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Topps Rocky II

Topps Rocky II

Year: 1979
Total cards: 121

Collection preview (16% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 1


1Meet "Rocky"-Base card303.00
2Rocky's Girl, Adrian-Base card303.00
3Stickball Champ!-Base card303.00
4Sultan of Stickball!-Base card303.00
5Yo, Butkus!-Base card303.00
6The Champ and His Dog-Base card303.00
7Rocky Pops the Question-Base card303.00
8Hitched-Base card303.00
9It's Cold Outside!-Base card303.00
10Rocky's Speech-Base card303.00
11Inside the Meat Factory-Base card303.00
12The Rock at Work-Base card303.00
13Rappin' with Paulie-Base card303.00
14Don't Mess with the Rock!-Base card303.00
15Actress Talia Shire-Base card303.00
16Rocky's Training Technique-Base card303.00
17Mrs. Balboa ... Expecting!-Base card303.00
18Encouraging Words-Base card303.00
19Visions of Victory-Base card303.00
20The Verbal Bout-Base card303.00
21Training at the Gym-Base card303.00
22You Can Do It!-Base card303.00
23Fists of Fury-Base card303.00
24Man behind the Muscles-Base card303.00
25The Rope Exercise-Base card303.00
26Shapin' Up!-Base card303.00
27Punch That Bag!-Base card303.00
28Rocky's Trainer, Mickey-Base card303.00
29Rocky's Hope-Base card303.00
30Splatter the Stallion!-Base card303.00
31Actor Burgess Meredith-Base card303.00
32Weighty Task!-Base card303.00
33The Living Legend-Base card303.00
34Tuning Up!-Base card303.00
35Feelin' Strong Now!-Base card303.00
36Fury of Apollo-Base card303.00
37Demolishing His Opponent!-Base card303.00
38Nothing Can Stop Me Now!-Base card303.00
39Gonna Fly Now!-Base card303.00
40Philly's Favorite-Base card303.00
41The Big Battle-Base card303.00
42The Square Jungle-Base card303.00
43The Contender-Base card303.00
44Man-Mountain Creed-Base card303.00
45World in His Corner-Base card303.00
46The Gladiators-Base card303.00
47Chin-Up, Rock!-Base card303.00
48It's Now or Never-Base card303.00
49The World's Champ-Base card303.00
50Formidable Foe-Base card303.00
51Stupendous Struggle-Base card303.00
52The Slugfest Continues!-Base card303.00
53Power of Apollo-Base card303.00
54Against the Ropes-Base card303.00
55Stay in Control!-Base card303.00
56Man of Destiny-Base card303.00
57Apollo's Dynamic Fists-Base card303.00
58Bloody Confrontation-Base card303.00
59A Left to Rocky's Chin!-Base card303.00
60Creed ... Smashed!-Base card303.00
61The Undefeated Champ-Base card303.00
62Rocky Rocked by Apollo-Base card303.00
63The Raging Giants-Base card303.00
64Fire in Every Muscle-Base card303.00
65In Over His Head!-Base card303.00
66Flesh and Fury-Base card303.00
67Rocky Gets Riled!-Base card303.00
68Rocky on the Offensive-Base card303.00
69Round Nine Coming Up!-Base card303.00
70Bruised But Not Beaten!-Base card303.00
71The Warriors Clash!-Base card303.00
72In the Rock's Corner-Base card303.00
73I Won't Give Up!-Base card303.00
74Balboa's Dream-Base card303.00
75The Final Round-Base card303.00
76Creed Creamed!-Base card303.00
77Devastating Sock!-Base card303.00
78Both Men Are Down!-Base card303.00
79The Champ's Been Floored!-Base card303.00
80The Moment of Truth-Base card303.00
81One Last Chance ...-Base card303.00
82Summoning Hidden Strengths-Base card303.00
83Hand in There, Rocky!-Base card303.00
84Down for the Count!-Base card303.00
85Four ... Five ... Six!-Base card303.00
86Do It Rocky!-Base card303.00
87Stumbling to His Feet!-Base card303.00
88The Reeling Champ-Base card303.00
89The Winner!-Base card303.00
90The Victorious One!-Base card303.00
91A Hard-Fought Battle!-Base card303.00
92Moment of Glory-Base card303.00
93Now ... Number One!-Base card303.00
94Balboa's Triumph-Base card303.00
95Interviewing the Champ-Base card303.00
96Man of the Hour-Base card303.00
97Face of a Champion-Base card303.00
98High Spirits-Base card303.00
99We Did It, Adrian!-Base card303.00
S1Weighty Task-Sticker303.00
S2The Warriors Clash-Sticker303.00
S3Chin-Up, Rock!-Sticker303.00
S4Meet Rocky-Sticker303.00
S5Man of Destiny-Sticker303.00
S6Stickball Champ!-Sticker303.00
S7Face of a Champion-Sticker303.00
S8Fury of Apollo-Sticker303.00
S9Formidable Foe-Sticker303.00
S10Rocky’s Trainer, Mickey-Sticker303.00
S11Bruised But Not Beaten-Sticker303.00
S12One Last Chance-Sticker303.00
S13Rocky’s Hope-Sticker303.00
S14Feelin’ Strong Now-Sticker303.00
S15Don’t Mess with the Rock!-Sticker303.00
S16The Living Legend-Sticker303.00
S17Punch That Bag!-Sticker303.00
S18Yo, Butkus!-Sticker303.00
S19Rocky Pops the Question-Sticker303.00
S20It’s Cold Outside-Sticker303.00
S21Actress Talia Shire-Sticker303.00
S22World in His Corner-Sticker303.00
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