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Topps Rocky IV

Topps Rocky IV

Year: 1985
Total cards: 77

Collection preview (85% scanned images)

collecting: 4 / completed: 1


1Rocky IV 66 Cards - 11 Stickers-Base card404.00
2Rocky Balboa-Base card404.00
3Apollo Creed-Base card404.00
4Adrian Balboa-Base card404.00
5Paulie-Base card404.00
6The Man Called Drago-Base card404.00
7Igor Rimsky-Base card404.00
8Corner Man Duke-Base card404.00
9A New Challenge!-Base card404.00
10Apollo's Comeback-Base card404.00
11Happy Birthday!-Base card404.00
12The Fight Is Set-Base card404.00
13Apollo Wants You!-Base card404.00
14Man-Mountain Creed-Base card404.00
15Creed vs. Drago!-Base card404.00
16Apollo's Gamble-Base card404.00
17Sizing Up Drago!-Base card404.00
18The Power of Creed!-Base card404.00
19Dynamic Punch!-Base card404.00
20A Champion's Fists!-Base card404.00
21Belted By Drago!-Base card404.00
22Anyone's Fight!-Base card404.00
23Drago Comes On Strong!-Base card404.00
24The Fatal Blow!-Base card404.00
25I Want Balboa!-Base card404.00
26A Man Determined-Base card404.00
27Welcome To Russia!-Base card404.00
28In Training!-Base card404.00
29Power Of The Rock!-Base card404.00
30Feelin' Strong Now!-Base card404.00
31Russia's Mightiest Man!-Base card404.00
32Pumping Up!-Base card404.00
33A Man Of Steel!-Base card404.00
34Aided By Science!-Base card404.00
35For America!-Base card404.00
36Night of the Strongmen!-Base card404.00
37Jeers, Not Cheers!-Base card404.00
38Bolboa vs. Drago-Base card404.00
39Man With A Mission!-Base card404.00
40A Dream Realized!-Base card404.00
41The Battle Begins!-Base card404.00
42Clash Of The Super-Powers!-Base card404.00
43Man Against Superman!-Base card404.00
44Time Out!-Base card404.00
45Drago's Winded!-Base card404.00
46Two Raging Giants!-Base card404.00
47Socked!-Base card404.00
48Rocky Stymied!-Base card404.00
49Rage Of The Rock!-Base card404.00
50Pounded Into Next Week!-Base card404.00
51A Fantastic Fighter!-Base card404.00
52Up, Up And Away!!-Base card404.00
53Drago's Sunday Punch!-Base card404.00
54I Won't Give Up!-Base card404.00
55What A Match!-Base card404.00
56Slugging It Out!-Base card404.00
57Shut Up, Igor!-Base card404.00
58A Face Made For Punching!-Base card404.00
59Demi-Gods Of The Rings!-Base card404.00
60From Russia With Hate!-Base card404.00
61Pandemonium!-Base card404.00
62Rocky's Up, Drago's Down!-Base card404.00
63The Winner!-Base card404.00
64In Praise Of Balboa!-Base card404.00
65A Man For All Countries!-Base card404.00
66Checklist-Base card404.00
S1Drago Face - Showing Mouthguard-Sticker404.00
S2Drago - Waist Up-Sticker404.00
S3Drago Punching Rocky-Sticker404.00
S4Rocky Balboa Portrait-Sticker404.00
S5Rocky in Middle of Crowd-Sticker404.00
S6Drago Punching Rocky-Sticker404.00
S7Drago vs Apollo-Sticker404.00
S8Drago - Chest Up-Sticker404.00
S9Drago vs Apollo-Sticker404.00
S10Apollo Creed Thumb Up-Sticker404.00
S11Rocky - Waist Up-Sticker404.00
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