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Topps Rambo First Blood: Part II

Topps Rambo First Blood: Part II

Year: 1985
Total cards: 88

collecting: 2 / completed: 0


1Title Card-Base Card202.00
2Caged!-Base Card202.00
3Trautman's Offer-Base Card202.00
4Is Rambo Reliable?-Base Card202.00
5The Strategists-Base Card202.00
6For Luck!-Base Card202.00
7Friend...or Foe?-Base Card202.00
8Duo for Danger!-Base Card202.00
9Rambo's Plan-Base Card202.00
10Deathblade!-Base Card202.00
11The Prison Camp-Base Card202.00
12Rescued!-Base Card202.00
13Blow 'Em Away!-Base Card202.00
14Pirates in Flames!-Base Card202.00
15Grip of Death!-Base Card202.00
16To the Extraction Site!-Base Card202.00
17Surrounded!-Base Card202.00
18"Where's Trautman?"-Base Card202.00
19Help from Above!-Base Card202.00
20Shameful Betrayal!-Base Card202.00
21The Bog-Base Card202.00
22Killer Leeches!-Base Card202.00
23The Prisoner-Base Card202.00
24Man with a Mission-Base Card202.00
25Pain Is My Ally!-Base Card202.00
26The Unkindest Cut!-Base Card202.00
27Rambo Gets the Point!-Base Card202.00
28Rambo...Tool of the Enemy?-Base Card202.00
29Words of Betrayal-Base Card202.00
30Down to the Wire!-Base Card202.00
31Escape through Barbed Wire!-Base Card202.00
32The Death of Co Boa-Base Card202.00
33Retribution!-Base Card202.00
34By Co's Grave-Base Card202.00
35Rambo's Revenge!-Base Card202.00
36Killing Machine!-Base Card202.00
37Hidden Death!-Base Card202.00
38Aiming To Win!-Base Card202.00
39Up from the Depths!-Base Card202.00
40"I'm Coming for You!"-Base Card202.00
41Unstoppable!-Base Card202.00
42Blasted to Bits!-Base Card202.00
43No Escape from Rambo!-Base Card202.00
44Bridge — Obliterated!-Base Card202.00
45Target: Rambo!-Base Card202.00
46Super Bowman!-Base Card202.00
47The Enemy Fries!-Base Card202.00
48One-Man Army!-Base Card202.00
49Blowing the Prison Camp!-Base Card202.00
50Escape!-Base Card202.00
51Destination: Freedom-Base Card202.00
52Warship Battle!-Base Card202.00
53Fighting Back!-Base Card202.00
54To the Death!-Base Card202.00
55Safe at Home!-Base Card202.00
56Don't Cross Rambo!-Base Card202.00
57Getting Even!-Base Card202.00
58"Next Time...You'll Die!"-Base Card202.00
59What Rambo Wants-Base Card202.00
60"I Want Respect!"-Base Card202.00
61Fit for the Part!-Base Card202.00
62Julie Nickson Is Co Boa-Base Card202.00
63"Action!!"-Base Card202.00
64The "Ram-Bow"-Base Card202.00
65Awaiting His Next Mission!-Base Card202.00
66Checklist-Base Card202.00
S-1Holding Crossbow Down-Stickers202.00
S-2At Waterfall-Stickers202.00
S-3Holding Knife-Stickers202.00
S-4Looking Up-Stickers202.00
S-5Running with Someone-Stickers202.00
S-6Kneeling with Gun-Stickers202.00
S-7At Fence-Stickers202.00
S-8Reaching Behind-Stickers202.00
S-9With Missile Launcher-Stickers202.00
S-10Arms Up with Crossbow-Stickers202.00
S-12Jumping Out of Water-Stickers202.00
S-14Aiming Crossbow-Stickers202.00
S-15Close-Up of Face-Stickers202.00
S-16Crawling with Soldier-Stickers202.00
S-17Ducking Behind Pile-Stickers202.00
S-18Sam Trautman-Stickers202.00
S-19In Water, Two Fist Up-Stickers202.00
S-20Crouching, Aiming Crossbow-Stickers202.00
S-21With Missle Launcher, Explosion in Background-Stickers202.00
S-22Aiming Crossbow, Black Background-Stickers202.00
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