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Topps Slam Attax Rivals

Topps Slam Attax Rivals

Year: 2014
Total cards: 210

Collection preview (80% scanned images)

collecting: 14 / completed: 3


1AJ LeeChampionRainbow Foil Card707.00
2Bad News BarrettChampionRainbow Foil Card616.00
3BatistaChampionRainbow Foil Card505.00
4Big EChampionRainbow Foil Card707.00
5Brock LesnarChampionRainbow Foil Card515.00
6CesaroChampionRainbow Foil Card707.00
7Daniel BryanChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
8John CenaChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
9KaneChampionRainbow Foil Card505.00
10PaigeChampionRainbow Foil Card707.00
11Randy OrtonChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
12Rob Van DamChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
13SheamusChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
14The Uso'sChampionRainbow Foil Card606.00
15Triple HChampionRainbow Foil Card515.00
16Ultimate WarriorChampionRainbow Foil Card707.00
17Batista - Batista BombSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
18Big Show - KO PunchSignature MoveMirror Foil Card404.00
19Bray Wyatt - Sister AbigailSignature MoveMirror Foil Card414.00
20Bo Dallas - Bo-DogSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
21Christian - KillswitchSignature MoveMirror Foil Card422.00
22Dean Ambrose - Dirty DeedsSignature MoveMirror Foil Card422.00
23Dolph Ziggler - Zig ZagSignature MoveMirror Foil Card616.00
24The Rock - Rock BottomSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
25Fandango - Sitout Suplex SlamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card404.00
26Goldust - Curtain CallSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
27Jack Swagger - Patriot LockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
28John Cena - Attitude AdjustmentSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
29Kane - ChokeslamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
30Mark Henry - World's Strongest SlamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card414.00
31Natalya - SharpshooterSignature MoveMirror Foil Card414.00
32Randy Ortan - RKOSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
33Rey Mysterio - 619Signature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
34Roman Reigns - SpearSignature MoveMirror Foil Card606.00
35R-Truth - Lie DetectorSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
36Rusev - AccoladeSignature MoveMirror Foil Card404.00
37Santino Marella - The CobraSignature MoveMirror Foil Card422.00
38Seth Rollins - Peace Of MindSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
39The Miz - Skull-Crushing FinaleSignature MoveMirror Foil Card515.00
40Triple H - PedigreeSignature MoveMirror Foil Card422.00
41Undertaker - TombstoneSignature MoveMirror Foil Card505.00
42Intercontinental ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card616.00
43NXT ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card505.00
44United States ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card515.00
45WWE Divas ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card404.00
46WWE Money In The Bank BriefcaseChampionshipMirror Foil Card505.00
47WWE Tag Team ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card616.00
48WWE World Heavyweight ChampionshipChampionshipMirror Foil Card404.00
49Adam RoseSuperstarBase Card414.00
50AJ LeeSuperstarBase Card707.00
51Alberto Del RioSuperstarBase Card414.00
52Alicia FoxSuperstarBase Card422.00
53Bad News BarrettSuperstarBase Card404.00
54BatistaSuperstarBase Card515.00
55Big ESuperstarBase Card515.00
56Big ShowSuperstarBase Card515.00
57Bo DallasSuperstarBase Card505.00
58Booker TSuperstarBase Card515.00
59Bray WyattSuperstarBase Card515.00
60Brie BellaSuperstarBase Card505.00
61Brock LesnarSuperstarBase Card515.00
62Byron SaxtonSuperstarBase Card414.00
63CameronSuperstarBase Card505.00
64CesaroSuperstarBase Card515.00
65Chris JerichoSuperstarBase Card515.00
66ChristianSuperstarBase Card422.00
67Curtis AxelSuperstarBase Card404.00
68Damien SandowSuperstarBase Card422.00
69Daniel BryanSuperstarBase Card404.00
70Darren YoungSuperstarBase Card414.00
71David OtungaSuperstarBase Card404.00
72Dean AmbroseSuperstarBase Card414.00
73DiegoSuperstarBase Card414.00
74Dolph ZigglerSuperstarBase Card515.00
75The RockSuperstarBase Card404.00
76El ToritoSuperstarBase Card515.00
77EmmaSuperstarBase Card515.00
78Erick RowanSuperstarBase Card422.00
79Eva MarieSuperstarBase Card515.00
80FandangoSuperstarBase Card606.00
81FernandoSuperstarBase Card616.00
82GoldustSuperstarBase Card414.00
83Heath SlaterSuperstarBase Card414.00
84HornswoggleSuperstarBase Card414.00
85Hulk HoganSuperstarBase Card414.00
86Jack SwaggerSuperstarBase Card414.00
87JBLSuperstarBase Card515.00
88Jerry "The King" LawlerSuperstarBase Card505.00
89Jey UsoSuperstarBase Card414.00
90Jimmy UsoSuperstarBase Card422.00
91John CenaSuperstarBase Card515.00
92Justin GabrielSuperstarBase Card414.00
93Justin RobertsSuperstarBase Card422.00
94KaneSuperstarBase Card515.00
95Kofi KingstonSuperstarBase Card414.00
96LaylaSuperstarBase Card515.00
97Lillian GarciaSuperstarBase Card515.00
98Luke HarperSuperstarBase Card422.00
99Mark HenrySuperstarBase Card422.00
100Michael ColeSuperstarBase Card422.00
101NaomiSuperstarBase Card515.00
102NatalyaSuperstarBase Card422.00
103Nikki BellaSuperstarBase Card414.00
104PaigeSuperstarBase Card515.00
105Randy OrtanSuperstarBase Card422.00
106Renee YoungSuperstarBase Card707.00
107Rey MysterioSuperstarBase Card404.00
108Ricardo RodriguesSuperstarBase Card606.00
109Rob Van DamSuperstarBase Card414.00
110Roman ReignsSuperstarBase Card414.00
111Rosa MendesSuperstarBase Card616.00
112R-TruthSuperstarBase Card606.00
113RusevSuperstarBase Card414.00
114RybackSuperstarBase Card414.00
115Santino MarellaSuperstarBase Card515.00
116Seth RollinsSuperstarBase Card404.00
117SheamusSuperstarBase Card422.00
118Sin CaraSuperstarBase Card515.00
119StardustSuperstarBase Card422.00
120Summer RaeSuperstarBase Card515.00
121Tamina SnukaSuperstarBase Card505.00
122The Great KhaliSuperstarBase Card414.00
123The MizSuperstarBase Card414.00
124Titus O'NeilSuperstarBase Card404.00
125Tony ChimelSuperstarBase Card515.00
126Triple HSuperstarBase Card414.00
127Tyson KiddSuperstarBase Card505.00
128UndertakerSuperstarBase Card515.00
129William RegalSuperstarBase Card515.00
130Xavier WoodsSuperstarBase Card515.00
131Zack RyderSuperstarBase Card414.00
132Big Boss ManLegendBase Card414.00
133Big John StuddLegendBase Card515.00
134British BulldogLegendBase Card422.00
135Diamond Dallas PageLegendBase Card414.00
136DieselLegendBase Card505.00
137The "American Dream" Dusty RhodesLegendBase Card422.00
138Eddei GuerreroLegendBase Card515.00
139EdgeLegendBase Card515.00
140EveLegendBase Card414.00
141Honky Tonk ManLegendBase Card505.00
142The Iron SheikLegendBase Card404.00
143Jake The Snake RobertsLegendBase Card414.00
144Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaLegendBase Card515.00
145KamalaLegendBase Card515.00
146Ron SimonsLegendBase Card422.00
147Lex LugerLegendBase Card422.00
148Michael HayesLegendBase Card414.00
149"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiaseLegendBase Card422.00
150"Mean" Gene OkerlundLegendBase Card505.00
151Razor RamonLegendBase Card515.00
152Ric FlairLegendBase Card414.00
153Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatLegendBase Card515.00
154Rocky JohnsonLegendBase Card515.00
155"Rowdy" Roddy PiperLegendBase Card414.00
156Tito SantanaLegendBase Card414.00
157Trish StratusLegendBase Card515.00
158Sgt. SlauterLegendBase Card515.00
159Shawn MichaelsLegendBase Card414.00
160Stone Cold Steve AustinLegendBase Card515.00
161Ultimate WarriorLegendBase Card422.00
162VaderLegendBase Card414.00
163X PacLegendBase Card422.00
164YokozunaLegendBase Card515.00
165Bobby "The Brain" HeenanManagerBase Card422.00
166Brad MaddoxManagerBase Card404.00
167"Classy" Freddie BlassieManagerBase Card414.00
168LanaManagerBase Card404.00
169Paul BearerManagerBase Card414.00
170Paul HeymanManagerBase Card422.00
171Stephanie McMahonManagerBase Card422.00
172Vickie GuerreroManagerBase Card404.00
173Zeb ColterManagerBase Card515.00
174Adrian NevilleNXT SuperstarBase Card515.00
175Aiden EnglishNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
176Alex RileyNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
177Baron CorbinNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
178CharlotteNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
179CJ ParkerNXT SuperstarBase Card422.00
180Sami ZaynNXT SuperstarBase Card515.00
181Devin TaylorNXT SuperstarBase Card422.00
182Jason JordanNXT SuperstarBase Card515.00
183Jo JoNXT SuperstarBase Card515.00
184Troy McClainNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
185Tye DillingerNXT SuperstarBase Card414.00
186Stardust & GoldastTag TeamBase Card515.00
187D-Generation XTag TeamBase Card414.00
188Erick Rowan & Luke HarperTag TeamBase Card414.00
189EvolutionTag TeamBase Card515.00
190Los MatadoresTag TeamBase Card414.00
191RybaxelTag TeamBase Card422.00
192The Bella TwinsTag TeamBase Card404.00
193The BushwhackersTag TeamBase Card505.00
194The New Age OutlawsTag TeamBase Card515.00
195Road WarriorsTag TeamBase Card515.00
196The Uso'sTag TeamBase Card505.00
197Paige & Alica FoxRivalryBase Card422.00
198Bad News Barrett & Big ERivalryBase Card414.00
199Undertaker & Brock LesnarRivalryBase Card515.00
200Stone Cold Steve Austin & The RockRivalryBase Card422.00
201Evolution & The ShildRivalryBase Card404.00
202Santino Marella & FandangoRivalryBase Card414.00
203Hulk Hogan & Ultimate WarriorRivalryBase Card515.00
204John Cena & Bray WyattRivalryBase Card515.00
205Daniel Bryan & KaneRivalryBase Card414.00
206Cesaro & Rob Van DamRivalryBase Card414.00
207Daniel Bryan & Triple HRivalryBase Card515.00
208Wyatt Family & The ShildRivalryBase Card404.00
LE1Daniel Bryan-Limited Edition505.00
LE2Sheamus-Limited Edition707.00
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