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Topps Premier Gold 2003-2004

Topps Premier Gold 2003-2004

Year: 2003
Total cards: 225

Collection preview (29% scanned images)

collecting: 45 / completed: 3


A1Jens LehmannArsenalBase card924.50
A2Ashley ColeArsenalBase card924.50
A3Sol CampbellArsenalBase card824.00
A4Patrick VieiraArsenalBase card824.00
A5Fredrik LjungbergArsenalBase card924.50
A6Robert PiresArsenalBase card10110.00
A7Thierry HenryArsenalBase card919.00
AV1Ronny JohnsenAston VillaBase card11111.00
AV2Olof MellbergAston VillaBase card924.50
AV3Jlloyd SamuelAston VillaBase card1025.00
AV4Gareth BarryAston VillaBase card924.50
AV5Darius VassellAston VillaBase card1033.33
AV6Marcus AllbackAston VillaBase card919.00
BC1Kenny CunninghamBirminghamBase card919.00
BC2Matthew UpsonBirminghamBase card919.00
BC3Robbie SavageBirminghamBase card616.00
BC4David DunnBirminghamBase card623.00
BC5Christophe DugarryBirminghamBase card919.00
BC6Jeff KennaBirminghamBase card818.00
BR1Brad FriedelBlackburnBase card933.00
BR2Lorenzo AmorusoBlackburnBase card707.00
BR3David ThompsonBlackburnBase card723.50
BR4Brett EmertonBlackburnBase card11111.00
BR5Garry FlitcroftBlackburnBase card732.33
BR6Steven ReidBlackburnBase card623.00
BR7Andrew ColeBlackburnBase card818.00
BW1Stelios GiannakopoulosBoltonBase card824.00
BW2Jay-Jay OkochaBoltonBase card10110.00
BW3Per FrandsenBoltonBase card924.50
BW4Kevin NolanBoltonBase card824.00
BW5Youri DjorkaeffBoltonBase card10010.00
CA1Dean KielyCharltonBase card10110.00
CA2Jonathan FortuneCharltonBase card732.33
CA3Matt HollandCharltonBase card623.00
CA4Claus JensenCharltonBase card1025.00
CA5Scott ParkerCharltonBase card818.00
CA6Jason EuellCharltonBase card717.00
CA7Paolo Di CanioCharltonBase card919.00
C1Carlo CudiciniChelseaBase card10110.00
C2William GallasChelseaBase card824.00
C3Marcel DesaillyChelseaBase card808.00
C4GeremiChelseaBase card919.00
C5Juan Sebastian VeronChelseaBase card919.00
C6Damien DuffChelseaBase card808.00
C7Frank LampardChelseaBase card919.00
E1Richard WrightEvertonBase card919.00
E2Joseph YoboEvertonBase card824.00
E3Alessandro PistoneEvertonBase card808.00
E4Thomas GravesenEvertonBase card10110.00
E5Wayne RooneyEvertonBase card824.00
E6Tomasz RadzinskiEvertonBase card919.00
E7Kevin CampbellEvertonBase card1025.00
F1Edwin van der SarFulhamBase card10110.00
F2Alain GomaFulhamBase card723.50
F3Luis Boa MorteFulhamBase card924.50
F4Sylvain LegwinskiFulhamBase card723.50
F5Junichi InamotoFulhamBase card832.67
F6Steed MalbranqueFulhamBase card824.00
LU1Dominic MatteoLeedsBase card616.00
LU2Seth JohnsonLeedsBase card818.00
LU3Jody MorrisLeedsBase card924.50
LU4Alan SmithLeedsBase card818.00
LU5Mark VidukaLeedsBase card909.00
LC1Riccardo ScimecaLeicesterBase card919.00
LC2Mazzy IzzetLeicesterBase card723.50
LC3Lilian NalisLeicesterBase card818.00
LC4Les FerdinandLeicesterBase card723.50
LC5James ScowcroftLeicesterBase card717.00
L1John Arne RiiseLiverpoolBase card11111.00
L2Harry KewellLiverpoolBase card919.00
L3Steven GerrardLiverpoolBase card12012.00
L4Danny MurphyLiverpoolBase card909.00
L5Michael OwenLiverpoolBase card924.50
L6Sami HyypiaLiverpoolBase card11011.00
L7Milan BarosLiverpoolBase card11111.00
MC1David SeamanManchester CityBase card808.00
MC2Sylvain DistinManchester CityBase card909.00
MC3Michael TarnatManchester CityBase card818.00
MC4Shaun Wright-PhillipsManchester CityBase card818.00
MC5Trevor SinclairManchester CityBase card808.00
MC6Nicolas AnelkaManchester CityBase card717.00
MC7Robbie FowlerManchester CityBase card717.00
MU1Rio FerdinandManchester UnitedBase card919.00
MU2Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card924.50
MU3Paul ScholesManchester UnitedBase card10110.00
MU4Roy KeaneManchester UnitedBase card1125.50
MU5Ole Gunnar SolskjaerManchester UnitedBase card818.00
MU6Cristiano RonaldoManchester UnitedBase card26026.00
MU7Ruud Van NistelrooyManchester UnitedBase card919.00
M1Mark SchwarzerMiddlesbroughBase card842.00
M2Gareth SouthgateMiddlesbroughBase card1125.50
M3Jonathan GreeningMiddlesbroughBase card824.00
M4Gaizka MendietaMiddlesbroughBase card919.00
M5JuninhoMiddlesbroughBase card723.50
M6Malcolm ChristieMiddlesbroughBase card818.00
NU1Jonathan WoodgateNewcastleBase card707.00
NU2Lee BowyerNewcastleBase card717.00
NU3Kieron DyerNewcastleBase card808.00
NU4Jermaine JenasNewcastleBase card818.00
NU5Nolberto SolanoNewcastleBase card12112.00
NU6Alan ShearerNewcastleBase card623.00
NU7Craig BellamyNewcastleBase card10010.00
P1Shaka HislopPortsmouthBase card933.00
P2Boris ZivkovicPortsmouthBase card717.00
P3Steve StonePortsmouthBase card919.00
P4Patrik BergerPortsmouthBase card10010.00
P5Teddy SheringhamPortsmouthBase card1025.00
S1Graeme Le SauxSouthemptonBase card707.00
S2Michael SvenssonSouthemptonBase card824.00
S3Anders SvenssonSouthemptonBase card832.67
S4Fabrice FernandesSouthemptonBase card824.00
S5James BeattieSouthemptonBase card818.00
S6Kevin PhillipsSouthemptonBase card824.00
TH1Kasey KellerTottenhamBase card832.67
TH2Stephen CarrTottenhamBase card723.50
TH3Simon DaviesTottenhamBase card616.00
TH4Jamie RedknappTottenhamBase card707.00
TH5Robbie KeaneTottenhamBase card832.67
TH6Helder PostigaTottenhamBase card606.00
TH7Bobby ZamoraTottenhamBase card919.00
W1Nathan BlakeWolverhamptonBase card924.50
W2Joleon LescottWolverhamptonBase card818.00
W3Denis IrwinWolverhamptonBase card818.00
W4Paul InceWolverhamptonBase card717.00
W5Steffen IversenWolverhamptonBase card919.00
C1gArsenalClub cardFoil card (green)832.67
C1bArsenalClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C2gAston VillaClub cardFoil card (green)942.25
C2bAston VillaClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C3gBirminghamClub cardFoil card (green)832.67
C3bBirminghamClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C4gBlackburnClub cardFoil card (green)732.33
C4bBlackburnClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C5gBoltonClub cardFoil card (green)842.00
C5bBoltonClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C6gCharltonClub cardFoil card (green)933.00
C6bCharltonClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C7gChelseaClub cardFoil card (green)623.00
C7bChelseaClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C8gEvertonClub cardFoil card (green)824.00
C8bEvertonClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C9gFulhamClub cardFoil card (green)842.00
C9bFulhamClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C10gLeedsClub cardFoil card (green)832.67
C10bLeedsClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C11gLeicesterClub cardFoil card (green)531.67
C11bLeicesterClub cardFoil card (blue)909.00
C12gLiverpoolClub cardFoil card (green)824.00
C12bLiverpoolClub cardFoil card (blue)12012.00
C13gManchester CityClub cardFoil card (green)732.33
C13bManchester CityClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C14gManchester UnitedClub cardFoil card (green)924.50
C14bManchester UnitedClub cardFoil card (blue)12012.00
C15gMiddlesbroughClub cardFoil card (green)824.00
C15bMiddlesbroughClub cardFoil card (blue)909.00
C16gNewcastleClub cardFoil card (green)818.00
C16bNewcastleClub cardFoil card (blue)10010.00
C17gPortsmouthClub cardFoil card (green)924.50
C17bPortsmouthClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C18gSouthemptonClub cardFoil card (green)723.50
C18bSouthemptonClub cardFoil card (blue)12012.00
C19gTottenhamClub cardFoil card (green)832.67
C19bTottenhamClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
C20gWolverhamptonClub cardFoil card (green)942.25
C20bWolverhamptonClub cardFoil card (blue)11011.00
D1brManchester United(Champion 2002/2003)F.A.Premier League TrophyFoil card (bronze)13013.00
D1bManchester United(Champion 2002/2003)F.A.Premier League TrophyFoil card (blue)12012.00
D1rManchester United(Champion 2002/2003)F.A.Premier League TrophyFoil card (red)14014.00
D2brDavid MoyesManager of the yearFoil card (bronze)11011.00
D2bDavid MoyesManager of the yearFoil card (blue)10010.00
D3brThierry HenryPlayer of the YearFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D3bThierry HenryPlayer of the YearFoil card (blue)13013.00
D3gThierry HenryPlayer of the YearFoil card (gold)14014.00
D4brJermaine JenasYoung player of the yearFoil card (bronze)909.00
D4bJermaine JenasYoung player of the yearFoil card (blue)10010.00
D5brRuud Van NistelrooyGolden boot winnerFoil card (bronze)15015.00
D5bRuud Van NistelrooyGolden boot winnerFoil card (blue)14014.00
D5gRuud Van NistelrooyGolden boot winnerFoil card (gold)16016.00
D6brThierry HenryTopscorerFoil card (bronze)13013.00
D6bThierry HenryTopscorerFoil card (blue)13013.00
D7brJames BeattieTopscorerFoil card (bronze)11011.00
D7bJames BeattieTopscorerFoil card (blue)11011.00
D7gJames BeattieTopscorerFoil card (gold)12012.00
D8brMark VidukaTopscorerFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D8bMark VidukaTopscorerFoil card (blue)13013.00
D9brMichael OwenTopscorerFoil card (bronze)14014.00
D9bMichael OwenTopscorerFoil card (blue)13013.00
D9gMichael OwenTopscorerFoil card (gold)15015.00
D10brBrad FriedelTeam of the year: GKFoil card (bronze)10110.00
D10bBrad FriedelTeam of the year: GKFoil card (blue)11011.00
D11brStephen CarrTeam of the year: RBFoil card (bronze)11011.00
D11bStephen CarrTeam of the year: RBFoil card (blue)11011.00
D11sStephen CarrTeam of the year: RBFoil card (silver)12012.00
D12brSol CampbellTeam of the year: CBFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D12bSol CampbellTeam of the year: CBFoil card (blue)12012.00
D13brWilliam GallasTeam of the year: CBFoil card (bronze)11011.00
D13bWilliam GallasTeam of the year: CBFoil card (blue)12012.00
D13sWilliam GallasTeam of the year: CBFoil card (silver)13013.00
D14brAshley ColeTeam of the year: LBFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D14bAshley ColeTeam of the year: LBFoil card (blue)13013.00
D15brKieron DyerTeam of the year: RMFoil card (bronze)10010.00
D15bKieron DyerTeam of the year: RMFoil card (blue)11011.00
D15sKieron DyerTeam of the year: RMFoil card (silver)12012.00
D16brPatrick VieiraTeam of the year: CMFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D16bPatrick VieiraTeam of the year: CMFoil card (blue)12012.00
D17brPaul ScholesTeam of the year: CMFoil card (bronze)14014.00
D17bPaul ScholesTeam of the year: CMFoil card (blue)13013.00
D17sPaul ScholesTeam of the year: CMFoil card (silver)15015.00
D18brRobert PiresTeam of the year: LMFoil card (bronze)11011.00
D18bRobert PiresTeam of the year: LMFoil card (blue)12012.00
D19brThierry HenryTeam of the year: CFFoil card (bronze)15015.00
D19bThierry HenryTeam of the year: CFFoil card (blue)13013.00
D19sThierry HenryTeam of the year: CFFoil card (silver)14014.00
D20brAlan ShearerTeam of the year: CFFoil card (bronze)12012.00
D20bAlan ShearerTeam of the year: CFFoil card (blue)12012.00
AU1Claus JensenCharltonAutograph card (binder card)11111.00
AU2Andy ColeBlackburnAutograph card12012.00
AU3Richard WrightEvertonAutograph card12012.00
AU4Milan BarosLiverpoolAutograph card14014.00
AU5John O'SheaManchester UnitedAutograph card15015.00
AU6JuninhoMiddlesbroughAutograph card12012.00
CHK1Checklist 1 (A1-L7)-Checklist924.50
CHK2Checklist 2 (MC1-C20)-Checklist1025.00
IC1Information card 1-Information card12112.00
IC2Information card 2-Information card11111.00
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