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Topps Slam Attax Takeover

Topps Slam Attax Takeover

Year: 2016
Total cards: 304

Collection preview (100% scanned images)

collecting: 41 / completed: 12


1AJ StylesGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1443.50
2AsukaGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1033.33
3Alberto Del RioGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card942.25
4Brock LesnarGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card924.50
5CharlotteGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card842.00
6Dean AmbroseGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card723.50
7Finn BalorGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1052.00
8John CenaGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card732.33
9KalistoGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1042.50
10Kevin OwensGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1326.50
11Roman ReignsGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card832.67
12Samoa JoeGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card670.86
13Sasha BanksGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card741.75
14Seth RollinsGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card1042.50
15The New DayGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card861.33
16Triple HGold ChampionHolographic Foil Card942.25
17AJ StylesRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card741.75
18AsukaRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card560.83
19Alberto Del RioRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card661.00
20Brock LesnarRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card360.50
21CharlotteRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card390.33
22Dean AmbroseRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card280.25
23Finn BalorRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card490.44
24John CenaRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card480.50
25KalistoRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card7100.70
26Kevin OwensRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card6100.60
27Roman ReignsRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card370.43
28Samoa JoeRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card580.63
29Sasha BanksRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card580.63
30Seth RollinsRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card560.83
31The New DayRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card570.71
32Triple HRed ChampionHolographic Foil Card570.71
33Becky LynchNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card4100.40
34Big ENXT GraduateMirror Foil Card390.33
35Bo DallasNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card490.44
36Bray WyattNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card670.86
37CharlotteNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card641.50
38KalistoNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card3100.30
39Kevin OwensNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card470.57
40Luke HarperNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card560.83
41NevilleNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card842.00
42PaigeNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card380.38
43Roman ReignsNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card480.50
44RusevNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card390.33
45Sasha BanksNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card670.86
46Seth RollinsNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card761.17
47Tyler BreezeNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card570.71
48Xavier WoodsNXT GraduateMirror Foil Card832.67
49WWE Money In The Bank BriefcaseTitleMirror Foil Card2110.18
50NXT Women's ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card661.00
51NXT ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card470.57
52NXT Tag Team ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card761.17
53WWE Tag Team ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card732.33
54WWE Women's ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card480.50
55WWE United States ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card4100.40
56WWE ChampionshipTitleMirror Foil Card390.33
57AJ Styles - Calf CrusherSignature MoveBase Card480.50
58Alberto Del Rio - Cross ArmbreakerSignature MoveBase Card380.38
59Apollo Crews - Standing MoonsaultSignature MoveBase Card580.63
60Asuka - Spin KickSignature MoveBase Card590.56
61Baron Corbin - End Of DaysSignature MoveBase Card4100.40
62Bayley - Bayley-To-Belly SuplexSignature MoveBase Card751.40
63Becky Lynch - Dis-Arm-HerSignature MoveBase Card480.50
64Big Cass - East River CrossingSignature MoveBase Card4100.40
65Braun Strowman - Yokosuka CutterSignature MoveBase Card580.63
66Bray Wyatt - Sister AbigailSignature MoveBase Card590.56
67Brock Lesnar - F-5Signature MoveBase Card360.50
68Charlotte - Natural SelectionSignature MoveBase Card280.25
69Chris Jericho - CodebreakerSignature MoveBase Card240.50
70Dean Ambrose - Dirty DeedsSignature MoveBase Card551.00
71Dolph Ziggler - SuperkickSignature MoveBase Card680.75
72Elias Samson - StrikeSignature MoveBase Card370.43
73Erick Rowan - Leg DropSignature MoveBase Card380.38
74Heath Slater - Flying KneeSignature MoveBase Card3150.20
75Hideo Itami - Shotgun KickSignature MoveBase Card2110.18
76Jason Jordan - Jordan SlamSignature MoveBase Card2170.12
77John Cena - Attitude AdjustmentSignature MoveBase Card590.56
78Kalisto - Salida Del SolSignature MoveBase Card280.25
79Kevin Owens - Pop-Up PowerbombSignature MoveBase Card590.56
80Mojo Rawley - Flying ForearmSignature MoveBase Card390.33
81Neville - Red ArrowSignature MoveBase Card3100.30
82Paige - PTOSignature MoveBase Card560.83
83Roman Reigns - SpearSignature MoveBase Card480.50
84Rusev - The AccoladeSignature MoveBase Card580.63
85Samoa Joe - Muscle BusterSignature MoveBase Card590.56
86Sasha Banks - Bank StatementSignature MoveBase Card590.56
87Sheamus - Brogue KickSignature MoveBase Card370.43
88Triple H - PedigreeSignature MoveBase Card380.38
89Aiden EnglishWWEBase Card3110.27
90AJ StylesWWEBase Card1100.10
91Alberto Del RioWWEBase Card551.00
92Alicia FoxWWEBase Card2120.17
93Apollo CrewsWWEBase Card1190.05
94Baron CorbinWWEBase Card490.44
95Becky LynchWWEBase Card5100.50
96Big CassWWEBase Card580.63
97Big EWWEBase Card470.57
98Big ShowWWEBase Card690.67
99Bo DallasWWEBase Card470.57
100Booker TWWEBase Card450.80
101Braun StrowmanWWEBase Card690.67
102Bray WyattWWEBase Card3110.27
103Brie BellaWWEBase Card771.00
104Brock LesnarWWEBase Card480.50
105Bubba Ray DudleyWWEBase Card3120.25
106Byron SaxtonWWEBase Card380.38
107CesaroWWEBase Card560.83
108CharlotteWWEBase Card670.86
109Chris JerichoWWEBase Card881.00
110Curtis AxelWWEBase Card590.56
111Dana BrookeWWEBase Card1170.06
112Daniel BryanWWEBase Card771.00
113Darren YoungWWEBase Card360.50
114David OtungaWWEBase Card3100.30
115Dean AmbroseWWEBase Card470.57
116Dolph ZigglerWWEBase Card570.71
117D-Von DuddleyWWEBase Card670.86
118EmmaWWEBase Card480.50
119Enzo AmoreWWEBase Card350.60
120EpicoWWEBase Card470.57
121Erick RowanWWEBase Card560.83
122Eva MarieWWEBase Card470.57
123FandangoWWEBase Card490.44
124GoldustWWEBase Card4110.36
125Heath SlaterWWEBase Card490.44
126Jack SwaggerWWEBase Card670.86
127JBLWWEBase Card580.63
128Jerry LawlerWWEBase Card3100.30
129Jey UsoWWEBase Card390.33
130Jimmy UsoWWEBase Card4110.36
131John CenaWWEBase Card360.50
132JojoWWEBase Card470.57
133KalistoWWEBase Card390.33
134KaneWWEBase Card3120.25
135Karl AndersonWWEBase Card2150.13
136Kevin OwensWWEBase Card570.71
137Kofi KingstonWWEBase Card290.22
138KonnorWWEBase Card490.44
139LanaWWEBase Card4110.36
140Luke GallowsWWEBase Card480.50
141Luke HarperWWEBase Card460.67
142Mark HenryWWEBase Card3120.25
143MaryseWWEBase Card6110.55
144Mauro RanalloWWEBase Card5100.50
145Michael ColeWWEBase Card380.38
146NaomiWWEBase Card360.50
147NatalyaWWEBase Card390.33
148NevilleWWEBase Card470.57
149Nikki BellaWWEBase Card460.67
150PaigeWWEBase Card490.44
151PrimoWWEBase Card460.67
152Randy OrtonWWEBase Card670.86
153Renee YoungWWEBase Card370.43
154Roman ReignsWWEBase Card270.29
155Rosa MendesWWEBase Card250.40
156R-TruthWWEBase Card360.50
157RusevWWEBase Card370.43
158RybackWWEBase Card560.83
159Sami ZaynWWEBase Card370.43
160Sasha BanksWWEBase Card2110.18
161Seth RollinsWWEBase Card570.71
162SheamusWWEBase Card2130.15
163Simon GotchWWEBase Card5110.45
164Sin CaraWWEBase Card2160.13
165Summer RaeWWEBase Card580.63
166TaminaWWEBase Card460.67
167The MizWWEBase Card270.29
168The RockWWEBase Card580.63
169Titus O'NeilWWEBase Card551.00
170Tony ChimelWWEBase Card450.80
171Triple HWWEBase Card480.50
172Tyler BreezeWWEBase Card3110.27
173Tyson KiddWWEBase Card560.83
174UndertakerWWEBase Card3100.30
175ViktorWWEBase Card470.57
176Xavier WoodsWWEBase Card1170.06
177Zack RyderWWEBase Card3110.27
178Alexa BlissNXTBase Card480.50
179Angelo DawkinsNXTBase Card560.83
180AsukaNXTBase Card580.63
181Austin AriesNXTBase Card480.50
182BayleyNXTBase Card560.83
183Billie KayNXTBase Card580.63
184BlakeNXTBase Card180.13
185CarmellaNXTBase Card470.57
186Cathy KelleyNXTBase Card670.86
187Chad GableNXTBase Card590.56
188Corey GravesNXTBase Card360.50
189Dash WilderNXTBase Card270.29
190Dasha FuentesNXTBase Card270.29
191Elias SamsonNXTBase Card270.29
192Finn BalorNXTBase Card2110.18
193Greg HamiltonNXTBase Card2100.20
194Hideo ItamiNXTBase Card270.29
195Jason JordanNXTBase Card480.50
196Mandy RoseNXTBase Card6100.60
197Mojo RawleyNXTBase Card370.43
198MurphyNXTBase Card5100.50
199Nia JaxNXTBase Card270.29
200No Way JoseNXTBase Card2100.20
201Peyton RoyceNXTBase Card190.11
202Samoa JoeNXTBase Card1130.08
203Sawyer FultonNXTBase Card170.14
204Scott DawsonNXTBase Card670.86
205Shinsuke NakamuraNXTBase Card290.22
206Tom PhillipsNXTBase Card2180.11
207Tye DillingerNXTBase Card560.83
208William RegalNXTBase Card290.22
209Adrienne ReeseNXT RookieBase Card280.25
210Bronson MatthewsNXT RookieBase Card1200.05
211Oney LorcanNXT RookieBase Card270.29
212Hugo KnoxNXT RookieBase Card1110.09
213King ConstantineNXT RookieBase Card460.67
214Manny AndradeNXT RookieBase Card270.29
215Noah KekoaNXT RookieBase Card360.50
216Tino SabbatelliNXT RookieBase Card480.50
217Bam Bam BigelowLegendsBase Card2100.20
218Big Boss ManLegendsBase Card290.22
219Bob BacklundLegendsBase Card380.38
220Bobby "The Brain" HeenanLegendsBase Card380.38
221Booker TLegendsBase Card590.56
222Bret "Hit Man" HartLegendsBase Card570.71
223Brian PillmanLegendsBase Card290.22
224British BulldogLegendsBase Card751.40
225Bruno SammartinoLegendsBase Card2110.18
226Chief Jay StrongbowLegendsBase Card380.38
227"Classy" Freddie BlassieLegendsBase Card290.22
228"Cowboy" Bob OrtonLegendsBase Card780.88
229Dean MalenkoLegendsBase Card3100.30
230Diamond Dallas PageLegendsBase Card450.80
231DieselLegendsBase Card470.57
232Doink The ClownLegendsBase Card570.71
233Dusty RhodesLegendsBase Card490.44
234Eddie GuerreroLegendsBase Card370.43
235EdgeLegendsBase Card4120.33
236Greg "The Hammer" ValentineLegendsBase Card270.29
237"Hacksaw" Jim DugganLegendsBase Card460.67
238Harley RaceLegendsBase Card360.50
239Honky Tonk ManLegendsBase Card2180.11
240Iron SheikLegendsBase Card551.00
241Irwin R. SchysterLegendsBase Card460.67
242Jake "The Snake" RobertsLegendsBase Card490.44
243Jim "The Anvil" NeidhartLegendsBase Card390.33
244Jimmy HartLegendsBase Card661.00
245Junkyard DogLegendsBase Card480.50
246Kevin NashLegendsBase Card331.00
247Lex LugerLegendsBase Card490.44
248LitaLegendsBase Card431.33
249"Macho Man" Randy SavageLegendsBase Card560.83
250"Magnificent" Don MuracoLegendsBase Card370.43
251"Mean" Gene OkerlundLegendsBase Card370.43
252"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiaseLegendsBase Card590.56
253"Mr. Perfect" Curt HennigLegendsBase Card4100.40
254"Mr. Wonderful" Paul OrndorffLegendsBase Card4100.40
255Paul BearerLegendsBase Card450.80
256"Ravishing" Rick RudeLegendsBase Card651.20
257Razor RamonLegendsBase Card570.71
258Ric FlairLegendsBase Card641.50
259Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatLegendsBase Card670.86
260RikishiLegendsBase Card460.67
261RhynoLegendsBase Card460.67
262Road DoggLegendsBase Card560.83
263Ron SimmonsLegendsBase Card490.44
264Rowdy Roddy PiperLegendsBase Card651.20
265Sgt. SlaughterLegendsBase Card560.83
266Shawn MichaelsLegendsBase Card4100.40
267StingLegendsBase Card551.00
268Stone Cold Steve AustinLegendsBase Card3180.17
269Terry FunkLegendsBase Card580.63
270The GodfatherLegendsBase Card441.00
271Trish StratusLegendsBase Card490.44
272Ultimate WarriorLegendsBase Card4180.22
273VaderLegendsBase Card5100.50
274X PacLegendsBase Card590.56
275YokozunaLegendsBase Card441.00
276American AlphaTag TeamBase Card380.38
277Blake & MurphyTag TeamBase Card570.71
278Enzo Amore & Big CassTag TeamBase Card290.22
279Johnny Gargano & Tommaso CiampaTag TeamBase Card470.57
280Luke Gallows & Karl AndersonTag TeamBase Card270.29
281The Shining StarsTag TeamBase Card641.50
282Team B.A.DTag TeamBase Card490.44
283The AscensionTag TeamBase Card570.71
284The Bella TwinsTag TeamBase Card240.50
285The BushwhackersTag TeamBase Card470.57
286The Dudley BoyzTag TeamBase Card531.67
287The Hype BrosTag TeamBase Card460.67
288The Lucha DragonsTag TeamBase Card661.00
289The New DayTag TeamBase Card340.75
290The Prime Time PlayersTag TeamBase Card2100.20
291The RevivalTag TeamBase Card280.25
292The Social OutcastsTag TeamBase Card390.33
293The UsosTag TeamBase Card480.50
294The VaudevillainsTag TeamBase Card380.38
295The Wyatt FamilyTag TeamBase Card2110.18
296LadderObjectsBase Card441.00
297Steel ChairObjectsBase Card360.50
298TableObjectsBase Card380.38
299Trash CanObjectsBase Card250.40
LEMAAJ Styles vs Chris Jericho-Limited Edition1142.75
LEMBRoman Reigns vs Triple H-Limited Edition1326.50
LESABrock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose-Limited Edition460.67
LETAKevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn-Limited Edition10110.00
LETBFinn Balor vs Samoa Joe-Limited Edition10010.00