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Topps Premier Gold 2000-2001

Topps Premier Gold 2000-2001

Year: 2000
Total cards: 222

Collection preview (72% scanned images)

collecting: 64 / completed: 8


1Tony AdamsArsenalBase card1161.83
2Patrick VieiraArsenalBase card1281.50
3Robert PirèsArsenalBase card1281.50
4LaurenArsenalBase card1291.33
5Sylvain WiltordArsenalBase card1462.33
6Nwankwo KanuArsenalBase card1562.50
7Dennis BergkampArsenalBase card1291.33
8David JamesAston VillaBase card1381.63
9AlpayAston VillaBase card10101.00
10Gareth SouthgateAston VillaBase card1191.22
11Gareth BarryAston VillaBase card1381.63
12David GinolaAston VillaBase card12121.00
13Paul MersonAston VillaBase card12101.20
14Luc NilisAston VillaBase card12111.09
15Dean WindassBradfordBase card1161.83
16David WetherallBradfordBase card9110.82
17Benito CarboneBradfordBase card1181.38
18Gunnar HalleBradfordBase card1091.11
19David HopkinBradfordBase card9100.90
20Stuart McCallBradfordBase card1181.38
21Richard RufusCharltonBase card1081.25
22Andy HuntCharltonBase card1181.38
23Claus JensenCharltonBase card1191.22
24Dean KielyCharltonBase card9100.90
25Jonatan JohansonCharltonBase card12101.20
26Mario StanicChelseaBase card1091.11
27Eidur GudjohnsenChelseaBase card1581.88
28Marcel DesaillyChelseaBase card1081.25
29Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkChelseaBase card1262.00
30Dennis WiseChelseaBase card10101.00
31Gustavo PoyetChelseaBase card1281.50
32Gianfranco ZolaChelseaBase card1271.71
33Magnus HedmanCoventryBase card13111.18
34David ThompsonCoventryBase card1091.11
35Carlton PalmerCoventryBase card1091.11
36Cedric RousselCoventryBase card10101.00
37Craig BellamyCoventryBase card1271.71
38Youssef ChippoCoventryBase card1281.50
39Mart PoomDerbyBase card11101.10
40Branko StruparDerbyBase card1191.22
41Rory DelapDerbyBase card1171.57
42Seth JohnsonDerbyBase card1262.00
43Malcolm ChristieDerbyBase card11101.10
44Stefano EranioDerbyBase card1291.33
45Paul GascoigneEvertonBase card1491.56
46David UnsworthEvertonBase card1281.50
47Stephen HughesEvertonBase card10110.91
48Alex NyarkoEvertonBase card1091.11
49Niclas AlexanderssonEvertonBase card1281.50
50Francis JeffersEvertonBase card1191.22
51Richard WrightIpswichBase card1091.11
52Hermann HreidarssonIpswichBase card1291.33
53Matt HollandIpswichBase card981.13
54Marcus StewartIpswichBase card1071.43
55James ScowcroftIpswichBase card1081.25
56Nigel MartynLeedsBase card1181.38
57Lucas RadebeLeedsBase card1061.67
58Olivier DacourtLeedsBase card1281.50
59Ian HarteLeedsBase card1191.22
60Mark VidukaLeedsBase card1271.71
61Eirik BakkeLeedsBase card1061.67
62Harry KewellLeedsBase card1362.17
63Gary RowettLeicesterBase card1181.38
64Matt ElliottLeicesterBase card1281.50
65Muzzy IzzetLeicesterBase card1191.22
66Neil LennonLeicesterBase card1291.33
67Ade AkinbiyiLeicesterBase card1071.43
68Tim FlowersLeicesterBase card1191.22
69Markus BabbelLiverpoolBase card1672.29
70Sami HyypiaLiverpoolBase card1662.67
71Steven GerrardLiverpoolBase card2082.50
72Nick BarmbyLiverpoolBase card1581.88
73Christian SiegeLiverpoolBase card1581.88
74Emile HeskeyLiverpoolBase card1772.43
75Robbie FowlerLiverpoolBase card1753.40
76Nicky WeaverManchester CityBase card1091.11
77Paulo WanchopeManchester CityBase card1291.33
78Alfie HaalandManchester CityBase card1371.86
79Mark KennedyManchester CityBase card1081.25
80Shaun GoaterManchester CityBase card1181.38
81Fabien BartezManchester UnitedBase card1371.86
82Roy KeaneManchester UnitedBase card1191.22
83Paul ScholesManchester UnitedBase card1271.71
84Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card14111.27
85David BeckhamManchester UnitedBase card1872.57
86Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedBase card1271.71
87Andrew ColeManchester UnitedBase card1863.00
88Paul OkonMiddlesbroughBase card1262.00
89Joseph Desire-JobMiddlesbroughBase card14101.40
90Alen BoksicMiddlesbroughBase card1281.50
91Paul InceMiddlesbroughBase card1271.71
92Hamilton RicardMiddlesbroughBase card1481.75
93Noel WhelanMiddlesbroughBase card1061.67
94Didier DomiNewcastleBase card1181.38
95Carl CortNewcastleBase card1271.71
96Gary SpeedNewcastleBase card1271.71
97Kieron DyerNewcastleBase card11101.10
98Nolberto SolanoNewcastleBase card1181.38
99Daniel CordoneNewcastleBase card1171.57
100Paul JonesSouthamptonBase card1091.11
101Claus LundekvamSouthamptonBase card1181.38
102Jo TessemSouthamptonBase card890.89
103Matthew Le TissierSouthamptonBase card1171.57
104Hassan KachloulSouthamptonBase card1191.22
105Kevin DaviesSouthamptonBase card8120.67
106Thomas SorensenSunderlandBase card11101.10
107Michael GraySunderlandBase card12111.09
108Stanislav VargaSunderlandBase card14101.40
109Stefan SchwarzSunderlandBase card10110.91
110Don HutchisonSunderlandBase card13101.30
111Niall QuinnSunderlandBase card12111.09
112Sol CampbellTottenhamBase card1161.83
113Stephen CarrTottenhamBase card1371.86
114Tim SherwoodTottenhamBase card1081.25
115Darren AndertonTottenhamBase card13101.30
116Ben ThatcherTottenhamBase card1191.22
117Steffen IversenTottenhamBase card1071.43
118Chris ArmstrongTottenhamBase card1271.71
119Rio FerdinandWest HamBase card1271.71
120Frank LampardWest HamBase card1381.63
121Joe ColeWest HamBase card1462.33
122Trevor SinclairWest HamBase card971.29
123Frederic KanutéWest HamBase card1462.33
124Davor SukerWest HamBase card13101.30
S1Roy KeaneManchester UnitedPlayer of the Year1628.00
S1bRoy KeaneManchester UnitedPlayer of the Year / Blue foil18118.00
S1gRoy KeaneManchester UnitedPlayer of the Year / Gold foil1527.50
S1sRoy KeaneManchester UnitedPlayer of the Year / Silver foil1527.50
S2Harry KewellLeedsYoung Player of the Year1343.25
S2bHarry KewellLeedsYoung Player of the Year / Blue foil1628.00
S2gHarry KewellLeedsYoung Player of the Year / Gold foil15115.00
S2sHarry KewellLeedsYoung Player of the Year / Silver foil1033.33
S3Kevin PhillipsSunderlandPremier League Top Scorer1334.33
S3bKevin PhillipsSunderlandPremier League Top Scorer /Blue foil15115.00
S3gKevin PhillipsSunderlandPremier League Top Scorer / Gold foil14114.00
S3sKevin PhillipsSunderlandPremier League Top Scorer / Silver foil1133.67
S4David BeckhamManchester UnitedSuperstar1527.50
S4bDavid BeckhamManchester UnitedSuperstar / Blue foil20120.00
S4gDavid BeckhamManchester UnitedSuperstar / Gold foil18118.00
S4sDavid BeckhamManchester UnitedSuperstar / Silver foil1234.00
T1Thierry HenryArsenalStar Players1543.75
T1bThierry HenryArsenalStar Players / Blue foil18118.00
T1gThierry HenryArsenalStar Players / Gold foil1427.00
T1sThierry HenryArsenalStar Players / Silver foil1434.67
T2Dion DublinAston VillaStar Players1343.25
T2bDion DublinAston VillaStar Players / Blue foil16116.00
T2gDion DublinAston VillaStar Players / Gold foil14114.00
T2sDion DublinAston VillaStar Players / Silver foil1161.83
T3Dan PetrescuBradfordStar Players1133.67
T3bDan PetrescuBradfordStar Players / Blue foil1728.50
T3gDan PetrescuBradfordStar Players / Gold foil1326.50
T3sDan PetrescuBradfordStar Players / Silver foil1052.00
T4Mark KinsellaCharltonStar Players1133.67
T4bMark KinsellaCharltonStar Players / Blue foil16116.00
T4gMark KinsellaCharltonStar Players / Gold foil14114.00
T4sMark KinsellaCharltonStar Players / Silver foil1071.43
T5Tore Andre FloChelseaStar Players1527.50
T5bTore Andre FloChelseaStar Players / Blue foil16116.00
T5gTore Andre FloChelseaStar Players / Gold foil16116.00
T5sTore Andre FloChelseaStar Players / Silver foil1334.33
T6Mustapha HadjiCoventryStar Players1434.67
T6bMustapha HadjiCoventryStar Players / Blue foil15115.00
T6gMustapha HadjiCoventryStar Players / Gold foil1326.50
T6sMustapha HadjiCoventryStar Players / Silver foil1243.00
T7Giorgi KinkladzeDerbyStar Players1628.00
T7bGeorgi KinkladzeDerbyStar Players / Blue foil20120.00
T7gGeorgi KinkladzeDerbyStar Players / Gold foil1628.00
T7sGiorgi KinkladzeDerbyStar Players / Silver foil1543.75
T8Duncan FergusonEvertonStar Players1326.50
T8bDuncan FergusonEvertonStar Players / Blue foil16116.00
T8gDuncan FergusonEvertonStar Players / Gold foil13113.00
T8sDuncan FergusonEvertonStar Players / Silver foil11111.00
T9David JohnsonIpswichStar Players1234.00
T9bDavid JohnsonIpswichStar Players / Blue foil15115.00
T9gDavid JohnsonIpswichStar Players / Gold foil1226.00
T9sDavid JohnsonIpswichStar Players / Silver foil1262.00
T10Michael BridgesLeedsStar Players1334.33
T10bMichael BridgesLeedsStar Players / Blue foil15115.00
T10gMichael BridgesLeedsStar Players / Gold foil1326.50
T10sMichael BridgesLeedsStar Players / Silver foil1142.75
T11Stan CollymoreLeicesterStar Players1434.67
T11bStan CollymoreLeicesterStar Players / Blue foil16116.00
T11gStan CollymoreLeicesterStar Players / Gold foil14114.00
T11sStan CollymoreLeicesterStar Players / Silver foil1234.00
T12Michael OwenLiverpoolStar Players1844.50
T12bMichael OwenLiverpoolStar Players / Blue foil23123.00
T12gMichael OwenLiverpoolStar Players / Gold foil21121.00
T12sMichael OwenLiverpoolStar Players / Silver foil1735.67
T13George WeahManchester CityStar Players1427.00
T13bGeorge WeahManchester CityStar Players / Blue foil19119.00
T13gGeorge WeahManchester CityStar Players / Gold foil1535.00
T13sGeorge WeahManchester CityStar Players / Silver foil1252.40
T14Dwight YorkeManchester UnitedStar Players1434.67
T14bDwight YorkeManchester UnitedStar Players / Blue foil19119.00
T14gDwight YorkeManchester UnitedStar Players / Gold foil16116.00
T14sDwight YorkeManchester UnitedStar Players / Silver foil1427.00
T15Christian KarembeuMiddlesbroughStar Players1334.33
T15bChristian KarembeuMiddlesbroughStar Players / Blue foil1427.00
T15gChristian KarembeuMiddlesbroughStar Players / Gold foil13113.00
T15sChristian KarembeuMiddlesbroughStar Players / Silver foil1226.00
T16Alan ShearerNewcastleStar Players1343.25
T16bAlan ShearerNewcastleStar Players / Blue foil14114.00
T16gAlan ShearerNewcastleStar Players / Gold foil14114.00
T16sAlan ShearerNewcastleStar Players / Silver foil1234.00
T17Marian PaharsSouthamptonStar Players1262.00
T17bMarian PaharsSouthamptonStar Players / Blue foil15115.00
T17gMarian PaharsSouthamptonStar Players / Gold foil12112.00
T17sMarian PaharsSouthamptonStar Players / Silver foil1125.50
T18Kevin PhillipsSunderlandStar Players1334.33
T18bKevin PhillipsSunderlandStar Players / Blue foil18118.00
T18gKevin PhillipsSunderlandStar Players / Gold foil1226.00
T18sKevin PhillipsSunderlandStar Players / Silver foil1042.50
T19Sergei RebrovTottenhamStar Players1125.50
T19bSergei RebrovTottenhamStar Players / Blue foil15115.00
T19gSergei RebrovTottenhamStar Players / Gold foil12112.00
T19sSergei RebrovTottenhamStar Players / Silver foil1033.33
T20Paolo Di CanioWest HamStar Players1243.00
T20bPaolo Di CanioWest HamStar Players / Blue foil14114.00
T20gPaolo Di CanioWest HamStar Players / Gold foil13113.00
T20sPaolo Di CanioWest HamStar Players / Silver foil1025.00
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