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Topps Slam Attax

Topps Slam Attax

Year: 2008
Total cards: 176

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 25 / completed: 10


1John CenaChampion cardFoil card531.67
2EdgeChampion cardFoil card460.67
3Chavo GuerreroChampion cardFoil card360.50
4Matt HardyChampion cardFoil card751.40
5Chris JerichoChampion cardFoil card551.00
6Triple HChampion cardFoil card570.71
7Jeff HardyChampion cardFoil card541.25
8Rey MysterioChampion cardFoil card670.86
9Randy OrtonChampion cardFoil card551.00
10CM PunkChampion cardFoil card670.86
11William RegalChampion cardFoil card350.60
12BatistaChampion cardFoil card651.20
13Shawn MichaelsChampion cardFoil card560.83
14Beth PhoenixChampion cardFoil card670.86
15Kofi KingstonChampion cardFoil card641.50
16UndertakerChampion cardFoil card441.00
17Montel Vontavious PorterFinishing Move cardFoil card490.44
18KaneFinishing Move cardFoil card460.67
19Mr. KennedyFinishing Move cardFoil card360.50
20Big ShowFinishing Move cardFoil card441.00
21CarlitoFinishing Move cardFoil card4100.40
22D-Generation XFinishing Move cardFoil card450.80
23The HardysFinishing Move cardFoil card580.63
24Cryme TymeFinishing Move cardFoil card480.50
25UmagaFinishing Move cardFoil card580.63
26JBLFinishing Move cardFoil card490.44
27Mark HenryFinishing Move cardFoil card380.38
28John MorrisonFinishing Move cardFoil card390.33
29The Great KhaliFinishing Move cardFoil card490.44
30SnitskyFinishing Move cardFoil card680.75
31Shelton BenjaminFinishing Move cardFoil card450.80
32Stone Cold Steve AustinFinishing Move cardFoil card551.00
33Mickie JamesFinishing Move cardFoil card450.80
34FinlayFinishing Move cardFoil card480.50
35Vladimir KozlovFinishing Move cardFoil card380.38
36WWE ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card623.00
37Intercontinental ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card761.17
38Women's ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card531.67
39World Tag Team ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card551.00
40World Heavyweight ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card541.25
41United States ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card670.86
42WWE Tag Team ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card551.00
43WWE Diva ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card460.67
44ECW ChampionshipTitle cardFoil card290.22
45WWE Money in the Bank BriefcaseTitle cardFoil card641.50
46DeuceRaw cardBase card3140.21
47Kofi KingstonRaw cardBase card390.33
48JBLRaw cardBase card2120.17
49Charlie HaasRaw cardBase card2100.20
50Ron SimmonsRaw cardBase card380.38
51CM PunkRaw cardBase card3110.27
52Chuck PalumboRaw cardBase card2100.20
53William RegalRaw cardBase card2120.17
54Paul BurchillRaw cardBase card3130.23
55Rey MysterioRaw cardBase card2120.17
56SnitskyRaw cardBase card290.22
57Paul LondonRaw cardBase card4140.29
58Chris JerichoRaw cardBase card3120.25
59Val VenisRaw cardBase card2120.17
60Jerry LawlerRaw cardBase card470.57
61Ted DiBiaseRaw cardBase card2110.18
62Stone Cold Steve AustinRaw cardBase card3100.30
63Hacksaw Jim DugganRaw cardBase card3100.30
64Todd GrishamRaw cardBase card3110.27
65Jamie NobleRaw cardBase card2130.15
66BatistaRaw cardBase card3130.23
67D-Lo BrownRaw cardBase card3100.30
68Santino MarellaRaw cardBase card2130.15
69Shawn MichaelsRaw cardBase card3100.30
70Michael ColeRaw cardBase card4100.40
71John CenaRaw cardBase card390.33
72JTGRaw cardBase card2110.18
73ShadRaw cardBase card2100.20
74Randy OrtonRaw cardBase card2140.14
75Lance CadeRaw cardBase card2120.17
76Hardcore HollyRaw cardBase card3100.30
77Cody RhodesRaw cardBase card2130.15
78KaneRaw cardBase card370.43
79Mike AdamieRaw cardBase card3130.23
80Ezekiel JacksonSmackdown cardBase card2160.13
81Montel Vontavious PorterSmackdown cardBase card480.50
82FunakiSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
83UndertakerSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
84DH SmithSmackdown cardBase card390.33
85Gregory HelmsSmackdown cardBase card4110.36
86Jeff HardySmackdown cardBase card2100.20
87Vladimir KozlovSmackdown cardBase card380.38
88The Great KhaliSmackdown cardBase card290.22
89JesseSmackdown cardBase card3100.30
90FestusSmackdown cardBase card3100.30
91EdgeSmackdown cardBase card2140.14
92CarlitoSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
93Vickie GuerreroSmackdown cardBase card390.33
94Kenny DykstraSmackdown cardBase card2120.17
95Mr. KennedySmackdown cardBase card3140.21
96Shelton BenjaminSmackdown cardBase card380.38
97Triple HSmackdown cardBase card2120.17
98Justin RobertsSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
99Jimmy Wang YangSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
100Curt HawkinsSmackdown cardBase card3100.30
101Zack RyderSmackdown cardBase card3130.23
102Brian KendrickSmackdown cardBase card4100.40
103Big ShowSmackdown cardBase card480.50
104Jim RossSmackdown cardBase card3120.25
105UmagaSmackdown cardBase card4100.40
106TazzSmackdown cardBase card2100.20
107John MorrisonECW cardBase card280.25
108Tommy DreamerECW cardBase card2110.18
109Mike KnoxECW cardBase card3100.30
110Super CrazyECW cardBase card390.33
111BoogeymanECW cardBase card2160.13
112Mark HenryECW cardBase card4100.40
113Chavo GuerreroECW cardBase card390.33
114Toni ChimelECW cardBase card350.60
115FinlayECW cardBase card460.67
116Bam NellyECW cardBase card4120.33
117Matt HardyECW cardBase card2120.17
118Armando EstradaECW cardBase card3100.30
119Elijah BurkeECW cardBase card3100.30
120HornswoggleECW cardBase card270.29
121The MizECW cardBase card390.33
122Ricky OrtizECW cardBase card380.38
123Evan BourneECW cardBase card380.38
124Theodore LongECW cardBase card4100.40
125Matt StrikerECW cardBase card370.43
126NatalyaDiva cardBase card3100.30
127EveDiva cardBase card560.83
128MariaDiva cardBase card4110.36
129TiffanyDiva cardBase card3110.27
130Katie Lea BurchillDiva cardBase card3130.23
131Kelly KellyDiva cardBase card2110.18
132LaylaDiva cardBase card4100.40
133Beth PhoenixDiva cardBase card380.38
134CandiceDiva cardBase card360.50
135Lilian GarciaDiva cardBase card3100.30
136Lena YadaDiva cardBase card470.57
137VictoriaDiva cardBase card470.57
138MelinaDiva cardBase card2110.18
139MaryseDiva cardBase card280.25
140Michelle McCoolDiva cardBase card3100.30
141JillianDiva cardBase card3110.27
142Mickie JamesDiva cardBase card370.43
143Kane & UndertakerTag Team cardBase card3100.30
144The BushwhackersTag Team cardBase card470.57
145Curt Hawkins & Zack RyderTag Team cardBase card380.38
146Finlay & HornswoggleTag Team cardBase card380.38
147Chris Jericho & Lance CadeTag Team cardBase card390.33
148Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiaseTag Team cardBase card3100.30
149John Morrison & The MizTag Team cardBase card2140.14
150The HardysTag Team cardBase card3110.27
151Jesse & FestusTag Team cardBase card2150.13
152Cryme TymeTag Team cardBase card4110.36
153D-Generation XTag Team cardBase card3120.25
154Chavo Guerrero & Bam NeelyTag Team cardBase card3110.27
155Sgt. SlaughterHall of Fame cardBase card380.38
156"The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy HartHall of Fame cardBase card370.43
157"Cowboy" Bob OrtonHall of Fame cardBase card390.33
158The Irin SheikHall of Fame cardBase card370.43
159"Rowdy" Roddy PiperHall of Fame cardBase card2100.20
160Pat PattersonHall of Fame cardBase card2120.17
161Gerald BriscoHall of Fame cardBase card380.38
162Junkyard DogHall of Fame cardBase card2100.20
163Dusti RhodesHall of Fame cardBase card290.22
164Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaHall of Fame cardBase card390.33
165Tony AtlasHall of Fame cardBase card280.25
166Bobby "The Brain" HeenanHall of Fame cardBase card2100.20
167"Superstar" Billy GrahamHall of Fame cardBase card2110.18
168Gorilla MonsoonLegend cardBase card3100.30
169Nikolai VolkoffLegend cardBase card290.22
170Curt HennigLegend cardBase card360.50
171VaderLegend cardBase card350.60
172Stone Cold Steve AustinLegend cardBase card290.22
LE1BatistaLimited Edition cardFoil card12012.00
LE2Randy OrtonLimited Edition cardFoil card818.00
LE3Triple HLimited Edition cardFoil card808.00
LE4UndertakerLimited Edition cardFoil card808.00
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