LeahyNew York JetsBase card000.00
135aMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
135bMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
135cMark GastineauNew York JetsBase card000.00
136aJoe KleckoNew York JetsBase card000.00
136bJoe KleckoNew York JetsBase card000.00
136cJoe KleckoNew York JetsBase card000.00
137aMarty LyonsNew York JetsBase card000.00
137bMarty LyonsNew York JetsBase card000.00
137cMarty LyonsNew York JetsBase card000.00
138aBob CrableNew York JetsBase card000.00
138bBob CrableNew York JetsBase card000.00
138cBob CrableNew York JetsBase card000.00
139aLance MehlNew York JetsBase card000.00
139bLance MehlNew York JetsBase card000.00
139cLance MehlNew York JetsBase card000.00
140aDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
140bDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
140cDave JenningsNew York JetsBase card000.00
141aHarry HamiltonNew York JetsBase card000.00
141bHarry HamiltonNew York JetsBase card000.00
141cHarry HamiltonNew York JetsBase card000.00
142aLester LylesNew York JetsBase card000.00
142bLester LylesNew York JetsBase card000.00
142cLester LylesNew York JetsBase card000.00
143aBobby HumpheryNew York JetsBase card000.00
143bBobby HumpheryNew York JetsBase card000.00
143cBobby HumpheryNew York JetsBase card000.00
144aEric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
144bEric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
144cEric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
145Jim EverettLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
146Eric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
147aBarry ReddenLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
147bBarry ReddenLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
147cBarry ReddenLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
148aRon BrownLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
148bRon BrownLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
148cRon BrownLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
149Kevin HouseLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
150Henry EllardLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
151Doug SmithLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
152Dennis HarrahLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
153Jackie SlaterLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
154Gary JeterLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
155Carl EkernLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
156Mike WilcherLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
157Jerry GrayLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
158LeRoy IrvinLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
159Nolan CromwellLos Angeles RamsBase card000.00
160aTodd BlackledgeKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
160bTodd BlackledgeKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
160cTodd BlackledgeKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
161Bill KenneyKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
162Stephone PaigeKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
163Henry MarshallKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
164Carlos CarsonKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
165Nick LoweryKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
166Irv EatmanKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
167Brad BuddeKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
168Art StillKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
169Bill MaasKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
170aLloyd BurrussKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
170bLloyd BurrussKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
170cLloyd BurrussKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
171Deron CherryKansas City ChiefsBase card000.00
172aCurt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
172bCurt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
172cCurt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
173Dave KriegSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
174Curt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
175John L. WilliamsSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
176Bobby Joe EdmondsSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
177Steve LargentSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
178aBruce ScholtzSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
178bBruce ScholtzSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
178cBruce ScholtzSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
179Norm JohnsonSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
180Jacob GreenSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
181aFredd YoungSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
181bFredd YoungSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
181cFredd YoungSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
182aDave BrownSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
182bDave BrownSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
182cDave BrownSeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
183Kenny EasleySeattle SeahawksBase card000.00
184aJames BrooksCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
184bJames BrooksCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
184cJames BrooksCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
185Boomer EsiasonCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
186James BrooksCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
187Larry KinnebrewCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
188Cris CollinsworthCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
189Eddie BrownCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
190Tim McGeeCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
191Jim BreechCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
192Anthony MunozCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
193Max MontoyaCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
194Eddie EdwardsCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
195Ross BrownerCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
196Emanuel KingCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
197Louis BreedenCincinnati BengalsBase card000.00
198aDarrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
198bDarrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
198cDarrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
199Tommy KramerMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
200Darrin NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
201aAllen RiceMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
201bAllen RiceMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
201cAllen RiceMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
202Anthony CarterMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
203Leo LewisMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
204Steve JordanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
205Chuck NelsonMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
206aGreg ColemanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
206bGreg ColemanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
206cGreg ColemanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
207Gary ZimmermanMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
208aDoug MartinMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
208bDoug MartinMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
208cDoug MartinMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
209aKeith MillardMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
209bKeith MillardMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
209cKeith MillardMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
210Issiac HoltMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
211Joey BrownerMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
212Rufus BessMinnesota VikingsBase card000.00
213aMarcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
213bMarcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
213cMarcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
214Jim PlunkettLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
215Marcus AllenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
216Napoleon McCallumLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
217Dokie WilliamsLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
218Todd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
219Chris BahrLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
220Howie LongLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
221Bill PickelLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
222Sean JonesLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
223Lester HayesLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
224Mike HaynesLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
225Vann McElroyLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
226Fulton WalkerLos Angeles RaidersBase card000.00
227aDan Marino / Tommy KramerMiami Dolphins / Minnesota VikingsBase card000.00
227bDan Marino / Tommy KramerMiami Dolphins / Minnesota VikingsBase card000.00
227cDan Marino / Tommy KramerMiami Dolphins / Minnesota VikingsBase card000.00
228aTodd Christensen / Jerry RiceLos Angeles Raiders / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
228bTodd Christensen / Jerry RiceLos Angeles Raiders / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
228cTodd Christensen / Jerry RiceLos Angeles Raiders / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
229aCurt Warner / Eric DickersonSeattle Seahawks / Los Angeles RamsBase card000.00
229bCurt Warner / Eric DickersonSeattle Seahawks / Los Angeles RamsBase card000.00
229cCurt Warner / Eric DickersonSeattle Seahawks / Los Angeles RamsBase card000.00
230aTony Franklin / Kevin ButlerNew England Patriots / Chicago BearsBase card000.00
230bTony Franklin / Kevin ButlerNew England Patriots / Chicago BearsBase card000.00
230cTony Franklin / Kevin ButlerNew England Patriots / Chicago BearsBase card000.00
231aDeron Cherry / Ronnie LottKansas City Chiefs / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
231bDeron Cherry / Ronnie LottKansas City Chiefs / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
231cDeron Cherry / Ronnie LottKansas City Chiefs / San Francisco 49ersBase card000.00
232aReggie RobyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
232bReggie RobyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
232cReggie RobyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
233Dan MarinoMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
234Lorenzo HamptonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
235Tony NathanMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
236Mark DuperMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
237Mark ClaytonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
238aNat MooreMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
238bNat MooreMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
238cNat MooreMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
239Bruce HardyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
240Reggie RobyMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
241Roy FosterMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
242aDwight StephensonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
242bDwight StephensonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
242cDwight StephensonMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
243aHugh GreenMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
243bHugh GreenMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
243cHugh GreenMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
244John OfferdahlMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
245Mark BrownMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
246Doug BettersMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
247Bob BaumhowerMiami DolphinsBase card000.00
248aGerald RiggsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
248bGerald RiggsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
248cGerald RiggsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
249David ArcherAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
250Gerald RiggsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
251William AndrewsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
252Charlie BrownAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
253Arthur CoxAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
254Rick DonnellyAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
255Bill FralicAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
256Mike GannAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
257Rick BryanAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
258Bret ClarkAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
259aMike PittsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
259bMike PittsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
259cMike PittsAtlanta FalconsBase card000.00
260aTony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
260bTony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
260cTony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
261Danny WhiteDallas CowboysBase card000.00
262aSteve PelluerDallas CowboysBase card000.00
262bSteve PelluerDallas CowboysBase card000.00
262cSteve PelluerDallas CowboysBase card000.00
263Tony DorsettDallas CowboysBase card000.00
264Herschel WalkerDallas CowboysBase card000.00
265aTimmy NewsomeDallas CowboysBase card000.00
265bTimmy NewsomeDallas CowboysBase card000.00
265cTimmy NewsomeDallas CowboysBase card000.00
266Tony HillDallas CowboysBase card000.00
267Mike SherrardDallas CowboysBase card000.00
268Jim JeffcoatDallas CowboysBase card000.00
269Ron FellowsDallas CowboysBase card000.00
270Bill BatesDallas CowboysBase card000.00
271Michael DownsDallas CowboysBase card000.00
272aBobby HebertNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
272bBobby HebertNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
272cBobby HebertNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
273aDave WilsonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
273bDave WilsonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
273cDave WilsonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
274aRueben MayesNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
274bRueben MayesNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
274cRueben MayesNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
275aHoby BrennerNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
275bHoby BrennerNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
275cHoby BrennerNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
276aEric MartinNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
276bEric MartinNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
276cEric MartinNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
277Morten AndersenNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
278Brian HansenNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
279Rickey JacksonNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
280Dave WaymerNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
281aBruce ClarkNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
281bBruce ClarkNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
281cBruce ClarkNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
282aJames GeathersNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
282bJames GeathersNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
282cJames GeathersNew Orleans SaintsBase card000.00
283aWalter AbercrombiePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
283bWalter AbercrombiePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
283cWalter AbercrombiePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
284Mark MalonePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
285Earnest JacksonPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
286Walter AbercrombiePittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
287Louis LippsPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
288John StallworthPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
289Gary AndersonPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
290Keith WillisPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
291Mike MerriweatherPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
292Lupe SanchezPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
293Donnie ShellPittsburgh SteelersBase card000.00
294aKeith ByarsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
294bKeith ByarsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
294cKeith ByarsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
295aMike ReichenbachPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
295bMike ReichenbachPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
295cMike ReichenbachPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
296Randall CunninghamPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
297Keith ByarsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
298Mike QuickPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
299Kenny JacksonPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
300John TeltschikPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
301Reggie WhitePhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
302Ken ClarkePhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
303Greg BrownPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
304Roynell YoungPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
305aAndre WatersPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
305bAndre WatersPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
305cAndre WatersPhiladelphia EaglesBase card000.00
306aWarren MoonHouston OilersBase card000.00
306bWarren MoonHouston OilersBase card000.00
306cWarren MoonHouston OilersBase card000.00
307Warren MoonHouston OilersBase card000.00
308Mike RozierHouston OilersBase card000.00
309Drew HillHouston OilersBase card000.00
310Ernest GivinsHouston OilersBase card000.00
311Lee JohnsonHouston OilersBase card000.00
312Kent HillHouston OilersBase card000.00
313Dean SteinkuhlerHouston OilersBase card000.00
314Ray ChildressHouston OilersBase card000.00
315aJohn GrimsleyHouston OilersBase card000.00
315bJohn GrimsleyHouston OilersBase card000.00
315cJohn GrimsleyHouston OilersBase card000.00
316Jesse BakerHouston OilersBase card000.00
317aEric HippleDetroit LionsBase card000.00
317bEric HippleDetroit LionsBase card000.00
317cEric HippleDetroit LionsBase card000.00
318Chuck LongDetroit LionsBase card000.00
319James JonesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
320Garry JamesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
321Jeff ChadwickDetroit LionsBase card000.00
322Leonard ThompsonDetroit LionsBase card000.00
323Pete MandleyDetroit LionsBase card000.00
324aJimmie GilesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
324bJimmie GilesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
324cJimmie GilesDetroit LionsBase card000.00
325Herman HunterDetroit LionsBase card000.00
326Keith FergusonDetroit LionsBase card000.00
327aDevon MitchellDetroit LionsBase card000.00
327bDevon MitchellDetroit LionsBase card000.00
327cDevon MitchellDetroit LionsBase card000.00
328aNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
328bNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
328cNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
329aNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
329bNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
329cNeil LomaxSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
330Stump MitchellSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
331Earl FerrellSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
332Vai SikahemaSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
333Ron WolfleySt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
334J.T. SmithSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
335Roy GreenSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
336Al "Bubba" BakerSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
337Freddie Joe NunnSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
338Cedric MackSt. Louis CardinalsBase card000.00
339aGary AndersonSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
339bGary AndersonSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
339cGary AndersonSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
340Dan FoutsSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
341Gary AndersonSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
342aWes ChandlerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
342bWes ChandlerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
342cWes ChandlerSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
343Kellen WinslowSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
344aRalf MojsiejenkoSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
344bRalf MojsiejenkoSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
344cRalf MojsiejenkoSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
345aRolf BenirschkeSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
345bRolf BenirschkeSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
345cRolf BenirschkeSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
346Lee WilliamsSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
347Leslie O'NealSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
348Billy Ray SmithSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
349Gill ByrdSan Diego ChargersBase card000.00
350aPaul Ott CarruthGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
350bPaul Ott CarruthGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
350cPaul Ott CarruthGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
351Randy WrightGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
352Kenneth DavisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
353aGerry EllisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
353bGerry EllisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
353cGerry EllisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
354James LoftonGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
355Phillip EppsGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
356Walter StanleyGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
357Eddie Lee IveryGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
358Tim HarrisGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
359Mark LeeGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
360Mossy CadeGreen Bay PackersBase card000.00
361aJim KellyBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
361bJim KellyBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
361cJim KellyBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
362Jim KellyBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
363Robb RiddickBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
364Greg BellBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
365aAndre ReedBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
365bAndre ReedBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
365cAndre ReedBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
366Pete MetzelaarsBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
367Sean McNanieBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
368Fred SmerlasBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
369Bruce SmithBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
370Darryl TalleyBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
371Charles RomesBuffalo BillsBase card000.00
372aRohn StarkIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
372bRohn StarkIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
372cRohn StarkIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
373aJack TrudeauIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
373bJack TrudeauIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
373cJack TrudeauIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
374aGary HogeboomIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
374bGary HogeboomIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
374cGary HogeboomIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
375Randy McMillanIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
376Albert BentleyIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
377Matt BouzaIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
378Bill BrooksIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
379Rohn StarkIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
380Chris HintonIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
381Ray DonaldsonIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
382Jon HandIndianapolis ColtsBase card000.00
383aJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
383bJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
383cJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
384aSteve YoungTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
384bSteve YoungTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
384cSteve YoungTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
385aJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
385bJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
385cJames WilderTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
386aFrank GarciaTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
386bFrank GarciaTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
386cFrank GarciaTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
387Gerald CarterTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
388aPhil FreemanTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
388bPhil FreemanTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
388cPhil FreemanTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
389aCalvin MageeTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
389bCalvin MageeTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
389cCalvin MageeTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
390Donald IgwebuikeTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
391David LoganTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
392aJeff DavisTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
392bJeff DavisTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
392cJeff DavisTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
393Chris WashingtonTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card000.00
394aChecklist #1-132-Base card000.00
394bChecklist #1-132-Base card000.00
394cChecklist #1-132-Base card000.00
395aChecklist #133-264-Base card000.00
395bChecklist #133-264-Base card000.00
395cChecklist #133-264-Base card000.00
396aChecklist #265-396-Base card000.00
396bChecklist #265-396-Base card000.00
396cChecklist #265-396-Base card000.00
YC1Eric DickersonLos Angeles Rams1000 Yard Club000.00
YC2Jerry RiceSan Francisco 49ers1000 Yard Club000.00
YC3Joe MorrisNew York Giants1000 Yard Club000.00
YC4Stanley MorganNew England Patriots1000 Yard Club000.00
YC5Curt WarnerSeattle Seahawks1000 Yard Club000.00
YC6Rueben MayesNew Orleans Saints1000 Yard Club000.00
YC7Walter PaytonChicago Bears1000 Yard Club000.00
YC8Gerald RiggsAtlanta Falcons1000 Yard Club000.00
YC9Mark DuperMiami Dolphins1000 Yard Club000.00
YC10Gary ClarkWashington Redskins1000 Yard Club000.00
YC11George RogersWashington Redskins1000 Yard Club000.00
YC12Al ToonNew York Jets1000 Yard Club000.00
YC13Todd ChristensenLos Angeles Raiders1000 Yard Club000.00
YC14Mark ClaytonMiami Dolphins1000 Yard Club000.00
YC15Bill BrooksIndianapolis Colts1000 Yard Club000.00
YC16Drew HillHouston Oilers1000 Yard Club000.00
YC17James BrooksCincinnati Bengals1000 Yard Club000.00
YC18Steve LargentSeattle Seahawks1000 Yard Club000.00
YC19Art MonkWashington Redskins1000 Yard Club000.00
YC20Ernest GivinsHouston Oilers1000 Yard Club000.00
YC21Cris CollinsworthCincinnati Bengals1000 Yard Club000.00
YC22Wesley WalkerNew York Jets1000 Yard Club000.00
YC23J.T. SmithSt. Louis Cardinals1000 Yard Club000.00
YC24Mark BavaroNew York Giants1000 Yard Club000.00
AMark BavaroNew York GiantsBox Bottoms000.00
BTodd ChristensenLos Angeles RaidersBox Bottoms000.00
CEric DickersonLos Angeles RamsBox Bottoms000.00
DJohn ElwayDenver BroncosBox Bottoms000.00
ERulon JonesDenver BroncosBox Bottoms000.00
FDan MarinoMiami DolphinsBox Bottoms000.00
GKarl MecklenburgDenver BroncosBox Bottoms000.00
HJoe MontanaSan Francisco 49ersBox Bottoms000.00
IJoe MorrisNew York GiantsBox Bottoms000.00
JWalter PaytonChicago BearsBox Bottoms000.00
KJerry RiceSan Francisco 49ersBox Bottoms000.00
LPhil SimmsNew York GiantsBox Bottoms000.00
MLawrence TaylorNew York GiantsBox Bottoms000.00
NAl ToonNew York JetsBox Bottoms000.00
OCurt WarnerSeattle SeahawksBox Bottoms000.00
PReggie WhitePhiladelphia EaglesBox Bottoms000.00
ABCDMark Bavaro / Todd Christensen / Eric Dickerson / John ElwayNew York Giants / Los Angeles Raiders / Los Angeles Rams / Denver BroncosBox Bottom Panels000.00
EFGHRulon Jones / Dan Marino / Karl Mecklenburg / Joe MontanaDenver Broncos / Miami Dolphins / San Francisco 49ersBox Bottom Panels000.00
IJKLJoe Morris / Walter Payton / Jerry Rice / Phil SimmsNew York Giants / Chicago Bears / San Francisco 49ersBox Bottom Panels000.00
MNOPLawrence Taylor / Al Toon / Curt Warner / Reggie WhiteNew York Giants / New York Jets / Seattle Seahawks / Philadelphia EaglesBox Bottom Panels000.00
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