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Topps Slam Attax 10th Edition

Topps Slam Attax 10th Edition

Year: 2017
Total cards: 415

Collection preview (68% scanned images)

collecting: 69 / completed: 14


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1Alexa BlissChampionFoil card881.00
2BayleyChampionFoil card881.00
3Bray WyattChampionFoil card1071.43
4Braun StrowmanChampionFoil card951.80
5Brock LesnarChampionFoil card1142.75
6Dean AmbroseChampionFoil card1562.50
7Finn BalorChampionFoil card1434.67
8The Hardy BoyzChampionFoil card1944.75
9The MizChampionFoil card1071.43
10Roman ReignsChampionFoil card1052.00
11Seth RollinsChampionFoil card1252.40
12AJ StylesChampionFoil card1042.50
13American AlphaChampionFoil card1644.00
14Charlotte FlairChampionFoil card1644.00
15John CenaChampionFoil card1152.20
16Kewin OwensChampionFoil card1427.00
17NaomiChampionFoil card1262.00
18Randy OrtonChampionFoil card951.80
19Shinsuke NakamuraChampionFoil card933.00
20AsukaChampionFoil card1133.67
21Authors Of PainChampionFoil card1271.71
22Bobby RoodeChampionFoil card1181.38
23Drew McIntyreChampionFoil card10110.00
24Roderick StrongChampionFoil card1133.67
25Andre The GiantIconFoil card761.17
26BatistaIconFoil card9130.69
27Booker TIconFoil card560.83
28Bret "Hit Man" HartIconFoil card5110.45
29Bruno SammartinoIconFoil card890.89
30Dusty RhodesIconFoil card942.25
31Eddie GuerreroIconFoil card6100.60
32EdgeIconFoil card924.50
33Hacksaw Jim DugganIconFoil card771.00
34Jake "The Snake" RobertsIconFoil card661.00
35LitaIconFoil card771.00
36Macho Man Randy SavageIconFoil card761.17
37MankindIconFoil card570.71
38Million Dollar Man Ted DibiaseIconFoil card1042.50
39Mr.Perfect Curt HennigIconFoil card680.75
40Ric FlairIconFoil card670.86
41The RockIconFoil card881.00
42Sgt. SlaughterIconFoil card871.14
43Shawn MichaelsIconFoil card651.20
44StingIconFoil card1042.50
45Stone Cold Steve AustinIconFoil card981.13
46Trish StratusIconFoil card1052.00
47Ultimate WarriorIconFoil card8100.80
48YokozunaIconFoil card933.00
49AJ Styles (Royal Rumble 2016)OMGFoil card3160.19
50Undertaker vs Mankind (King of the Ring 1998)OMGFoil card1170.06
51Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks (Wrestlemania 32)OMGFoil card5180.28
52Braun Strowman vs Big Show (Raw - April 2017)OMGFoil card4130.31
53Ric Flair (Raw - March 2008)OMGFoil card4120.33
54Edge (Raw - April 2011)OMGFoil card3160.19
55Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania 30)OMGFoil card5110.45
56Ultimate Warrior (Hall of Fame 2014)OMGFoil card3150.20
57Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania 30)OMGFoil card4190.21
58Seth Rollins (Wrestlemania 31)OMGFoil card4130.31
59Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon (Wrestlemania 10)OMGFoil card2150.13
60Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 2016)OMGFoil card4160.25
61Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair (Hell in a Cell 2016)OMGFoil card5130.38
62The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Wrestlemania 17)OMGFoil card6150.40
63Kane (Badd Blood 1997)OMGFoil card4140.29
64Shane McMahon (Wrestlemania 32)OMGFoil card3190.16
65Sami Zayn vs John Cena (Raw - April 2014)OMGFoil card2190.11
66John Cena (Royal Rumble 2017)OMGFoil card390.33
67Bray Wyatt (Elimnation Chamber 2017)OMGFoil card2140.14
68Naomi (Elimination Chamber 2017)OMGFoil card3170.18
69Chris Jericho & Kewin Owens (Raw - February 2017)OMGFoil card5160.31
70Seth Rollins (NXT Takover San Antonio)OMGFoil card6130.46
71Randy Orton (Royal Rumble 2017)OMGFoil card4160.25
72D-Generation X (Raw - April 1998)OMGFoil card5110.45
73Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 12)OMGFoil card2180.11
74John Cena & Nikki Bella (Wrestlemania 33)OMGFoil card5160.31
75Finn Balor vs Kewin Owens (NXT Takover Brooklyn)OMGFoil card5120.42
76Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Takeover San Antonio)OMGFoil card2180.11
77Brock Lesnar vs Triple H (Summerslam 2012)OMGFoil card3110.27
78Undertaker (Wrestlemania 33)OMGFoil card4170.24
79The Hardy Boyz (Wrestlemania 33)OMGFoil card2180.11
80Goldberg vs Kewin Owens (WWE Fastlane 2017)OMGFoil card6140.43
81Alexa BlissRawBase card580.63
82Alicia FoxRawBase card580.63
83Apollo CrewsRawBase card5100.50
84BayleyRawBase card690.67
85Big CassRawBase card670.86
86Big ShowRawBase card3110.27
87Bo DallasRawBase card670.86
88Braun StrowmanRawBase card4100.40
89Bray WyattRawBase card690.67
90Brock LesnarRawBase card5100.50
91CesaroRawBase card5100.50
92Charly CarusoRawBase card580.63
93Corey GravesRawBase card450.80
94Curt HawkinsRawBase card5100.50
95Curtis AxelRawBase card661.00
96Dana BrookeRawBase card590.56
97Darren YoungRawBase card4100.40
98Dash WilderRawBase card5110.45
99David OtungaRawBase card5100.50
100Dean AmbroseRawBase card780.88
101Elias SamsonRawBase card4130.31
102EmmaRawBase card560.83
103Enzo AmoreRawBase card790.78
104Finn BalorRawBase card4120.33
105GoldbergRawBase card450.80
106GoldustRawBase card380.38
107Heath SlaterRawBase card5100.50
108Jeff HardyRawBase card3130.23
109JojoRawBase card7120.58
110KalistoRawBase card690.67
111Karl AndersonRawBase card680.75
112Kurt AngleRawBase card4100.40
113Luke GallowsRawBase card560.83
114Mark HenryRawBase card551.00
115Matt HardyRawBase card6100.60
116MaryseRawBase card751.40
117Mickie JamesRawBase card3100.30
118Mike RomeRawBase card680.75
119The MizRawBase card790.78
120Nia JaxRawBase card5100.50
121R-TruthRawBase card680.75
122RhynoRawBase card790.78
123Roman ReignsRawBase card5110.45
124Samoa JoeRawBase card460.67
125Sasha BanksRawBase card881.00
126Scott DawsonRawBase card570.71
127Seth RollinsRawBase card670.86
128SheamusRawBase card590.56
129Stephanie McMahonRawBase card480.50
130Summer RaiRawBase card670.86
131Titus O'NeilRawBase card2160.13
132Triple HRawBase card5200.25
133Aiden EnglishSmackdown LiveBase card570.71
134AJ StylesSmackdown LiveBase card661.00
135Baron CorbinSmackdown LiveBase card5100.50
136Becky LynchSmackdown LiveBase card680.75
137Big ESmackdown LiveBase card390.33
138Byron SaxtonSmackdown LiveBase card4120.33
139CarmellaSmackdown LiveBase card580.63
140Chad GableSmackdown LiveBase card4120.33
141Charlotte FlairSmackdown LiveBase card5140.36
142Chris JerichoSmackdown LiveBase card7110.64
143Daniel BryanSmackdown LiveBase card790.78
144Dasha FuentesSmackdown LiveBase card641.50
145Dolph ZigglerSmackdown LiveBase card460.67
146EpicoSmackdown LiveBase card380.38
147Erick RowanSmackdown LiveBase card4140.29
148FandangoSmackdown LiveBase card780.88
149Greg HamiltonSmackdown LiveBase card3100.30
150James EllsworthSmackdown LiveBase card3110.27
151Jason JordanSmackdown LiveBase card4110.36
152JBLSmackdown LiveBase card4100.40
153Jey UsoSmackdown LiveBase card4100.40
154Jimmy UsoSmackdown LiveBase card590.56
155Jinder MahalSmackdown LiveBase card771.00
156John CenaSmackdown LiveBase card3160.19
157KaneSmackdown LiveBase card3190.16
158Kevin OwensSmackdown LiveBase card680.75
159Kofi KingstonSmackdown LiveBase card490.44
160KonnorSmackdown LiveBase card3130.23
161LanaSmackdown LiveBase card3110.27
162Luke HarperSmackdown LiveBase card6130.46
163Mojo RawleySmackdown LiveBase card490.44
164NaomiSmackdown LiveBase card771.00
165NatalyaSmackdown LiveBase card680.75
166Nikki BellaSmackdown LiveBase card5110.45
167PrimoSmackdown LiveBase card2110.18
168Randy OrtonSmackdown LiveBase card7120.58
169Renee YoungSmackdown LiveBase card5120.42
170RusevSmackdown LiveBase card570.71
171Sami ZaynSmackdown LiveBase card661.00
172Shane McMahonSmackdown LiveBase card5110.45
173Shinsuke NakamuraSmackdown LiveBase Card761.17
174Sin CaraSmackdown LiveBase card490.44
175TaminaSmackdown LiveBase card551.00
176Tye DillingerSmackdown LiveBase card560.83
177Tyler BreezeSmackdown LiveBase card5100.50
178ViktorSmackdown LiveBase card560.83
179Xavier WoodsSmackdown LiveBase card9100.90
180Zack RyderSmackdown LiveBase card4100.40
181AkamNXTBase card590.56
182Aleister BlackNXTBase card580.63
183Alexander WolfeNXTBase card6100.60
184AliyahNXTBase card6110.55
185Andrade "Cien" AlmasNXTBase card690.67
186Angelo DawkinsNXTBase card490.44
187AsukaNXTBase card5100.50
188Billie KayNXTBase card8120.67
189Bobby RoodeNXTBase card690.67
190Buddy MurphyNXTBase card4100.40
191Cathy KelleyNXTBase card5100.50
192Dallas HarperNXTBase card690.67
193Danielle KamelaNXTBase card3120.25
194Daria BerenatoNXTBase card551.00
195Drew McIntyreNXTBase card3100.30
196Ember MoonNXTBase card890.89
197Eric YoungNXTBase card3100.30
198Hideo ItamiNXTBase card551.00
199Johnny GarganoNXTBase card470.57
200Kassius OhnoNXTBase card761.17
201Killian DainNXTBase card3110.27
202Liv MorganNXTBase card651.20
203Mandy RoseNXTBase card470.57
204Montez FordNXTBase card580.63
205Nick MillerNXTBase card5120.42
206Nigel McGuinnessNXTBase card4100.40
207Nikki GrossNXTBase card590.56
208No Way JoseNXTBase card5150.33
209Oney LorcanNXTBase card5110.45
210Otis DozovicNXTBase card780.88
211Patrick ClarkNXTBase card560.83
212Paul ElleringNXTBase card570.71
213Percy WatsonNXTBase card590.56
214Peyton RoyceNXTBase card6100.60
215RezarNXTBase card570.71
216Riddick MossNXTBase card4110.36
217Rederick StrongNXTBase card4120.33
218Sawyer FultonNXTBase card790.78
219Shane ThorneNXTBase card4120.33
220Steve CulterNXTBase card470.57
221Tino SabbatelliNXTBase card460.67
222Tom PhillipsNXTBase card771.00
223Tommaso CiampaNXTBase card360.50
224Tucker KnightNXTBase card780.88
225Wesley BlakeNXTBase card4100.40
226Akira TozawaCruiserweightsBase card981.13
227Ariya DaivariCruiserweightsBase card680.75
228Austin AriesCruiserweightsBase card4120.33
229The Brian KendrickCruiserweightsBase card5130.38
230Cedric AlexanderCruiserweightsBase card4100.40
231Drew GulakCruiserweightsBase card580.63
232Gran MetalikCruiserweightsBase card4160.25
233Hoho LunCruiserweightsBase card641.50
234Jack GallagherCruiserweightsBase card871.14
235Lince DoradoCruiserweightsBase card580.63
236Mustafa AliCruiserweightsBase card470.57
237NevilleCruiserweightsBase card4200.20
238Noam DanCruiserweightsBase card2200.10
239Rich SwanCruiserweightsBase card570.71
240TJPCruiserweightsBase card590.56
241Tony NeseCruiserweightsBase card780.88
242Andre The GiantHall Of FameBase card6120.50
243Big Boss ManHall Of FameBase card2240.08
244Bob BacklundHall Of FameBase card5120.42
245Bobby "The Brain" HeenanHall Of FameBase card490.44
246Booker THall Of FameBase card680.75
247Bret "Hit Man" HartHall Of FameBase card690.67
248Bruno SammartinoHall Of FameBase card490.44
249Cactus JackHall Of FameBase card590.56
250Chief Jay StrongbowHall Of FameBase card4140.29
251Classy Freddie BlassieHall Of FameBase card390.33
252Cowboy Bob OrtonHall Of FameBase card380.38
253Magnificent Don MuracoHall Of FameBase card651.20
254Diamond Dallas PageHall Of FameBase card6120.50
255Dude LoveHall Of FameBase card480.50
256Dusty RhodesHall Of FameBase card680.75
257Eddie GuerreroHall Of FameBase card360.50
258EdgeHall Of FameBase card570.71
259The GodfatherHall Of FameBase card480.50
260Hacksaw Jim DugganHall Of FameBase card5130.38
261Harley RaceHall Of FameBase card9110.82
262Iron SheikHall Of FameBase card661.00
263Jake "The Snake" RobertsHall Of FameBase card6110.55
264Jerry "The King" LawlerHall Of FameBase card4110.36
265Jimmy HartHall Of FameBase card680.75
266Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaHall Of FameBase card5140.36
267Junkyard DogHall Of FameBase card490.44
268Kevin NashHall Of FameBase card470.57
269LitaHall Of FameBase card641.50
270Macho Man Randy SavageHall Of FameBase card3100.30
271MankindHall Of FameBase card590.56
272Mean Gene OkerlundHall Of FameBase card580.63
273Mick FoleyHall Of FameBase card3120.25
274Million Dollar Man Ted DibiaseHall Of FameBase card460.67
275Mr.Perfect Curt HennigHall Of FameBase card360.50
276Mr.Wonderful Paul OrndorffHall Of FameBase card680.75
277Ravishing Rick RudeHall Of FameBase card4100.40
278Razor RamonHall Of FameBase card580.63
279Ric FlairHall Of FameBase card761.17
280Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatHall Of FameBase card480.50
281Ron SimmonsHall Of FameBase card670.86
282Rowdy Roddy PiperHall Of FameBase card3140.21
283Sgt. SlaughterHall Of FameBase card6110.55
284Shawn MichaelsHall Of FameBase card680.75
285StingHall Of FameBase card680.75
286Stone Cold Steve AustinHall Of FameBase card881.00
287Teddy LongHall Of FameBase card580.63
288Terry FunkHall Of FameBase card3110.27
289Trish StratusHall Of FameBase card590.56
290Ultimate WarriorHall Of FameBase card771.00
291YokozunaHall Of FameBase card6130.46
292Bam Bam BigelowLegendsBase card670.86
293BatistaLegendsBase card2110.18
294British BulldogLegendsBase card3120.25
295Dean MalenkoLegendsBase card4100.40
296Doink The ClownLegendsBase card2100.20
297EveLegendsBase card790.78
298Honky Tonk ManLegendsBase card5120.42
299Irwin R. SchysterLegendsBase card680.75
300Jim "The Anvil" NeidhartLegendsBase card490.44
301Lex LugerLegendsBase card641.50
302Papa ShangoLegendsBase card4140.29
303Road DoggLegendsBase card480.50
304The RockLegendsBase card761.17
305UndertakerLegendsBase card5100.50
306X-PacLegendsBase card2100.20
307Enzo & Big CassTag TeamBase card661.00
308Gallows & AndersonTag TeamBase card651.20
309The Golden TruthTag TeamBase card480.50
310The Hardy BoyzTag TeamBase card6120.50
311Heath Slater & RhynoTag TeamBase card5100.50
312The RevivalTag TeamBase card5140.36
313Sheamus & CesaroTag TeamBase card7100.70
314American AlphaTag TeamBase card5110.45
315The AscensionTag TeamBase card3120.25
316BreezangoTag TeamBase card861.33
317The Hype BrosTag TeamBase card5100.50
318The New DayTag TeamBase card480.50
319The ColonsTag TeamBase card6140.43
320The UsosTag TeamBase card9110.82
321Autors Of PainTag TeamBase card3100.30
322Billie Kay & Peyton RoyceTag TeamBase card5140.36
323#DIYTag TeamBase card480.50
324SanityTag TeamBase card2120.17
325TM-61Tag TeamBase card4120.33
326BushwhackersTag TeamBase card480.50
327Wild SamoansTag TeamBase card751.40
328ApaTag TeamBase card3110.27
329D-Generation XTag TeamBase card4110.36
330New World OrderTag TeamBase card580.63
331The Rock & Sock ConnectionTag TeamBase card6110.55
332Big ShowFlashbackBase card670.86
333Chris JerichoFlashbackBase card761.17
334Curt HawkinsFlashbackBase card790.78
335John CenaFlashbackBase card6110.55
336KaneFlashbackBase card5120.42
337Kofi KingstonFlashbackBase card570.71
338Mark HenryFlashbackBase card490.44
339The MizFlashbackBase card790.78
340Randy OrtonFlashbackBase card480.50
341Triple HFlashbackBase card5100.50
342UndertakerFlashbackBase card4100.40
343Zack RyderFlashbackBase card4110.36
344WWE ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card7120.58
345Intercontinental ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card570.71
346Raw Women's ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card480.50
347WWE Money In The Bank BriefcaseChampionshipsBase card690.67
348Smackdown Women's ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card780.88
349NXT ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card580.63
350WWE Universal ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card7130.54
351NXT Women's ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card670.86
352Raw Tag Team ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card580.63
353Smackdown Tag Team ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card3120.25
354United States ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card790.78
355WWE Cruiserweight ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card590.56
356NXT Tag Team ChampionshipChampionshipsBase card790.78
357LadderBoostsBase card7120.58
358Steel ChairBoostsBase card5110.45
359TableBoostsBase card5120.42
360Trash CanBoostsBase card661.00
361InterferenceBoostsBase card670.86
DC1AJ StylesLimited EditionLimited Edition1033.33
DC2Braun StrowmanLimited EditionLimited Edition723.50
DC3Bray WyattLimited EditionLimited Edition723.50
DC4Randy OrtonLimited EditionLimited Edition832.67
DC5Roman ReignsLimited EditionLimited Edition933.00
DC6Seth RollinsLimited EditionLimited Edition1133.67
RMAABrock LesnarAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
RMABChris JerichoAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMACDaniel BryanAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMBARandy OrtonAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition13013.00
RMBBSeth RollinsAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMBCDean AmbroseAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17117.00
RMCABrock LesnarAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
RMCBDaniel BryanAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16116.00
RMCCThe ShieldAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMDACharlotte FlairAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMDBRoman ReignsAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMDCShane McMahonAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMEAChris JerichoAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition18018.00
RMEBDolph ZigglerAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
RMECJohn CenaAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMFATriple HAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMFBAJ StylesAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16116.00
RMFCKewin Owens & Sami ZaynAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
RMGABayleyAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition10110.00
RMGBEnzo AmoreAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition717.00
RMGCSheamusAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition717.00
RMNASawyer FultonAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
RMNBTye DillingerAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMNCAsukaAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMOASasha BanksAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition18118.00
RMOBSamoa JoeAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMOCTyler BreezeAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition13013.00
RMSASheamusAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition14014.00
RMSBCharlotte FlairAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17117.00
RMSCKewin OwensAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMTAAmerican AlphaAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16116.00
RMTBFinn BalorAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17017.00
RMTCShinsuke NakamuraAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition17117.00
RMXAAlexa BlissAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
RMXBBobby RoodeAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition14014.00
RMXCNo Way JoseAuthentic Ring Mat MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS1Big ShowAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS2The New DayAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS3Kewin OwensAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS4AJ StylesAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS5Apollo CrewsAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS6Baron CorbinAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
TS7Bray WyattAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition15015.00
TS8Dolph ZigglerAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS9Heath SlaterAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS10Randy OrtonAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS11Gallows & AndersonAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
TS12American AlphaAuthentic Shirt MemorabiliaLimited Edition16016.00
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