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Topps Raiders of the Lost Ark

Topps Raiders of the Lost Ark

Year: 1981
Total cards: 88

collecting: 0 / completed: 0


1Raiders of the Lost Ark-Base card000.00
2Indiana Jones - Freelance Adventurer-Base card000.00
3Beautiful, Spirited - Mario Ravenwood-Base card000.00
4Rene Belloq - Indy's Rival-Base card000.00
5Indy's Loyal Friend - Sallah-Base card000.00
6Valley of Mystery-Base card000.00
7Temple of the Warriors-Base card000.00
8Victim of the Gods-Base card000.00
9The Priceless Gold Idol-Base card000.00
10Removing the Idol-Base card000.00
11The Collapsing Walls-Base card000.00
12Chased ... By a Boulder!-Base card000.00
13Fearsome Hovitos Indians-Base card000.00
14Snagged by Belloq-Base card000.00
15Belloq's Prize-Base card000.00
16Escape to the Skies!-Base card000.00
17Indy's Lecture-Base card000.00
18Outlining the Quest-Base card000.00
19Mystery of History-Base card000.00
20The Raven Bar-Base card000.00
21The Drinking Contest-Base card000.00
22Indy and Marion Reunited-Base card000.00
23An Affair to Remember-Base card000.00
24The Mysterious Medallion-Base card000.00
25The Creature Called Toht-Base card000.00
26Marion in a Jam!-Base card000.00
27Jones to the Rescue!-Base card000.00
28Struggle to the Death!-Base card000.00
29Deadly Flames!-Base card000.00
30The Human Torch-Base card000.00
31The Prize of Agony-Base card000.00
32Escape!-Base card000.00
33Fleeing the Blazing Inferno!-Base card000.00
34Secret of the Medallion-Base card000.00
35Attacked by Arab Henchmen!-Base card000.00
36The Challenge-Base card000.00
37Master of the Bullwhip-Base card000.00
38Where's Marion?-Base card000.00
39Marion Ravenwood ... Dead?-Base card000.00
40The Rivals Meet-Base card000.00
41A Valuable Clue for Indy-Base card000.00
42The Tanis Digs-Base card000.00
43Overseers of Evil-Base card000.00
44Indy and Sallah ... In Disguise!-Base card000.00
45Inside the Map Room-Base card000.00
46The Key to Eternity-Base card000.00
47Indy Zeroes In-Base card000.00
48Well of the Souls-Base card000.00
49A Very-Much-Alive Marion!-Base card000.00
50Treacherous Descent-Base card000.00
51Chamber of Death!-Base card000.00
52Within the Stone Chest-Base card000.00
53Ark of the Covenant-Base card000.00
54Trapped By Belloq-Base card000.00
55Sea of Serpents-Base card000.00
56Our Heroes .... Doomed?-Base card000.00
57Hissing Death!-Base card000.00
58Trapped in the Well!-Base card000.00
59Terror of the Mummies-Base card000.00
60I Hate Snakes!-Base card000.00
61Indy's Gamble-Base card000.00
62Loading the Ark-Base card000.00
63A Mountain of Muscle-Base card000.00
64Marion Holds Off the Enemy!-Base card000.00
65Spectacular Brawl!-Base card000.00
66Exploding Fuel Tank!-Base card000.00
67Where There's Smoke, There's Indy!-Base card000.00
68Destruction of the Flying Wing-Base card000.00
69Race for the Ark!-Base card000.00
70The Chase-Base card000.00
71Aboard the Bantu Wind-Base card000.00
72Held at Gunpoint By the Nazis-Base card000.00
73Indy Hitches a Ride!-Base card000.00
74The Arrival of the Ark-Base card000.00
75Removing the Precious Cargo-Base card000.00
76Yet Another Disguise for Jones-Base card000.00
77The March to Destiny-Base card000.00
78Threatened by Indiana Jones-Base card000.00
79Indy's Bluff Is Called-Base card000.00
80Captives of the Evil One-Base card000.00
81The Way to the Altar-Base card000.00
82The Ritual Begins-Base card000.00
83The Awesome Moment-Base card000.00
84The Ark Is Opened!-Base card000.00
85The Power of God!-Base card000.00
86The Adventure Ends ... Or Does It?-Base card000.00
87Destiny of the Ark-Base card000.00
88Raiders of the Lost Ark Checklist-Base card000.00