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Topps Slam Attax Superstars

Slam Attax Superstars

Year: 2013
Total cards: 209

collecting: 3 / completed: 2


1John CenaChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
2Dwayne "The Rock" JohnsonChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
3CM PunkChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
4Dolph ZigglerChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
5AJ LeeChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
6Curtis AxelChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
7Daniel BryanChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
8Rey MysterioChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
9Chris JerichoChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
10Triple HChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
11Randy OrtonChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
12Big ShowChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
13Alberto Del RioChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
14SheamusChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
15Mark HenryChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
16KaitlynChampionHolographic Foil Card303.00
17Sheamus - Brogue KickSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
18Kofi Kingston - Trouble In ParadiseSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
19Big Show - KO PunchSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
20Daniel Bryan - "Yes!" LockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
21Chris Jericho - Walls Of JerichoSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
22AJ Lee - Black WidowSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
23Kane - ChokeslamSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
24Rob Van Dam - Five Star Frog SplashSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
25Alberto Del Rio - Cross ArmbreakerSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
26Wade Barrett - Bull HammerSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
27Antonio Cesaro - The NeutralizerSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
28Brock Lesnar - Kimura LockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
29CM Punk - Go To SleepSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
30Damien Sandow - TerminusSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
31The Great Khali - Khali Vise GripSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
32Jack Swagger - Patriot LockSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
33Justin Gabriel - 450 SplashSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
34The Miz - Skull-Crushing FinaleSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
35R-Truth - Lie DetectorSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
36Rey Mysterio - 619Signature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
37Ryback - Shell ShockedSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
38John Cena - Attitude AdjustmentSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
39Undertaker - TombstoneSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
40Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - People's ElbowSignature MoveMirror Foil Card303.00
41WWE ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
42Intercontinental ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
43World Heavyweight ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
44United States ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
45WWE Tag Team ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
46WWE Divas ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card313.00
47WWE Money In The Bank BriefcaseTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
48NXT ChampionshipTitle beltMirror Foil Card303.00
49AksanaSuperstarRegular Card303.00
50Alex RileySuperstarBase Card303.00
51Alicia FoxSuperstarBase Card303.00
52Antonio CesaroSuperstarBase Card303.00
53Booker TSuperstarBase Card303.00
54Bray WyattSuperstarBase Card303.00
55Brock LesnarSuperstarBase Card303.00
56Brodus ClaySuperstarBase Card303.00
57Brie BellaSuperstarBase Card303.00
58CamachoSuperstarBase Card303.00
59CameronSuperstarBase Card303.00
60Chris JerichoSuperstarBase Card303.00
61ChristianSuperstarBase Card303.00
62CM PunkSuperstarBase Card303.00
63Cody RhodesSuperstarBase Card303.00
64Curtis AxelSuperstarBase Card303.00
65Curt HawkinsSuperstarBase Card303.00
66Damien SandowSuperstarBase Card303.00
67Darren YoungSuperstarBase Card303.00
68David OtungaSuperstarBase Card303.00
69Dean AmbroseSuperstarBase Card303.00
70Dolph ZigglerSuperstarBase Card303.00
71Drew McIntyreSuperstarBase Card303.00
72EpicoSuperstarBase Card303.00
73Erick RowanSuperstarBase Card303.00
74Ezekiel JacksonSuperstarBase Card303.00
75FandangoSuperstarBase Card303.00
76The Great KhaliSuperstarBase Card303.00
77Heath SlaterSuperstarBase Card303.00
78HornswoggleSuperstarBase Card303.00
79HunicoSuperstarBase Card303.00
80JBLSuperstarBase Card303.00
81Jack SwaggerSuperstarBase Card303.00
82Jerry "The King" LawlerSuperstarBase Card303.00
83Jey UsoSuperstarBase Card303.00
84Jimmy UsoSuperstarBase Card303.00
85Jinder MahalSuperstarBase Card303.00
86Josh MathewsSuperstarBase Card303.00
87JTGSuperstarBase Card303.00
88Justin GabrielSuperstarBase Card303.00
89Justin RobertsSuperstarBase Card303.00
90KaneSuperstarBase Card303.00
91Kofi KingstonSuperstarBase Card303.00
92KaitlynSuperstarBase Card303.00
93Lilian GarsiaSuperstarBase Card303.00
94LaylaSuperstarBase Card303.00
95Luke HarperSuperstarBase Card303.00
96Michael ColeSuperstarBase Card303.00
97Mark HenrySuperstarBase Card303.00
98The MizSuperstarBase Card303.00
99Nikki BellaSuperstarBase Card303.00
100NatalyaSuperstarBase Card303.00
101NaomiSuperstarBase Card303.00
102PrimoSuperstarBase Card303.00
103R-TruthSuperstarBase Card303.00
104Randy OrtonSuperstarBase Card303.00
105Rey MysterioSuperstarBase Card303.00
106Ricardo RodriguezSuperstarBase Card303.00
107Rob Van DamSuperstarBase Card303.00
108Roman ReignsSuperstarBase Card303.00
109RybackSuperstarBase Card303.00
110Santino MarellaSuperstarBase Card303.00
111Seth RollinsSuperstarBase Card303.00
112Sin CaraSuperstarBase Card303.00
113Summer RaeSuperstarBase Card303.00
114Tamina SnukaSuperstarBase Card303.00
115TensaiSuperstarBase Card303.00
116Titus O'NeilSuperstarBase Card303.00
117Tony ChimelSuperstarBase Card303.00
118Tony DawsonSuperstarBase Card303.00
119Triple HSuperstarBase Card303.00
120Tyson KiddSuperstarBase Card303.00
121UndertakerSuperstarBase Card303.00
122Wade BarrettSuperstarBase Card303.00
123William RegalSuperstarBase Card303.00
124Zack RyderSuperstarBase Card303.00
125Dusty RhodesSuperstarBase Card303.00
126Eddie GuerreroSuperstarBase Card303.00
127Honky Tonk ManSuperstarBase Card303.00
128Iron SheikSuperstarBase Card303.00
129Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaSuperstarBase Card202.00
130KamalaSuperstarBase Card303.00
131Kevin NashSuperstarBase Card303.00
132"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiaseSuperstarBase Card303.00
133Rocky JohnsonSuperstarBase Card303.00
134"Rowdy" Roddy PiperSuperstarBase Card303.00
135Tito SantanaSuperstarBase Card303.00
136Tully BlanchardSuperstarBase Card202.00
137Bobby "The Brain" HeenanManager BoostBase Card303.00
138Brad MaddoxManager BoostBase Card313.00
139Mr. McMahonManager BoostBase Card303.00
140Paul HeymanManager BoostBase Card303.00
141Paul BearerManager BoostBase Card303.00
142Theodore LongManager BoostBase Card303.00
143Vickie GuerreroManager BoostBase Card303.00
144Zeb ColterManager BoostBase Card303.00
145Alexander RusevNXT SuperstarBase Card303.00
146Baron CorbinNXT SuperstarBase Card303.00
147Big E LangstonNXT SuperstarBase Card313.00
148Bo DallasNXT SuperstarBase Card313.00
149CharlotteNXT SuperstarBase Card303.00
150Danny BurchNXT SuperstarBase Card303.00
151PaigeNXT SuperstarBase Card303.00
152The Bella TwinsTag TeamBase Card303.00
153The Brothers Of DestructionTag TeamBase Card303.00
154Randy Orton & Daniel BryanTag TeamBase Card303.00
155D-Generation XTag TeamBase Card303.00
156Erick Rowan & Luke HarperTag TeamBase Card303.00
157Hunico & CamachoTag TeamBase Card303.00
158Jinder Mahal & Heath SlaterTag TeamBase Card313.00
159Justin Gabriel & Tyson KiddTag TeamBase Card303.00
160Kofi Kingston & R-TruthTag TeamBase Card303.00
161The New Age OutlawsTag TeamBase Card303.00
162Prime Time PlayersTag TeamBase Card303.00
163Primo & EpicoTag TeamBase Card303.00
164Rhodes ScholarsTag TeamBase Card303.00
165Seth Rollins & Roman ReignsTag TeamBase Card303.00
166The ShieldTag TeamBase Card303.00
167Team Hell NoTag TeamBase Card303.00
168The Uso'sTag TeamBase Card303.00
169Tons Of FunkTag TeamBase Card303.00
170Steel ChairObjectBase Card303.00
171SledgehammerObjectBase Card313.00
172TableObjectBase Card202.00
173Trash CanObjectBase Card303.00
174LadderObjectBase Card303.00
175Steel StepsObjectBase Card303.00
176Ring BellObjectBase Card303.00
177Brass KnucklesObjectBase Card303.00
178Kendo StickObjectBase Card303.00
179CrutchesObjectBase Card303.00
180Announcers TableObjectBase Card303.00
181Steel PipeObjectBase Card313.00
182MicrophoneObjectBase Card303.00
183Fire ExtinguisherObjectBase Card303.00
184GuitarObjectBase Card303.00
185Three Stages Of Hell MatchMatch TypeBase Card313.00
186TLC MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
187Steel Cage MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
188Hell In A Cell MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
189Beat The Clock MatchMatch TypeBase Card313.00
190Elemination Chamber MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
191"I Quit" MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
192Ambulance MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
193Falls Count Anywhere MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
194Ladder MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
195Strap MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
196Lumberjack MatchMatch TypeBase Card303.00
197Royal BumblePPVBase Card313.00
198Elemination ChamberPPVBase Card303.00
199Wrestlemania XXXPPVBase Card303.00
200Extreme RulesPPVBase Card303.00
201PaybackPPVBase Card303.00
202Money In The BankPPVBase Card303.00
203Summer SlamPPVBase Card303.00
204Night Of ChampionsPPVBase Card303.00
205BattlegroundPPVBase Card303.00
206Hell In A CellPPVBase Card303.00
207Survivor SeriesPPVBase Card303.00
208TLCPPVBase Card303.00
LE1John Cena def. The Rock-Limited Edition303.00