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Topps Shopkins Trading cards

Topps Shopkins Trading cards

Year: 2016
Total cards: 195

collecting: 9 / completed: 1


1Mini MuffinBakeryBase card212.00
2Bread HeadBakeryBase card111.00
3Pecanna PieBakeryBase card212.00
4Mary MeringueBakeryBase card111.00
5Carrie Carrot CakeBakeryBase card010.00
6Dani DanishBakeryBase card202.00
7Mary MuffinBakeryBase card111.00
8Cheese LouiseBakeryBase card030.00
9Patty CakeBakeryBase card212.00
10Toastie breadBakeryBase card221.00
11Melonie PipsFruit & VegBase card111.00
12Posh PearFruit & VegBase card111.00
13Pineapple CrushFruit & VegBase card020.00
14Miss Mushy-MooFruit & VegBase card303.00
15Corny CobFruit & VegBase card303.00
16Dippy AvocadoFruit & VegBase card221.00
17Chloe FlowerFruit & VegBase card221.00
18Silly ChilliFruit & VegBase card101.00
19Juicy OrangeFruit & VegBase card202.00
20Garlic RoseFruit & VegBase card111.00
21Sour LemonFruit & VegBase card111.00
22Peewee KiwiFruit & VegBase card202.00
23Sweet PeaFruit & VegBase card111.00
24PeachyFruit & VegBase card020.00
25Wild CarrotFruit & VegBase card111.00
26Cherie TomatoFruit & VegBase card212.00
27Soda PopsParty FoodBase card212.00
28Cheezey BParty FoodBase card202.00
29Fairy CrumbsParty FoodBase card202.00
30WobblesParty FoodBase card111.00
31Rainbow BiteParty FoodBase card101.00
32Pretz-ElleParty FoodBase card212.00
33Tommy KetchupPantryBase card212.00
34Gran JamPantryBase card120.50
35Breaky CrunchPantryBase card120.50
36Peppe PepperPantryBase card120.50
37Sally ShakesPantryBase card212.00
38Sugar LumpPantryBase card101.00
39HoneeeyPantryBase card111.00
40Fi Fi FlourPantryBase card313.00
41Cornell MustardPantryBase card030.00
42Fasta PastaPantryBase card212.00
43Bart BeansPantryBase card221.00
44Olivia OilPantryBase card120.50
45BubblesSweet TreatsBase card221.00
46Lolli PoppinsSweet TreatsBase card212.00
47Jelly BSweet TreatsBase card101.00
48Cheeky ChocolateSweet TreatsBase card313.00
49Le'QuoriceSweet TreatsBase card212.00
50Candy KissesSweet TreatsBase card212.00
51Ice-Cream DreamSweet TreatsBase card111.00
52Pamela PancakeSweet TreatsBase card212.00
53Minnie MintieSweet TreatsBase card230.67
54Banana SplittySweet TreatsBase card111.00
55Yummy GumSweet TreatsBase card111.00
56Macca RoonSweet TreatsBase card120.50
57Candy AppleSweet TreatsBase card221.00
58Suzie SundaeSweet TreatsBase card212.00
59Cream E CookieSweet TreatsBase card212.00
60Ginger FredSweet TreatsBase card111.00
61Chee ZeeDairyBase card221.00
62GoogyDairyBase card212.00
63Split MilkDairyBase card313.00
64Swiss MissDairyBase card303.00
65ScrubsHealth & BeautyBase card313.00
66SilkyHealth & BeautyBase card202.00
67ShampyHealth & BeautyBase card313.00
68Ice-Cream DreamFrozenBase card212.00
69Freezy PeazyFrozenBase card221.00
70Snow CrushFrozenBase card212.00
71Cool CubeFrozenBase card120.50
72Popsi CoolFrozenBase card111.00
73Brenda BlenderHomewaresBase card120.50
74Zappy MicrowaveHomewaresBase card303.00
75Toasty PopHomewaresBase card313.00
76SizzlesHomewaresBase card120.50
77Lana LampHomewaresBase card040.00
78Ma KettleHomewaresBase card111.00
79Saucy PanHomewaresBase card101.00
80Vicky VacHomewaresBase card212.00
81Mobile MaryHomewaresBase card120.50
82ChatterHomewaresBase card230.67
83Teeny TVHomewaresBase card212.00
84Frost T FridgeHomewaresBase card221.00
85Bree FreshnerCleaning & LaundryBase card313.00
86LeafyCleaning & LaundryBase card120.50
87Wendy WasherCleaning & LaundryBase card212.00
88SweepsCleaning & LaundryBase card313.00
89Squeaky CleanCleaning & LaundryBase card111.00
90Betty BootShoesBase card111.00
91PrommyShoesBase card212.00
92HeelsShoesBase card111.00
93Bun Bun SlipperShoesBase card020.00
94Wedgy WendyShoesBase card130.33
95Beverley HeelsShoesBase card130.33
96Sneaky SallyShoesBase card111.00
97Jennifer RayneShoesBase card212.00
98Lizzy Lace-upShoesBase card321.50
99Baby PuffBabyBase card321.50
100Sippy SipsBabyBase card212.00
101Dum Mee MeeBabyBase card120.50
102DribblesBabyBase card111.00
103Baby SwipesBabyBase card130.33
104Nappy DeeBabyBase card221.00
105Ga Ga GourmetBabyBase card130.33
106Shampoo SueBabyBase card212.00
107Netti SpaghettiInternational FoodBase card240.50
108Taco TerrieInternational FoodBase card221.00
109SconnieInternational FoodBase card212.00
110Suzie SushiInternational FoodBase card040.00
111Lammy LammingtonInternational FoodBase card313.00
112Casper CapHatsBase card120.50
113ShadyHatsBase card212.00
114Hattie HatHatsBase card202.00
115Toni TopperHatsBase card101.00
116Penny PencilStationeryBase card303.00
117Secret SallyStationeryBase card221.00
118Erica EraserStationeryBase card313.00
119Kelly CalculatorStationeryBase card111.00
120Penelope PleatsCool & CasualBase card221.00
121ShadesCool & CasualBase card221.00
122Floppy HatCool & CasualBase card111.00
123Apple PieFast FoodBase card230.67
124Sadie SodaFast FoodBase card202.00
125ShakyFast FoodBase card313.00
126Hot ChoccoCupcakeBase card212.00
127Cake PopCupcakeBase card303.00
128Pretty Cake StandCupcakeBase card202.00
129Lippy LipsColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
130Strawberry KissColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
131Apple BlossomColour Me-In CardsBase card212.00
132D'Lish DonutColour Me-In CardsBase card221.00
133Cheeky ChocolateColour Me-In CardsBase card212.00
134Kooky CookieColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
135Chee ZeeColour Me-In CardsBase card120.50
136Spilt MilkColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
137Posh PearColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
138Poppy CornColour Me-In CardsBase card221.00
139Gran JamColour Me-In CardsBase card212.00
140Cupcake ChicColour Me-In CardsBase card202.00
141Cheezey BColour Me-In CardsBase card221.00
142Lolly PoppinsColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
143Snow CrushColour Me-In CardsBase card120.50
144Sneaky WedgeColour Me-In CardsBase card111.00
145Apple BlossomFruit & VegShiny card111.00
146Strawberry KissFruit & VegShiny card010.00
147Kooky CookieBakeryShiny card313.00
148Lippy LipsHealth & BeautyShiny card130.33
149D'Lish DonutBakeryShiny card221.00
150Cupcake ChicBakeryShiny card120.50
151Poppy CornSweet TreatsShiny card303.00
152Sneaky WedgeShoeShiny card321.50
153Slick BreadstickBakeryShiny card212.00
154Polly PolishHealth & BeautyShiny card303.00
155WishesParty FoodShiny card212.00
156Waffle SueSweet TreatsShiny card313.00
157Yo-ChiFrozenShiny card101.00
158Smarty PhoneCool & CasualShiny card202.00
159Al FoilPantryShiny card212.00
160Molly MopsCleaning & LaundryShiny card303.00
161#BakeryBakerySparkly Selfie303.00
162#Fruit&vegFruit & VegSparkly Selfie303.00
163#PartyfoodParty FoodSparkly Selfie303.00
164#PantryPantrySparkly Selfie101.00
165#SweettreatsSweet TreatsSparkly Selfie212.00
166#DairyDairySparkly Selfie202.00
167#HealthandbeautyHealth & BeautySparkly Selfie212.00
168#FrozenFrozenSparkly Selfie212.00
169#HomewaresHomewaresSparkly Selfie221.00
170#CleaningandlaundryCleaning & LaundrySparkly Selfie303.00
171#ShoesShoesSparkly Selfie212.00
172#BabyBabySparkly Selfie111.00
173#InternationalfoodInternational FoodSparkly Selfie101.00
174#HatsHatsSparkly Selfie313.00
175#StationeryStationerySparkly Selfie202.00
176#CupcakeCupcakeSparkly Selfie303.00
177DripsPetkinsSeason 4202.00
178Milk BusPetkinsSeason 4202.00
179Fish Flake JakePetkinsSeason 4202.00
180Ice Cream QueenSweet TreatsSeason 4111.00
181Miss PressyParty TimeSeason 4202.00
182June BallonParty TimeSeason 4202.00
183Handbag HarrietAccessoriesSeason 4202.00
184Cheeky CherriesFruit & VegSeason 4101.00
185Bagel BillyBakerySeason 4202.00
186Peta PlantGardenSeason 4101.00
187Comfy ChairHomewaresSeason 4202.00
188Goldie Fish BowlPetshopSeason 4202.00
LEMADonna Donut-Limited Edition303.00
LEMBLee Tee-Limited Edition303.00
LEPAPapa Tomato-Limited Edition303.00
LESPCupcake Queen-Limited Edition101.00
LETARoxy Ring-Limited Edition212.00
LETBTicky Tock-Limited Edition202.00
LETCRuby Earring-Limited Edition404.00
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