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Topps Planet of the Apes

Topps Planet of the Apes

Year: 1969
Total cards: 44

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1Crash Landing!-Base Card202.00
2Bail Out!-Base Card202.00
3Stranded!-Base Card202.00
4Spaceman George Taylor!-Base Card202.00
5First Sign of Life!-Base Card202.00
6Discovery!-Base Card202.00
7Man vs. Beast!-Base Card202.00
8Captive of the Apes!-Base Card202.00
9Stalking Human Prey!-Base Card202.00
10Another Prisoner!-Base Card202.00
11Nova is Captured!-Base Card202.00
12No Escape!-Base Card202.00
13Ape Brutality!-Base Card202.00
14Captured!-Base Card202.00
15The Victors!-Base Card202.00
16Proud Conquerors-Base Card202.00
17"Say Cheese!"-Base Card202.00
18Ape Surgeon!-Base Card202.00
19Taylor's Life is Saved-Base Card202.00
20Pleading for Mercy!-Base Card202.00
21Caged!-Base Card202.00
22Taylor's Ally!-Base Card202.00
23Word of Anger!-Base Card202.00
24Human on a Leash!-Base Card202.00
25Return to Prison!-Base Card202.00
26Ape Scientist!-Base Card202.00
27Taylor's Escape Fails!-Base Card202.00
28Zoo Attendant!-Base Card202.00
29Water Torture-Base Card202.00
30Ape Madhouse!-Base Card202.00
31Manacled!-Base Card202.00
32Ape Jury!-Base Card202.00
33Speaking Against Taylor!-Base Card202.00
34The Trail Continues!-Base Card202.00
35Ape City!-Base Card202.00
36Deciding Taylor's Fate!-Base Card202.00
37Escape!-Base Card202.00
38The Search!-Base Card202.00
39The Forbidden Zone-Base Card202.00
40"Under Arrest!"-Base Card202.00
41Friends of the Human!-Base Card202.00
42Farewell!-Base Card202.00
43Man's Destiny!-Base Card202.00
44Lights! Camera! Action!-Base Card202.00
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