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Topps Scottish Footballers 1979-1980

Topps Scottish Footballers 1979-1980

Year: 1980
Total cards: 132

collecting: 5 / completed: 0


1Danny McGrainCelticBase card202.00
2Drew JarvieAberdeenBase card202.00
3Frank KopelDundee UnitedBase card212.00
4Drew BusbyHeart of MidlothianBase card212.00
5Ally MacLeodHibernianBase card202.00
6Neil OrrGreenock MortonBase card303.00
7Doug SomnerPartick ThistleBase card212.00
8Tommy McLeanRangersBase card212.00
9Gerry ChristieAyr UnitedBase card303.00
10Tony FitzpatrickSt. MirrenBase card212.00
11Erich SchaedlerDundeeBase card202.00
12Tony HigginsHibernianBase card212.00
13Joe WarkMotherwellBase card212.00
14Jim MelrosePartick ThistleBase card212.00
15Davie HayesGreenock MortonBase card313.00
16Ian FlemingAberdeenBase card212.00
17Tommy BurnsCelticBase card321.50
18Billy KirkwoodDundee UnitedBase card212.00
19Des BremnerHibernianBase card212.00
20Willie GibsonHeart of MidlothianBase card212.00
21Jim HolmesGreenock MortonBase card313.00
22Bobby HoustonPartick ThistleBase card202.00
23Derek ParlaneRangersBase card313.00
24Billy StarkSt. MirrenBase card212.00
25Joe HarperAberdeenBase card212.00
26Willie McVieMotherwellBase card212.00
27Roy AitkenCelticBase card321.50
28Alex O'HaraPartick ThistleBase card212.00
29Ally BrazilHibernianBase card303.00
30Andy RitchieGreenock MortonBase card303.00
31Alex MillerRangersBase card212.00
32Billy AbercrombySt. MirrenBase card212.00
33Colin McAdamPartick ThistleBase card303.00
34Ian McDougallDundeeBase card313.00
35Paul SturrockDundee UnitedBase card303.00
36Bobby ReidSt. MirrenBase card212.00
37Alfie ConnCelticBase card202.00
38Bobby GlennieDundeeBase card313.00
39Billy McCollAyr UnitedBase card212.00
40Ray DunlopHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
41Billy UrquartRangersBase card414.00
42John YoungSt. MirrenBase card212.00
43John McNeilGreenock MortonBase card321.50
44Denis ConnaghanGreenock MortonBase card313.00
45Ian GibsonPartick ThistleBase card212.00
46Ray StewartDundee UnitedBase card202.00
47Roddie MacDonaldCelticBase card321.50
48Brian McLaughlinAyr UnitedBase card212.00
49Rab PrenticeHeart of MidlothianBase card303.00
50Stewart KennedyRangersBase card313.00
51George FlemingDundee UnitedBase card212.00
52Steve ArchibaldAberdeenBase card313.00
53Jim ShirraDundeeBase card303.00
54Jackie McNamaraHibernianBase card212.00
55Iain MunroSt. MirrenBase card212.00
56Alex BeckettSt. MirrenBase card303.00
57Brian WhittakerPartick ThistleBase card313.00
58Sandy JardineRangersBase card212.00
59Mike LarnachMotherwellBase card212.00
60Hamish McAlpineDundee UnitedBase card212.00
61Gordon StrachanAberdeenBase card313.00
62John McPhailDundeeBase card313.00
63Alex MacDonaldRangersBase card212.00
64Mike McDonaldHibernianBase card313.00
65Johnny DoyleCelticBase card212.00
66John CraigHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
67Danny MastertonAyr UnitedBase card404.00
68Ally ScottGreenock MortonBase card221.00
69Checklist-Base card202.00
70Bobby ClarkAberdeenBase card212.00
71Jim JefferiesHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
72John HoltDundee UnitedBase card212.00
73Gordon SmithRangersBase card202.00
74Jackie CampbellPartick ThistleBase card313.00
75Billy PirieDundeeBase card212.00
76Andy LynchCelticBase card212.00
77Arthur DuncanHibernianBase card303.00
78Frank LiddellHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
79Paul WilsonMotherwellBase card212.00
80Jackie CoplandSt. MirrenBase card202.00
81Duncan DavidsonAberdeenBase card313.00
82Graeme PayneDundee UnitedBase card202.00
83John MowatSt. MirrenBase card313.00
84Tom ForsythRangersBase card202.00
85Alan RoughPartick ThistleBase card212.00
86Willie MillerAberdeenBase card212.00
87Billy ThomsonSt. MirrenBase card212.00
88Cammy FraserHeart of MidlothianBase card202.00
89Willie MurrayHibernianBase card202.00
90Dave NareyDundee UnitedBase card202.00
91John McMasterAberdeenBase card212.00
92Gregor StevensMotherwellBase card202.00
93Lex RichardsonSt. MirrenBase card212.00
94John MarrPartick ThistleBase card313.00
95Denis McQuadeHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
96Colin JacksonRangersBase card303.00
97Willie TemperleyHibernianBase card303.00
98Johannes EdvaldssonCelticBase card303.00
99Gordon CramondAyr UnitedBase card404.00
100Frank McGarveySt. MirrenBase card202.00
101Chic McLellandAberdeenBase card202.00
102Eric SinclairDundeeBase card313.00
103Peter McCloyRangersBase card212.00
104Bobby TorranceSt. MirrenBase card212.00
105Paul HegartyDundee UnitedBase card303.00
106Charlie BrownGreenock MortonBase card212.00
107Davie CooperRangersBase card221.00
108Bobby SmithHibernianBase card202.00
109Kenny DalglishLiverpoolBase card313.00
110Martin BuchanManchester UnitedBase card303.00
111Archie GemmillNottingham ForestBase card212.00
112Andy GrayAston VillaBase card202.00
113Gordon McQueenManchester UnitedBase card212.00
114Joe JordanManchester UnitedBase card313.00
115Kenny BurnsNottingham ForestBase card202.00
116Arthur GrahamLeeds UnitedBase card212.00
117Willie DonachieManchester CityBase card202.00
118George WoodEvertonBase card212.00
119Asa HartfordManchester CityBase card303.00
120Alan HansenLiverpoolBase card313.00
121John RoberonNottingham ForestBase card212.00
122Ian WallaceCoventry CityBase card212.00
123Graeme SounessLiverpoolBase card212.00
124Frank GrayLeeds UnitedBase card313.00
125Derek JohnstoneRangersBase card202.00
126Stuart KennedyAberdeenBase card313.00
127Thomson AllenDundeeBase card212.00
128Malcolm RobertsonHeart of MidlothianBase card313.00
129Jimmy BoneSt. MirrenBase card313.00
130Peter LatchfordCelticBase card202.00
131Kenny WatsonRangersBase card414.00
132Dom SullivanAberdeenBase card212.00
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