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Topps Skylanders Swap Force Cards

Topps Skylanders Swap Force Cards

Year: 2013
Total cards: 231

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force has 110 base cards.

These include art cards of new Swap Force Characters, new cards of familiar characters, villains and screen shots. There are also Swap Force cards that use the 16 new figures with different bottoms.

The release also has 27 Foil cards and 20 Rainbow Foil cards. These short prints are numbered as part of the main set.
Static cling Mix & Match Stickers (eight cards, inserted 1:12 packs) lend to the Swap Force theme.

Like the figures, each comes with a top half and a bottom half. This allows collectors to create many different characters.

Other inserts include Coloring Cards (ten cards, 1:8 packs), lenticular Flip Motion cards (16 cards, 1:30 packs) and Puzzle Cards (nine cards, 1:2 packs).

A binder collector kit has exclusive Rainbow Foil and Glow in the Dark cards not available in packs. Additional exclusives can also be found in a collector's tin.

collecting: 1 / completed: 2


2Stealth ElfCharacter-000.00
3Hot DogCharacter-000.00
6Trigger HappyCharacter-000.00
8Prism BreakCharacter-010.00
9Star StrikeCharacter-020.00
10Bumble BlastCharacter-010.00
11Zoo LouCharacter-020.00
12Count DownCharacter-000.00
13Slobber ToothCharacter-010.00
15Roller BrawlCharacter-000.00
17Pop ThornCharacter-010.00
18Hoot LoopCharacter-010.00
19Stink BombCharacter-020.00
20Grilla DrillaCharacter-010.00
21Blast ZoneCharacter-010.00
22Fire KrakenCharacter-020.00
23Wash BucklerCharacter-000.00
24Freeze BladeCharacter-010.00
25Magna ChargeCharacter-000.00
26Rattle ShakeCharacter-000.00
27Night ShiftCharacter-010.00
28Free RangerCharacter-010.00
29Blast LoopSwap Force-020.00
30Magna ZoneSwap Force-000.00
31Wash ZoneSwap Force-000.00
32Hoot BucklerSwap Force-010.00
33Free DrillaSwap Force-000.00
34Rattle BucklerSwap Force-010.00
35Night DrillaSwap Force-000.00
36Grilla RangerSwap Force-000.00
37Rattle ChargeSwap Force-000.00
38Free ShakeSwap Force-010.00
39Blast DrillaSwap Force-000.00
40Magna LoopSwap Force-010.00
41Wash ZoneSwap Force-010.00
42Hoot RangerSwap Force-010.00
43Free BucklerSwap Force-010.00
44Rattle ShiftSwap Force-010.00
45Night ZoneSwap Force-010.00
46Grilla ChargeSwap Force-010.00
47Night ShakeSwap Force-000.00
48Magna ShakeSwap Force-020.00
49Hoot ShiftSwap Force-000.00
50Free ChargeSwap Force-000.00
51Night BucklerSwap Force-000.00
52Grilla ShakeSwap Force-010.00
53Ice JavelinAction Card-010.00
54Lightning BreathAction Card-010.00
55Villany Gets HosedAction Card-020.00
56Four Arms Of FuryAction Card-000.00
57Heroic DragonAction Card-000.00
58Twice The FunAction Card-000.00
59Magical GrubAction Card-000.00
60Mixing it UpAction Card-010.00
61Hot Knight TonightAction Card-000.00
62Having A BallAction Card-010.00
63Blind FuryAction Card-010.00
64Fiery FidoAction Card-010.00
65That's An OrderAction Card-000.00
66Turret ActionAction Card-010.00
67Techno-DragonAction Card-010.00
68Golden Battle GearAction Card-010.00
69Undead DragonAction Card-010.00
70Big Bad BladeAction Card-000.00
71Wall of BonesAction Card-000.00
72Midnight RideAction Card-020.00
73Boom BabiesAction Card-010.00
74Rainbow SingularityAction Card-010.00
75Electrical StormAction Card-000.00
76Cleaning Up EvilAction Card-010.00
77Hammerin' AwayAction Card-000.00
78Food FighterAction Card-020.00
79The FastestAction Card-010.00
80Crystal CutterAction Card-010.00
81Land SharkAction Card-010.00
82Chomp on This!Action Card-000.00
83Spear FishingAction Card-010.00
84Fire PowerAction Card-010.00
85Split PersonalityAction Card-000.00
86Excuse MeAction Card-020.00
87Bark BlastAction Card-000.00
88Power ToolsAction Card-010.00
89Gremlin GoldslingerAction Card-000.00
90Spectrical LightningAction Card-000.00
91Vampiric WarriorAction Card-020.00
92Rainbow RiderAction Card-000.00
93Sky BaronAction Card-010.00
94Cut to the QuickAction Card-000.00
95Crystal ShardAction Card-010.00
96Getting PunchyAction Card-000.00
97KaosAction Card-010.00
98Arkeyan JousterAction Card-000.00
99Arkeyan JuggernautAction Card-010.00
100Armored Lance MasterAction Card-010.00
101Captain K9Action Card-000.00
102SeadogAction Card-020.00
103TrogmanderAction Card-010.00
104Troll StomperAction Card-000.00
105Fishing HatAction Card-000.00
106Bowling Pin HatAction Card-000.00
107Knight HelmAction Card-000.00
108Purle FedoraAction Card-020.00
109Trucker HatAction Card-010.00
110Umbrella HatAction Card-010.00
112Stealth ElfFoil-000.00
113Hot DogFoil-010.00
115Trigger HappyFoil-020.00
117Prism BreakFoil-020.00
118Star StrikeFoil-000.00
119Bumble BlastFoil-010.00
120Zoo LouFoil-010.00
122Slobber ToothFoil-010.00
124Roller BrawlFoil-010.00
126Pop ThornFoil-000.00
127Hoot LoopFoil-010.00
128Stink BombFoil-000.00
129Grilla DrillaFoil-000.00
130Blast ZoneFoil-111.00
131Fire KrakenFoil-010.00
132Wash BucklerFoil-000.00
133Freeze BladeFoil-000.00
134Magna ChargeFoil-000.00
135Rattle ShakeFoil-010.00
136Night ShiftFoil-000.00
137Free RangerFoil-000.00
138Blast ShakeSP Foil-120.50
139Magna BucklerSP Foil-010.00
140Wash DrillaSP Foil-111.00
141Hoot ChargeSP Foil-111.00
142Free ZoneSP Foil-010.00
143Rattle LoopSP Foil-000.00
144Night RangerSP Foil-010.00
145Grilla ShiftSP Foil-101.00
146Blast BucklerSP Foil-101.00
147Blast ChargeSP Foil-111.00
148Magna RangerSP Foil-111.00
149Wash ShakeSP Foil-111.00
150Rattle DrillaSP Foil-000.00
151Hoot ZoneSP Foil-000.00
152Magna ShiftSP Foil-010.00
153Night ChargeSP Foil-111.00
154Grilla LoopSP Foil-120.50
155Wash RangerSP Foil-111.00
156Grilla BucklerSP Foil-020.00
157Wash LoopSP Foil-111.00
C1Stealth ElfColouring Card-000.00
C2Bumble BlastColouring Card-000.00
C3Trigger HappyColouring Card-000.00
C4SpyroColouring Card-111.00
C5Hot DogColouring Card-111.00
C6Magna ChargeColouring Card-000.00
C7Free RangerColouring Card-101.00
C8Wash BucklerColouring Card-000.00
C9CynderColouring Card-101.00
C10Rattle ShakeColouring Card-000.00
F1Blast ZoneFlip Motion Card-101.00
F2Magna ChargeFlip Motion Card-101.00
F3Wash BucklerFlip Motion Card-101.00
F4Hoot LoopFlip Motion Card-000.00
F5Free RangerFlip Motion Card-101.00
F6Rattle ShakeFlip Motion Card-101.00
F7Night ShiftFlip Motion Card-101.00
F8Grilla DrillaFlip Motion Card-101.00
F9Blast ZoneFlip Motion Card-000.00
F10Magna ChargeFlip Motion Card-000.00
F11Wash BucklerFlip Motion Card-101.00
F12Rattle ShakeFlip Motion Card-101.00
F13Night ShiftFlip Motion Card-101.00
F14Grilla DrillaFlip Motion Card-101.00
F15Hoot LoopFlip Motion Card-101.00
F16Free RangerFlip Motion Card-101.00
G1Magna ChargeGlow in The Dark-101.00
G2Free RangerGlow in The Dark-101.00
G3Bumble BlastGlow in The Dark-101.00
G4Wash BucklerGlow in The Dark-101.00
G5Stealth ElfGlow in The Dark-101.00
G6Rattle ShakeGlow in The Dark-101.00
S1Hoot LoopMix & Match-000.00
S2Blast ZoneMix & Match-101.00
S3Wash BucklerMix & Match-000.00
S4Night ShiftMix & Match-000.00
S5Magna ChargeMix & Match-101.00
S6Rattle ShakeMix & Match-101.00
S7Free RangerMix & Match-000.00
S8Grilla DrillaMix & Match-000.00
A1Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A2Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A3Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A4Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A5Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A6Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A7Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A8Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
A9Puzzle PiecePicture Puzzle-000.00
B1Free RangerRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B2Blast ShiftRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B3Wash ChargeRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B4Rattle RangerRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B5Wash ShakeRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B6Night LoopRainbow Binder Card-101.00
B7Grilla ZoneRainbow Binder Card-101.00
TT1Magna ChargeTin Bonus Card Version 1-101.00
TT2Rattle ShakeTin Bonus Card Version 1-101.00
TT3Free RangerTin Bonus Card Version 1-101.00
TT4Grilla DrillaTin Bonus Card Version 1-101.00
TS1Magna ChargeTin Bonus Mix and Match Stickers-101.00
TS2Rattle ShakeTin Bonus Mix and Match Stickers-101.00
TS3Free RangerTin Bonus Mix and Match Stickers-101.00
TS4Grilla DrillaTin Bonus Mix and Match Stickers-101.00
T1Master EonTin Bonus Cards Version 2-000.00
T2Hoot DrillaTin Bonus Cards Version 2-000.00
T3Free LoopTin Bonus Cards Version 2-000.00
T4Rattle ZoneTin Bonus Cards Version 2-000.00
ST1Hoot LoopTin Bonus Mini Mix & Mact Stickers-000.00
ST2Blast ZoneTin Bonus Mini Mix & Mact Stickers-000.00
ST3Wash BucklerTin Bonus Mini Mix & Mact Stickers-000.00
ST4Night BucklerTin Bonus Mini Mix & Mact Stickers-000.00
PC-1Become A Portal Master Guide BookPromo Card-000.00
PC-2Qubi Ad CardPromo Card-000.00
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