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Topps NHL 2020-2021

Topps NHL 2020-2021

Year: 2020
Total stickers: 670

Collection preview (99% scanned images)

collecting: 15 / completed: 0


1Anaheim Ducks LogoAnaheim Ducksfoil717.00
22019/20 Team HighlightAnaheim Ducks-632.00
3Mascot - Wild WingAnaheim Ducksfoil909.00
4Adam HenriqueAnaheim Ducksfoil606.00
5Rickard RakellAnaheim Ducksfoil10010.00
6Adam HenriqueAnaheim Ducks-623.00
7Rickard RakellAnaheim Ducks-641.50
8Ryan GetzlafAnaheim Ducks-505.00
9John GibsonAnaheim Ducks-522.50
10Jakob SilfverbergAnaheim Ducks-522.50
11Cam FowlerAnaheim Ducks-723.50
12Hampus LindholmAnaheim Ducks-717.00
13Sam SteelAnaheim Ducks-606.00
14Carter RowneyAnaheim Ducks-623.00
15Michael Del ZottoAnaheim Ducks-723.50
16Nicolas DeslauriersAnaheim Ducks-616.00
17Max JonesAnaheim Ducks-623.00
18Arizona Coyotes LogoArizona Coyotesfoil10010.00
192019/20 Team HighlightArizona Coyotes-623.00
20Taylor HallArizona Coyotesfoil641.50
21Clayton KellerArizona Coyotesfoil717.00
22Mascot - HowlerArizona Coyotesfoil909.00
23Conor GarlandArizona Coyotes-606.00
24Nick SchmaltzArizona Coyotes-842.00
25Clayton KellerArizona Coyotes-414.00
26Antti RaantaArizona Coyotes-717.00
27Christian DvorakArizona Coyotes-606.00
28Phil KesselArizona Coyotes-515.00
29Carl SoderbergArizona Coyotes-717.00
30Alex GoligoskiArizona Coyotes-616.00
31Oliver Ekman-LarssonArizona Coyotes-623.00
32Derek StepanArizona Coyotes-616.00
33Barrett HaytonArizona Coyotes-723.50
34Taylor HallArizona Coyotes-623.00
35Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruinsfoil808.00
362019/20 Team HighlightBoston Bruins-909.00
37Mascot - BladesBoston Bruinsfoil10010.00
38Patrice BergeronBoston Bruinsfoil616.00
39David PastrnakBoston Bruinsfoil909.00
40Brad MarchandBoston Bruins-732.33
41Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins-723.50
42David PastrnakBoston Bruins-818.00
43Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins-717.00
44Torey KrugBoston Bruins-723.50
45David KrejciBoston Bruins-723.50
46Charlie CoyleBoston Bruins-623.00
47Jake DeBruskBoston Bruins-919.00
48Charlie McAvoyBoston Bruins-505.00
49Sean KuralyBoston Bruins-818.00
50Matt GrzelcykBoston Bruins-717.00
51Anders BjorkBoston Bruins-717.00
52Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabresfoil717.00
532019/20 Team HighlightBuffalo Sabres-404.00
54Mascot - SabretoothBuffalo Sabresfoil909.00
55Jack EichelBuffalo Sabresfoil641.50
56Sam ReinhartBuffalo Sabresfoil10010.00
57Jack EichelBuffalo Sabres-723.50
58Sam ReinhartBuffalo Sabres-707.00
59Linus UllmarkBuffalo Sabres-919.00
60Victor OlofssonBuffalo Sabres-818.00
61Rasmus DahlinBuffalo Sabres-606.00
62Rasmus RistolainenBuffalo Sabres-623.00
63Marcus JohanssonBuffalo Sabres-717.00
64Jeff SkinnerBuffalo Sabres-616.00
65Jimmy VeseyBuffalo Sabres-909.00
66Zemgus GirgensonsBuffalo Sabres-723.50
67Kyle OkposoBuffalo Sabres-707.00
68Wayne SimmondsBuffalo Sabres-616.00
69Calgay Flames LogoCalgary Flamesfoil11011.00
702019/20 Team HighlightCalgary Flames-606.00
71Mascot - Harvey The HoundCalgary Flamesfoil808.00
72Johnny GaudreauCalgary Flamesfoil616.00
73Mark GiordanoCalgary Flamesfoil808.00
74Johnny GaudreauCalgary Flames-717.00
75Mark GiordanoCalgary Flames-717.00
76David RittichCalgary Flames-808.00
77Matthew TkachukCalgary Flames-707.00
78Elias LindholmCalgary Flames-818.00
79Sean MonahanCalgary Flames-818.00
80Mikael BacklundCalgary Flames-623.00
81Andrew MangiapaneCalgary Flames-515.00
82Derek RyanCalgary Flames-924.50
83Noah HanifinCalgary Flames-741.75
84Rasmus AnderssonCalgary Flames-623.00
85Milan LucicCalgary Flames-741.75
86Carolina Hurricanes LogoCarolina Hurricanesfoil707.00
872019/20 Team HighlightCarolina Hurricanes-707.00
88Mascot - StormyCarolina Hurricanesfoil11011.00
89Sebastian AhoCarolina Hurricanesfoil616.00
90Teuvo TeravainenCarolina Hurricanesfoil909.00
91Sebastian AhoCarolina Hurricanes-717.00
92Teuvo TeravainenCarolina Hurricanes-606.00
93Andrei SvechnikovCarolina Hurricanes-641.50
94Jake GardinerCarolina Hurricanes-441.00
95Petr MrazekCarolina Hurricanes-818.00
96Martin NecasCarolina Hurricanes-723.50
97Jaccob SlavinCarolina Hurricanes-616.00
98Warren FoegeleCarolina Hurricanes-606.00
99Nino NiederreiterCarolina Hurricanes-909.00
100Ryan DzingelCarolina Hurricanes-707.00
101Jordan StaalCarolina Hurricanes-717.00
102Brock McGinnCarolina Hurricanes-10010.00
103Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawksfoil707.00
1042019/20 Team HighlightChicago Blackhawks-616.00
105Mascot - Tommy HawkChicago Blackhawksfoil818.00
106Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawksfoil616.00
107Jonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawksfoil522.50
108Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawks-732.33
109Jonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawks-531.67
110Dominik KubalikChicago Blackhawks-808.00
111Corey CrawfordChicago Blackhawks-515.00
112Alex DeBrincatChicago Blackhawks-616.00
113Dylan StromeChicago Blackhawks-707.00
114Brandon SaadChicago Blackhawks-707.00
115Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks-909.00
116Alexander NylanderChicago Blackhawks-10010.00
117Kirby DachChicago Blackhawks-606.00
118Connor MurphyChicago Blackhawks-808.00
119Olli MaattaChicago Blackhawks-824.00
120Colorado Avalanche LogoColorado Avalanchefoil909.00
1212019/20 Team HighlightColorado Avalanche-909.00
122Mascot - BernieColorado Avalanchefoil10010.00
123Nathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanchefoil10010.00
124Mikko RantanenColorado Avalanchefoil818.00
125Nathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanche-531.67
126Mikko RantanenColorado Avalanche-818.00
127Cale MakarColorado Avalanche-606.00
128Andre BurakovskyColorado Avalanche-818.00
129Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche-808.00
130Nazem KadriColorado Avalanche-808.00
131Samuel GirardColorado Avalanche-616.00
132Joonas DonskoiColorado Avalanche-616.00
133J.T. CompherColorado Avalanche-606.00
134Philipp GrubauerColorado Avalanche-707.00
135Valeri NichushkinColorado Avalanche-909.00
136Ryan GravesColorado Avalanche-707.00
137Columbus Blue Jackets LogoColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil717.00
1382019/20 Team HighlightColumbus Blue Jackets-909.00
139Mascot - StingerColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil707.00
140Seth JonesColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil909.00
141Pierre-Luc DuboisColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil818.00
142Seth JonesColumbus Blue Jackets-623.00
143Pierre-Luc DuboisColumbus Blue Jackets-522.50
144Joonas KorpisaloColumbus Blue Jackets-818.00
145Gustav NyquistColumbus Blue Jackets-818.00
146Zach WerenskiColumbus Blue Jackets-623.00
147Oliver BjorkstrandColumbus Blue Jackets-641.50
148Nick FolignoColumbus Blue Jackets-515.00
149Nathan GerbeColumbus Blue Jackets-522.50
150Cam AtkinsonColumbus Blue Jackets-541.25
151Boone JennerColumbus Blue Jackets-717.00
152Alexander WennbergColumbus Blue Jackets-707.00
153Emil BemstromColumbus Blue Jackets-616.00
154Dallas Stars LogoDallas Starsfoil11011.00
1552019/20 Team HighlightDallas Stars-616.00
156Mascot - Victor E. GreenDallas Starsfoil717.00
157Tyler SeguinDallas Starsfoil616.00
158Ben BishopDallas Starsfoil909.00
159Tyler SeguinDallas Stars-606.00
160Ben BishopDallas Stars-515.00
161Jamie BennDallas Stars-531.67
162Miro HeiskanenDallas Stars-623.00
163Alexander RadulovDallas Stars-441.00
164Roope HintzDallas Stars-623.00
165John KlingbergDallas Stars-515.00
166Joe PavelskiDallas Stars-723.50
167Denis GurianovDallas Stars-616.00
168Esa LindellDallas Stars-414.00
169Jason DickinsonDallas Stars-707.00
170Mattias JanmarkDallas Stars-616.00
171Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wingsfoil10010.00
1722019/20 Team HighlightDetroit Red Wings-707.00
173Dylan LarkinDetroit Red Wingsfoil808.00
174Tyler BertuzziDetroit Red Wingsfoil818.00
175Jonathan BernierDetroit Red Wingsfoil824.00
176Dylan LarkinDetroit Red Wings-818.00
177Tyler BertuzziDetroit Red Wings-818.00
178Jonathan BernierDetroit Red Wings-824.00
179Anthony ManthaDetroit Red Wings-623.00
180Robby FabbriDetroit Red Wings-933.00
181Filip HronekDetroit Red Wings-933.00
182Valtteri FilppulaDetroit Red Wings-10110.00
183Madison BoweyDetroit Red Wings-919.00
184Darren HelmDetroit Red Wings-818.00
185Filip ZadinaDetroit Red Wings-924.50
186Luke GlendeningDetroit Red Wings-824.00
187Frans NielsenDetroit Red Wings-919.00
188Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilersfoil732.33
1892019/20 Team HighlightEdmonton Oilers-623.00
190Mascot - HunterEdmonton Oilersfoil818.00
191Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilersfoil623.00
192Leon DraisaitlEdmonton Oilersfoil10010.00
193Connor McDavidEdmonton Oilers-414.00
194Zack KassianEdmonton Oilers-717.00
195Mikko KoskinenEdmonton Oilers-723.50
196Ryan Nugent-HopkinsEdmonton Oilers-616.00
197Oscar KlefbomEdmonton Oilers-623.00
198Leon DraisaitlEdmonton Oilers-431.33
199Darnell NurseEdmonton Oilers-824.00
200James NealEdmonton Oilers-919.00
201Kailer YamamotoEdmonton Oilers-623.00
202Alex ChiassonEdmonton Oilers-824.00
203Josh ArchibaldEdmonton Oilers-717.00
204Ethan BearEdmonton Oilers-616.00
205Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthersfoil924.50
2062019/20 Team HighlightFlorida Panthers-515.00
207Mascot - Stanley C. PantherFlorida Panthersfoil11011.00
208Aleksander BarkovFlorida Panthersfoil824.00
209Sergei BobrovskyFlorida Panthersfoil909.00
210Aleksander BarkovFlorida Panthers-808.00
211Jonathan HuberdeauFlorida Panthers-723.50
212Mike HoffmanFlorida Panthers-909.00
213Evgeny DadonovFlorida Panthers-515.00
214Keith YandleFlorida Panthers-707.00
215Aaron EkbladFlorida Panthers-723.50
216Sergei BobrovskyFlorida Panthers-431.33
217Frank VatranoFlorida Panthers-909.00
218Brett ConnollyFlorida Panthers-818.00
219Noel AcciariFlorida Panthers-909.00
220Mike MathesonFlorida Panthers-723.50
221Anton StralmanFlorida Panthers-515.00
222Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kingsfoil10010.00
2232019/20 Team HighlightLos Angeles Kings-707.00
224Mascot - BaileyLos Angeles Kingsfoil717.00
225Drew DoughtyLos Angeles Kingsfoil919.00
226Anze KopitarLos Angeles Kingsfoil616.00
227Drew DoughtyLos Angeles Kings-616.00
228Alex IafalloLos Angeles Kings-732.33
229Anze KopitarLos Angeles Kings-422.00
230Ben HuttonLos Angeles Kings-732.33
231Dustin BrownLos Angeles Kings-818.00
232Jonathan QuickLos Angeles Kings-606.00
233Adrian KempeLos Angeles Kings-632.00
234Jeff CarterLos Angeles Kings-632.00
235Sean WalkerLos Angeles Kings-919.00
236Blake LizotteLos Angeles Kings-723.50
237Matt RoyLos Angeles Kings-723.50
238Mike AmadioLos Angeles Kings-616.00
239Minnesota Wild LogoMinnesota Wildfoil723.50
2402019/20 Team HighlightMinnesota Wild-616.00
241Mascot - NordyMinnesota Wildfoil11011.00
242Kevin FialaMinnesota Wildfoil606.00
243Ryan SuterMinnesota Wildfoil818.00
244Kevin FialaMinnesota Wild-808.00
245Ryan SuterMinnesota Wild-616.00
246Alex StalockMinnesota Wild-919.00
247Eric StaalMinnesota Wild-808.00
248Zach PariseMinnesota Wild-732.33
249Mats ZuccarelloMinnesota Wild-450.80
249aMats ZuccarelloMinnesota WildAlbum Exclusive Photo Variants505.00
250Jared SpurgeonMinnesota Wild-606.00
251Luke KuninMinnesota Wild-616.00
252Joel Eriksson EkMinnesota Wild-717.00
253Jordan GreenwayMinnesota Wild-707.00
254Jonas BrodinMinnesota Wild-616.00
255Marcus FolignoMinnesota Wild-10010.00
256Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiensfoil909.00
2572019/20 Team HighlightMontreal Canadiens-606.00
258Mascot - Youppi!Montreal Canadiensfoil818.00
259Carey PriceMontreal Canadiensfoil919.00
260Tomas TatarMontreal Canadiensfoil606.00
261Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens-10010.00
262Tomas TatarMontreal Canadiens-606.00
263Phillip DanaultMontreal Canadiens-808.00
264Max DomiMontreal Canadiens-515.00
265Brendan GallagherMontreal Canadiens-522.50
266Nick SuzukiMontreal Canadiens-10110.00
267Jeff PetryMontreal Canadiens-616.00
268Shea WeberMontreal Canadiens-616.00
269Joel ArmiaMontreal Canadiens-909.00
270Artturi LehkonenMontreal Canadiens-909.00
271Ben ChiarotMontreal Canadiens-616.00
272Jordan WealMontreal Canadiens-717.00
273Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predatorsfoil808.00
2742019/20 Team HighlightNashville Predators-707.00
275Mascot - GnashNashville Predatorsfoil818.00
276Roman JosiNashville Predatorsfoil808.00
277Juuse SarosNashville Predatorsfoil616.00
278Roman JosiNashville Predators-616.00
279Juuse SarosNashville Predators-808.00
280Filip ForsbergNashville Predators-808.00
281Kyle TurrisNashville Predators-606.00
282Ryan EllisNashville Predators-422.00
283Ryan JohansenNashville Predators-515.00
284Matt DucheneNashville Predators-623.00
284aMatt DucheneNashville PredatorsAlbum Exclusive Photo Variants404.00
285Nick BoninoNashville Predators-10110.00
286Calle JarnkrokNashville Predators-623.00
287Mattias EkholmNashville Predators-632.00
288Craig SmithNashville Predators-414.00
289Rocco GrimaldiNashville Predators-522.50
290New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devilsfoil632.00
2912019/20 Team HighlightNew Jersey Devils-818.00
292Mascot - NJ DevilNew Jersey Devilsfoil11011.00
293Kyle PalmieriNew Jersey Devilsfoil723.50
294Nikita GusevNew Jersey Devilsfoil717.00
295Kyle PalmieriNew Jersey Devils-515.00
296Nikita GusevNew Jersey Devils-808.00
297Mackenzie BlackwoodNew Jersey Devils-808.00
298Nico HischierNew Jersey Devils-616.00
299Jesper BrattNew Jersey Devils-623.00
300Pavel ZachaNew Jersey Devils-606.00
301Damon SeversonNew Jersey Devils-531.67
302Travis ZajacNew Jersey Devils-522.50
303Miles WoodNew Jersey Devils-842.00
304Jack HughesNew Jersey Devils-522.50
305Will ButcherNew Jersey Devils-632.00
306P.K. SubbanNew Jersey Devils-824.00
307New York Islanders LogoNew York Islandersfoil10010.00
3082019/20 Team HighlightNew York Islanders-505.00
309Mascot - SparkyNew York Islandersfoil818.00
310Mathew BarzalNew York Islandersfoil707.00
311Semyon VarlamovNew York Islandersfoil623.00
312Mathew BarzalNew York Islanders-505.00
313Semyon VarlamovNew York Islanders-313.00
314Brock NelsonNew York Islanders-515.00
315Josh BaileyNew York Islanders-616.00
316Anders LeeNew York Islanders-441.00
316aAnders LeeNew York IslandersAlbum Exclusive Photo Variants404.00
317Jordan EberleNew York Islanders-717.00
318Anthony BeauvillierNew York Islanders-531.67
319Ryan PulockNew York Islanders-522.50
320Derick BrassardNew York Islanders-732.33
321Devon ToewsNew York Islanders-623.00
322Nick LeddyNew York Islanders-824.00
323Jean-Gabriel PageauNew York Islanders-723.50
324New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangersfoil808.00
3252019/20 Team HighlightNew York Rangers-808.00
326Artemi PanarinNew York Rangersfoil10010.00
327Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangersfoil909.00
328Mika ZibanejadNew York Rangersfoil10110.00
329Kaapo KakkoNew York Rangers-723.50
330Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers-824.00
331Mika ZibanejadNew York Rangers-623.00
332Ryan StromeNew York Rangers-919.00
333Tony DeAngeloNew York Rangers-505.00
334Pavel BuchnevichNew York Rangers-723.50
335Artemi PanarinNew York Rangers-450.80
335aArtemi PanarinNew York RangersAlbum Exclusive Photo Variants505.00
336Chris KreiderNew York Rangers-707.00
337Adam FoxNew York Rangers-717.00
338Jesper FastNew York Rangers-818.00
339Jacob TroubaNew York Rangers-824.00
340Filip ChytilNew York Rangers-818.00
341Ottawa Senators LogoOttawa Senators Logofoil606.00
3422019/20 Team HighlightOttawa Senators Logo-717.00
343Mascot - SpartacatOttawa Senators Logofoil707.00
344Brady TkachukOttawa Senators Logofoil723.50
345Connor BrownOttawa Senators Logofoil623.00
346Brady TkachukOttawa Senators Logo-623.00
347Connor BrownOttawa Senators Logo-641.50
348Craig AndersonOttawa Senators Logo-623.00
349Anthony DuclairOttawa Senators Logo-515.00
350Thomas ChabotOttawa Senators Logo-808.00
351Chris TierneyOttawa Senators Logo-616.00
352Colin WhiteOttawa Senators Logo-505.00
353Artem AnisimovOttawa Senators Logo-515.00
354Nick PaulOttawa Senators Logo-606.00
355Mark BorowieckiOttawa Senators Logo-723.50
356Ron HainseyOttawa Senators Logo-707.00
357Nikita ZaitsevOttawa Senators Logo-808.00
358Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyersfoil919.00
3592019/20 Team HighlightPhiladelphia Flyers-707.00
360Mascot - GrittyPhiladelphia Flyersfoil606.00
361Claude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyersfoil909.00
362Travis KonecnyPhiladelphia Flyersfoil10010.00
363Claude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyers-623.00
364Travis KonecnyPhiladelphia Flyers-723.50
365Carter HartPhiladelphia Flyers-723.50
366Sean CouturierPhiladelphia Flyers-515.00
367Jakub VoracekPhiladelphia Flyers-717.00
368Kevin HayesPhiladelphia Flyers-616.00
369James van RiemsdykPhiladelphia Flyers-522.50
370Ivan ProvorovPhiladelphia Flyers-641.50
371Matt NiskanenPhiladelphia Flyers-824.00
372Scott LaughtonPhiladelphia Flyers-616.00
373Travis SanheimPhiladelphia Flyers-531.67
374Joel FarabeePhiladelphia Flyers-623.00
375Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguinsfoil10010.00
3762019/20 Team HighlightPittsburgh Penguins-808.00
377Mascot - IceburghPittsburgh Penguinsfoil909.00
378Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguinsfoil422.00
379Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguinsfoil616.00
380Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins-717.00
381Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguins-723.50
382Matt MurrayPittsburgh Penguins-623.00
383Bryan RustPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
384Kris LetangPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
385Jake GuentzelPittsburgh Penguins-616.00
386Jared McCannPittsburgh Penguins-717.00
387Patric HornqvistPittsburgh Penguins-909.00
388John MarinoPittsburgh Penguins-632.00
389Brandon TanevPittsburgh Penguins-522.50
390Teddy BluegerPittsburgh Penguins-707.00
391Patrick MarleauPittsburgh Penguins-505.00
392San Jose Sharks LogoSan Jose Sharksfoil616.00
3932019/20 Team HighlightSan Jose Sharks-808.00
394Mascot - S.J. SharkieSan Jose Sharksfoil707.00
395Brent BurnsSan Jose Sharksfoil909.00
396Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharksfoil616.00
397Brent BurnsSan Jose Sharks-616.00
398Erik KarlssonSan Jose Sharks-606.00
399Martin JonesSan Jose Sharks-616.00
400Timo MeierSan Jose Sharks-909.00
401Evander KaneSan Jose Sharks-909.00
402Logan CoutureSan Jose Sharks-515.00
403Tomas HertlSan Jose Sharks-707.00
404Kevin LabancSan Jose Sharks-522.50
405Joe ThorntonSan Jose Sharks-522.50
406Marcus SorensenSan Jose Sharks-723.50
407Marc-Edouard VlasicSan Jose Sharks-515.00
408Melker KarlssonSan Jose Sharks-707.00
409St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Bluesfoil10010.00
4102019/20 Team HighlightSt. Louis Blues-515.00
411Mascot - LouieSt. Louis Bluesfoil808.00
412Ryan O'ReillySt. Louis Bluesfoil723.50
413Vladimir TarasenkoSt. Louis Bluesfoil10010.00
414Ryan O'ReillySt. Louis Blues-707.00
415Vladimir TarasenkoSt. Louis Blues-818.00
416Jordan BinningtonSt. Louis Blues-505.00
417David PerronSt. Louis Blues-606.00
418Brayden SchennSt. Louis Blues-717.00
419Jaden SchwartzSt. Louis Blues-707.00
420Alex PietrangeloSt. Louis Blues-808.00
421Robert ThomasSt. Louis Blues-909.00
422Zach SanfordSt. Louis Blues-422.00
423Tyler BozakSt. Louis Blues-505.00
424Colton ParaykoSt. Louis Blues-818.00
425Ivan BarbashevSt. Louis Blues-808.00
426Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightningfoil717.00
4272019/20 Team HighlightTampa Bay Lightning-505.00
428Mascot - ThunderbugTampa Bay Lightningfoil616.00
429Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightningfoil818.00
430Victor HedmanTampa Bay Lightningfoil909.00
431Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning-623.00
432Victor HedmanTampa Bay Lightning-641.50
433Andrei VasilevskiyTampa Bay Lightning-515.00
434Steven StamkosTampa Bay Lightning-422.00
435Brayden PointTampa Bay Lightning-522.50
436Alex KillornTampa Bay Lightning-623.00
437Anthony CirelliTampa Bay Lightning-717.00
438Ondrej PalatTampa Bay Lightning-515.00
439Mikhail SergachevTampa Bay Lightning-522.50
440Kevin ShattenkirkTampa Bay Lightning-414.00
441Tyler JohnsonTampa Bay Lightning-632.00
442Yanni GourdeTampa Bay Lightning-522.50
443Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafsfoil707.00
4442019/20 Team HighlightToronto Maple Leafs-717.00
445Mascot - CarltonToronto Maple Leafsfoil707.00
446Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafsfoil10110.00
447Mitch MarnerToronto Maple Leafsfoil723.50
448John TavaresToronto Maple Leafs-741.75
449Mitch MarnerToronto Maple Leafs-632.00
450Frederik AndersenToronto Maple Leafs-531.67
451Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leafs-732.33
452William NylanderToronto Maple Leafs-505.00
453Tyson BarrieToronto Maple Leafs-313.00
454Zach HymanToronto Maple Leafs-522.50
455Kasperi KapanenToronto Maple Leafs-515.00
456Alexander KerfootToronto Maple Leafs-515.00
457Morgan RiellyToronto Maple Leafs-616.00
458Jason SpezzaToronto Maple Leafs-441.00
459Ilya MikheyevToronto Maple Leafs-515.00
460Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucksfoil616.00
4612019/20 Team HighlightVancouver Canucks-818.00
462Mascot - FinVancouver Canucksfoil717.00
463Elias PetterssonVancouver Canucksfoil616.00
464J.T. MillerVancouver Canucksfoil808.00
465Elias PetterssonVancouver Canucks-732.33
466J.T. MillerVancouver Canucks-531.67
467Jacob MarkstromVancouver Canucks-723.50
468Bo HorvatVancouver Canucks-717.00
469Quinn HughesVancouver Canucks-623.00
470Tanner PearsonVancouver Canucks-723.50
471Brock BoeserVancouver Canucks-623.00
472Jake VirtanenVancouver Canucks-818.00
473Adam GaudetteVancouver Canucks-404.00
474Alexander EdlerVancouver Canucks-717.00
475Tyler MyersVancouver Canucks-531.67
476Christopher TanevVancouver Canucks-515.00
477Vegas Golden Knights LogoVegas Golden Knightsfoil808.00
4782019/20 Team HighlightVegas Golden Knights-616.00
479Mascot - ChanceVegas Golden Knightsfoil808.00
480Mark StoneVegas Golden Knightsfoil616.00
481Marc-Andre FleuryVegas Golden Knightsfoil616.00
482Mark StoneVegas Golden Knights-723.50
483Marc-Andre FleuryVegas Golden Knights-707.00
484Max PaciorettyVegas Golden Knights-732.33
485Reilly SmithVegas Golden Knights-717.00
486Jonathan MarchessaultVegas Golden Knights-623.00
487William KarlssonVegas Golden Knights-632.00
488Shea TheodoreVegas Golden Knights-717.00
489Paul StastnyVegas Golden Knights-414.00
490Nate SchmidtVegas Golden Knights-808.00
491Chandler StephensonVegas Golden Knights-616.00
492William CarrierVegas Golden Knights-313.00
493Alex TuchVegas Golden Knights-515.00
494Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitalsfoil10010.00
4952019/20 Team HighlightWashington Capitals-641.50
496Mascot - SlapshotWashington Capitalsfoil818.00
497Alex OvechkinWashington Capitalsfoil541.25
498John CarlsonWashington Capitalsfoil515.00
499Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals-707.00
500Braden HoltbyWashington Capitals-707.00
501Richard PanikWashington Capitals-707.00
502Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals-808.00
503Jakub VranaWashington Capitals-717.00
504Evgeny KuznetsovWashington Capitals-717.00
505John CarlsonWashington Capitals-441.00
506T.J. OshieWashington Capitals-515.00
507Tom WilsonWashington Capitals-717.00
508Lars EllerWashington Capitals-808.00
509Dmitry OrlovWashington Capitals-522.50
510Ilya KovalchukWashington Capitals-723.50
511Winnipeg Jets LogoWinnipeg Jetsfoil717.00
5122019/20 Team HighlightWinnipeg Jets-515.00
513Mascot - MooseWinnipeg Jetsfoil707.00
514Mark ScheifeleWinnipeg Jetsfoil717.00
515Blake WheelerWinnipeg Jetsfoil717.00
516Mark ScheifeleWinnipeg Jets-818.00
517Blake WheelerWinnipeg Jets-707.00
518Connor HellebuyckWinnipeg Jets-531.67
519Kyle ConnorWinnipeg Jets-616.00
520Patrik LaineWinnipeg Jets-808.00
521Nikolaj EhlersWinnipeg Jets-717.00
522Neal PionkWinnipeg Jets-723.50
523Josh MorrisseyWinnipeg Jets-505.00
524Jack RoslovicWinnipeg Jets-707.00
525Andrew CoppWinnipeg Jets-808.00
526Tucker PoolmanWinnipeg Jets-616.00
527Mathieu PerreaultWinnipeg Jets-909.00
528Ilya MikheyevRookie Debutfoil723.50
529Cale MakarRookie Debutfoil531.67
530Kaapo KakkoRookie Debutfoil431.33
531Adam FoxRookie Debutfoil531.67
532Emil BemstromRookie Debutfoil707.00
533John MarinoRookie Debutfoil616.00
534Dominik KubalikRookie Debutfoil450.80
535Nick SuzukiRookie Debutfoil531.67
536Elvis MerzlikinsRookie Debutfoil541.25
537Vladislav GavrikovRookie Debutfoil616.00
538Ilya SamsonovRookie Debutfoil616.00
539Pierre EngvallRookie Debutfoil808.00
540Nikolay ProkhorkinRookie Debutfoil717.00
541Carter VerhaegheRookie Debutfoil717.00
542Sam LaffertyRookie Debutfoil10010.00
543Adam BoqvistRookie Debutfoil808.00
544Cody GlassRookie Debutfoil623.00
545Joel FarabeeRookie Debutfoil10010.00
546Igor ShesterkinRookie Debutfoil707.00
547Kirby DachRookie Debutfoil616.00
548Matthew TkachukThird Threads-422.00
549Leon DraisaitlThird Threads-531.67
550Elias PetterssonThird Threads-616.00
551John CarlsonThird Threads-515.00
552Kyle ConnorThird Threads-515.00
553Brent BurnsThird Threads-522.50
554Travis KonecnyThird Threads-616.00
555Clayton KellerThird Threads-616.00
556Cale MakarThird Threads-522.50
557Bryan RustThird Threads-632.00
558Kyle PalmieriThird Threads-623.00
559Evgeni MalkinThird Threads-522.50
560Sebastian AhoThird Threads-723.50
561Ryan O'ReillyThird Threads-505.00
562Anze KopitarThird Threads-414.00
563Zach WerenskiThird Threads-505.00
564Mathew BarzalThird Threads-522.50
565Patrice BergeronThird Threads-616.00
566Anthony DuclairThird Threads-623.00
567Ryan GetzlafThird Threads-541.25
568Brad MarchandThird Threads-531.67
569Mathew Barzal - 1978-79 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-909.00
570Kyle Palmieri - 1988-89 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-505.00
571John Tavares - 1986-87 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-606.00
572Jack Eichel - 1984-85 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-707.00
573Ryan O'Reilly - 1990-91 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-515.00
574David Pastrnak - 1980-81 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-808.00
575Tyler Seguin - 1990-91 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-909.00
576Patrick Kane - 1991-92 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-522.50
577Mika Zibanejad - 1974-75 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-606.00
578Alex Ovechkin - 1980-81 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-623.00
579Connor McDavid - 1981-82 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-522.50
580Elias Pettersson - 1992-93 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-606.00
581Carey Price - 1971-72 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-808.00
582Evgeni Malkin - 1985-86 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-606.00
583Travis Konecny - 1977-78 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-808.00
584Anze Kopitar - 1987-88 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-818.00
585Dylan Larkin - 1954-55 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-616.00
586Nathan MacKinnon - 1981-82 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-707.00
587Patrice Bergeron - 1980-81 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-717.00
588Henrik Lundqvist - 1974-75 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-717.00
589Sidney Crosby - 1985-86 DesignTopps Hockey Classics-707.00
590Connor McDavid - Pacific Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-616.00
591Patrick Kane - Central Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-632.00
592Mark Giordano - Pacific Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-515.00
593Anze Kopitar - Pacific Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-717.00
594Eric Staal - Central Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-824.00
595Nathan MacKinnon - Central Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-606.00
596Leon Draisaitl - Pacific Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-808.00
597Elias Pettersson - Pacific Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-522.50
598Ryan O'Reilly - Central Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-531.67
599Tyler Seguin - Central Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-616.00
600Shea Weber - Atlantic Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-818.00
601Kris Letang - Metropolitan Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-707.00
602Victor Hedman - Atlantic Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-808.00
603Jack Eichel - Atlantic Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-824.00
604Braden Holtby - Metropolitan Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-818.00
605Seth Jones - Metropolitan Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-909.00
606David Pastrnak - Atlantic Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-515.00
607Andrei Vasilevskiy - Atlantic Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-909.00
608Mathew Barzal - Metropolitan Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-632.00
609John Carlson - Metropolitan Division2020 NHL All-Star Game-632.00
610NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-723.50
611NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-522.50
612NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-632.00
613NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-824.00
614NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-522.50
615NHL Mascots
2020 NHL All-Star Game-623.00
616Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-808.00
617Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-707.00
618Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-606.00
619Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-707.00
620Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-717.00
621Pacific Division All-Star
2020 NHL All-Star Game-606.00
622Sidney CrosbyTopps Of The Decade-832.67
623Connor McDavidTopps Of The Decade-623.00
624Alex OvechkinTopps Of The Decade-723.50
625Erik KarlssonTopps Of The Decade-717.00
626Henrik LundqvistTopps Of The Decade-623.00
627Evgeni MalkinTopps Of The Decade-723.50
628Patrice BergeronTopps Of The Decade-616.00
629Steven StamkosTopps Of The Decade-818.00
630Patrick KaneTopps Of The Decade-414.00
631Anze KopitarTopps Of The Decade-717.00
632Jaroslav HalakTopps Of The Decade-531.67
633David KrejciTopps Of The Decade-515.00
634Marc StaalTopps Of The Decade-723.50
635Patrice BergeronTopps Of The Decade-717.00
636Marian GaborikTopps Of The Decade-741.75
637Corey PerryTopps Of The Decade-623.00
638Sidney CrosbyTopps Of The Decade-623.00
639Jake GuentzelTopps Of The Decade-632.00
640Nicklas BackstromTopps Of The Decade-616.00
641Pat MaroonTopps Of The Decade-414.00
642Patrick KaneTopps Of The Decade-808.00
643Brad MarchandTopps Of The Decade-623.00
644Trevor LewisTopps Of The Decade-313.00
645Jonathan ToewsTopps Of The Decade-707.00
646Alec MartinezTopps Of The Decade-707.00
647Duncan KeithTopps Of The Decade-717.00
648Kris LetangTopps Of The Decade-707.00
649Sidney CrosbyTopps Of The Decade-707.00
650Alex OvechkinTopps Of The Decade-723.50
651Carl GunnarssonTopps Of The Decade-717.00
6522011 - Corey PerryHart Linefoil616.00
6532012 - Evgeni MalkinHart Linefoil707.00
6542013 - Alex OvechkinHart Linefoil717.00
6552014 - Sidney CrosbyHart Linefoil522.50
6562015 - Carey PriceHart Linefoil616.00
6572016 - Patrick KaneHart Linefoil717.00
6582017 - Connor McDavidHart Linefoil541.25
6592018 - Taylor HallHart Linefoil616.00
6602019 - Nikita KucherovHart Linefoil10110.00
661Stanley Cup
662Stanley Cup
663Stanley Cup
664Stanley Cup
665Stanley Cup
666Stanley Cup
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