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Topps Rocky 40th Anniversary

Topps Rocky 40th Anniversary

Year: 2016
Total cards: 344

Collection preview (95% scanned images)

collecting: 3 / completed: 1


1Win Rocky, WinRocky IBase card303.00
2Deep in DiscussionRocky IBase card303.00
3Hanging at the GymRocky IBase card303.00
4Birds-Eye ViewRocky IBase card303.00
5Beauty and the BeastRocky IBase card303.00
6In the Butcher ShopRocky IBase card303.00
7Happy CoupleRocky IBase card303.00
8Punching meatRocky IBase card303.00
9Museum StepsRocky IBase card303.00
10Post Fight BluesRocky IBase card303.00
11Post-Fight WoundsRocky IBase card303.00
12Staring down ApolloRocky IBase card303.00
13Backed into the cornerRocky IBase card303.00
14Between Rounds with MickRocky IBase card303.00
15Clenching ApolloRocky IBase card303.00
16AdrianRocky IBase card303.00
17Great American ChampRocky IBase card303.00
18Apollo on the offensiveRocky IBase card303.00
19The Fight BeginsRocky IBase card303.00
20Rock at EaseRocky IBase card303.00
21Apollo in the cornerRocky IBase card303.00
22Rocky Hangs ToughRocky IBase card303.00
23Atop the StepsRocky IBase card303.00
24Bundled upRocky IBase card303.00
25The Champ is HereRocky IBase card303.00
26Pondering RockyRocky IBase card303.00
27Working the SpeedbagRocky IBase card303.00
28Deep in ThoughtRocky IBase card303.00
29Apollo stunnedRocky IBase card303.00
30On the Grand StageRocky IBase card303.00
31Hitting the SpeedbagRocky IBase card303.00
32Ready for ApolloRocky IIBase card303.00
33At the BarRocky IIBase card303.00
34Timing RockyRocky IIBase card303.00
35The Italian StallionRocky IIBase card303.00
36Winter's day at the parkRocky IIBase card303.00
37Leaning in for the kissRocky IIBase card303.00
38On the doorstepRocky IIBase card303.00
39Wedding NightRocky IIBase card303.00
40Welcome Rocky Jr.Rocky IIBase card303.00
41New family takes a walkRocky IIBase card303.00
42Mick prayingRocky IIBase card303.00
43Speed bagRocky IIBase card303.00
44Punching the body bagRocky IIBase card303.00
45Leaning on the ropesRocky IIBase card303.00
46Flying High NowRocky IIBase card303.00
47One-arm push-upRocky IIBase card303.00
48Paulie upset with AdrianRocky IIBase card303.00
49Wedding ceremonyRocky IIBase card303.00
50Scheming with PaulieRocky IIBase card303.00
51Rocky at workRocky IIBase card303.00
52Training in the basementRocky IIBase card303.00
53LiftingRocky IIBase card303.00
54Playing StickballRocky IIBase card303.00
55Fist acknowledgmentRocky IIBase card303.00
56Running through South PhillyRocky IIBase card303.00
57Catch me if you canRocky IIBase card303.00
58Gaining SteamRocky IIBase card303.00
59Making a pointRocky IIBase card303.00
60Neighborhood HeroRocky IIBase card303.00
61Pulling AwayRocky IIBase card303.00
62Climbing the stairsRocky IIBase card303.00
63Reading with MickRocky IIBase card303.00
64Apollo with speed bagRocky IIBase card303.00
65Apollo jumping ropeRocky IIBase card303.00
66Mick in his elementRocky IIBase card303.00
67Holding the rosary beadsRocky IIBase card303.00
68DeterminedRocky IIBase card303.00
69EntranceRocky IIBase card303.00
70Waiting for ApolloRocky IIBase card303.00
71Golden robeRocky IIBase card303.00
72AnticipationRocky IIBase card303.00
73Waving to the crowdRocky IIBase card303.00
74The SpectrumRocky IIBase card303.00
75The champ is hereRocky IIBase card303.00
76Fight instructionsRocky IIBase card303.00
77Last minute adviceRocky IIBase card303.00
78Rocky on the AttackRocky IIBase card303.00
79Body punchRocky IIBase card303.00
80Rocky cutRocky IIBase card303.00
81On the canvasRocky IIBase card303.00
82FocusRocky IIBase card303.00
83Down they goRocky IIBase card303.00
84Hitting the canvasRocky IIBase card303.00
85Get up!Rocky IIBase card303.00
86Advice from MickRocky IIBase card303.00
87Straight RightRocky IIBase card303.00
88Squaring offRocky IIBase card303.00
89New championRocky IIBase card303.00
90Winner by KnockoutRocky IIBase card303.00
91HaymakerRocky IIBase card303.00
92Wearing the beltRocky IIBase card303.00
93Battle woundsRocky IIBase card303.00
94Against the ropesRocky IIBase card303.00
95Pep talkRocky IIBase card303.00
96Charging inRocky IIBase card303.00
97Left Hook LandedRocky IIBase card303.00
98Attacking the bodyRocky IIBase card303.00
99Another one landsRocky IIBase card303.00
100Here comes the leftRocky IIBase card303.00
101Apollo VulnerableRocky IIBase card303.00
102Rocky and Apollo dazedRocky IIBase card303.00
103Corner workRocky IIBase card303.00
104WinnerRocky IIBase card303.00
105The challengerRocky IIBase card303.00
106The Big BlowRocky IIBase card303.00
107Apollo BloodiedRocky IIBase card303.00
108Double knockdownRocky IIBase card303.00
109Poster poseRocky IIIBase card303.00
110Photo shootRocky IIIBase card303.00
111Rocky BalboaRocky IIIBase card303.00
112ClubberRocky IIIBase card303.00
113The champRocky IIIBase card303.00
114The happy coupleRocky IIIBase card303.00
115Spotlight poseRocky IIIBase card303.00
116Taping upRocky IIIBase card303.00
117Throwing helmetRocky IIIBase card303.00
118Clubber at the fightRocky IIIBase card303.00
119Contemplating ClubberRocky IIIBase card303.00
120Can't win RockRocky IIIBase card303.00
121Apollo the commentatorRocky IIIBase card303.00
122Adrian watches trainingRocky IIIBase card303.00
123Paulie smirkingRocky IIIBase card303.00
124Paulie puzzledRocky IIIBase card303.00
125Breaking down the fightRocky IIIBase card303.00
126Adrian and MickRocky IIIBase card303.00
127Adrian smilingRocky IIIBase card303.00
128Rocky on the stepperRocky IIIBase card303.00
129Pulling MickRocky IIIBase card303.00
130What are you afraid of?Rocky IIIBase card303.00
131EmbraceRocky IIIBase card303.00
132Determined for ClubberRocky IIIBase card303.00
133Concentrating on the speed bagRocky IIIBase card303.00
134Training with PaulieRocky IIIBase card303.00
135Learning to danceRocky IIIBase card303.00
136On your mark, get set, goRocky IIIBase card303.00
137Trailing ApolloRocky IIIBase card303.00
138Learning from the masterRocky IIIBase card303.00
139Pep talkRocky IIIBase card303.00
140The StaredownRocky IIIBase card303.00
141Nose to NoseRocky IIIBase card303.00
142Mick at ringsideRocky IIIBase card303.00
143Mick carried offRocky IIIBase card303.00
144Rocky at the bedsideRocky IIIBase card303.00
145The champ is downRocky IIIBase card303.00
146Out for the countRocky IIIBase card303.00
147New championRocky IIIBase card303.00
148Advice from AdrianRocky IIIBase card303.00
149Ready for the showdownRocky IIIBase card303.00
150Gloves upRocky IIIBase card303.00
151Time for some actionRocky IIIBase card303.00
152Left arm cockedRocky IIIBase card303.00
153Here comes the leftRocky IIIBase card303.00
154Landing body punchesRocky IIIBase card303.00
155Another left landsRocky IIIBase card303.00
156Clubber downRocky IIIBase card303.00
157Jump for victoryRocky IIIBase card303.00
158Carried offRocky IIIBase card303.00
159Drago meets the pressRocky IVBase card303.00
160Drago and ApolloRocky IVBase card303.00
161Apollo the showmanRocky IVBase card303.00
162Apollo's pre-fight dancingRocky IVBase card303.00
163Apollo gets funkyRocky IVBase card303.00
164You Will LoseRocky IVBase card303.00
165Time to focusRocky IVBase card303.00
166Apollo fights for his lifeRocky IVBase card303.00
167Another right, another right!...Rocky IVBase card303.00
168Somebody Get a Doctor!Rocky IVBase card303.00
169Rocky embraces ApolloRocky IVBase card303.00
170High-Tech TrainingRocky IVBase card303.00
171Drago pumps ironRocky IVBase card303.00
172Adrian travels to The Soviet UnionRocky IVBase card303.00
173Drago!Rocky IVBase card303.00
174Jumping ropeRocky IVBase card303.00
175Lacing 'em upRocky IVBase card303.00
176Taping upRocky IVBase card303.00
177Visualizing the fightRocky IVBase card303.00
178Pre-fight routineRocky IVBase card303.00
179Rocky BalboaRocky IVBase card303.00
180Paulie in Soviet UnionRocky IVBase card303.00
181Drago on home turfRocky IVBase card303.00
182Ready to fightRocky IVBase card303.00
183I must break youRocky IVBase card303.00
184UnderdogRocky IVBase card303.00
185Drago stares down the enemyRocky IVBase card303.00
186GoliathRocky IVBase card303.00
187Drago lands a rightRocky IVBase card303.00
188Rocky fights backRocky IVBase card303.00
189Thinking of ApolloRocky IVBase card303.00
190Rocky is cutRocky IVBase card303.00
191BloodbathRocky IVBase card303.00
192Adrian fearing for Rocky's lifeRocky IVBase card303.00
193David vs. GoliathRocky IVBase card303.00
194Landing a leftRocky IVBase card303.00
195Rocky DazedRocky IVBase card303.00
196Drago's reachRocky IVBase card303.00
197Rocky on the offensiveRocky IVBase card303.00
198Drago knocks Rocky backRocky IVBase card303.00
199Rocky pinned in cornerRocky IVBase card303.00
200Rocky in troubleRocky IVBase card303.00
201Late round comebackRocky IVBase card303.00
202Drago no longer invincibleRocky IVBase card303.00
203Dueling under the lightsRocky IVBase card303.00
204Fighting his way outRocky IVBase card303.00
205Down goes DragoRocky IVBase card303.00
206Fierce OpponentRocky IVBase card303.00
207Devastating leftRocky IVBase card303.00
208High ImpactRocky IVBase card303.00
209Rocky wins for ApolloRocky IVBase card303.00
210Absolute PandemoniumRocky IVBase card303.00
211A win for the U.S.Rocky IVBase card303.00
212Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!Rocky IVBase card303.00
213The ChampRocky IVBase card303.00
214Team Balboa celebratesRocky IVBase card303.00
215Rocky in leatherRocky VBase card303.00
216Stoic RockyRocky VBase card303.00
217Back In the GymRocky VBase card303.00
218Rocky's StreetsRocky VBase card303.00
219Shoulder to lean onRocky VBase card303.00
220Rocky Jr.Rocky VBase card303.00
221Father and SonRocky VBase card303.00
222Getting Through Tough TimesRocky VBase card303.00
223Staying Strong TogetherRocky VBase card303.00
224BargainingRocky VBase card303.00
225Street FightRocky VBase card303.00
226Tommy Gunn lands a punchRocky VBase card303.00
227My ring's in the streetRocky VBase card303.00
228Family SupportRocky VBase card303.00
229The Balboas Look OnRocky VBase card303.00
230Romantic EveningRocky VBase card303.00
231Couple's EmbraceRocky VBase card303.00
232Brothers in ArmsRocky VBase card303.00
233Tommy GunnRocky VBase card303.00
234Rocky the TrainerRocky VBase card303.00
235A gift to TommyRocky VBase card303.00
236Out for a runRocky VBase card303.00
237Training his protégéRocky VBase card303.00
238Advice from former champRocky VBase card303.00
239Tommy Gunn's power displayRocky VBase card303.00
240Tommy leans into oneRocky VBase card303.00
241Knockdown for Tommy GunnRocky VBase card303.00
242Tommy lands an uppercutRocky VBase card303.00
243Tommy Gunn knocks him to the matRocky VBase card303.00
244Winner by KnockoutRocky VBase card303.00
245Tommy becomes the champRocky VBase card303.00
246Grocery ShoppingRocky BalboaBase card303.00
247Rocky's New PosseRocky BalboaBase card303.00
248Saluting the FansRocky BalboaBase card303.00
249PaulieRocky BalboaBase card303.00
250Right CrossRocky BalboaBase card303.00
251Mason Being Tended ToRocky BalboaBase card303.00
252Come At MeRocky BalboaBase card303.00
253Mason Lands a Left JabRocky BalboaBase card303.00
254Reigning ChampRocky BalboaBase card303.00
255Rocky Gets IntroducedRocky BalboaBase card303.00
256Excitable PaulieRocky BalboaBase card303.00
257Working at The RestaurantRocky BalboaBase card303.00
258Mason DixonRocky BalboaBase card303.00
259You Talkin to Me?Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
260Left HookRocky BalboaBase card303.00
261Balboa vs. DixonRocky BalboaBase card303.00
262Walking His Beloved StreetsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
263Team Balboa Looks onRocky BalboaBase card303.00
264Paulie at WorkRocky BalboaBase card303.00
265Rocky Jr. Out For DrinksRocky BalboaBase card303.00
266Drops the HammerRocky BalboaBase card303.00
267Training Once AgainRocky BalboaBase card303.00
268Dixon Lands a Left HookRocky BalboaBase card303.00
269Rocky In the CornerRocky BalboaBase card303.00
270Pondering in the StreetsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
271Champ Retains TitleRocky BalboaBase card303.00
272Advice from Rocky Jr.Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
273Man in the MirrorRocky BalboaBase card303.00
274Support from the CornerRocky BalboaBase card303.00
275Fistpump for RockyRocky BalboaBase card303.00
276Ready for Some MoreRocky BalboaBase card303.00
277Pull-UpsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
278StepsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
279Steps and RockyRocky BalboaBase card303.00
280Spar ReadyRocky BalboaBase card303.00
281Dixon on the ropesRocky BalboaBase card303.00
282Rocky Parries a PunchRocky BalboaBase card303.00
283People's ChampRocky BalboaBase card303.00
284HydrationRocky BalboaBase card303.00
285Rocky Throws a RightRocky BalboaBase card303.00
286Saluting the CrowdRocky BalboaBase card303.00
287Rocky Makes Rocky Jr. ProudRocky BalboaBase card303.00
288Pre-Fight HystericsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
289Rocky at Adrian'sRocky BalboaBase card303.00
290Keg LiftRocky BalboaBase card303.00
291Rocky Jr. At the BarRocky BalboaBase card303.00
292Rocky Outside the RestaurantRocky BalboaBase card303.00
293Hammering AwayRocky BalboaBase card303.00
294Mason on the speed bagRocky BalboaBase card303.00
295Rocky Jr.Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
296The Champ's Many BeltsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
297Godfather of BoxingRocky BalboaBase card303.00
298Rocky's GirlRocky BalboaBase card303.00
299A New Uphill ClimbRocky BalboaBase card303.00
300Rock's Best FriendRocky BalboaBase card303.00
301Ready For ActionRocky BalboaBase card303.00
302Rocky Knocks The Champ DownRocky BalboaBase card303.00
303Rock in the streetsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
304Left Cross landedRocky BalboaBase card303.00
305ClenchRocky BalboaBase card303.00
306Rocky Makes a ToastRocky BalboaBase card303.00
307Paulie at the barRocky BalboaBase card303.00
308Ready for Round 1Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
309Rocky Lays Into OneRocky BalboaBase card303.00
310Rocky Between RoundsRocky BalboaBase card303.00
311Rocky and Son Celebrate Final FightRocky BalboaBase card303.00
312Paulie Meets the PressRocky BalboaBase card303.00
313A Surprised DixonRocky BalboaBase card303.00
314Rocky Lands HeadshotRocky BalboaBase card303.00
315Rocky On the RopesRocky BalboaBase card303.00
316Rocky Withstands BodyshotRocky BalboaBase card303.00
317Rocky Ready for SparringRocky BalboaBase card303.00
318Rocky with man's best friendRocky BalboaBase card303.00
319Team BalboaRocky BalboaBase card303.00
320Rocky Displays His ReachRocky BalboaBase card303.00
321Walking the DogRocky BalboaBase card303.00
322Talking to his TurtlesRocky BalboaBase card303.00
323Power LiftRocky BalboaBase card303.00
324Bloodied RockRocky BalboaBase card303.00
325Fight-ReadyRocky BalboaBase card303.00
326Protecting the BodyRocky BalboaBase card303.00
327The Defending ChampRocky BalboaBase card303.00
328Paulie looks onRocky BalboaBase card303.00
329Paulie and Rocky Jr.Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
330Rocky and Rocky Jr.Rocky BalboaBase card303.00
AC1Rocky Balboa (black hat, gray sweatshirt)
-Autograph card303.00
AC2Rocky Balboa (gloves up)
-Autograph card303.00
AC3Rocky Balboa
-Autograph card303.00
AC4Rocky Balboa
-Autograph card303.00
PS1Atop The Museum Steps-Preview set303.00
PS2Balboa vs. Apollo Creed-Preview set303.00
PS3The Italian Stallion-Preview set303.00
PS4Adrian Balboa-Preview set303.00
PS5Speed Bag Training-Preview set303.00
PS6Apollo, The Showman-Preview set303.00
PS7Creed Stares Down Balboa-Preview set303.00
PS8Mickey Goldmill-Preview set303.00
PS9Training In Philly-Preview set303.00
PS10Rocky And Adrian-Preview set303.00
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